Shaving in the bathroom, yes indeed

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This story is the property of the writer Kalimaxos.

Today’s contribution to “Survivor Challenge Revival.”



I was shaving in the bathroom when the door opened. I had my pajama bottoms, so I wasn’t worried about one of the women in the house seeing me topless shaving. Plus, half my face was covered with shaving cream and I had a blade in my hand.

She walked in and stopped when she saw me. Used to a house with just her husband and her girl, she forgot there was another man in the house. Her son in law.

“Ted,” Elsa said politely, but a bit embarrassed. “Sorry, I need the scrubber.”

She had good reason to be apologetic. Her eyes were trying to look away as she looked for “the scrubber” on the shower windowsill. Shaking my head I went back to shaving.

Elsa was just thirty eight then. My wife Mandy twenty one, a splitting younger image of her physically. Only my wife was five-five and her mother five-two. Other than that, they had the same blond hair, blue eyes, full breasts, long legs and tight ass. To be honest, I saw Elsa and knew that Mandy would look great years from now.

I tried not to cut myself when she reached for something and I saw her short robe lift up over her hips in the mirror. The view of the bottom of her naked ass made me cut myself.

“Shit,” I said reaching for a wad of toilet paper.

“Are you OK?” she said with concern leaning over me.

My entire side tingled at the sensation of her soft body touching mine.

“Let me help,” she said taking the toilet paper from my hand and applying pressure on the cut. “I’m so sorry Ted. Did I distract you?”

I think my eyes spoke volumes as I looked down to see her robe open partially to show me her wonderful cleavage. The woman was genetically blessed. But she was my mother in law!

“Ted,” she said softly as she dabbed my cut that had stopped bleeding. “You smell good.”

“I just took a shower,” I replied trying to stop the erection growing in my P Jays. It was a losing battle the way she was rubbing her body on my thigh.

I was going to resume shaving the right side of my face, but she had other ideas.

“You can do that later,” she replied reaching for a towel from the rack.

Her arm extension opened her robe more exposing her left breast. ‘Oh Gawd!’ I thought.

“Ted,” she said cleaning the shaving cream I needed to finish shaving. “I know about your problem with Mandy.”

“What problem?” I said suspiciously. ‘How does she know about…what an idiot I am. They are mother and daughter. Of course they talk.’ “I mean…”

“Here I go embarrassing you again,” she said smiling up at me. “Its OK Ted. I told you I know.”

She knows. It can mean only one thing with the tone she is taking and “the problem” Mandy and I have.

“Ted, do you find amatör porno me attractive,” she asks tilting her head.

‘Oh shit!’ I think. ‘I’m doomed.’

Just then she moved between the sink and my body. Her hip brushing against my erection that can no longer be hidden.

“I think I got my answer,” Elsa says with a sly smile.

Her hand moves toward my bulge as I stand frozen in place my mind not believing my eyes and ears. But soon her small hand finds my bulge. Her fingers wrap over the material and giving it a squeeze. Elsa’s blue eyes are locked to mine as she stares at me and her nostrils flare. I should be hyperventilating, but its her breath I hear as she woman-handles my cock.

“Oh yes,” she whispers.

“Elsa,” I mumble back, not daring to call her mom. “What if…?”

Hell she is only ten years older than me and looks barely thirty. In a different situation she and I would be dating or…what? I am married to her daughter for heaven’s sake! And both my wife and her husband are in the house. I tilt my head implying them just feet away.

“Don’t worry about them,” she says. “Darin and Mandy are still asleep.”

I know what you are thinking. This is not going to end well. She is not related to me, but she is my wife’s mother. Stuff like this only happens in fuck book stories and Literotica right? Well, that hand stroking my dick is no illusion or man fuck dream fantasy. Its real and so is my sexy mother in law who is now clearly aroused from the look she is giving me.

“Let me. Please Ted,” she pleads. “You and I have the same problem.”

What is she trying to say? ‘Oh shit,’ I think as her hands reach for the elastic band of my pajamas. Her fingers trail over my skin and her nails send electric charges in to my now totally aroused body.

“Same problem?” I manage to ask.

“Yes Ted,” she replied. “Darin has the same problem as our daughter. Its probably where she got it from.”

“You mean you…”

“Yes Ted, so please,” she pulled the elastic band down. “Let’s help each other. Please.”

I don’t know about you, but when a woman is trying to undress you, stares in to your eyes and says “please,” you are putty in her hands. I don’t care if you are the Pope, one of the Apostles or a saint. As a red blooded, healthy young man, you respond. And I responded.

When her neck craned to bring her lips closer to mine, I lowered my head and kissed her. It started small and light, but soon we were exchanging kisses that were more passionate. Somewhere in between lips locking and tongues fighting, her hands wrapped around my seven inch cock, while my hands pulled her robe apart to seek and fondle her breasts.

‘How in heaven’s name are these tits so firm,’ I ask myself. They are almost as firm as her daughters. When Mandy lets me play with them that anal porno is. And that is the problem. One that apparently Elsa and I share.

I was about to ask her how she has managed to get by all these years. But her mouth descended to lick my cock and her hands fondled my balls and shaft. ‘Oh sweet…!’

I could not stand this anymore. Her mouth felt great licking and sucking my cock, but I needed more. My hands reached for her robe nudging it off her shoulders. Elsa may be the eighth wonder of the world. And then again…she could be the antichrist.

As my hands reach for her breasts again, she begins sucking me harder.

“I want you,” I heard my self say and watched as she raised her head and smiled.

“Where do you want me?” she asked making me feel like I won the lottery.

I said nothing but guided her to the edge of the sink. As I held her small waist, she raised her toned legs and spread them wide open showing me nirvana. Glistening from her wetness, her cunt lips splayed as she spread wide for me.

As I savored the view of this golden goddess, she flipped her blond hair back with a twist of her neck that made my cock twitch. Focusing on my pulsing tool, she raised her knees and nodded to me inviting me in to her heaven.

Using one hand, she rubbed my bulbus head around her labia and then over her clit.

“Fuck me,” she hissed sending me to another universe.

And it was another universe. The universe of the forbidden and depraved. How had I gotten here you ask?

Simple. I had met and fallen in love with the lovely Mandy Gresham. Pure and simple. I could bore you with the details of how we met and how she stole my heart, but you know the story as many of these stories go. Let me assure you that before we wed, Mandy was probably the most exotic lover I ever had. She did everything with me and for me in the two months before I fell for her and asked her to marry me.

Then she and I moved in together and had a ball fucking every moment we could. I… in my blissful state thinking with my penis had to have this girl for ever I thought. So we skipped the wedding and got married at a small service at her parent’s church with few guests. Just family.

And just like in most marriages, our sex after we married started to dwindle in quantity. The quality part didn’t go away until after our first child was born. Then…

Well, you experienced married people know what happened then. I was practically cut off. Not only that, but sex for her became a chore and something to put up with rather than look forward to. But by then, it was too late. We had a child. And in six months after she got pregnant again. I mean she did not cut me off totally. And she made sure that I only had access to her when she was ovulating.

After the babies had both arrived, she got her tubes anal breakers porno tied and our life changed forever.

Mandy worked at her father’s construction company and brought in a good paycheck. I on the other hand was a teacher bringing in shit as far as Mandy thought. But I had done my part as far as she was concerned. I provided her with sperm and was on the hook for raising her children. Oh yeah, and mine.

Her father, Darin Gresham, introduced her to all his business contacts as he groomed her to take over the company. And she was only twenty one!

Between her looks and that brain of hers, she would be running the place in a couple of years. And I, the accessory to her life would be there to make sure the kids were taken care off when she was off with her girlfriends and who ever else.

Darin was her teacher and enabler. Elsa was his trophy wife and mother of his children Mandy and Richard. Only Rich, had turned down his rightful place as the first born and heir to the Gresham throne. Rich had gone to the Air Force academy and then to flight school. There was a picture of him next to some jet trainer on the mantle piece. Lucky bastard escaped leaving his mother behind to deal with Darin and Mandy.

You may have thought that the common problem Elsa and I had was that our spouses did not like sex. Well don’t assume. Mandy had plenty of dick daily. Only it was not mine. And Darin had a line of side pussy from Dallas to Fort Worth. The apple did not fall far from the apple tree.

And so it was that day Elsa and I found each other and sealed our fait in the Gresham family home guest bathroom. We had baby siters and nannies for the children and drivers to take us anywhere we wanted. A good life for any man willing to sell his soul. But I resisted.

I stayed working at the crosstown High School because I wanted to be who I was and wanted to be. I drove my old car that I kept fixing with money from my paycheck. And I resisted to use the credit cards Mandy tossed across the table at me. After a while, I realized what we had become and stopped sleeping with her.

Not that it phased her much. She had at least three lovers I knew off and probably some part timers. I didn’t like it, but I was raising my own children and to me, every day with them was a victory.

There was a company owned condo near the offices that she and her old man shared as needed for their trysts with their lovers. So I stayed near the kids and kept Elsa company who was doting over her grandchildren. Imagine that. A hot thirty year old blond that looked thirty and was a grandmother.

That Elsa and I eventually sought each other out is no surprise is it?

As I plunged in to her warm and wet depths, Elsa held on to me and urged me on.

“Yes…yes…fuck me…it’s been so long…”

And I did. I lost myself in her arms as she accepted my hardness and eventually a load of my cum.

“Don’t worry,” she told me later as we sat in the kitchen and our spouses slept. “I am on the pill.”

We just looked at each other knowing that this was just the beginning.


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