Shazia Liberated!

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She sat in her chair and thought about all those years that had passed by. She was 42 years old and it seemed like yesterday when she left her home after her marriage. She belonged to a Pashtun family. Her family had inherited quite a fortune and some land, enough for them to lead a comfortable life. She was a thoughtful child who liked to keep things to herself but very confident and sure of herself nonetheless. She had an older sister and two younger brothers. The region she lived in is one of the most conservative in Pakistan. The women were required to hide their faces whenever they went out and there was a strict segregation of the two sexes. This naturally led to an inclination to homosexuality in both men and women. In these parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan homosexuality is common although people prefer not to talk about it.

Her father didn’t think much of her two daughters but had high expectations of his two sons. He did send his two daughters to school although only when his wife tried to persuade him for months. Female education is still frowned upon in this region. She still considers it the best day of her life when her mother came and hugged both the daughters, held their faces in her hands , kissed their cheeks and with a big smile on her face told them, Sameena, Shazia, your father has agreed to send you two to school.

Sameena wasn’t interested in school, so she dropped out after the primary but Shazia was smart and intelligent and had big ambitions, she continued and passed her higher secondary in flying colors when she was 16. She wanted to study further but her father didn’t allow her. That broke her heart and she spent the next two years being bitter and frustrated.

In those two tears after school her body went through remarkable changed. She transformed into a tall, slender woman. She developed the most perfect shaped breasts and an equally attractive ass. She had a beautiful, adorable ass a mellifluous voice and big eyes full of innocence of a small village girl with big dreams. The older women used to come together in the afternoons after a day of homely chores and would sit together and discuss their problems and people and their sex lives. That’s where Shazia first learned about sex. But that was not all she discovered that some women including her older sister Sameena engaged in sexual activities with other women. But she didn’t feel drawn towards other women. All she could think of was to escape this village that was too small for her big dreams.

Things had gotten worse after the Taliban took over the region. Her family got worried when Taliban commanders started asking the villagers to give their daughters in marriage to the Taliban soldiers. They termed it a service to the great religion of Islam as these women would also be taking part in Jihad by catering to the sexual antalya escort needs of the soldiers of Islam and bearing their children. Sameena had gotten married by that time and Shazia’s parents were desperate to find a suitable match for Shazia. So it was a day of great relief when the richest family in the village sent a proposal for Shazia. Shahzeb Khan was a brilliant young man who had just completed his bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He was tall and handsome and had broad shoulders. Shazia couldn’t believe her luck. More than anything else she was relieved that soon she’ll be leaving the village to go live in a city far from the suffocating hold of the Taliban.

She had mixed expectations of the married life. The strict segregation of the two sexes among the Pashtun people meant that the bride and groom had never seen each other before. Naturally she had confusing feelings about the whole married life. Her mother and other older women had prepared her for the first night of her marriage and the inevitable sexual relations or so they thought. She was told not to give in easily and resist every effort at being stripped off her clothes. However, she was told once the clothes are (forcibly) removed, she should stop resisting and not to look at her husband or in her eyes and to let him do whatever he wanted to do. So it obviously was a big surprise when her husband came to their room on that night and talked to her in a soft voice without laying a finger on her. The other day when she told her friends what had transpired the night before they burst out laughing secretly envying her. Someone even called her husband a wuss. Other kept on asking her if he had shown her his cock.

The week went by, where her husband would enter the room each night asking her how her day was and she should we reply in as a few words as she could. A week of marriage and no sex, not even a single kiss.

Next week Shahzeb took his new bride and moved to Islamabad. He had landed a job in a start-up and was quite enthusiastic about it. The conversations between the couple remained minimal. After the first month Shazia felt home-sick because she had practically no one to talk to. Shahzeb noticed that as well and decided to talk to her. One day when he came back home, he asked Shazia why doesn’t she resume her studies. The suggestion surprised Shazia since she thought she would not be allowed even to go out of home alone, let alone going to a college daily. She didn’t take much time to say yes to the suggestion.

A couple of weeks later she started her college studies. The city was different than her village, but that wasn’t a surprise. What surprised Shazia was the extremely open environment of the college. It was a co-educational institute and there were as many boys in her class as girls. Since she had a missed lara escort 3 or four years after her higher secondary, she felt a little out of place as well, the fact that she was married also proved a little difficult. She was a confident woman but those kids in college made her feel a little insecure.

One day when she returned from college Shahzeb was already at home. He welcomed her and then pleasantly surprised her by giving her a cup of tea. He asked about the college and she who had been holding back for such a long time started crying. She told him she felt a misfit and all her classmates were mere kids. He came near her and for the first time after their marriage wrapped his arms around her and hugged her. She got so overwhelmed by the feelings that she held him tight and kept on sobbing. They stayed like that for almost half an hour. She experienced a mix of feelings. She felt happy, she felt aroused and she felt curious. The touch of a man for the first time in her life had made her wet between her legs. She felt embarrassed. That night another “first time” happened to her; Shahzeb came and lied down with her in their bed. She felt her heart would burst with happiness.

The next day was a Sunday, Shahzeb told her they would go out. He took her to the beautiful Margalla hills. After they ate their lunch he took her for a walk in the lush green hills. He held her hand and said ” Shazia, I have to tell you something very important. It is very important you listen to me and before you decide anything at least try and understand me. Before I tell you anything let me assure you that I love you from the bottom of my heart and I have utmost respect for you.” His initial sentences made her feel uncomfortable but his mention of his love for her raised her to the seventh heaven. She felt happy and a tear rolled down her eye. Shahzeb suddenly stopped and faced her and said, ” why do you think we are not having sex?” This sudden mention of sex made Shazia blush but at the same time she felt her curiosity arise. She looked at him questioningly with mixed expressions. Shahzeb stayed silent for a while, cleared his throat and said, “I have a problem!.” Shazia’s heart skipped a beat. In a microsecond she reached the conclusion. Shahzeb is impotent. She felt her heart beating in her head. She stared at him blankly and then she suddenly asked in an alarming tone ,”why did you marry me when you knew you were impotent?” An amused expression came on Shahzeb’s face and he smiled his brightest smile, his perfect teeth shining. “No, no, I am not impotent”, he said. That confused Shazia even more. He sensed her confusion and said, “I’ll explain the situation to you, there’s someone I would like you to meet”. Shazia’s heart sank. She thought she is going to be one of those thousands of women who manavgat escort have to compromise with the infidelity of their husband. There was nothing she could do. She quickly gained her composure, raised her head, looked at home confidently and started walking beside her.

After a couple of hours Shahzeb dropped Shazia at home and promised he’ll come back within an hour. He honked the horn after 45 minutes and she went out to open the gate. When the car entered she saw another man sitting with Shahzeb and she ran back to home. No other man was supposed to see her face. She cursed Shahzeb. Shahzeb asked his friend to sit in the guest room and called Shazia by her name. He went to the kitchen trying to find where she was. She was in the kitchen. Shazia, he said ,”I want you to meet someone”. Who do you want me to meet? She asked. “My friend sitting in the guest room” he replied. Come on, he said. This is not village. Here you can meet and talk to other men and like I said I wanted to explain everything to you.

She went to meet his friend, Azam Bhatti. That night she found out that her husband is gay and Azam Bhatti is his lover and Shahzeb married her because his family forced him to, it was painful to hear but strangely, she didn’t ask for divorce. Over the course of the next few months she became close friends with the gay couple. Sometimes all three of them would watch TV in her bed and even sleep there. She saw them fucking many times. Azam Bhatti had enormous balls and a huge cock. Her husband on the other hand had an average penis. Her husband had a smaller dick but he compensated for that by being, in Azam Bhattis’ words “the best cock-sucker” in the world. Shahzeb’s capacity to take the long thick dick of Azam’s up his ass always fascinated Shazia. She would stare at them sometimes fucking each other. But she enjoyed it the most when her husband was at the receiving end. The men also taught her how to suck cock. She would sometimes suck both of them off, they never tried to fuck her though and she couldn’t bring herself to ask them. . Both the men were extremely well built and good looking and she would wonder sometimes which one of them she loves the most. Such a waste, she would think sometimes.

Her first sexual intercourse was with her history Professor. He was in his fifties, knew his subject and had a great sense of humor. The Professor fucked her during her 3rd year in the University. The sex was always unsatisfying as the professor always seemed to be in hurry. He would take her to his home, shove his flaccid penis in her mouth mount her after five minutes and would immediately return to University. The sex was bad but he would make her laugh sometimes. It also helped her grades. By the end of her last year in university she longed for a emotional satisfying, healthy sexual relationship and she started thinking of finally divorcing Shahzeb after she completed her education.

A couple of months before her graduation Shahzeb landed a job in a U.S. company. She decided against the divorce and flew to United States immediately after submitting her last paper.

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