Shadows and light Ch. 02

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My tongue would have stayed there for the eternity but someone who has been a very good boy patiently waiting for his prize was bulging to explosion. When we are entwined in an ecstatic union the body mind and thoughts all move together. As my thought lingered for a brief second on my manhood, I heard her most endearing call to her lover, in a mix of pleading, requesting and commanding voice she said ‘Hey… I need you… can’t wait anymore…’

With my mouth still buried between her she slowly sat up digging her fingers on my shoulders almost shouted ‘Stop!’ I looked up panting and saw her beautifully erect nipples huffing and puffing. I looked into her eyes innocently and the response was a very vocal smile that almost told me…’darling… there are other things that need your intense attention…’

As if reading her mind, I rose on my knees and my hands firmly on her fair thighs, leaving soft marks, I rose and my lips once again met her nipple, the right one first this time. I saw the left nipple looking at this with evident dissatisfaction, but I was a fair man and I had to fairly split my loyalties between these beauties. Soon I went to the left one and told her, ‘were you not my first love’ and as if she approved it, I got her thrust into my unwitting mouth. I slowly rose and half bending kissed her lips again… I didn’t care if she tasted her honey on my lips. She was gripping my hips and the next moment I was pushed back on to the bed.

Then I felt her lips… on my toes and I was canlı bahis swept away into a frenzy of ecstatic waves of pleasure. I barely remember anything to write here except that I soon felt her beautiful nails digging into my thighs and felt her hot breath on my inner thighs. I was holding onto her shoulders but soon her tongue waged a war across my thighs and reached the outskirts of the Capital. I felt I was losing all my strength and started floating except that my manhood became stiffer than ever and stood up bravely to face the inevitable onslaught of an incited tigress.

The first piercing lick of her tongue on the pouch of my love potion literally lifted me up a few millimetres and before I knew she was hungrily sucking on to them and her tongue artfully inscribing her authority on them. Her hands now rubbed my belly and her nails scratched soft warnings of the final assault. I saw my brave manhood withstanding this war he was going to lose, and he looked royal at the backdrop of her silky hair.

Then she slowly rose like a blushed moon and her wet and hungry lips quivering at the sight of her next prize. Oh god, I had waited for this moment for so many lifetimes… I wanted to see the first collusion of her lips and the tip… Her hand now doing the final inspection of her prey for the moment. I thought he might explode but I was proud that he withstood and even challenged her lips.

As a response, the next moment she swooped onto him, but I could barely see her tongue swaying the first bahis siteleri assault on my manhood that her hair formed a dark curtain and obscured it. All I could feel was an eager warm wetness engulfing him. I needed serious distraction to avoid losing the battle in the first minute and my fingers almost tore the bed sheet and kept on reminding my manhood that he had a much bigger and better purpose to serve on earth and not to fall for those beautiful and passionate lips and her naughty cheeky confidant tongue.

The strategy paid off. Except for the loss of a few drops of foot soldiers the empire tower stood tall. My toes now found her smooth legs and started a counterattack and they almost reached the lower thighs. Now the attacker panicked a bit and lunged forward onto my belly… I felt her face lips and eager tongue marching deliberately upward and her strategy paid off this time… my toes lost their strength and once again she was in control. My manhood stood there watching the approaching beautiful mounts who touched and teased him as her lips travelled north. Now I felt her teeth forming a circle around my left nipple… I knew it was ‘tit for tat’ (forgive the pun :)).

Then it felt like ages her progression upwards. Her bites nibbles and licks probably left marks on my chest and now she was biting the veins on my neck like a vampire. The next moment something very special happened. She cupped my face in her beautify warm palms looked at me affectionately, there was not even a strand of bahis şirketleri any carnal thought… and gave me that intoxicating smile and whispered ‘I love you…’

‘I would have wanted to ride you right now but as I told you before, this is not how I want our first time’ she whispered and I heard her voice in slow motion as if it was coming from another universe. She kissed me softly and whispered… ‘come… make love to your girl’.

By now my arms wound her into my being and palms caressed her back and couldn’t resist caressing her soft butts. She whispered again ‘everything later… I can’t wait… ‘

I carefully rolled her over to my left and still stuck to her as the other side of the same coin I came on her top. I could feel my manhood pulsating thinking of the imminent fulfillment, but my eyes wanted a photo shoot of the dearest and waiting woman in front of me.

Over the next few seconds my eyes took a million snaps of her hair, eyebrows, glint in her eyes, curve of her ears, the twitching of her nose, the minuscule hair around her lips and the beautiful mole… She had spread herself such that I was positioned right in the middle. She teasingly asked her with a curvy smile… ‘What are you waiting for? Give it to me now…’ to which my response was ‘Hey… I love you… and am honoured to be invited to become part of you’.

Her response was instant…’ Stop showing of your skills with words and do something real…’

I kissed her again and told, I would like to be guided by my muse!

In response as a woman of action, she held my manhood first fondly and then purposefully and drew him to her.

In another moment he was introduced to and then kissed the entrance of her heaven…

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