Shaun , Gemma’s Shitty Cycle

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Today Jenna and Shaun decided to go cycling. It was a hot day, pretty rare in these parts, and they were both off work for the week for Easter, so exploring new ways to fill the time was always of interest to them both. Shaun had the idea to go cycling, and he knew someone with a spare ladies bike for Jenna, who wasn’t as fussed on the idea, but keen to try. So they got everything ready to go, and cycled along some country roads in rural Ireland down to a nice little spot at the river, with a deserted fishing quay from decades ago. Perfect spot to spend the day.

It would take about a twenty minute cycle at his usual pace, but Shaun knew Jenna wasn’t one for doing anything like cycling often. In fact, the was quite the lazy but cuddly kind. It took them fifty minutes in the end up. Jenna kept stopping to get her breath back, and in fairness it was a blisteringly hot day which neither of them were acclimatised to.

As they cycled, Shaun was staring at Jenna’s bum, wriggling left and right on the seat of the bike. He was thinking about how just under a year ago when they met she was a fine, thin little thing with a different kind of sexiness compared to now. She had gained a little weight, and it wasn’t doing a bit of harm to her ass, which now had much more heft and weight, and was spilling over its former boundaries. He noticed that in her thin sporty leggings, which were a light grey, a dark patch between her arse cheeks war forming and becoming more defined and darker.

Shaun was fixated on this, he was thinking of excuses to stay behind Jenna so he could gaze more into his woman’s sexy, sweaty and chubby ass. He was just picturing her without the trousers, the cheeks rubbing each other, her little puckered asshole glistening with the sweat droplets… but what was really exciting him was what the smell must have been like.

He could imagine Jenna’s sweaty, stinky hot bum hole and the stench that must have been trapped in there. Especially as they had just gotten up out of bed from a long lay in of sex and cuddles.. which itself followed from a late night of even more. He convinced her that there was no point in showering to go and get sweaty again, and that it was best to wait until after the cycle.

The mixture of cum, vaginal fluids, and the aftermath of a long dirty morning shit Jenna took all rolled into one, with some intensive sweating to top it all off was a smell that Shaun was dying to experience and embrace. Especially since Jenna was such a clean girl and would never usually go more than a day without regular showering and cleaning of her intimate lady parts. It was a rare opportunity to have her in such a stinky way.

His mind then imagined how much fluid she was drinking that day in the hot weather, that it was bound to lead to a lot of peeing sooner rather than later. He decided to stop regularly and remind her that they both needed to drink, it was an opportunity to be thoughtful and sexually crafty… They must have stopped every 5 minutes after that, and they drank a lot. Jenna’s ass was now soaked, so blatantly, along her ass crack. Her shoulders were also sweaty as was between and below her boobs from all the exercise.

They eventually got to the spot they set out for… It was quiet and empty, as expected and the river was sparkling in the sunshine. A picture perfect scene, and all theirs to enjoy. Shaun immediately went to the toilet – there were two unisex outdoor toilets, in a small brick shed built recently. They were the disgusting metal kind, with no seat and only cold running water in the sink beside them. pendik escort Rather rotten to say the least. But he wasn’t going to let that spoil his plan.

Jenna and Shaun always went to the toilet together, it was their weird couple thing. Something random and unique that they both loved doing, and felt naughty about. Even when shopping they’d opt for a disabled toilet if one was near and free and both slip in together. Shaun loved wiping Jenna’s bum and she loved it too. He knew she’d follow him into the toilet and he was right, she said ‘I’ve got to go too!’ And followed.

Shaun whipped his half flaccid 7 inch uncut cock out into his hand and pissed into the toilet, not needing to worry about the mess or getting it on the rim. Then he stepped aside, keeping it out as Jenna went. She sat down and the pee began to flow, there sure was a lot of it. Shaun tugged on his cock as he watched his woman sit on this disgusting toilet and pissing into what looked like an unknown, black putrid bowl full of who knows what… The smell of it rose up as Jenna’s pee hit it.

The problem with the outdoor toilet was that there was never toilet roll, this day was no exception. Shaun mentioned that he couldn’t wipe her bum, but that he had another idea instead. “I’ve got a better idea, why don’t you stand against that wall and let me poke my head down… I’d love to lick you clean”. Jenna liked the idea, but she was a bit scared in case anybody came and heard them. She didn’t know the area, Shaun did. He assured her it was fine.

She got up, had to take off her shoes and trousers and stood against the cold brick wall… Shaun got on his knees and looked up at her hairy minge, with the pee around her bush and still dripping about every other second and dug his tongue in, feeling nothing but hairs for the first few seconds until his tongue could locate her hidden lady slit. He could smell piss from her hairs, and just a whiff of her sweat from around the area, all musty from the workout. He kept licking and Jenna kept making noises of surprised as his tongue poked her intimate areas… By now his cock was rock hard but he hadn’t touched it yet. It was bouncing with every move he made as he continually tried to get a better fix on Jenna’s pissy pussy flaps.

After a good munch on her pussy he asked her to turn around and she asked “What are you doing babe?” In curiously. Just then he rubbed his nose up her arse crack, which was also exposed but still moist with sweat – now cold – and he could sniff exactly what he had spend the cycle dreaming about. The smell was of sweat, but as he pulled her pale white chubby and plump ass cheeks apart he dug his nose in even deeper, and let the cheeks go, clamping his nose as close as he could get it to her arse hole itself. He could smell that sweet, sweet smell of her shitty hole – wiped – but with that aftermath of her morning shit still strong, and in unlimited supply right from the source.

He inhaled as many times as he could, and then went for a lick. Trying to get as much of her asses goodness as he could. Jenna was enjoying it too, she let it go on saying nothing for around a minute and a half when she said “uh oh, babe I think you should maybe avoid that area” but before she could finish the sentence the nastiest, wet long fart slipped out of her ass hole. It went right into Shaun’s mouth. It didn’t even have a smell, he swallowed it immediately, his lips already sealed around her asshole as they could be. Just by chance, he had ate one of her smelly farts entirely.

As şerifali escort he went in to lick harder, in awe of what just happened, she made a run back to the toilet. She had a sudden urge to shit, and shit badly. Shaun was still sitting with his cock out, trousers down and watched as she sat back down. The deepest, most low tone fart / ass noise imaginable flew out of Jenna’s arse. Shaun looked between her legs, she giggled as she let loose pure hell from her arse. The runniest, orangey-brown liquid shit was dropping out of her, briefly stopped as more air escaped. She had the runs, bad.

Shaun was watching, with his head between her legs, fascinated by her stinking shit problem dropping out. It wouldn’t stop, she must have shat for about a minute straight before it settled. He loved the fact that there was no toilet roll and that she’d have to have a dirty ass until they got home. She stood up, turned around, and spread her ass cheeks in Shaun’s face. “Is there anything there or am I clean?” – hoping that she made a clean break and that she would’t mess her panties. “It’s clear, mostly” Shaun said. He could see a tiny little ball of her runny poo, clinging to just around her ass hole. The tiniest smidge. He sniffed her ass and she said “We’d better go, people might come or wonder what we’re doing in here”.

He stood up behind her and began to feel her tits through her clothes, her still with her trousers off completely, him too now. His cock was upright and just pushing into her ass crack, now cold again and as Shaun knew, shitty. He was trying to picture it rubbing against that little speck of her fresh shit. He was kissing her neck and getting her all turned on, feeling her up. “We should make use of this opportunity…” he said. She could barely decline, she was starting to get turned on too.

He rubbed his cock against her ass. She said “But I’ve been a dirty girl, are you sure you want to do that?”, “Mmmhmm”. Jenna was not up for anal, they had tried many times and only successfully did it once – but that’s a story for another time – he couldn’t just slip it up her ass, unlubed and unexpected, though he wanted to. So he slipped it up her pussy, or down into her pussy rather… He was surprised that she was already wet, wet enough to go in.

Jenna was still new to sex. She still didn’t know what to do as he slipped it in, and would often not brace herself for it. The moans and groans and questions like ‘Why does it feel different?’ were a usual part of their sexy takeoff sequence. He loved the innocence, though she was two years older than him.

They were both now lowered to their knees, when he bent her over on the cold, dusty concrete ground of the outdoor toilet stall. Jenna’s arse and back was fully bent forward, pushing her ass hole and pussy and hairiness right into him, ready for his hard cock to slip up into.

He started bashing her, she initially moved forward but he pulled her hips back. He was now deep and frantically riding her pussy, trying to get a whiff of that poo that she just pushed out, as well as her generally sweaty post-cycle stench down there.

He was trying to cum as fast as possible, given that this was a semi public place and people could come. As much as he loved spontaneous sex with Jenna, he didn’t like seeing her face down in dirt for too long either. But the pressure to cum fast usually made it last too long. In a bad case, Jenna would stop enjoying it, get dry down there and it’d not be a pleasant experience at all.

Thinking of the stink and sniffing silivri escort out for the smell, and indulging in the thought that what they were doing was so naughty, so wrong and bad… he was trying to pick one thought as he looked down at her, taking his cock hard on the ground… when all of a sudden, he felt something poke him in his pubic hair area.. he thought it was Jenna’s finger but as he looked down at her little chocolate starfish hole he saw a little bit of runny shit trickling out. Jenna didn’t even know herself, but she was accidentally poo-ing all over him. She must have been focussing on staying relatively quiet and staying in position for their outdoors sex!

Shaun didn’t want to say anything so he just looked in astonishment as it kept flowing… Little winks as farts slipped and more runny brown stuff gushing from her hole as he fucked her. It was dripping onto his cock and then smearing along it as he entered and exited her vagina… in and out… now a brown smear. It kept coming and eventually ran down her leg. That’s when Jenna realised and said “Oh babe, stop I think I’ve had an accident”. Shaun said “I can see some poo but I’m really loving it”, she said “Shit, really? Well okay” and stayed in position and unopposed to the sex going on.

“Are you going to cum soon?” She asked. The smell was now getting strong… In response to Jenna’s question, Shaun said “Babe, can you do me a favour to help me cum?”… “What’s that? Is it going to be quick?”. “I think so, can you just pretend you’re on the toilet taking a bit poo and it won’t come out… so you have to just give it a big push with all you’ve got to release it? Can you do that right now on me as we’re having sex? Mess is already made. You know how hot I’d find it. Please just go for it now and make a mess here, don’t worry we don’t need to clean it”.

About a second later, one of Shaun’s deepest fantasies ever came true. He could feel her trying, as she did various things to try and release her bowels… it was another bout of the runs no doubt she had, which turned up unexpectedly during sex just five or so minutes after the first… He looked down at the right moment and a fireball of mixed runny rusty brown liquid shit, and some soft chunks of actual semi-solid shit projected out of her hole right onto his pubic hair and quickly around his balls. Jenna sighed “oh my god there’s so much, it’s not stopping” followed by some squeezing sounds as she gave it her all.

“Oh my god baby I’m so close” Shaun said, Jenna knew what this meant and she knew just the trick. It kicked in instinctively, even as she had just emptied her bowels with corrosively stinky shit all over him, she reached down her body, between her legs and just above her clit where his now shit covered balls where smacking into and off of, and grabbed them – hard – pulling them against her and her pussy. His balls now gripped in her fingers and hands, he loved nothing more than this and it never failed to make him cum.

The overload as he was practically drowning in Jenna’s stinky runny diarrhoea shit, in public, in a mess, as she moaned, pulling his balls, begging him to cum… He unloaded what felt like a metric tonne of cum into her pussy, bareback of course. The orgasm was unreal. He loved his messy girl, and how he’d never meet a girl as willing to get as down and dirty sexually as this again in a million years. Who genuinely had accidents in her panties and shat herself in public mistakenly. Who was so committed to pleasing him sexually.

They cleaned up, and resumed their day. Of course, only they knew about the mess in her panties. They had a steamy fun shower when they got home to clean up properly and go back to their handsome, fresh and clean selves. None of their friends or family would ever know about the filth they got up to from time to time. And the best thing? It’d happen again soon… and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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