She Wanted It Too

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I’ve always had a thing for my wife’s cousin Robin. She looks a lot like my wife Sandy, with her slender body, dark, rich brunette hair. She has some different qualities that makes me ooze attraction for her, like her olive skin, almond eyes that stare right through me, and she is very strong willed.

I’ve known her for the past 10 years and she has always seemed disinterested in me, but would pay me compliments here and there that I held onto. I saw her only a few times a year because she lived with her family about two hours away. Other then the time she went to college.

We had our chance in counters that showed I was pretty attracted to her. One time she was on a bed in a dress and her legs were slightly apart because of the way she was sitting. I peeked my head in to ask her a question and noticed that I could see right down to her panties. My eyes lingered before I said anything while my cock hardened a bit. She looked up and noticed what I was looking at but did not move to cover. Her face was in a small smirk and I stumbled at my question. While she gave her answer I chanced at another glance… she finished and I said something and left the room. I know she caught me staring down her legs twice but never flinched.

I thought that would be the end of it that weekend but thinking on that encounter I snuck into her bathroom looking for anything I can masterbate with. She was out doing some shopping and the rest had gone to see a movie that I had no interest in seeing. So there I was alone left to my fantasies. I searched around her bathroom and found a linen basket. There were two panties amongst other clothes. I pulled them out and took in a slight smell. Used, I could tell but the smell was sweet all the same.

My cock was fighting for air in my pants. I left it there a little longer as I spotted some pictures but the mirror. There were several but the one that caught my attention the most was one of her in her bikini. She had sunglasses on in the picture and a purple triangle bikini that paid good compliments to her breasts. I thought about all I would do to her as smelled the panties and stroked the cock screaming for freedom still locked away in denim madness. Then…

“Let me know if you need any help.”

“Robin!?” I exclaimed as I just then noticed her through the mirror in the door way.

“I … was… I… just…”

“I know what you were doing.” she said half smiling and surprised.

“I thought I was alone and I…” too embarrassed to say what I was doing or even turn around.

“Is this what you normally do when you are in the house…. Alone or maybe when I’m sleeping?” there was no tone of accusation in her voice only a curious almost interested manner.

I sighed “No this is the first time I’ve been in here… just not the first time…” I don’t know what possessed me to say it but it was out. I guess I just felt like being truthful as a way of showing remorse for being caught like this. I turned slightly to face her and no doubt that my bulge was apparent to her eyes if she only looked down.

“Oh really?… I guess it’s no real shock. I know how you look at me and all but knew you must… think of me… when you… take care of it.” She nodded at me referring to my member and the thought of her head acknowledging my cock made it jump in spasm that I could not hide. Her eyes were on it and did not stop staring until I spoke.

“More bagros porno than you know.”

That startled her to look into my eyes, “You mean when you and Sandy…?”

I shrugged and gave a half smile. It was finally out there. I did always fantasize about her when I was with my wife. They look so similar that when I fuck her from behind it could very well be her. “Ya’ll look so much alike and it just happens.”


“I am sorry, please don’t tell her…”

“Tell Robin what? That I caught you rubbing yourself with her panties… those are her panties aren’t they?”

I understood in a instant what was happening but didn’t want fool myself into believing what I was hearing.

“They are… hers… I…” not knowing what to say next.

“Well it was very hot catching you… it’s got me a little wet… want to fuck me on her bed while we have the chance?”

“I don’t… I mean…” still not allowing myself to believe.

She broke character for a moment, “You did say that we look so very similar from behind.” As she have me the biggest come get me grin.

I only laughed in shock.

“I do wonder… I wonder if we look the same sucking your dick?”

She dropped herself down to her knees on the bathroom rug, hands on my thighs and then looked up with those big brown almond eyes, peering through long strands of dark satin hair, “Won’t you pull it out for me?”

Overcome with desire I tried to keep my composure as I fumbled to get my jeans undone. I dropped them, and then it was just my thin boxers between me and her lips and face. I was so hard that my cock pushed the boxers off my body to where I could see the base of my cock.

Before she made and move she confessed, “I’ve never done this before… but I’ve thought about it for a long time.. with you I mean.” That vixen approach came to a halt after I dropped my pants. Her vixen side was still there I could tell but since this was new to her there was timidity to her demeanor for the moment. I’m not sure if she was more stunned by my cock or that it was shaved and smooth.

“That makes it all that much better. I’ll walk you through it, pull my boxers down slowly.” I gave her reassurance.

I could see her hands trembling ever so slightly. She pulled them down and my cock flung up like a spring and nearly smacked her in the face. She gasped and I could feel the heat coming off her face so I know she could feel the heat from my cock. She stared at it inches away from her face, half transfixed and half waiting for what to do next.

“Just grab it gently and give it a kiss.”

She did so and I could have died then. Such a sweet sight, but sweeter sights were to come. I was oozing precum off the tip of my cock. She noticed it as she grabbed my cock lightly as it gushed out at her touch.

She put her tongue on the end and tasted the cum as I had urged. “Oh that doesn’t taste bad at all like my girlfriends said it would.” She tasted some more and squeezed from the base of my cock to the tip to milk out more. That she did out of instinct I suspect. It felt divine. “I wonder if the rest tastes like that? It sort of tastes like I do after I rub myself.” She smiled and I smiled with delight glowing off every inch of me.

She licked me up and down the shaft, the sides, top.

“That’s right… just like a popsicle…” I let out a light moan from the pleasure. I tried to keep bangbus porno my eyes open and focused to taken in as much of the scene as I could.

She sucked all around and then as I told her, put as much of me in her mouth as she could. Her mouth all but swallowed my head like a vacuum and with little teeth as I advised. Just the head fit in with the first few bobs but then she started sucking me in deeper. I was in ecstasy as she would bob and suck a little deeper each time. I noticed it went from just doing it as a motion to an enjoyable game she was enjoying. I suggested that she switch it up from licking to sucking. She did. I was griping the counter and leaning on it beside myself with pleasure. Between moans I was trying to hold in the cum, I needed a reprieve so I mentioned my balls is a great pleasure and before I could finish she just asked “How?”. I looked at her with slober on her chin, “same thing,” I said panting slightly, “suck them in and lick them.” She probably wouldn’t have if they were not shaved, but that is the great reason I shave in the first place.

She started to suck and lick. Just like with my cock it went from doing a motion to enjoyment. I mentioned stoking my cock at the base while sucking my balls which she did without skipping a beat. She then wanted more cock so while still stroking she put her mouth back around the head. It was all I could take.

“Time to try out the bed before I cum all over you.”

“Oh I like the sound of you cumming all over me”, she said with a girlish desire.

“Are you on the pill?”


“Then that is how we’ll finish.” I said with happy wisp in my voice.

“Well then best you come fuck your wife on Robin’s bed before the others get home.” And just like that the vixen was back.

“Is this your first…”

“No, just the sucking was… I waited to do that with someone whose cock I actually wanted in my mouth.” That made me smile.

I helped her up and she was on her way stripping towards the bed. My clothes were off before she could get her shirt off and so I followed watching her undress from behind. She pulled off her jeans and there were those same panties from the other night. I reached for her hips, thumbs found the side of her panties and whispered “Allow me wife.”

“Just Sandy”

“Allow me Sandy” I pulled them down while dropping to my knees. She was facing the bed, so after I pulled off her panties, she undid her bra, and I pushed her to bend over on the bed. She was easy to move. When half of her laid on the bed I reached inbetween her thighs and pulled her open to me. I could hear gasping as I started to kiss and lick my way up to her lips. She smelled like a ripe pussy waiting to be tasted. So I obliged. My tongue licked around her pussy. I was so drunk with what was happening I nearly didn’t notice she was bald around her pussy. I licked all around her lips. My hands that were holding her apart inched forward to place the fingers within reach of separating her lips. Pink was exposed to me and I tasted my first sweet taste of Robin’s pussy. It was all but dripping with wetness which I licked up and tasted. She did taste better than Sandy. I could hear how much she was loving it. Even so she spoke “That feels amazing Andrew.”

Hearing her say my name made want her all that much more if it were possible. I licked my way down to where her clitoris hid and started to coerce it out beurette tour porno with a circular teasing motion. A minute later it was erect like a nipple and I flicked and flung, sucked, played, swirled it and Robin was screaming into the sheets. Her legs flung trying to offset the pleasure. She swayed her hips but nothing gave relief of the pleasure until there was a pulse inside her and she released cum onto my mouth. I stopped and she laid there while her pussy pulsed and contracted.

I stood up. My cock had precum dripping from it. I always got so turned on by licking a woman’s pussy… and now especially so much since it was Robin’s. She laid there breathing into the bed. I placed my cock at the edge of her pussy and squeezed it all the precum out onto her glistening pussy. I rubbed it around, all over and up her crack. I smeared juice on her ass hole with my cock and pressed it slightly. She tensed up at once, and I rubbed my cock around it. “don’t worry I’m not going to try that… but how does a slight pressure feel?”

I did it again and placed my hand no her ass and gave a carress. I pulled it off and up and down her crack again. She loosened up and I pressed a little deeper and she said “that actually feels pretty good.”

I rubbed my balls up her crack to the top her ass and back down with my cock and plunged it in her when it came to her pussy. She grasped at the shock and moaned and sighed all at the same time. It only went half way in, so I eased out and back in. Within a few stroke I was almost all the way in and she was moaning for more with each stroke. I pushed in with rhythm and out with a draw slowly increasing my speed.

She said between moans “How does your wife’s pussy feel?”

“So fucking amazing, tighter than I remember.”

“Well fuck it loose then..”

With that I started the fucking. Deep, hard, fucking thrusts…

“Fuck me… fuck… me… oh oh oh oh that’s it… oh”

I fucked her till I thought I might burst.

When I felt that I pulled out, then flipped her over to her back. She looked surprised at first. I just said, “Let me fuck you this way Robin.”

“Really? Oh please fuck me like this Andrew.”

She grabbed my neck and squeezed as I put it back in. It slid right in and I continued fucking her while staring deep into her eyes. Each thrust had her titties bouncing to my every delight. Still I looked only into her eyes.

“Oh Robin… I’ve… wanted this for so long.”

“Me too Andrew… now fuck me like you’ve been longing for me.”

I don’t know how she could have taken the hard thrust I was giving her, but she just screamed with pleasure with each one. Only a few thrusts more…

I pulled out pulled her off the bed and she slipped onto the floor, her head against the end of the bed. I grabbed her hair from the back and held her face to my cock as I stroked it hard and fast and then it all came cumming out. I was in full spasm so my cum went everywhere on her face, in her dark seductive hair. There was so much she still got so much in her smiling, laughing mouth.

She grabbed and pulled at my cock getting it all out. She stared at me smiling, glowing from the rush of sex. She then grabbed what cum she could off her face and consumed it all. “I was right.. the rest does taste great.”

I smiled and sank down to sit next to her, panting and taking in what I was just able do. Robin placed her head on my shoulder and I could smell the cum still in her hair and face.

“Better than I could have imagined Robin.”

“Me too… wanna do it again?” She said with a smile and a grasp of my cock.

“Only this time… you are Robin.” I said as I kissed her for the first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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