Sex with an Asian Goddess

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I’ve been with my wife Allison for 16 years.

We met in college and I was smitten. I liked her empathy, creativity, quirky sense of style, and as soon as I got her in bed the sex was nothing short of fantastic.

The woman would do anything. Her taunt 20 year old body would move up and down my cock any way I asked for it. Once she even spent an hour blowing me with no hands to prove she could make me cum with her mouth alone.

With her insatiable need for sex combined with her great personality we got married right after graduation. We added on a kid and a dog a few years later.

After all this time I won’t say I’m dissatisfied with my wife. She’s kept herself up. She goes to the gym and her hair and wardrobe are always nice, but as far as sex goes, where there were once there were fireworks, it’s more like a chore to her. Wash the dishes, get Mike off, do the laundry. You get the idea.

Every week or so, it’s the same damn thing. We talk a few minutes. Assuming I don’t say something that pisses her off, I grab her boob, pull down her practical cotton underwear and she turns on her side. I stick it in and she moans half halfheartedly until I cum—and that’s it. I don’t even think she likes it most of the time.

Occasionally after the kid is in bed she will interrupt whatever I’m doing with a strip tease or will jump me saying she needs my cock, but over the years that has become more and more infrequent. Sex had all but flat lined—that is until I went to Asia.

I went to China because I’m an engineer who designs systems to make memory chips for cell phones. My team and I figured out cheaper faster way to make them and a Chinese company in Shanghai bought the design we came up with and paid for somebody to set them up.

I didn’t want to go. China seemed so foreign and strange, and frankly I didn’t even know how to say hello. In fact the only thing I liked about the Chinese were the women, I didn’t even realy like the food, but since a lot of the other guys on the team had bigger families and more obligations here in the states, I volunteered to spend two weeks setting up our system in Shanghai so they could stay close to home.

The teip didn’t start out well. In fact the flight was awful. I’m a 6 foot 2 guy and weigh 220, so I was cramped most of the way in tin can accommodations on China Eastern airlines. To make atters worse, the WiFi didn’t work, and the obviously gay flight attendant didn’t make things any better offering me a “dink” every few hours instead of a solution for my technology problems.

When I did finally get to Shanghai, I was released into a sea of people so dense it made New York City look like a small country village. I rose a head above everyone else, and bodies smashed up against me as I made my way to where I would meet my ride from the airport. There were people everywhere trying to hail taxis, meeting up with friends and buying food.

I finally found the driver who would take me to my hotel room and felt utter relief when I got situated into a place called the Golden Dragon hotel. It was great place with an oddly picturesque view of an arching freeway with 12 lanes of traffic. I barely glanced at it though as I was exhausted after the flight and fell into a good 9 hours of heavy sleep followed by a relaxing breakfast in the hotel which had everything available from eggs and bacon to Chinese style rice buns and spinach. I got the feeling this hotel catered to westerners as there were a few guys speaking German in the corner.

When the driver pulled up at 8 o’clock to take me to the company to start setting up the system, I exclaimed “Nihao!” trying to immitate the guy I’d heard online before I left the states. He laughed at my attempt to speak Chinese, and seemed genuinely pleased I had tried to say something to him in his native language.

Once at work, I was surprised how sparse the building was. Everything was functional with no frills. The conference room wasn’t plush or impressive. Instead it was simply functional with a large oval table and folding chairs around it with no pictures on the walls. “That’s communism for you.” I thought to myself, and wondered if all companies in China were like this one.

We had a meeting with the owner Mr. Ming, who (thankfully) spoke pretty good English and interpreted for the group. I was frustrated the machinest kept looking at Mr. Ming rather than me when I spoke to him, but tried not to take canlı bahis it personally. I hoped we wouldn’t have to work too much together over the next few weeks.

After the meeting, I spent 6 hours attempting to align the system and then Mr.Ming offered to take me out for dinner saying “You should experience good Chinese food here.”

I couldn’t argue with that, and about an hour later the two of us were sitting at at a round table with a white table cloth and a smaller glass rotating table on top. There was also massive overhead chandelier and I wondered if this was a normal type of Chinese restaurant or if they had pulled out all the stops for me.

Mr. Ming ordered a variety of things in Chinese I had never heard of. When I asked what we would be eating he told me jellyfish, some kind of beans, potato, fish, beef and pork. It was a far cry from the kung Pao chicken my wife and I sometimes ordered at our local Chinese restaurant.

“I haven’t had jellyfish in the states.” I told him and looked around to see there wasn’t a fork in sight. I hoped I wouldn’t embarrass myself too much with my limited ability to use chopsticks.

“We have a saying.” he informed me. “The Chinese eat everything with four legs except tables, and everything that flies except airplanes.” and I believed it as dish after dish came out to our table that didn’t come close to anything I had seen before.

“Ah,” he exclaimed looking at two beautiful Chinese girls entering through the red door of our private room. “Our dinner companions.” he stated gesturing for them to sit. The two girls giggled. I judged them to be around 25 years old given their mannerisms and the way they were dressed in floral skirts and cute blouses. Then, one of them leaned over and gave Mr. Ming a kiss on the cheek before sitting down.

“Oh, so is this your…” I was unsure. Was it his wife? Daughter?

“My girlfriend. I guess that is how you say in states.” he told me in heavily accented English. “My wife not here. As she could not make it, I asked if these beauties would join us for dinner.”

“Ah,” I said wrapping my head around the concept.

“You like China?” the girl who sat next to me asked before I could think any more about what Mr. Ming meant by the word girlfriend. She looked at me with beautiful almond eyes for a moment before delicately taking some brown noodles mixed with strange looking veggies from the center of the table.

“It’s great.” I said. “Everyone has been hospitable.” she gave me a quizzical look. “I like it a lot.” I said and wondered if she understood any better.

She looked away an said something in Chinese to Mr. Ming who laughed.

“She say you are very tall man.” the owner of the company told me. “very good thing. She wants to know if you are—basketball star.”

I laughed and shook my head. I never thought much about my height and in fact wasn’t all that tall for a westerner. Still, she blushed at giggled at my reaction before looking back down at her food.

The dinner went on and the girls stayed mostly quiet while the owner of the company asked my opinion about how things were being run on the project and how business is different in the United States. Rice wine was being poured into my cup consistently and by the end of the dinner I was feeling pretty light headed even though I considered myself to have a fairly good tolerance for alcohol.

Finally, after a lengthy meal, Mr. Ming made a call to the company driver—the same man who had driven me before, and I was to go back to my hotel. “Chau Mai go with you.” Mr. Ming stated indicating the beauty that had been seated next to me. “She like you very much.” and I swear he winked at me.

I was confused as to what Mr. Ming meant, but decided I was open to whatever. It wasn’t like my wife had been calling me constantly to see what I was up to. In fact, I hadn’t heard from Allison except for a quick five minute Skype session to let her know I got to Shanghai ok.

“Chau Mai was quiet for the ride. We both sat in the back seat of the company Nissan driven by Mr. Wong, and she looked over and smiled at me a few times before demurely looking down at the floor. I loved her long straight black hair and wondered what it would feel like and if I would have the chance to touch it. Her skin looked smooth and silky and she was slender, but it was those eyes I couldn’t forget.

What was she thinking? I wished I knew. Had she been paid bahis siteleri to sleep with me? Was I arrogant to think such a thing? Maybe she was simply paid to make sure I got home ok. I had a lot of wine after all. I wished there wasn’t a language barrier so I would have a better grasp on the situation.

When we got to the hotel, Chau Mai said something to the driver in Chinese, and I felt lost. She then got out of the car with me. I told the driver “zaijian!” and he pulled away.

After the car was out of sight, I looked at Chau Mai and shrugged my shoulders to show her I didn’t understand what she had in mind. Finally she said “You want me come with you?” and looked down like she was overcome by me and I felt a surge of tenderness for her.

I did think about my wife for a fleeting instant but put it out of my mind as soon as it entered. The girl was beautiful and wanted to spend time with me, paid or not. She looked back up at me and I gazed into her eyes. She wound a tendril of hair around her finger seductively with a long slender finger. God she was beautiful, and I wondered how she would look naked.

Before I knew I had done it, I nodded my head. She smiled shyly, and I held out my hand for her to grasp as we made our way up to the 8th floor of the building in the swanky elevator. Her hand was slight in mine and I relished how masculine and strong I felt next to her as adrenaline coursed through me. I wasn’t sure if I was going to sleep with a woman—not my wife—for the first time in 16 years, but the thought was intoxicating.

Once inside my room, she looked out the window and said “beautiful” in her strong accent. I smiled and sat on the bed. I patted the space beside me and she sat next to me. I then tentatively placed my hand on her thigh and she gave me another one of her deep looks that I took that as my cue to lean in and kiss her.

She responded immediately. If she was a prostitute, she was good at her job. I could feel her heart beating as I ran my hand from her waist to her breast and felt her warm skin underneath her sheer girlish blouse.

She moaned and I deepened the kiss and responded by leaning back on the bed.

I already had a huge boner in my pants from the thrill of being with someone new and I hoped she would be pleased by how turned on I was. Truthfully though, I hadn’t jacked off since before the plane ride to Shanghai and realized just how horny I was and how much I needed this.

Oh God, her body felt good. It was slight without much curve, but at the same time she was beautiful. She was fairly tall for an Asian girl at around 5’5, and couldn’t have weighed more than 115 pounds and I loved how her small body made me feel bigger and manly.

I grabbed her butt from underneath that flimsy girlish skirt. It was firm and supple and she moaned with pleasure when I pulled her underwear covered pussy up against my cock. “you soooo big.” she moaned as I ground my prick into her crotch.

I put my other hand on her head and felt that thick shiny hair I had fantasized about at dinner. It was a little courser than I thought it would be, but it shimmered like silk and it easily ran through my fingers as I pressed myself to her slight body.

Finally, I moved my hands to her blouse and unbuttoned her shirt. Once her shirt and bra were off, I got a look at her beautiful titties. They were sweet little mounds of flesh with hard, erect nipples begging to be teased. I loved their shade of brownish pink and moved my tongue to flick and suck on them and pinch them slightly.

She seemed to really enjoy having her tits played with. I ran my tongue in a circular motion around them, and she moaned. I went slow to torture her with pleasure, going back and forth between her breasts, and as I did this and she placed one of her hands between her thighs and touched her pussy even though her skirt had yet to come off.

In a way, I was reluctant to take off her flouncy pink skirt and silk panties. I was afraid she was a good actress, and what I was doing wasn’t pleasing to her. I was genuinely scared to find out if her pussy was really wet or not, but as much as I wanted it, I know I would fuck her assuming she would let me, so finally, I pulled the fabric off her body, and there she was naked.

When I finally saw her body in the dim light, I was astounded. She had the perfect female form. She wasn’t fat like most American women I was used to seeing, and bahis şirketleri her body was long and lean without being muscular. I thought of my wife who by American standards looked pretty good, but this was next level. This girl had something feminine that I couldn’t get back home. Something alluring and sexy that I knew I had to get my dick into at least this one time.

I swept my eyes again over her body and noticed she had hair on her cunt that left me breathless as it was so different. My wife, like most American women shaved hers off, but this, probably because access to porn was limited in China, was sexy in a pure untouched way sort of way. It seemed almost innocent that she had pubic hair, even if she was a prostitute, and my cock got harder at the sight of it.

“Fuck.” I muttered under my breath, and bent my head down to taste her, thrilled to see her pussy was glistening with lust.

It had been a long time since I had oral sex with a woman, and I relished it. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating, and when I finally put my tongue on her clit, the taste was like honey. I had forgotten how much I loved to taste of cunt as it had been a long time since I’d put my mouth on it.

She said something in Chinese followed by a moan and grabbed my head in order to push her pussy into my mouth. I was taken aback by the bold gesture, but was pleased by her enthusiasm.

I ran circles around her clit with my tongue and enjoyed feeling her hips grind up into my face until finally my cock had to get some attention so I took off my boxer shorts.

A moment later I aligned myself on top her her and said “is this ok?”

She nodded her head with apparent embarrassment and I had a fleeting thought about condoms. Then I realized I didn’t care. It had been so long since I had fucked a woman who wanted it, and she was so hot and ready I didn’t care. I plunged my dick inside her and felt her warm inviting pussy envelop my cock.

Oh God she was tight. I had never felt such exquisite pressure surrounding my cock since I’d fucked my high school virgin girlfriend in the back of my Dad’s Chevy truck. I supposed it was because she was so small compared to my wife, but the exquisite feeling compelled me to ask “Is this your first time?,” hoping to God it wasn’t.

Fortunately she laughed nervously and said “no.”

After that, I relaxed and started pumping into her hot box. She bucked against me, and met my thrusts with her own, reassuring me she was just as into it as I was.

I almost came, but decided to pull back and change positions instead. I wanted the experience to last, so I reluctantly pulled out my cock and positioned her doggy style so I could watch my cock going in and out of her tight Asian pussy.

She presented herself to me and I slowly put my cock in her relishing the feeling. It was just as good as before, and I stared humping against her, loving how her heart shaped bottom met my cock as it went inside her.

After about a minute of thrusting, it was too much for me to handle. In a moment of rational thought, I pulled out and came all over her back so I wouldn’t get her pregnant but even so it was as if every nerve ending in my body had gathered in my cock and a force pushed through me that nearly wiped me out. I nearly lost track of where I was and what I was doing my orgasm was so intense and I collapsed next to her and hugged her close.

After I had regained a sense of composure, she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. She then snuggled close and I fell asleep groggy from a combination of great sex, alcohol and the time change.

The next day my phone alarm jolted me out of darkness and back to reality.

Chau Mai was gone. Mr. Wong picked me up to go to work like he had the day before, and didn’t act as if anything were amiss.

I didn’t see Chau Mai again although the next weekend I was presented with another escort but I turned her down. This girl didn’t have the same charm and didn’t seem genuinely attracted to me. I considered asking Mr. Ming what happened to her, but decided against it. I figured she had been paid, and that was that. Besides, what would I do with a 25 year old Chinese girl when I had a wife and kid back in Chicago?

A few days later I made it back to to the states. I didn’t even try to fuck Allison. I didn’t want to until I could get tested for STD’s, and that seemed to suit her just fine. Fortunately, I was cleared of anything a week later, so she was none the wiser.

These days I think a lot about my experience fucking a Chinese girl, and if my company ever needs anothe guy to travel abroad again, I’ll the first to volunteer.

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