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Female Ejaculation

Sarah heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs; her son was coming down for breakfast. Her husband had just left; his seed was leaking sluggishly from her slit.

“Morning, honey!” she chirped as Declan entered the kitchen. She kissed him, but when she went to break away, he held her closer, his tongue sneaking into her mouth. Sarah groaned, feeling his possessive hand on her hip. His other hand moved under her robe to cup her pussy over her panties. He chuckled into the kiss, feeling the load dribbling out.

“Looks like Dad already fucked you,” he said, breaking away to sit at the table. A plate of bacon and eggs was ready for him.

“You know your father, he’s insatiable in the mornings.”

He nodded, digging in.

“So what does today look like for you?” she asked, sitting at the table as well.

“I have a French test, a history project to work on, and student government meeting, but besides that, it’s the usual.”

Sarah nodded, watching as her son went back to eating. He was tall and strapping, physically the spitting image of his father. It was a pleasure for her, having the two of them in her life. They turned her on so much, using her the way she loved; even just the sight of Declan’s muscles, rolling and flexing underneath his t-shirt, made her bite her lip.

Also like his father, he was a quick eater, devouring the plate of food. “Thanks Mom,” he said as she took the plate to the sink. She felt his eyes on her backside as she washed it.

When she finished, she turned back. He was staring intently at her; after a few seconds he crooked a finger, drawing her to him.

“Get on your knees,” he ordered. Sarah obeyed. Quickly he fished his cock out, presenting it to her. She descended hungrily, licking it, loving it, giving it the attention it deserved. It was so heavy and hard, filling her hand perfectly as she stroked it up and down.

Watching his reaction, she closed her mouth on the head and went as far down as she could. He groaned, feeling the warmth of her mouth around him. Her saliva coated his shaft, dripping down the length to his balls. Her hand darted there, holding them.

Sarah worked her mouth up and down. Breathless, she broke off to suck at those heavy balls. He cursed, gritting his teeth. Sarah sucked one of his testicles into her mouth, eagerly worshipping it. She did the same to the other and giggled inwardly at the look on her son’s face.

As soon as that one came out of her mouth, Declan stood, taking hold of her hair, leading her into the center of the kitchen. She stayed on her knees obediently for him, her mouth wide open and hungry.

Eyes blazing with lust, Declan shoved his cock into his mother’s mouth. At the same time, he pulled on her hair, moving her face forward so that his thrust met her movement. In seconds his balls were pressed against her chin. Her lips were stretched wide around his invading shaft, drool cascading off to gather at his balls. Sarah could feel him poking at her throat.

Declan groaned, pulling back. Half of his shaft reappeared, covered in her spit, only to go back inside. Again he pulled back and again he thrust. He pulled back again, all the way this time, and Sarah again dove to his balls, slurping at them, licking off all the saliva that had coated them.

His grasp on her hair pulled her off his balls. Although she was denied that treat, it was quickly replaced by his cock once again taking her mouth. This time there was no patience; Declan fucked her mouth like it was a loose pussy. Sarah moaned, writhing on her knees. His fist held her in place by the hair as his hips snapped forward relentlessly. Her son grunted and cursed as he plundered her mouth, his balls slapping against her chin. Her pussy was creaming at the brutal treatment.

Sarah came, on her knees, her mouth being fucked by her son’s lovely prick. His thickness glided along her tongue, filling her mouth. He was hunched over her as he pulled her down onto him, until his balls were insistent at her lips, as if he wanted them in her mouth too. She gagged, tears forming, cumming harder. The grip on her hair did not slack, his cock staying lodged in her gullet.

Declan let go and pulled out. Sarah gasped for air, watching as he began to stroke himself. Quickly she put herself in position, head tilted back and eyes closed. The sounds of his grunts and his fist moving up and down his length were so erotic, she practically came again waiting for her facial.

He groaned, and seconds later she felt the spurts hit her face. The first splashed onto her forehead, dripping down over her closed eyes. The second added to it, the third arcing up into her hair. The fourth hit a cheek, the fifth splattering against the other cheek. Sarah kept still, moaning as her son dumped his thick load all over her face. She loved it, loved being marked like this. She would keep this prize on her face for a while, until she could not hold out, until she needed to taste it. She would need to text türkçe alt yazı porno him for permission but he usually gave it to her.

Finally Declan finished. Her face was coated in his semen and she heard the sound of his smartphone camera. She giggled, imagining him masturbating to it in a school bathroom.

She heard him pull his pants back up and leave the kitchen. “See you later Mom, love you,” he called out as he left.

“Love you too, good luck at school!” she shouted back.

It was just past five-thirty when the front door opened. Sarah was in the kitchen, working on dinner. She heard footsteps, and somebody clomping about for a few minutes. Declan finally walked in and plopped down into one of the chairs around the kitchen table.

“How was your day, honey?” she asked.

“Good. Student government ran long, that’s why I’m late.”

“Oh, that’s ok, I figured.”

“Come here,” Declan said. She set the burner on low and walked to him.

He gestured to his lap. Sarah dropped to her knees and watched as he took out his cock. Immediately she pounced, sucking on the head. It was not fully erect, but it grew as she sucked. Her hand moved to grasp it at the base.

Declan sat back as she pleasured him. “I couldn’t concentrate at student government knowing I’d be coming home to this,” he said, stroking her hair.

She giggled around his meat. It flattered her to know she had such an effect on him.

When he was hard, he pulled her mouth off him. Declan stood and pulled her towards the center of the kitchen. She wondered if he would fuck her face like he had in the morning, maybe leave her another treat all over her face. Her mouth watered; his cum had tasted so good. After he had given her permission, she had gorged on his sticky seed while fingering herself. She had cum so hard with her son’s spunk coating her taste buds.

But instead he bent her over, until her face was against the floor, ass up for him.

He lifted her robe, draping it over her until it gathered behind her neck, gravity dragging it down.

“Why do you even wear panties anymore?”

Sarah laughed, shaking her ass for him. He grabbed hold, making her groan, his fingers squeezing into her flesh. He was crouched over her, sliding aside her gusset, bringing his cock to her cunt; Sarah cooed as he swiped it up and down, teasing her. His cock moved until it was at her asshole.

He had one hand on the small of her back, the other grasping his shaft, keeping it steady. Declan pushed, grunting as he felt resistance. Sarah squirmed, feeling her asshole quickly start to acquiesce to him, to open up for him. He and his father used it a lot, so it was accustomed to their cocks. With a pop, he lodged the head inside.

He gave her no time to adjust. A second after he had the head inside, he shoved down, using his weight to drive his prick deeper. Sarah cried out, her ass stretching quickly around his thick meat. The pressure was relentless; she could feel him in her belly, the heat and solidness making her knees tremble.

She felt him pause, catch his breath, pull back slightly. Declan thrust down again, forcing himself deeper. Sarah cried out again, her abused asshole flowering open for him. More and more of him disappeared into his mother’s tight depths.

Declan kept going, ignoring his mother’s wails. She was in no pain; her cunt in fact was sopping, soaking her panties. He pushed past a spot of particular resistance, and she moaned as he pushed further, his prick gliding until it was buried in her.

She came, her fingernails scraping along the floor. His length was balls-deep, his hips flush against hers. Her asshole was wide open around his invading prick.

Declan pulled back. She waited, gasping for air.

He slammed back down, and Sarah moaned as she felt his balls squish into her pussy.

His length dragged back on her inner walls, the feeling one of the many sensations driving her crazy. He squeezed her ass in his grip.

Another thrust and Sarah was seeing stars.

Another thrust and Sarah was on the edge.

Another thrust and Sarah was cumming again.

Declan responded to her sobs of pleasure with a barrage of thrusts. He did not stop or slowing until he was hammering into her.

Her thighs were dripping with her juices as her pussy seized and clenched. Declan was groaning, exerting himself as he rode his mother’s ass on the kitchen floor. She felt drops of his sweat land on her back. Mother and son thwacked together, his skin impacting on hers, every rough thrust sending shocks through her body.

Her son was close; his thrusts were more ragged, harder, deeper.

Finally he drove into her, burying himself in her depths. He held her steady, his meat filling her belly.

And then he came. Spurt after spurt of hot semen erupted in her stomach. He was like a fountain, his balls sending more cum up his shaft to deposit türkçe ifşa porno inside her. Sarah was cumming too, a chain of orgasms being amplified by the warm spunk sloshing around in her stomach, by her son’s animalistic grunting.

The last spurts found a temporary home inside Sarah. Declan kept himself rooted inside his mother, feeling the warmth of his seed and her insides around him. She stayed on her knees, gasping. Her body was buzzing, muscles tensed, jaw tight. The floor below her had accumulated a puddle of her juices.

She gasped when Declan pulled out. A stream of his cum followed, flowing out of her ass. He grabbed her by the hair, Sarah mewling submissively as he dragged her over to the chair. He sat down heavily, dragging her head into his lap. Groaning, she stayed still as he tapped his prick at her lips. She opened up, tongue darting out to clean him off. The taste of her ass was all over him, and she savored it. Flecks of his cum also stained the shaft; they were quickly lapped up.

Sarah leaned back, his cock now softening, but cleaned. She smiled up at him, a proud mother, and he stroked her hair lovingly, a thankful son. After a few seconds to catch his breath, he stood, pulled his pants back on, and went upstairs. She stood as she watched him leave, the sound of a car pulling into the driveway reaching her ears.

Not five minutes later, she was bent over the kitchen table as her husband had his way with her ass. Declan’s sticky seed still bathed her bowels, easing his passage, but he had not cared. Rich had just bent her over and shoved inside her ass without preamble. Like Declan, he had not given her time to adjust, taking what was his right away. He fucked hard, grunting, occasionally spanking her undulating ass. Her screaming would have been deafening, but she was being muffled by her own panties. He had said the same thing Declan had, wondering why she still wore panties, before yanking them off and wedging them into her mouth.

He had one hand on her hip, the other fisted in her hair. The table shook as he pounded into her ass. Sarah sucked eagerly at the panties. They were wet with her juices, the taste tangy and exciting her more. He yanked her up, making her squeal as he was now jackhammering into her. Both he and Declan knew how she liked it, knew what she could take, so they rarely held back.

Rich was solid behind her. Her hands scrabbled for purchase somewhere, struggling to grab something, anything to tether themselves to in order to withstand the assault. One hand gripped the edge of the table, the other found his thigh, squeezing it, holding on, feeling the muscles ripple.

Sarah screamed, panties hanging from her mouth. Rich chuckled. The table inched forward, pushed by his pounding. He was on the home stretch, ready to explode. She could feel him behind her, his breath on her neck. His hand grabbed at her breasts, mauling them, using them for leverage to drive harder into her belly.

Sarah babbled, cumming again, begging him for his load.

He slammed to the root inside her. As she screamed into her makeshift gag, fists clenching, his cock jerked and erupted. He cursed, groaning as he emptied his balls into his wife. She trembled, still screaming, still cumming. He held her still, adding his deposit to Declan’s.

He sucked at her neck as he kept filling her bowels. Sarah sighed, her multiple orgasms fading into an afterglow, feeling his cock send a few parting shots into her ass. She slumped back against his strength, legs giving out.

“Welcome home,” she breathed.

A few hours later, father and son were on the couch, watching a basketball game. Declan had finished his homework and Sarah the housework. She was on her knees, alternating between their pricks. She sucked and licked, breathlessly adoring her masters’ lengths. They paid her little attention, but that made her burn hotter, knowing that to them she was just a slut, just there to suck them.

They cheered a clutch play, high-fiving as Sarah continued to please them, her mouth impaled on her son’s cock. Her hand moved to her husband’s and she stroked the slick shaft. Her other hand slid down into her panties and she stroked her slit. It was already so wet, from the taste and feel of those two hard cocks in her mouth.

She switched back to Rich’s prick, her hand switching as well. His hard length rocketed down her throat as she took it all the way. He groaned, their first acknowledgement of her services, and his hand came down to stroke at her hair.

As she sucked, feeling that hard meat lodged in her gullet, her hand flew up and down her son’s shaft.

Sarah came off Rich’s cock. She moved to Declan, but her mouth bypassed his prick, going down to his balls. They filled her mouth, her son’s musk making her eyes water as she sucked eagerly. His groan matched his father’s from earlier, his hand also moving to stroke her hair. Sarah hummed happily as she slurped vivid porno on the crinkled flesh.

She heard the final buzzer sound. Father and son cheered at their team’s victory.

“How about let’s double fuck her in celebration?” Rich said.

“Hell yeah,” Declan answered, and Sarah trilled with pleasure, popping her son’s balls out of her mouth.

Rich hauled her to her feet, tearing the robe off her. She slid her panties off, now standing in front of them, nude body on display. Sarah was proud of it, of her round breasts and lush curves. And her body drove its owners crazy.

They stroked their cocks, leaning down to kiss all over her. Declan was at her breasts, suckling fiercely at a hard nipple, reaching down to slip two fingers into her cunt. Rich was behind her, nipping at her neck, squeezing her ass cheeks.

“You want ass or cunt?” he asked Declan.

“I’ll take her ass, you take her cunt.”

They moved into position. She was their plaything, going along with them as they placed her on top of Rich’s length. It was rock-hard, rising straight up into the air. Her lips were soaked, so she let herself slide down until the bases of their groins mashed together. Sarah groaned on top of him as she started to move. In seconds she was riding him, bouncing on his rigid prick.

She could hear Declan moving around behind her, but she focused for the moment on her husband. He sat up, locking his mouth on her breast, sucking on a nipple. His hips bucked, pumping hard up into her, his meat filling her channel so wonderfully.

And then Declan joined them. Rich leaned back, letting his son take up position behind her. The blunt head of his length pushed at her asshole. As usual, it quickly gave away, accustomed as it was to being penetrated. Her son’s prick shoved inside, stretching her anus, packing her insides even more with thick meat. Declan stopped for a moment; his father had also stopped, letting him get deep inside her. Sarah groaned, caught in the middle, neither of them moving but already giving her so much pleasure. Her cunt was dripping all over her and her husband.

Declan thrust again, pushing deep. Sarah moaned, her trembling hands on Rich’s chest. Declan’s hand snaked up her tensing back to reach her hair; he gathered a fistful of her tresses and she cooed, grinding back on him as best she could.

He yanked back, timing it with another thrust. His cock sunk all the way, his balls brushing against his father’s set. Sarah came, squealing, her body now totally taken by them, every inch of her insides put to good use.

They gave her little time, starting up a quick pace. Her orgasm refused to recede as they pounded her, her cries the slutty soundtrack to her double fucking. Her two owners grunted, pumping harshly into her depths. One cock screwed back and forth in her sodden cunt, the other jabbed roughly in her ass. Declan clutched at her round ass, digging his fingers into the soft flesh. His other hand was still locked in her hair, keeping her head up. She cried out, wide eyes glancing down to her husband. His teeth were bared, sweat rolling here and there down his forehead as he fucked into her cunt. One hand was on her hip, the other was now stroking her bouncing tits. He took a nipple in between two fingers and twisted.

Sarah’s orgasm had barely gone down in intensity; Rich’s cruel act pushed it back up, making her jaw drop and her cunt seize around his prick. She keened, writhing wildly between the two men using her for their pleasure.

She had been pleasuring them before this double fuck, so they were already close to finishing. Her own pleasure was still on an orgasmic roll. Sarah could not help it; when they used her at the same time, her body was so hot, so stoked with pleasure and lust that every second felt like another burst of mind-numbing ecstasy. She came over and over again, her throat getting hoarse as she cried out her joy.

Declan came first, slamming balls-deep into her ass before blowing his steaming load into her bowels. His father finished seconds later, spurting streams of thick seed into her womb. Sarah mewled, shivering, her eyes rolling back in her head as her body was made a receptacle for their spunk. She loved it, whenever and however she got it. It flowed through her cunt, painting her channel white. It flooded into her ass, filling her stomach with a wet heat.

They were breathing heavily as they finished up, sending the last spurts into her. She sighed in satisfaction, her son letting go of her hair, her head falling forward to rest on her husband’s chest.

Declan began to pull out, creamy cum sticking to his shaft. When he was all the way out, Sarah climbed off Rich. He got up and sat down on the couch again, Declan joining him. She got down on her knees like a good wife and mother, setting herself to cleaning their pricks. The taste of her pussy hit her taste buds first. After she cleaned Rich, lapping up specks of his semen, she went to Declan, where she savored the taste of her ass on his length. The two men had gone back to watching TV while she serviced them. When Declan’s prick was clean, Sarah stood and climbed onto the couch, sitting in between her two favorite men.

After a little while Rich got up, pulling his boxers back on.

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