Share My Story Ch. 03

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Readers, take a look at Ch. 01 and Ch. O2 for continuity and background. Give me feedback!


Time drug slowly, lengthening the evening by many imaginary hours. I pictured them, mother and daughter tasting, experiencing, and cumming many times that morning. Had Kim truly brought her daughter into our relationship? I knew from her fantasies, she wanted the twin girls. I heard Kim and CJ on our call this morning. Had they spent quality time exploring each other? Had Kim brought her daughter CJ to screaming orgasms? Had CJ returned the favors, eaten Kim’s tasty cunt? Made her cum on her soft lips? I glanced to the clock, 10 ½ hours left. “Fuck,” I breathed aloud. I glanced to the wife, absorbed in her Sudoku puzzle. She glanced my way, then back to her puzzle.

My cock chubbed in my shorts. I would need to masturbate, or take the wife for an early evening romp. I choose the latter, reaching to stroke her thigh with my fingertips. She pushed her leg toward me, I heard her moan softly as I caressed the soft, tanned, muscled flesh. I pushed her shorts higher on her leg, fingertips exploring, feeling the band of her panties. Sliding my finger underneath, I snapped the material slightly, hearing the pop as it her flesh gently.

“Hey bub,” she muttered, looking to me. “You got something on your mind,” she asked, grinning mischievously.

“Well, it will soon be bedtime,” I said, turning to look at the clock. “And I bet I can make you cum a couple of times before you grow too sleepy,” I finished, looking to her face.

“Really,” she said matter of fact. She closed her Sudoku book, put it on the coffee table, and moved her position on the couch. Laying back, she opened her legs wide. “Want to start here,” she asked, her voice teasing. I glanced at her, admiring her body from head to foot. For a proper lady, 54 years of age, 5’4″ tall, now carrying 130 lbs, she looked terrific. Over the past year, we had both dropped weight, exercised to our hearts content, and had drastically changed our bodies. Now, our muscles were defined, body fat content was down substantially. I now often wanted her, anywhere, anytime, and under any circumstances. And our sex drives had increased as well. It was a good life. Between her, my admin, and now Kim, I was just getting enough sex to satisfy my demanding needs. But the daughter leaped to my mind. Would her body be as tight as the spouses? Would she have the willingness to gain the experience? Would she take my cock deep into her mouth?

“Yes,” I muttered, rising quickly from my chair. I moved to the couch, kneeling on one knee. I reached to her shorts, panties, pulling them down quickly, exposing her mound, her tuft of hair. Her clit stood from her lips, curled, waiting, anticipating. I grabbed her t-shirt, pushing it up. She rolled for me, I reached to unsnap her bra. With my assistance, she pulled the t-shirt up over her head, her lean body now stretched before me. Her tits stood like small white, snow covered mountains, capped by her light brown areola, her nipples growing stiff. Her dark tan made her flesh almost flash in brilliance in comparison. I lowered my gaze, her small triangle of white flesh of her mound surrounded by the same dark region of skin. Truly a contrast, I could find her in the dark. I moved slowly to her, my hands sliding up her legs, my thumbs sliding ultimately to her crotch, caressing the crease of her folds. I moved the lips, caressing them gently, stroking toward her exposed clit. Her legs lifted, spread wide.

“You going to bite my tits first,” she asked. I knew how much she loved my nibbles, my bites, my licks of her sensitive tit flesh.

“Not tonight,” I whispered, teasing her, waiting for her quick response.

“Ah,” she whispered, her hands quickly moving to cover her mounds, her thumb, finger pinching her nipple softly, pulling the flesh upwards. Her hips lifted slightly, tilting, offering her sex.

“Well, maybe,” I whispered, moving forward, my hands sliding my fingers under her back just south of her arms, beside her tits. I lowered my body, lying my chest and abdomen flat over her mound and stomach between her quivering legs. I rocked my body back and forth over the mound as she lifted her hips to me. I slid my hands up her sides, over her tits, my thumb and index finger rolling the nipple gently. Her nipples grew very hard to my touch. Her eyes closed, her head tilted backwards into the pillow. A soft moan escaped her lips.

“Lick my nipples honey,” she whispered, “bite me gently,” she continued. I knew how generically tender her nipples were, so would carefully lick them, bite them, and roll the hard nipple into my mouth, mashing the flesh against my teeth. Small, pert, 34-B tits, firm to the touch, smooth unblemished skin. My mind wandered. Would CJ have a hard body? Could I bite the nipples harder? Could I chew them deliciously? I rolled the wife’s nipple up under my thumb as I moved in, licking up her tit flesh, unto the areola, and over the hard nipple. Leaning back, I blew cool air over the wet flesh. Goose bumps appeared instantly. I wrapped my fingers around her mound of tit flesh, squeezed softly, firming the flesh tight, taboo heat porno leaned to her, and sucked her entire nipple and half her tit into my mouth, my tongue probing, washing over the flesh quickly. Her chest heaved, lifting her tit to my mouth as a groan erupted from her, so deep in sound I knew it came from her core. Her whole body flexed and shuddered as the first waves of that sexual feeling passed through her body. Her fingers snaked into my hair, pulling me to her body. I could feel her satisfaction as I gently sucked, licked, and nibbled on her nipple. I moved quickly to the other, repeating my gentle assault on the second nipple. Her hips undulated under my abdomen, lifting, tilting, moving side to side as I continued my journey from one tit to the other, and back again. I knew the direct route from her nipple to her sex, how her sex drive would increase 10-fold as I continued my tit foreplay.

Finally, her body demanded more serious play. As she grabbed my shoulders, she pushed me down toward her mound. I licked, nibbled, and played on the southward journey. Her left leg lifted high, draping up the couch cushion, her heel hooked on the top as her right leg dropped off the side of the couch. Her legs could not get wider. I looked to her eyes. I quickly understood her mood. Intense, pursed lips, her body screamed for more, and it was needed quickly. I dropped my hands below her butt, sliding them under her hips, palms up. As they slid by her hips, I curled the hands up over her thighs. I leaned to her, my tongue extended, probing her exposed clit slowly. As I circled her clit, her hips leaped upwards, shoving her cunt to my mouth. I tightened my fingers, holding her body down. I wanted to have her, but on my terms.

“Oh fuck please,” she grunted quietly. “Don’t tease me. Make me cum baby,” she whispered. I did not respond. I sucked her clit into my mouth, clamping my teeth over it securely, and thrashed it with my tongue. Her hips exploded upwards, lifting my head and shoulders above the couch. I held one for dear life as she started bucking under me. As her hips humped up and down, I thrashed her sensitive clit in my mouth, smearing my face back and forth in her slit. Her juices were pouring to my mouth, my cheeks, chin smothered in her juices. Moving quickly, I slid down her cleft, shoving my tongue into her hole. I probed her, forcing my mouth tight to her hole, extending retracting my tongue rapidly to simulate fucking her. Her hips got a rhythm, lifting, dropping, and grinding against my mouth. Her hands clamped under her thighs, holding her high above the couch. Now propped on my elbows, I devoured her cunt. I rose up, my mouth again sucking her clit deep into my mouth as she screamed unintelligibly. I thrashed her, chewing wildly on her clit, pushing her body toward her orgasm. Her chin pressed hard to her chest, her mouth agape, she absorbed each nibble, each tongue thrash, pushing her body to her first orgasm.

“Oh yes,” she drew out long and loud. “Oh,” her voice trailed off. Her body exploded, her legs flying beside my arms, her toes extended, lifting her body, her crotch to my mouth. Her hips humped, thrashing up and down rapidly, pushing against my mouth. I slowed my tongue, lazily circling her clit. Her body slowed it’s gyrations, almost growing limp in my hands. I let her body flop to the couch, my mouth still attached to her swollen clit. Lying flat on the couch, my mouth at her cunt, I reached to spread her lips, using my thumb, index finger to part them. Her pink slit exposed, I licked top to bottom, reaming her wet hole with each pass. As I approached her clit, she hips jumped. Slowly, I circled her clit, then probing the bottom side, hooking my tongue in the folds, licking upwards to flatten her clit on her pelvis bone. I started faster, quicker probes of her clit, mashing it, flicking it back and forth. Her body responded very quickly, her second orgasm approaching fast. As she grabbed my hair, pulling my mouth to her, a loud, guttural grunt exploded from her, her body ripped with a second powerful orgasm. Her cunt spastically quivered against my mouth, her sustained orgasm passing through her body. Not as powerful, but longer lasting, I took her body further, shoving two fingers into her wet hole, burying them completely. As soft scream escaped her clenched lips, her feet lifted skyward, straight, hips tilting to me, offering me her total sex. I pounded my fingers in, out of her cunt, the squishy noises filling my ears as her body absorbed each thrust, each penetration.

My mind clearly interrupted my sex thought process. Would a lady’s cunt juices stain a $6000 leather couch? “Who the fuck cares,” answered my cock’s little brain.

As her orgasm subsided, her body flopped flat on the couch. Her body limp, her breathing coming in gasps, she lay quietly. In contrast, my cock was rigid, needing a place to penetrate. I knee walked along the couch, pulling her head to the edge. As I shifted her body, her head dropped off the edge. Fisting my cock, I placed it to her lips. Her mouth instinctively opened, her eyes closed, I pushed forward. My cock slid almost effortlessly into her mouth, my balls bouncing teach that bitch porno off her forehead with each thrust of my hips. Her hands wrapped my hips, her hands coming to rest on my ass. As I pushed into her face, she pulled me hard, driving my long, hard cock down her throat. As I pulled back, her teeth raked along the skin, sending shivers up and down my spine. I face fucked her for several more minutes, my balls churning, boiling to explode.

“Over the couch,” I stated abruptly. “I want to fuck you from behind,” I continued. Pulling from her mouth, I helped to pull her up from the couch. As we walked around the end, I playfully swatted her ass. With assistance, she jumped up on the back of the couch, bent at the waist, and offered her backside for my pleasures. I looked to her, her glistening slit framed by her legs. Her feet did not touch the floor. I had a dangling cunt to fuck. I knew she would wrap her thighs over my hips, lock her feet behind me, and let me fuck her blind. My balls boiled. I would pound her petite body hard. My orgasm was close.

“Fuck me! Fuck me hard,” she commanded. “Get that big cock in me now,” she ordered. I saddled to her, fisted my cock, sliding the head up and down her soaked slit. Finding her wet hole, I pushed forward, penetrating her quickly. As I thrust forward, her breath exhaled quickly. Pulling her hip bones, I ground my hips hard to her body. With a quick pull back, I slammed my hips forward again, my cock penetrating her completely. My hips slapped off her ass. I lost cognizant thought, only my small brain controlled thought now. I savagely thrust hard, deep, slamming my big cock into her petite body. The sounds of our fucking surrounded us, her wails, her screams filling my senses. Grunting savagely, I thrust deep, grinding our sexes together. Holding, pulling her hips hard, I exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of cum into her body. My body convulsed, my knees almost buckling as my orgasm ripped through my crotch. I humped her hard, driving my deflating cock in and out of her sopping cunt. After several thrusts, my cock limply pinned between us, wrapped by her lips. I pulled her close, grinding my body to her one more time. Humping my hips, I pulled back, my sticky, soft cock dangling between us.

“Be right back, I offered, turning quickly. I bounded into the bedroom, grabbed a couple of sex towels, and returned. Having wrapped my dripping cock snugly, I stuck the other towel between her legs. With a groan, she clamped her legs together. Neither of us moved for a couple of minutes. Finally, she turned her hips, rolled, and flopped to the couch. Leaning over the couch, I watched her face, an expression often seen. She had a contented look of satisfaction etched in her face. “Now don’t fall asleep here,” I told her. I walked around the couch, grabbed my clothes, and started dressing.

“Grab my robe,” she asked half asleep. I walked to the bedroom, grabbed both robes, and returned to the living room. Glancing to the clock, it was 10pm. We had fucked for an hour. 9 ½ hours left and counting.

“Here babe,” I offered, tossing the robe to her. “Time for the news,” I said, moving to change channels.

I sat and watched the news. About half way through, my wife trundled off to bed after giving me a great good night kiss.

On my way to bed, I stopped in the home office to check emails. Kim had sent an email, detailing her morning with CJ. Very explicit, my cock quickly grew again. I stroked feverously for several minutes. But all I got was a good hard on. Cumming would have to wait till morning, and I would cum several times between the ladies. I went to bed with thoughts of mother and daughter sharing my cock.

Up quickly at 4:30 am, I showered, dressed, fixed a quick breakfast to maintain my strength, kissed the wife goodbye, grabbed a cup of coffee, and headed out the door for “early meetings today”. I drove very quickly, arriving a full 20-minutes early in Kim’s community. It was hard, but I found a close by coffee shop, used their bathroom to drain the lizard, grabbed another cup of coffee, and drove slowly to Kim’s home. Checking the watch, I parked in her drive 3-minutes early. I sat for just a moment, Kim appeared at the side of the house, dressed in a robe, waving me in.

“Hey, good morning,” she whispered. “Come on,” she said.

“Good morning yourself,” I responded. “You nervous,” I asked clear out of character.

“Yes,” she responded without hesitating. “And CJ is terrified,” she continued. “So come quickly, let’s not let her wait to change her mind,” she instructed. “I am so fucking wet already,” she gushed, grinning madly. “You could talk me to orgasm right now,” she continued, describing her state of mind. My cock strained against my underwear and pants. I followed her to her bedroom. Turning the corner, CJ was lying on the bed, her forearms draped over her eyes. She was stark naked, her feet about shoulder width apart, so her cunt was exposed. I moved to the bed quickly, taking in her body. Kim dropped her robe in mid step, and jumped to the bed, sitting beside CJ at the moment. Kim was completely naked as well. I kicked off my shoes.

“He’s teem skeet porno here baby,” Kim whispered. “Watch him undress sweetie,” she commanded. I could see her shake her head back and forth. “Sweetie,” her Momma said. I stripped off my shirt, my hairy chest exposed. I was extremely proud of my body, slightly heavier than I wanted, but not bad for a rich, fat cat executive. I reached to unbuckle my belt. “Baby, now,” Momma commanded. “Watch him, let him show us his beautiful cock,” she whispered, tugging at CJ’s arms. Almost reluctantly, CJ pulled her arms down, glanced my way, and reached for her mother.

“Mom, kiss me,” she whispered. “Let him watch us for a minute please,” she asked, almost whimpering.

Kim looked to me, shrugging her shoulders. She leaned to CJ, their lips meeting very softly, sensually. I could tell from the kiss that CJ lifted to shove her tongue into Kim’s mouth. Their kiss grew passionate. My cock chubbed larger. I unzipped my pants, shoved my briefs down in a pile with my pants. Standing in my socks, I fisted my cock while watching the women kiss passionately. Kim’s hand dropped to CJ’s tit, cupping the firm flesh, her thumb rotating over the nipple. I glanced to CJ’s cunt, noting the glistening slit. Her clit stood engorged, poking from her engorged lips. Cleanly shaved, her cunt looked inviting. I moved to the end of the bed, sliding to a sitting position between her legs. I reached to touch the soft skin of her shin. As I stroked my fingers up her leg, she retracted each leg slightly, exposing more of her sex. It glistened, my breath escaping me as I looked to her. My tongue extended involuntarily, wanting to lean to her, wanting to taste her, wanting to probe her clit with my tongue. My cock grew more rigid. I leaned, letting my fingers trace up her thigh, lightly brushing over the soft skin. I heard her moan into her Mother’s mouth as Kim rolled her nipple harder in her hand.

As my fingers approached her wet slit, I brushed my fingertips over the softest lips I had seen in many years. It was as if electricity sparked CJ’s legs. Exploding upwards, her hips lifted, held high above the bed as I brushed across her lips a second time. Kim turned to look at me, noting what I was doing to her daughter. Her tongue licked her dry lips, her eyes pleading with me to do something. She leaned to CJ’s nipple, taking it quickly into her mouth. CJ again moaned very loudly. “Yes,” she hissed softly. “Suck my tit Mommy,” she whispered, grabbing Kim’s head, her fingers deep in her hair. Grabbing a hand full of hair, she pulled Kim firmly to her breast. CJ’s hips slowly lowered to the bed as my fingers rubbed back and forth over the closed lips. Placing my hands on her thighs, I let my thumbs slide up and down her slit softly, careful not to spread them at all. As the thumbs passed her clit, I would let the nail rake the side of her clit, first one thumb then the other. This simple motion let me push it side to side slightly with each pass. I could feel the intensity build in her body, her hips quivering, almost shaking with each touch of her slit. Adding more pressure, I started spreading her lips, opening her slit for view. At the bottom, I would rotate my thumbs, pressing all around her opening, pushing to penetrate, and pull back. With each pass, her juices lubricated her hole, wanting penetration. I teased her unmercifully. As I got more and more of her clit with each pass, her hips bucked higher, tilting, offering more of her sex.

I could not breathe. I had to taste her wet slit, suck her protruding, young clit into my mouth. Silently, I leaned forward, my mouth open, watering, almost drooling I approached her succulent clit. My heart raced, my cock throbbed as I suctioned my lips around her clit, pulling it to my mouth. Slipping quickly, I had it in my mouth, my tongue circling the flesh, flicking it back and forth, mashing it to my teeth. Her hips bucked up hard to my mouth, her legs splayed wider, lifting to her toes, pushing hard to me, offering me her forbidden sex. I lapped at her, reached under her ass to lift her tasty cunt to my lips, my waiting mouth. I assaulted her, licking, sucking, nipping, biting her flesh. I sucked her lips, licked down her slit, shoving my tongue deep into her wet hole.

“Oh shit Momma,” she screamed, her voice permeating the room, exploding in my ears. “Oh fuck yes, make me cum,” she begged. Kim pulled off her tit, watching me suck CJ’s clit again into my mouth. CJ lifted her head to watch me, her mouth gaping open, her eyes flashing lust. Her breathing was very ragged, coming in gasps, with each flick, each nip she grunted loudly, her hips lifting to me. I placed my fingers to her wet hole, slowly sliding two deep into her body. I pushed slowly, firmly, penetrating completely. Once inside her cunt, I wiggled them in all directions, separating them, then swiftly pulling them back, and repeating. Her body exploded into orgasm. I rode her clit hard, biting, nipping, flicking the nub over and over while jamming my fingers in and out of her cunt as quickly and hard as I could. Her head rocked back and forth , her hair flying as Kim chewed on her tits. Instantly, I slowed my tongue, barely touching her sensitive clit. I wanted that moment to pass, then attack her again, driving her body to a second orgasm. I slowed my hand, stroking gently. Her breathing began returning to normal. Reaching to Kim, CJ pulled her to her, lifting her head, kissing her softly on the lips. Both women groaned deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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