Shop Class Therapy

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“There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you. Shoulda known you’d be in here.” Sandy droned on after Tish opened the door for her. “So you wanna hit the mall?”

Tish dabbed at a slight sheen of sweat on her cheeks. If she was flushed and breathing heavily, hopefully her friend would simply think she’d been hard at work. It wasn’t totally a lie. Her current project was coming along nicely.

“Sure. I just gotta finish cleaning up around here.” She replied instantly, without any sign of the vague resentment she felt. It wasn’t Sandy’s fault. If she’d only shown up a couple of minutes later there wouldn’t have been any problems at all. As it was, she’d just need to take a long hot shower when she got home. Nobody would question it given the sweat she’d worked up.

Sandy moved deeper into the room and found a place to sit while she waited. Tish couldn’t help but cringe. The table saw was possibly the worst choice around. That she’d barely glanced at the jagged blade before she simply hopped up led Tish to wonder exactly how she’d managed to make it this far in the cruel world.

“So this is the shop class.” Sandy murmured, obviously trying to find a topic of conversation relevant to the situation. “It’s not what I expected. Cleaner, actually.”

“Yeah. We try to keep the grease fights to a minimum. To much risk of an accidental fire.” Tish responded dryly. The sarcasm was lost on her friend, who nodded sagely.

“You know, I don’t understand. You’re Senior Class President, you only just missed valedictorian, and you’re captain of the dance squad! I don’t even know how you have the time to spend in here, but any chance you get, this is where you’re hiding out. Is this about a guy? I guess I could understand that. Although, to be honest, I’d be afraid of date rape around this lot.”

“It’s not rape if you’re willing.” Tish mumbled.

Thankfully, her friend didn’t seem to hear. While none were the ‘bad boy with a heart of gold’ promised by Hollywood, at least she knew they could be good with their hands. Also, the few she’d gone out with knew the meaning of the word ‘discreet’ which was more than she could say about the jocks, who weren’t afraid to kiss and tell. That is, if they didn’t just make shit up when you didn’t put out.

“And how are you even in here now? Mr. Dopple went home hours ago!” Sandy continued on over Tish’s thoughts.

Tish shrugged. “Mr. Dopple worked it out with security and the principal so I could stay after.”

Sandy’s eyes widened in horror. “You didn’t!”

Tish rolled her eyes. “Oh please. Have a little faith in me. Of course I didn’t! Geese! I simply pointed out that I don’t have much time during school to work on projects and asked if I could come in after hours.

“Oh, he had to test me first, to make sure I knew what I was doing.” She continued with a wave of her hand. “I think he kind of hoped to get in my pants. You know, needs extra help and one thing leads to another while he puts his arms around me to show me how to use a drill or some shit. But he was impressed enough that he cleared it so I can just lock up and let security know I’m gone.”

Sandy looked relieved by the answer. They had been friends forever. Not only would it have been a breach of trust for Tish not to have mentioned it but the fact that she hadn’t saved her high opinion of her best friend.

Still, the fact that she chose to be here when there were sales to be had confused Sandy. If not for years of experience, not to mention the Anna Sui fragrance that could still be smelled beneath the sweat, she’d almost think her best friend had gotten the meaning of the word “shop” wrong.

“Still.” Sandy finally said. “I don’t understand what you see in this place. You’re parents are great, better than mine at least, so you’re not hiding out from a bad home life. Hell, your dad was the one who suggested you go for the dance squad so it’s not daddy issues. So, why?”

Tish paused from sweeping to glance over her shoulder. Sandy was her best friend. They usually told each other everything but there were some things that even best girlfriends didn’t tend to talk about. Guys, sure, but other things…

With a deep sigh, that caused her shoulders to slump a little, Tish put the broom aside. She shuffled over to the door and made certain it was locked. A glance at Sandy told her that her friend was surprised and curious but not concerned at all. After that, she was too afraid to look, for fear her blush would reveal everything.

“I can’t really tell you, to be honest. Come here for a sec, I’ll show you.”

Sandy’s curiosity grew over the strange pronouncement. She hopped down and wandered over to her best friend. Tish held out some protective glasses and she obediently put them on. They were better than the clunky ones with straps at least; more like cheap clear sunglasses. They might not be stylish but she had a healthy respect for safety.

Tish focused on the work in front of her. It allowed casino siteleri her to avoid looking at her friend and revealing her embarrassment. She pulled out a thin steel band, about an inch wide, that they used to brace some of the more high stress projects, and put it in the vice.

“Okay,” Tish began as she pulled out a power drill. “We can’t exactly screw this thing right to a piece of wood the way it is. The cheap screws the school buys would snap before they even put a dent in it. So we have to drill a pilot hole first. Slightly smaller than the head of the screw but big enough the rest will fit.”

She handed the power tool over to her friend and watched to make sure it would be used safely. Sandy looked at the device for a second before she put the tip of the drill to the metal. An inquiring look was all it took to make sure it was the right spot.

“Anywhere, really. This is actually a bit of scrap leftover from something one of the guys was working on today, most likely.” Sandy nodded to show she understood and pulled the trigger on the gun-like device. The tip skidded a little and she quickly released the trigger to prevent an accident.

“That’s what happened to me as well. Actually, we have a tool that can do it pretty easily right over there.” Tish waved a hand to indicate what looked like a miniature oil platform. “You secure the thing in the drill press, crank the handle and it can work through just about anything.

“The thing is, I was in a bit of a hurry, one day. I didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting it up when I already had everything braced and discovered I needed to put on an extra brace. So I grabbed a drill and just worked on it on the floor.

“See, the guys make that look easy. They’ve got the upper body strength, to keep it in place, so it doesn’t skid around like that. That and even the smallest of them has, like, fifty pounds on me. So I had to put my entire weight behind the drill to get it to punch through.”

Tish motioned for her friend to try. Given the height of the vice, Sandy had to stand on her tip-toes to get the angle right. The handle of the drill pressed into her lower abdomen as she leaned over to perfect the position. After a second, the drill began to spin. This time, it didn’t skid. Sandy was so impressed that she allowed the tool to keep working until it punched through the thin metal band.

It wasn’t until the drill stopped, and her attention was finally muted from her success, that she noticed the familiar tingle between her legs. Without having to ask, she put the drill back to the scrap metal, shifted her position slightly and turned it back on.

“Ooooooh.” A surprised gasp escaped, despite the presence of her best friend. The handle dug into Sandy’s clit with a stronger vibration than any ‘massager’ she’d ever found. Too quickly, the pressure fell away, as the bit punched fully through the metal.

Sandy looked up quickly to gauge the reaction of her friend. It felt a little weird and uncomfortable to be so close to masturbating under the watchful eye of someone else. Fortunately, the deep blush that had spread across her friend’s face proved she was just as embarrassed by the revelation.

This wasn’t any kind of seduction; based on a secret crush harbored for her friend over all the years. They’d talked about boys but never this. They both assumed that the other had at least experimented but it seemed to be the only topic of conversation they never shared.

“My God.” Sandy mumbled. She could almost still feel the vibration. It wasn’t just her clit that tingled with numbness either. The sensation seemed to drive right through to her very core. The slight dampness that clung to her underwear, already, was no accident.

She needed more! There was no way they could go to the mall after that. Not only did her body scream for immediate release but any clothes she tried on would be instantly ruined. She wasn’t even sure if she could peel off her panties without moaning from her arousal.

“Try the drill press.” Tish mumbled equally meekly. Sandy looked over at the device and wondered how it would help. Tish quickly scurried over. She fiddled with the machine briefly, taking out the project she’d been working on and putting in a thick block of hardwood, before she motioned her friend over.

Sandy looked at it in confusion, completely unaware of how it worked; properly or otherwise. Tish immediately understood and explained. “You turn those handles to lower the drill.”

The handles in question jutted out from a central post to form an “x”. At the end of each was a black plastic ball, undoubtedly provided to improve the grip. Tish turned the drill on. Sandy watched the bit spin in mid air for a moment before she reached out to turn the handles.

The instant her fingers curled around the shaft, she knew it could be as good as the power drill had been. Hand over hand she dropped the bit easily. It wasn’t until the machine began to dig into canlı casino the thick block that she felt any tension. Once it did, the handle stopped.

She knew, without asking, that the bladed spiral would barely bite if she didn’t use more force. It seemed so natural to put her weight behind the handle in order to use a device made for a stronger upper body than hers. Oh so deliciously slowly, the black knob began at Sandy’s stomach and crept lower.

By the time the handle sank between her legs, Sandy’s body shuddered more as a reaction to the fantastic pulse that beat within her than to the vibrations that caused it. She nearly screamed in protest when the next handle in line touched her breastbone and forced her to back away.

As the bit dug lower and lower, the process repeated. The handle would trail a course down her body and sink incredibly between her legs. No sooner than it caressed her overly sensitive lust than the next handle forced her back. When the last of the wood gave way, and the handles spun free once more, she was practically in tears with need.

Sandy’s hands shook as she walked the wheelless spokes back up. She could feel the remaining resistance that would return the drill to its preset position but, like with weight machines, she figured it would be bad to simply release it to snap back into place. The absent nod Tish gave over the action proved she’d thought correctly.

“More?” Sandy whimpered when she finally turned back to her best friend. She couldn’t believe the question drew from her lips. She never thought she’d masturbate in front of anyone. She knew guys in the school who would practically pay to watch. Come to think of it, they probably had done so, aided by fake ids, strip clubs, and pornos. Both she and her best friend knew they could make some serious cash online, now that they were eighteen, but it just felt wrong.

“Time to clean up.” Tish responded.

If not for the fact that her friend was beat red, Sandy would have been disappointed that there weren’t other ways to play. She was close. Her body resonated to the tune that the drills had played. Tish wouldn’t have been that embarrassed if there wasn’t more to come, both literally and figuratively.

Sandy reached for the broom, vaguely aware of the metal and wood dust scattered on the floor. Tish’s blush somehow deepened as she shook her head. “If it’s a small mess, we can just sweep, but at the end of the day it’s pretty bad. The school’s too cheap to spring for a vacuum system for the machines so they gave us this.”

Out from a closet came a leaf blower. Tish handed it over and then motioned to a relatively empty corner of the room. Given it was the only area devoid of tables and machines, it would be about the only place a large pile could be easily swept up.

Sandy needed no guidance. The machine hummed to life the moment she turned it on. It didn’t even take an instant for her to switch it to a two-handed grip and slide the handle between her legs. It wasn’t as strong as the drill press but the vibration seemed to run at a much higher pace.

Sandy’s knees buckled as the machine thrummed against her clit. The thin handle fit more comfortably in the cleft and pressed not only to stimulate her bud but also dug into the muscles and nerves lower. From the way it pressed, only the thick material of her jeans prevented it from sinking slightly inside of her.

It was obvious Tish knew about that fact. She shifted forward and her hands stuttered as she tried to decide what to do. While she’d never fully stripped inside the shop, it wasn’t uncommon to simply undo her jeans. After all, even the thickest cotton panties didn’t offer any protection from these kinds of forces. Both women, they knew from years of shopping together, tended more towards lace and sheers.

The machine continued to thrum, trapped beneath Sandy’s helpless weight. She saw her friend’s aborted movement and managed to let go of the handles. Through willpower alone, her thighs lifted free of the incredible sensation. She had to pause, her entire core both alive and numb with the shadow of the vibrations.

Slowly and carefully, Sandy managed to work open the button and zipper that held her pants skin tight. It took even more effort to peel them down far enough to expose the fuchsia sheer thong she’d thrown on that morning. After that, her hands sped through the process and returned the handle to its home. As expected, it sank in just far enough to touch the inner nerves and send its heavenly fire straight into her loins.

“Oh, God. Oh God. OhGod. Ohgodohgodohgodohgodohgod.”

Sandy’s litany turned into a whimper. Her body hummed in time with its sweet rhythm. She was so close! But the angle of the handle prevented anything close to actual penetration. If she kept it where it was she would cum but she knew it would leave her desperate for more. Purely external release never satisfied quite enough without more within her.

If she lay on kaçak casino her back and turned the blower upside-down, she might just be able to angle it just right to fit. It would probably pinch something fierce, and wouldn’t press against her clit anymore but she was almost willing to make the sacrifice if only for the release!

In her desperation, it had been all too easy to tune out the presence of her best friend. Tish knew the feeling perfectly. Not minutes before, she had been in very much the same situation when a knock at the door had yanked her from the very precipice of ecstasy. Discreetly, so as not to remind her too forcefully, Tish held out the project she’d rescued from the drill press.

Sandy thanked every God she could think of when the cock drifted into the corner of her vision. She knew at once that it wasn’t real but it probably wouldn’t have mattered in her state. Had one of the freshman nerd herd come in at that moment, she probably would have begged him. The fact that its appearance meant someone was there didn’t even matter. It was Tish, her best friend, after all. They’d seen each other naked. Maybe it was just the next stage in their friendship to admit to the full extent of their sexuality and discuss what worked best on themselves.

The dildo was thick and firm when Sandy ripped it from her friend’s grasp. It had been lovingly sculpted with smooth ridges. Its finish glinted in the light and promised a smooth entry. The fact that it was nearly as thick as her closed fist both terrified and excited her. Her body kept the leaf blower trapped against her clit while her hands fumbled to shift the thong out of the way.

It wasn’t pain, so much as soreness, that struck as the beast push inside of her and spread her wide open. A moment of cool serenity seemed to wash outward from its intrusion. Fast on its heels explosive electricity shattered her mind and rocked her body in waves of orgasm.

The world narrowed to the fantastic hum of the motor and the blessed thickness of slick wood. Had anyone else controlled the wonderful intruder, it would probably have split her in half. In her own hands, it merely pressed just enough to make her feel overfull. Ecstasy poured from her as if liquid in search of escape.

More slowly than ever before, Sandy allowed the sensation to pass. First went the leaf-blower. From her knees, she collapsed backwards. Her pants, shins and feet remained trapped beneath her but her stretched leg muscles only seemed appropriate considering how thoroughly expanded her core remained.

The wonderful intrusion slowed its powerful thrusts as Sandy allowed herself to drift down from the heights of the universe. After another minute, her hands merely fell away. She was too exhausted to pull herself together yet.

Tish glanced over her shoulder. She’d turned away to offer some indication of privacy while her friend fed a need she knew all too well. A pulse of envious arousal surged through her at the sight of her friend. She’d never been attracted to other women, and it wasn’t Sandy’s body that caused the excitement. Merely a vicarious desire to reach the level her friend just had, particularly since she’d been interrupted just shy of the same state.

Sandy finally began to realize where she was. She floundered slightly as she tried to push herself upright. Her jeans remained just beneath her knees and prevented an easy rise. The handcrafted dildo still thrust half-in and half-out of her. It held her thong aside and exposed her to the world.

A Earth shuddering aftershock rocked her body as she pulled it out. Another minute passed before she could move. At least this time, she knew, the panties had shifted back to cover her. It might be specious protection but it was something.

When Sandy finally managed to pull herself together, she wasn’t sure what to do with the dildo. Hours of secret work must have gone into its creation and now it was drenched with her lust. If the two best friends didn’t normally talk about masturbation, they certainly never thought to borrow each others’ toys.

Tish seemed to understand the dilemma unasked. “Keep it.” She said with a wave. “Consider it an early Christmas present. I’ve even hollowed it out so that I can put a motor in and give it some vibration.”

Both women understood nothing that small would ever compare to the toys Sandy had just gotten to play with. Still, even a little vibration in something that magnificent would do nothing but amplify the experience. She mumbled thanks as she found a paper towel and wiped it down.

Sheepishly, Sandy finally turned to meet her best friend’s gave. The other woman looked equally embarrassed. That only helped cement the newest bond they shared. “I think I understand now.”

A corner of Tish’s mouth quirked up in a smile. “Yeah, I think you do. Cummon. Let’s get to the mall. I’m pretty sure you could use a new pair of underwear at the very least.”

Sandy blushed as she looked down. “New pants, too. I’ve never gushed that hard before. It’s all over the backs of my legs!”

Tish put her arm around her friend’s shoulders conspiratorially. “Don’t worry, no one will notice. Even if they do, I don’t think they’ll know what it is.”

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