Shining Girl Ch. 04

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Firstly, many thanks to Mriceman1964 for his editing and reality checks, all the good stufis, as usual, down to him, so kudo’s to you, Mike! Thanks also to Unicorn64 for her thoughts, feelings and honesty!

This is the last part of Jack and Teruko’s story. As always, I caution the reader that this isn’t the real world, it’s just a reasonable facsimile thereof, my version in brief, so there are differences, some glaring, some not so obvious. Any reality the reader wants to invest in this story is entirely their responsibility, your interpretation of things is bound to be different to mine, so please, if you want to complain, do it about the pace, dialogue, content or premise, that’s what the story is about, after all. I take all comment seriously, except for those that are from the obviously deranged or the truly disturbed; all other comment is treated as fair comment. I’m not here to censor your opinions, just to learn lessons if an obvious mistake has been made, and I do welcome fair and valid points about the work I’ve posted here. If you liked it, please rate it, if you didn’t please tell me why. All the nasty for the sake of being nasty comments will get deleted, unless they make me laugh…



Harry and I arrived back at the flat a few minutes after Sai Fong and Teruko. As I climbed out of the Jeep, Sai climbed in, kissing her fingertip and tapping me on the forehead with it.

“See you about four o’clock, and pack warm, it’s snowing all the way home!”

With that she slammed the car door and the Jeep pulled away, the two of them heading back to their place in West London to pick up their bags for their weekend trip home.

Teruko led me back indoors and disappeared into her old room, lugging back a wheeled suitcase, which I took away from her with an enquiring look.

“We stay few days, so take warm clothes, mummy say it very cold now, must stay warm!”she smiled, looking hot, and sexy, and very appealing. Without thinking, I pulled her in close to me, enjoying immensely the feel of her against me, the scent of her hair, and the feel of her lips on my neck as she nibbled and grazed lightly on me. Teruko could feel my arousal as I held her, her own groin grinding deliciously against mine as she wriggled slowly against me. I looked down at her to see her looking up at me, her eyes huge and expressive as she smiled up at me.

“Jakku-san relax now?” she asked softly, again rubbing herself against my straining cock before letting her hand trail down from my waist to brush against my throbbing erection. My own hands slipped from her waist to cup and squeeze her buttocks, hands instinctively remembering what my head had forgotten as I squeezed and kneaded her firm cheeks as I pulled them apart. Teruko responded by curling her hand around my neck, pulling my head down to kiss me on the lips, her tongue insinuating itself between my lips even as her other hand grasped and squeezed my cock through my jeans.

Teruko abruptly broke our kiss and pulled back from me to look into my eyes.

“Jakku-san still love me?” she asked, her face serious, and I nodded.

“Yes, I still love you, Teruko, very much!” I grinned, and she grinned back, her small hand on my cheek.

“Good, Jakku-san, I am happy, now show me!”

I kissed her, a little tentatively at first, then more strongly, with more conviction as she kissed me back. Her hands fumbled with my belt as I slid my hands down inside her jeans to fondle and squeeze her tight, globular buttocks, enjoying the silky feel, and the springy firmness of them in my hands. Teruko tugged my belt open and popped the button on my jeans, tugging down my zipper to release the pressure against my suddenly raging cock. As she pushed my jeans down, I popped hers and pushed them down as well, running my hands over her smooth, silky thighs, the warm flesh exciting and arousing me as I continued to push her jeans down.

Teruko stepped away from me to pull her jeans off, then pulled my sweater up, helping me pull it up over my head, along with my polo shirt. She then crossed her arms at her waist, and in one move pulled her sweatshirt off, revealing her tightly fettered breasts in a gauzy mesh bra, her nipples clearly visible through the filmy fabric. Her panties were a match for the bra, a few inches of lace-trimmed fabric that that swooped down to barely cup her pussy and disappeared into the cleft between her cheeks; wearing that ensemble was more erotic and arousing than if she’d stood before me completely naked, and I could feel my body responding in all sorts of ways to the beautiful sight before me.

I kicked off my jeans, levered off my shoes and yanked my socks off, to stand before her in just my shorts, my arousal clearly visible to her. Her eyes glittered as she closed with me again, one hand around my neck as the other slid into my shorts, making me gasp in anticipation as her fingers encircled my rigid cock, a smile of anticipation on her lips. My response to her was to dip czech gangbang porno my head down and catch her erect nipple between my lips, feeling the firm rigidity of it through the material of her bra, making her gasp in return. As I gently nibbled her, I slid her panties down to catch and squeeze her buttocks, before sliding one finger between her slim thighs, rubbing it along the crease between her labia and feeling her sharp intake of breath as I slipped inside her.

Teruko began pushing back against my hand as slid my finger in and out of her, following instinct, as I really didn’t know what I was doing here, only that whatever it was, she liked it and definitely wanted more. As I increased the speed of my fingering, she did likewise, her hips thrusting her wet pussy against my hand faster and faster as her body responded to what I was doing. Her nipples were rigid, like two fingertips, pressing solidly into my mouth as I nibbled harder, alternating between both nipples and lightly tugging the stiff, rubbery flesh with my teeth through the mesh fabric of her bra. At the same time, her hand around my cock tightened its grip as she pumped me faster and faster, her movements in sync with mine, each of us driving the other on, our breath loud in our ears as we touched and rubbed so intimately.

Teruko suddenly released her hold on me, and stepped away from me, her eyes mysterious, and a small grin on her lips.

“Not like this, husband, this not way; it will be better here!” she whispered, indicating the bed. I nodded, sliding my shorts down to be fully naked, and hooking her panties as she turned away from me, sliding them completely off her to bare her spectacular backside in all its glory.

I pulled her back against me, suddenly needing to hold those superb breasts again, my arms around her as my hands fondled her tits, my thumbs flicking her nipples through the damp cups of her bra where my saliva had soaked through when I was nibbling her. Teruko gasped and pushed herself back against me, slotting my aching cock into the cleft of her glorious bum, the cheeks cool and soft and firm against my overheated flesh.

My hands slipped under the cups of her bra, to lightly pinch and squeeze her solidly erect nipples, Teruko gasping again and pushing herself even harder against me, my cock now a nexus of sweet agony at the touch of her, the feel of her, and the scent of her honey-dark hair as I kissed and nibbled her earlobe and her soft, delicate neck.

We never made it to the bed, not really, not then; Teruko reached behind her and unclipped her bra, letting the garment hang from her shoulders as she leaned forward, one hand on the bed, the other holding my drooling cock, rubbing her thumb in the clear liquid pouring from the end, spreading it around the head. She took hold of me and rubbed me across her slit from the back, my cock jumping as the sensation of wet heat jolted through me.

As she held me in place, driven by instinct and no certain knowledge of what I was doing, I pushed forward, both of us gasping out loud as my cock slid into her tight sheath. She let go of me as I drove forward, sliding in her to the hilt, then withdrawing, to slide in again, pumping my bone-hard erection into her enveloping warmth, little tremors running up and down my length as her cunt rippled around me.

Teruko rested both hands on the bed, pushing back against me as I rammed forward into her, my hands around her hips to give myself purchase as we fucked standing up. I felt her hand underneath us, and realised she was rubbing herself even as I jammed myself into her, the tremors in her tight pussy becoming more marked a she approached the point of no return, the knowledge making my orgasm even more imminent.

Her orgasm hit her like a hammer-blow, making her scream in release as her pussy squeezed and rippled along my length. The sensation was overwhelming, the newness of all this still resonating in my mind, and I couldn’t hold back any longer, much as I was enjoying myself. I came with a loud gasp, a wordless groan of release as I exploded inside her, my seed bursting out of me in white hot streams, spurt after spurt as I poured myself endlessly into her, her pulsating sheath squeezing and milking my cock as I pumped my sperm into her.

I could barely see or hear her for the roaring tumult in my head as the almost overwhelming orgasm exploded inside me; all I knew was the unimaginable sensation of release from that ball of tension that had been building in my groin, the apex of my thighs, and the pit of my stomach.

My knees sagged as my orgasm vented itself, the flood of sperm dying down to a trickle inside her. I released her hips, and Teruko leaned forward to collapse on the bed, groaning as my cock slid from her, and a fat trickle of spunk running down her inner thigh, mute testimony to the amount of sperm I’d pumped inside her. As she lay on the bed, panting, she turned her head to look back at me, giving me a sweet, happy smile, and reaching back czech harem porno to take my hand. She turned to lie on her back, and held her hands out to me, calling me to her, and I couldn’t resist her; this beautiful girl loved me, was in love with me, and I was in love with her, sister or not.

I knelt on the bed, pulling her up to me and sliding into her embrace, her lips soft and warm, needful and hungry as they fluttered and drank in mine, and her tongue was sweet and warm as it darted between my lips, rubbing and touching mine and stirring something deep inside me.

As we kissed, her hands roamed gently over me, touching my back, my shoulders, my chest and sides. Each touch of her hands sent a thrill through me, and an answering thrill at the apex of my thighs. Even after coming so hard, my erection hadn’t really abated at all, and Teruko made an appreciative noise as her hands found me. It was my turn to groan, now, as she wrapped her small hand around me and squeezed as she slowly pumped me as she kissed me. As our kisses increased in fervour, she pushed me gently backwards, urging me to lie back, until I was flat on my back, her lips glued to mine as she pumped and squeezed me, making me hot for more of her.

Teruko broke our kiss to sit up and swiftly throw her leg over me, straddling me. My hands instinctively reached down and caught her firm bum cheeks, squeezing, kneading and savouring the taut flesh. Teruko sat up, then, with her hand still wrapped around my cock, slowly rubbed the wet, sticky head across the wet lips of her pussy. The sensation of wet heat as she did that felt amazing, Teruko holding me in place, aiming me, as she slowly sank down, impaling herself on me.

Once again my cock slipped into the hot, smooth, tightness that was her pussy, the feel of her enveloping me almost indescribable as she sank down on me. When I’d bottomed-out in her, she leaned forward, placing her hands on the bed on each side of my head, and dipped down to kiss me, slowly rocking her hips as she did so.

As she lay along my chest, her lips glued to mine, her nipples poked solidly into me, and when she sat up again, I reached up to squeeze and lightly pinch those nipples, enjoying the firm feel of the stiff nubs between my fingers and against my palms as I cupped and fondled her spectacular breasts. Teruko held my hands against her as she rose and fell, her pussy clenching and releasing rhythmically as she pumped. My hands slipped down to her waist, holding her as she ground against me, our world narrowing down to the just the two of us as we moaned and gasped and whispered as we made love.

Teruko stopped abruptly, her breathing heavy but not yet blown and breathless. I opened my eyes to see her smiling secretly at me, her eyes dancing. She slowly raised herself up, holding me as I slipped from her, then once again holding me in place as she slid down on me again, but this time it was different, harder to penetrate her, her entrance now suddenly tighter and more sinewy. I suddenly realised what she was doing, where she was putting me, and my surprise must have shown in my eyes, because she smiled and leaned down to lick my lips.

“This was Jakku san favourite way, this a good way, make Jakku san feel very good!” she smiled as my cock slid slowly into her glove-tight anus. When I was all the way in, she began sliding herself up and down on me, her rectal tube gripping me tighter than her pussy had, her anal muscles milking me even as she slid herself up and down. I began lifting up to meet her, pumping into her as she ground down against me, my hands clenched tight around her superb buttocks to pull her into me as I pumped into her.

Teruko smiled at me, and suddenly stopped grinding against me.

“There is better way, Jakku san, please to wait!” she whispered, sliding herself off me, my cock slipping out of her anus with an almost audible ‘pop’. She lay on the bed, lifting her legs behind her knees to pull her pelvis up, her stretched little anus winking at me.

“Now Jakku san continue!” she grinned, and, moving like a man in a trance, I shuffled between her outstretched legs to push my cock against her tempting anus. Almost immediately, the head of my cock slipped into her, past her already open sphincter, and, as I leaned up over her, all the way back into her beautiful arse. Teruko slipped her calves over my shoulders, the backs of her thighs virtually against my chest as I leaned over her until we were almost nose to nose. My penetration felt much deeper in this position, and I was able to pump into her harder, something I wanted to do so badly.

“This feel so good, husband, please, do harder, it feel good…!” she gasped as I hammered into her, her tight anus rippling and sucking at my cock as I jammed it into her for all I was worth. I was fucking her hard now, no gentle love-making this, no, this was raw fucking, primal, animalistic, something out of the blood and the bone and the dark forests of the hind-brain, primitive and instinctual. czech sharking porno Deep down inside, I knew I was claiming her for myself, as mine and mine alone, my woman, my mate, the instincts and drives of a million years pushing me to sate myself with her, to imprint myself on her and mark her as mine, and keep her at all costs.

Teruko was gasping as her cervix clenched and fluttered inside her, beating against the thin membrane separating her pussy from the place I was fucking, orgasms rippling and chasing through her as we fucked wildly. Her round creamy thighs pressed up against me, her lovely face contorted in the rictus of orgasm again and again, and her proud breasts and stiff nipples danced as we pumped and hammered against each other.

I came with an animal roar of release, my cockhead swelling to wedge inside her as what felt like gallons of spunk bulleted out of me, splashing inside her in long thick jets of man-syrup, coating her bowels with my tribute. Teruko screamed as she came, the sensation of me exploding inside her setting her off on her own gargantuan climax, her entire body shuddering and spasming as wave after wave of pleasure roared and rushed through her.

I slumped down on top of her, Teruko holding me tight as she spasmed and shuddered in aftershock, her own storm ebbing and gradually dying away. We rolled onto our sides, my cock sliding from her easily, lubricated by all the sperm I’d pumped into her as it trickled out of her to drip and pool on the bed.

Teruko finally opened her eyes to smile at me and kiss me gently, her eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

“That is how husband make love to wife, my husband! You are truly my husband, and I am your wife, and now we go home and be with family. This is what we must do, it is right thing, yes?”

I suddenly realised that I did indeed want to go ‘home’; she needed that other part of her family, and I had been too churlish and self-involved to understand that until now; everything Harry had said to me came back into focus as I realised how right he was, and how wrong I’d been, and selfish, and cowardly. My girl wanted me to take her home, so home was where I would take her, and I would just have to rely on her to guide me around my mother, trusting her to make sure I didn’t put a foot wrong, the thing I was most concerned about.

It was fine, and warm, and loving, to lie there holding her, seeing her glorious eyes light-up and sparkle as she laughed and smiled, her beautiful, generous mouth with its natural smile curve, her cute little button nose, and the cascade of dark honey-blonde hair, long and glossy, and fine as spider-silk, a gossamer net of spun burnt gold that veiled us both when she leaned over me to kiss me. Eventually, though, we had to stop; we needed to have showers, pack, strip the bed and throw the sheets into the washer for a quick cycle (and after what we had been doing, they needed it!), make sure all the windows were locked, and all the appliances off and unplugged. Teruko did all that while I was having a shower, then she ran in while I was drying-off and getting my stuff together. I didn’t know what to take; so much of my stuff was for someone bigger-built than me, so I just pulled everything out of my wardrobe and waited for her to come out of the shower to help me choose.

We were all packed long before four o’clock, Teruko helping me pick out and pack the warmest clothes I had that actually fitted me, and a pile of thick sweaters and winter socks. She’d packed a selection of jeans and T-shirts, and her suede Ugg boots, ugly, graceless things, but very fashionable, and apparently very warm. She’d chosen to travel in tight, bright red ski salopettes and a light sweater, with a red North Face snow jacket over the top, Salomon snow boots and a red Peruvian felt hat, and with her long dark-gold hair in two braids ended in Christmas bows hanging down under it, she looked cute and adorable, like one of Santa’s Little Helpers, and delicious enough for me to take a large bite; perhaps I would, when no-one was looking…

Harry arrived not long after four, helped me stow our case and flight bag with the few Christmas gifts Teruko had managed to find for our mother when she wasn’t sitting her vigil by my bedside, and we set off, Harry driving with Sai Fong in the front passenger seat, and Teruko holding me tightly in the back seat, all smiles now that she was going home again for the first time in months, since my…’accident’, in fact.

The drive home was uneventful. The roads were mostly clear until we were outside Bicester in Oxfordshire, when the snow, a minor annoyance on the motorway for most of the way, began to make itself felt, occasionally so thick that Harry had to slow to a crawl. We could feel the Jeep shuddering as the wind slammed into it, the snow at times flying almost horizontally ahead of us.

Sai Fong flicked on the radio, tuned to BBC Radio Oxford, and pressed the Radio Data System button. We immediately began to hear snow reports for most of the county, blizzard conditions and treacherous road conditions as far as Birmingham; the M42 Westbound, the M5, and the M40 were all being closed, so Harry had to take a long, looping, eastward detour to pick up the M1, which was still open, as was the M6, which would then give us a clear run West to Shropshire via the M54.

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