She hid this from me?

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I was looking at around the internet one evening looking for photos of my wife. I was not having much luck finding anything, but I decided to randomly look for any videos of her. What I found after looking for a bit shocked me, but it also excited me to my core. There were pornographic videos of her out on the web!

After finding these, I had to watch one of them. While I can tell the video is edited, it shows my wife fucking another man in the back of a taxi! I see her doing things I did not know she would do, but I had to know the whole truth. I needed to see the whole video, so I paid for a subscription to a porn site that had the full length version of the video.

It shows her being picked up in a taxi in England, and asking the driver to take her to the airport that’s across London. The driver agrees and proceeds out of town for about 10 mins before she thinks to ask about the route they are taking. He assures her that going around the city is faster than going through it, and she accepts this for a while. All this time he is talking to her, pumping her for information without seeming too. He finds out she is from America, when her flight leaves, (not for 4 more hours) that her coworkers are already on flights, and most importantly, that her cell phone is not set up travel outside the USA.

Then he tells her that is she does not suck his cock, he will leave her in the countryside and she will miss her flight home. She pleads for a bit, tries to threaten him, but in the end she agrees to suck his cock in exchange for a “free” ride to the airport. He pulls off in a secluded area and gets in the back seat with her, and whips out his massive cock. My wife has only ever had my modest sized cock in her body and this cock is more than a bit frightening. So she starts licking the head of his cock and just putting the head of it in her mouth, but he demands more. So, she tries to put a few more inches into her mouth. This is not enough and he pushes her head down onto his cock, making her deepthroat. After doing this several times, he tells her that she has not done well enough, and if she looks closely, she can see the video camera that is recording her giving him a blowjob. If she does not now fuck him, he will put her blowjob all over the web so that people will know that she is willing to exchange a blowjob for a ride, or in other words that she is a whore who is more than willing to sell her body!

She is stuck, and both of them know it. She agrees to fuck him, and he promptly gets her out of her clothes, plus his own hit the floor as well. She does keep her glasses on to be able to see though. He has her continue to blow him for a while longer, forcing her head down when he wants her deeper. He manages to make her take 9 of his 10 inches into her mouth. Previously she had only ever gotten 4 ½ inches into her mouth, this was what she really could do! Of course she was not exactly pleased doing it though!

He then put the camera back and proceeded to lick and finger her cunt. She also had never let me thrust my fingers deep into her cunt before, stating that it was uncomfortable. Well, she definitely licked and fingered good, she has a sensitive pussy and he worked it over good! He had her hold her legs apart as he plied his trade to her wet self. You see, her pussy is always wet, and ready for a good fucking. But what did to her took her to new levels of wetness, not only from his saliva, but he made her cum twice while giving her oral and finger fucking her. You could tell she was now enjoying herself!

He then had her lay on her back and he grabbed the camera again. He then proceeded to insert himself repeatedly into her sopping wet cunt. All the while he we recording it up close and personal. He even asked her if she liked it, to which she helplessly nodded with a grin on her face. After a few minutes of that he put the camera back and had her stick her ass in the air ( while laying on her back) and hold her legs apart, he then proceeded to lower himself into her while sort of standing on the seat (this way they were both sort of facing the camera). Needless to say she had never had anything close to this done to her before, so she just accepted it, I mean what where her alternatives? She could not walk back in time, and he had her on video already.

As he sped up his pace to a rate she was uncomfortable with, you could hear her whimpers, but that did not stop or slow his fucking her. In fact he started to play with her asshole as well. He stuck his middle finger all the way into her ass. Needless to say, she has never allowed ANYTHING like this to happen to her before. But there he was on camera, fucking my wife and fingering her ass for all they were worth.

Once he stopped fucking her that way, had her on her knees on the seat. With her ass in the air, and her face konak escort pressed down on the seat, he had her hold her ass checks apart while he grabbed the camera once more. He inserted into her cunt once more, and you could see that she was getting used to a massive dick spreading her. You could see into her cunt nicely, since she was gaping so much from his fucking. Plus you could see relief and anticipation on her face, even pressed into the seat, as he started to spear her once more. It was such a turn on seeing her face as she held her own ass open for a cock to plunder her. But he had a surprise in store for her, he started to finger her ass again and she squirmed because of it. All that did was look even hotter on camera though, since it looks like she is thoroughly enjoying him playing with her asshole.

He speeds up he fucking once again, and she is just being ridden like a no tomorrow. She is just trying to not feel like she is going to be split into two halves, because he is pushing his whole dick into her. She has a shallow cunt, and he is now pushed past her cervices and is fucking straight into her womb. All this time though she is still holding her ass checks wide open, having forgotten she is even doing that! He pulls his cock out of her, and while still holding that camera, proceeds to push his cock right up her ass.

She has no more fight left in her; he has fucked it all out of her with how vigorous and enduring his fucking has been. She he takes her anal virginity with his engorged cock, first pushing in just the head, and then steadily pushing more and more into her tight little body. Soon enough the video shows he has gotten all ten inches into her ass, and is fucking that ass just as hard as he does her cunt!

After a few more minutes of anal fucking her pulls out and puts the camera back once more. He stands her up and leans her over the back of his car seat and has her hold on. Once more he proceeds to fuck her like an animal. All she can do is moan softly and hold onto the seat. Her sleek naked body still on camera as he spanks her hard and reinserts himself repeatedly into her gaping pussy. For good measure he also refucks her ass all over again, before getting her on her knees to suck him off again.

Once more he gets the camera down and she works on his cock. He forces her head down once more, so that she gasps after taking almost all of his cock into her mouth repeatedly. To finish things off he has her wait with her mouth wide open for his cum and her jacks off right into her face. He has a massive load of cum that spurts out over her glasses, hair, face, neck and tits. As well as raining down a load into her waiting mouth. He has her show it off and then swallow it down, and clean off his cock for good measure. He asks her if she enjoyed being a good little slut, she helplessly nods once more, with cum falling off her chin. She had never before allowed me to cum on her face, but now I got to see how hot she looked covered in cum.

The video stops there, but I know that she got home just fine from that trip. I then recall that she did not want to have sex right away after she returned home. Plus a number of little things like how she was getting a bit more of my cock into her mouth when she would give me a blowjob, or how she did not complain about me being a little rough anymore. So I knew these videos could not have been faked, and she had not told me anything about them. I had wanted to do a lot of these things with her but she denied me, but she lets a random taxi driver make her into his whore.

So I resolved to download the video and us it to make her comply with what I wanted to do. I made sure that I found all the links I could to all porn sites with a copy, or an edited copy of her with the taxi driver. That turned out to be around twenty for them. Then one night shortly thereafter, I asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell me. After a little while of trying to figure out what I was talking about, I decided to show her the twenty tabs on the computer with her porn displayed.

She tried to “explain” what happened, but I was ruthless. She had been unfaithful to me and did not trust me afterwards with what happened. She was going to have to watch the whole video with me, and afterwards she had better be willing to do any and all of those things with me too. So we watched it together and I pointed out everything she did to her. Then to prove her resolve to do so, I then took our camera and proceeded to film her deepthroating me like a champ, fucking both her pussy and ass, and finishing it off with a supercharged facial. I then had her watch as I uploaded that new video online for everyone else to enjoy how much of a slut she was.
She has allowed me to do whatever I wanted to her since, and does not complain about the amount of porn I post of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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