Shelly’s Secret Ch. 04

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This is the final chapter in the Shelly’s Secret story. All parties were over 18 when this occurred.

I would like to take this opportunity to give credit to Grania2, a volunteer editor here at Literotica. I owe a huge debt of gratitude for the time spent bringing this entire series to life.

Readers of my story always seem interested in the first time I got to do my sister. In some ways it is easy to write about because the memory is so vividly etched in my mind. It is also difficult because of the personal nature of it. I had never planned on sharing this, but due to the constant requests here it is.


It had been almost a year since I had started spying on Shelly. My own sex life was centered vicariously on enjoying her sex life. As I mentioned before, I had tried to have a go at her almost right off. I’m not sure I knew all of her reasons for not letting me do her, but I respected her decision, and never pestered her about it. I felt darn lucky just to be a spectator to her wild antics.

This all happened during the following summer. My grandmother was still around then. She still lived on the farm where our mom had grown up. It was about thirty miles away. There was some problem with her drinking water well having gone bad. Even though I had a great-uncle who still ran livestock on the property, Mom felt we should all go up there for a few days.

Grandma’s farm was a split section of a larger farm that had been subdivided among family. Grandpa had some 60 or so acres of it. The remainder was divided among two other brothers. One shared the property line and still farmed and ran cattle on Grandma’s portion. This worked well for all because he also maintained the barn, mowed grass as needed, and checked in on Grandma.

We all went up for the weekend and were to stay a few days into the week. I had been helping my dad all weekend doing odd jobs. On Monday Mom and Dad were going to take Grandma into town. They had to arrange for some repairs to the water system. Shelly and I choose to stay at the farm. The small town had nothing of interest for youngsters anyway.

It was late June and days were already hot by the afternoon. Shelly and I had planned to go fishing down at a small pond out past the barn. The pond was actually a dammed up creek where cattle watered during the driest times of the year. It was a picturesque setting. Tall marsh grasses surrounded the water’s edge. Mature birch trees lined the original creek bed. There always seemed to be a breeze there. White pieces of bark often fell onto the surface of the pond, and sailed like little boats, until they ended up stuck on the banks. There was a narrow path beginning just past the barn. I guess, the cattle had worn this route. We had to pass through a small field and a couple gates to reach the pond.

Shelly and I had gotten a late start. It was probably past ten o’clock. We stopped at the barn along the way. I needed to find a shovel to dig for worms. The barn was a maze of rooms on the ground floor. Grandpa’s tool room was just inside the door. The barn was still used a shelter for the cattle my great uncle kept. The barn bore the intense smell of manure and the musky odor of stored bedding and feed kept up in the lofts.

I located a suitable shovel and found a promising dig site back outside. Shelly was still nosing around in the barn, and must have been checking out the newest calves. I finished my dig and had a reasonable supply of thick worms. As I headed back in to return the shovel I caught sight of Shelly over near the stalls. Several cows were nursing their young. I asked if she was still interested in fishing or not. She immediately jumped down off the gates and headed over towards me.

Near the door we passed a large stripped animal blanket. It was hung over a stall rail. Shelly grabbed it. Just outside the door, she snapped it shaking off the dust. She folded it a couple times and tucked it under her arm. I carried the poles, bait and a metal bucket and we headed off.

Shelly led the way to the pond. She was barefoot, which was her usual. She was wearing a red and white plaid sleeveless blouse. Somehow she had gotten out of the house wearing her favorite jean cut-offs. Mom scowled each time she tried to wear them. They were an old pair of faded out denims Shelly had cut off herself. Of course they were very short, and after repeated washings the loose fringe at the bottom began creeping up to where cumlouder porno the bottom of Shelly’s butt was just about visible. Mom had been threatening to throw them out for some time. She didn’t deem them proper for a young girl. Maybe being out here where no one would see her Mom had relented, or just hadn’t noticed.

During the past year Shelly had matured. Her hips now had some curve to them and she had filled out more on top. I was maybe ten feet back and was amused at her carefree gait. Maybe it’s just me, but some girls just seem to develop a swing to their hip as they move. That was Shelly.

The loose tails of her blouse covered her butt, but the slightest breeze managed to give a guy a short glimpse of a very fine ass working against the stretched denim fabric of her shorts. She was carrying her flip-flops by one finger over her shoulder. It was unlikely she’d ever put them on though. She spent most of the day, even around a barnyard area, barefoot. Looking down I noticed she had already darkened the bottoms of both feet.

The pond was maybe a hundred or so feet across at its widest point. Grandpa had built a small table and bench near one bank. The grass was kept mowed back by my great uncle, and a worn path usually ringed the entire pond.

We dropped our stuff off on the table, and set about rigging our poles. We kind of split off and started sizing up the likely spots.

The farm was an ideal place to be as kids. Being so far out, no other people were around to bother us. There was a warm summer breeze blowing across the fields. The pond itself was kind of in a little dip. Almost easy to miss unless you knew it was there.

We were set, and began our individual effort to land the days catch. I was probably maybe fifteen to twenty feet from Shelly. The only sound other than the wind was that of the crickets and grasshoppers as they sang from the surrounding weeds.

As I made my way along the banks, I’d jump each time I flushed a bullfrog from the shallows. They would croak loudly, and make a dash for the safety of deeper water. I could hear Shelly snickering at this. She had chosen to stay put. There was not much shade on the side where we were standing, so I continued working along the bank.

I had gotten maybe thirty to forty feet from Shelly. When I looked back at her I couldn’t help but noticed she had unbuttoned her blouse. It was opened all the way down in the front. The flaps of her blouse caught in the breeze and exposed her right down to her belly button. She was standing in a sunny spot, and must have thought this would help her stay cool. I hadn’t noticed until just then, that she had not been wearing a bra.

I’m not sure of how many times I snagged, or failed to notice my bait being stolen? I was trying not to be real obvious as I continued to steal as many glances as possible. When Shelly reared back to cast, I could swear one breast became completely visible.

I continued working along the bank thinking maybe to get directly across from her. Hopefully, my stares would not seem so obvious. After replacing my bait for the umpteenth time I stood up and cast out near some cattails by the dam. Of course I over-shot and had to fight to free my hook. Finally free, I turned to look back to where Shelly had been standing. She was gone. I scanned the bank and saw no trace of her. The table on which we had laid our stuff was almost directly across from me. I could see her pole lying next to the bucket, and the blanket was gone.

I didn’t think she had just headed back without telling me. Besides, I noticed her flip-flops still sitting on the table. I continued searching the far bank for a sign of where she had gone. Just then a movement in some tall grass near a stand of birch trees caught my eye.

I reeled in by hook and continued around the shorter route back. As I neared the spot I caught sight of her lying down. She had spread out the blanket in the deep grass and was lying on her back. As I came up on her I was sort of taken aback because she had taken off her shirt completely. She had it scrunched up under her head as a pillow. Her one hand covered her eyes from the direct rays of the sun. She heard my approach and momentarily flipped her hand up. Sure that it was me, she covered her eyes again. After a bit she finally spoke up.

“No luck either?” she asked.

“Naw, I think we shoulda been out here sooner,” I said.

Shelly czech amateurs porno continued to lay there and made no effort to cover up or anything. It was only after I could pull my eyes from her breasts, that I noticed she had undone the top snap on her cutoffs too.

With the waistband loosen, and the zipper down a little, the white hem of her panties was clearly visible. She had even pushed them down low on her hips. There wasn’t probably an inch wide strip of material at her hips. I guess this was her way of getting an “all-over” tan.

I sat down next to her. Finally, prying my eyes from her boobs again I began watching her belly button as it rose with each breath. The faintest trail of peach fuzz drew my gaze right down to the top edge of her underwear. I swear I could just make out the shadow of her pubic patch just below.

Shelly was like some golden goddess from ancient times. Her youthful figure splayed out in the warm sun. Her hair had lightened earlier in the summer. Her total disregard for any shame was a further turn-on. Her breasts rolled atop her gently rising chest. The sun had warmed her skin. She was the epitome of youthfulness and sex.

I’m not sure what part of her I was still staring at when she suddenly spoke.

“Do you ever masturbate thinking of me?”

I was sorta speechless at first. I really didn’t want to lie. I wasn’t sure exactly how to answer. I didn’t want to sound like some type of creep.

I don’t know if I had given her an answer yet or not. Then, suddenly she placed a hand on my arm. She had taken her hand away from her eyes, and was looking directly at me now.

“Do you want to go down on me?” she asked softly.

I guess I was still in shock because even though I hadn’t answered her, she suddenly reached down hooking her thumbs in the hem of her shorts and panties and slid them down. She lifted her butt, then knees and cleared her ankles in one swift movement, then tossed her bottoms aside still tangled together.

I just sat kind of stupidly at first. Actually, I guess I was memorizing the closest view of a girl’s pussy I had ever seen. Shelly must have felt uneasy with me staring at her like this. She caught me behind my head and steered my head right into her crotch.

“There,” she said.

A million things go thru a guy’s head at this point. And I’m sort of embarrassed to say this, but the aroma of a young girl’s pussy just inches above a dirty, musky animal blanket has never left my brain. I was randy as hell, and immediately started using my tongue and nose to massage her sex.

I know I had no clue as to what exactly I should be doing, but with Shelly gently guiding me, I must have been onto the right spots.

Shelly had been mumbling something softly almost to herself. Her hands were on either side of my head, gentle at first, then with a stronger urgency. Somewhere during this she started moaning. All of a sudden she started bucking her pelvis against my face. I stayed just as her hands directed me, and let her cum. The aroma of her sex was overwhelming. I was hoping this was not all she was going to let me do.

After a couple minutes she twitched a couple more times, and then sort of sat up on her elbows.

“Take off your shorts,” she said.

I couldn’t get up quick enough. I sort of worried about how I would get my stuff off with a raging hard-on inside. But, I had my shoes off, slid down my shorts and briefs in an instant.

My hard-on jutted out and bounced around. I squatted down across Shelly and presented myself to her. She sat up completely now, and took my cock in her mouth. I was amazed at how soft her mouth was. I could feel everything her tongue was doing to my dick. She worked magic on me for just a bit. I think she thought I might shoot off right away in her mouth, and she was probably right. I remember to this day looking down at the little freckles on her nose, my cock buried in her mouth.

I’m sure Shelly knew just how bad a way I was in. So, I was not happy when she seemed to stop. She rolled away and reached for her shorts and panties. They were twisted together and she seemed to be trying to untangle them. I was in a panic thinking this was it. She is getting dressed.

Just then, Shelly pulled a small bit of folded paper from the front pocket of the cut-offs. I was still confused, and wanted back in her mouth again. She ignored czech casting porno me, and continued unfolding the little scrap of paper. I was puzzled for a moment until the last fold opened, and revealed a condom.

This next part is sort of gross, but it happened as it did.

We were two young kids with no access to anything like condoms at our age or time. It wasn’t like we could just go in somewhere and buy them.

As it turns out, Shelly did have a great concern about getting pregnant. Maybe that’s why she held me off so long.

Remember when I told about the “parties” Dad and Ray had been having with her. Dad had finally let Ray fuck Shelly as long as he wore a protection. Shelly was always the one who cleaned up after the sex. She wiped up stains and laundered any soiled things. She somehow got the job of dealing with Ray’s used condoms too. I guess at some point she began figuring she might need them again sometime. She told me this all later on. Anyway, she began washing them out and drying them. She had hid several away in a secret spot. We were young kids and had to make do with what we had.

So this was it. I had to put on another guy’s used condom to get to fuck Shelly.

Damm right, I did!

Shelly rolled it on me, lay back down and spread her legs. I slid down some, and with her hand guiding me, I stuck my cock in her.

You would think the sensation of entering the first girl of my life would be in my cock.

Not so. What I remember the most is the heat from her thighs. I’m not sure if it was the exposure to the sun or just the heat from her horniness, but as I sank into her our thighs came together. The heat emanating from her body was incredible. The girl seemed on fire.

I always knew that if I ever got a chance at her, I’d work that little thing for everything it was worth. It would have taken ten strong men to pull me off my sister at that point.

My hips took control of my body as I jacked against her. I became aware of her grunts. I must have been pushing the wind out of her.

I wish I could say it lasted for hours, but it didn’t. I blew my shot within a minute and collapsed on top of her.

After I finally stopped shuttering she wrapped her arms around my waist and held me on top of her till I completely stopped moving. Even then, I lay there in ultimate bliss for several more minutes. She was still whispering something barely audible. For some reason, I became aware that she had started stroking my hair.

Soon, I felt my pecker starting to slide out of her. She suddenly rolled me off her to one side. I was sort of just laying there still too weak to sit up. Shelly sat up. She startled me by touching my shriveling cock. She proceeded to slip the condom off my limp dick. She held it by the open end and lay back down on the blanket. I was still exhausted and just stayed lying along side of her. My face was right up next to her breast. I remember her nipples were jutting upward.

This next part is absolutely true, and to this day I can hardly believe she actually did this.

Shelly was holding the condom up and dipped her index finger down into the semen inside. She kinda stirred it around and withdrew her finger coated in the stuff. Shelly rolled on to her side, looked at me for a second, and then began tracing circles around her one nipple. It was the breast closest to my face. I watched intently as she did this. She laid back down on her back and brought the condom up to her mouth. Shelly then placed the open end in her mouth and inverted it. The contents began sliding downward. She finished off by pinching the tip and sliding two fingers downward to get every last drop out.

Shelly snaked her arm under my head, and pulled me up against her. The cum coated boob was right in my face. I was so close I could see the fine goose bumps on her breast had risen up. She motioned for me to suckle at it. I complied really without thinking too much about it. I didn’t mind the taste of my own cum. Her nipple was as hard as a pencil eraser. I was flicking it around with my tongue. I looked up to Shelly. I could tell she hadn’t actually swallowed yet. She was sort of letting my cum just stay in her mouth.

Suddenly she grabbed my one hand and placed it right on her sex. She kept her hand on top of mine and immediately I felt two or three jolts deep within her. She moaned softly and gave up several more thrusts. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed. She was biting down on her lower lip. I was really surprised at the strength she had to hold my hand in place. I didn’t fight her, but I probably could not have removed my hand if I wanted to. I stayed this way occasionally flicking my tongue at her nipple till she drifted off.

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