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James was still a little sticky when he went downstairs for a late night snack. His ass was a little sore as well, but he felt pretty good about himself. He’d wanted to see what it felt like to have another man’s cock in his ass and in his mouth, and Lynn had made it happen. She was an amazing woman. He couldn’t imagine how he’d been so lucky as to find her.

He opened the fridge, but didn’t see anything. On the counter, however, was an open box of Insomnia cookies. It was a random assortment, but there were still a few chocolate chip left. The perfect late night snack.

“Up late, huh?”

James spun, looking like he had his hand in the cookie jar…which he sort of did. Anne sat at the kitchen table, a tumbler of whiskey in her hand. She was clearly still slightly drunk from the party and her dress was somewhat dishevelled. He had a hard time not looking at the sharp points of her nipples as they pressed against the fabric.

“I was just grabbing a snack,” he said.

She took a sip of her drink and grinned. “Mhmm. Fucking like that is hungry work.”

James froze. “What? You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Anne pointed to the ceiling. “You guys were pretty loud up there. Their bed is right above the living room.”

“So you heard…”

Again, she grinned, but more knowingly this time. “Everything. Have a seat.”

With some apprehension, James pulled up a chair opposite Anne. He could smell the alcohol on her, but she seemed to be growing in confidence and lucidity.

“So is that the first time you guys have all done it together?”

James didn’t know how to answer. Clearly, she wasn’t going to let him slip back upstairs without an interrogation, but he wasn’t sure how comfortable he was discussing his increasingly kinky sex life with her. On the other hand, he’d always found Anne incredibly sexy and it was exciting to talk about this with her.

“Yeah, although Lynn has been putting it together for a while now.”

Anne nodded. “And you’re gay? Or bi? Or do you just really like it up the ass?”

James blushed. “I’m not gay.”

“But you don’t mind having Andy pound your ass and cum on you?”

“You heard all that?”

“You guys weren’t exactly quiet about it,” she said. “It was fucking hot. I wish I could have seen it.”

James thought of the pictures Marie had taken and the video from earlier with Andy’s cock in his mouth. “I’m not into guys, I just like the acts themselves. Lynn and I have been pegging for a while, but it’s a little different with the real thing.”

“I get that,” she said. “But you’re definitely bi. Otherwise, there’s no way you’d be begging some other guy to cum on your face.”

James unconsciously touched his cheek; he could still feel the residue there. He was rock hard under the table and desperate to avoid staring down at Anne’s chest. If she shifted her top another inch, her nipples would be exposed and pointing right at him.

“I’ve never thought of myself as bi, but I guess you’re right.”

Anne watched him carefully, her hands hidden below the table. “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

James bit his lip and shook his head. “No, it’s alright. We didn’t mean to keep you up, so it’s only fair.”

“Fair, huh?” Anne leaned back, and he thought he could see tension in her face. “I don’t think it’s fair that you guys had this mind blowing foursome while I was stuck down on the couch. I was so frustrated, I couldn’t even get off to it.”

James glanced down. He could see enough of her now to see that she had her hand buried against her pussy. The flush on her cheeks wasn’t just the alcohol.

“Anne, I-“

She grinned at him with all the sensual lust she could muster. Her fingers were slick as they came away from her pussy, and she kept his gaze as she sucked them clean.

“You what? If you’d found Marie down here, don’t tell me you two wouldn’t be fucking again.”

She had a point. He was still exhausted from their foursome, but his cock never seemed to understand that. He had to admit that he’d been hoping to find someone else awake, though he hadn’t even remembered Anne was in the house.

“Or maybe you were looking for Andy?”

He blushed slightly, but by the glint in her eye, she was only trying to rile him up. It was working – her pussy was flush with excitement and dripping wet. He could practically feel her folds engulfing him.

“I think I’ve had all the cock I can handle for one night,” he said cooly.

“Mmm, not me,” she said. She dipped her fingers back into her pussy, moaning softly.

Still, James wasn’t sure. Lynn had been the one to orchestrate their adventures with Andy and Marie, and this was definitely off the reservation. Would Lynn be alright with him fucking one bahis firmaları of her best friends? Maybe he could go back upstairs and ask…

“I’m sorry, Anne,” he said, “but I think I should call it a night. I’m flattered, but I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

She stayed stone still and watched him. “Because your wife might disagree?”


“Your wife just saw you fuck Marie and take Andy’s cock up your ass. If you’re worried about upsetting her, I’ll drag her ass down her so she can supervise. God, you’re really her bitch, aren’t you?”

That made him bristle. “What?”

“Sure,” she said. “She farms your ass out and you enjoy it. That makes you her bitch. How is she supposed to respect you like that?”

James fought the urge to stand. She was just trying to get under his skin. It was working. “We talked about it. She knew what I wanted and made it happen. If I told her I wanted to fuck you, she’d let me

“And that’s why your her bitch,” she said again, but Anne’s smile was still begging him to come wipe it off her face. Or shove his cock in her mouth. “But I get it. You just need permission.”

Anne took her phone off the table and swiped through a few screens, her other hand still in her crotch, rhythmically pressing in and out. Before he could do anything else, She turned the phone around and slid it across the table to him.

It was a video clip, and Anne nodded for him to press play.

“Hey, hon,” cooed his drunken wife from the neon-lit party bus in the video. She was wearing a sequin top and a sash that said “Bride” in sparkling letters.

Anne entered the frame and blew a kiss at the camera. “Hey, James.”

“We’re getting married in like, two weeks,” she said, “but Anne says she thinks you’re hot, and she wants you to fuck her.”

Anne blushed furiously and tried to cover Lynn’s mouth. “Shhhh. Don’t tell him that!”

“It’s okay,” she slurred. “James. James, she is my friend, and I love her, and she has great tits. Show him your tits, Anne!”

Anne looked away, hiding her face, but Lynn helpfully pulled her top down and revealed the pert breasts that were now only barely obscured across the table from him. They were pretty great; smallish, but well formed and with dark nipples that shot straight out. He glanced back at the sharp outlines on Anne’s shirt where those same nipples kept pointing at him.

“James,” said Lynn from the video. “If you’re watching this video, I give you permission – no, I’m telling you – to fuck Anne. Get in there and fuck her brains out. She is my friend, and she’s kind of a bitch sometimes, but she really wants your cock. C’mon, tell him.”

The camera focused unsteadily on Anne’s face, her tits still hanging out. She looked right at it now, overcoming her embarrassment. “James, I want you to fuck me.”

The camera swung back to Lynn grinning maniacally. “See? I love you so much. I can’t wait to get married. Now fuck that bitch raw. Oh, and take pictures!”

The video ended and James looked back up at Anne, her hand still rubbing against her clit. He was frozen watching her.

She raised an eyebrow at him, and exposed her breasts to him. “Well? What are you waiting for?”

It was all the invitation he needed, but she still had him off balance. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, but something was stopping him from getting up and taking her.

“Your wife might like a submissive little bitch for a husband, but I need a real man right now, James. Are you going to fuck me or what?”

Without another moment’s hesitation, he stood and crossed to the other side of the table. Anne shifted her chair, giving him full view of her lithe body. She was sinuous and sensual, made even more erotic by the dress that was now failing to hold back her most alluring assets.

James sank to his knees and kissed her warm thighs. She was on fire, burning with lust, and he traced his way up her legs like a bloodhound, following the scent of her heady musk. When his tongue reached her pussy, she withdrew her hand and ran it through his hair, arching her hips to meet his mouth. She tasted like wanting, and he did his best to oblige. She shuddered as his tongue flitted over her clit, and he could hear the tension in her breathing as he explored her tender folds.

Soon, she took his hair in her hand and pulled him away. The playfulness was gone in her face, replaced with a rosy glow of animal attraction.

“If I wanted someone to suck my clit, I could make Marie come down here,” she said. “Are you going to fuck me, or are you waiting for another dick in your ass?”

James growled and yanked his pants down, releasing his throbbing erection. She smiled at him, eyes devouring his cock. He stood and grabbed Anne by the waist, kaçak iddaa then pushed her up against the counter.

“Is this more like it?”

“You’re getting there,” she said.

Her backside was exquisite. Round and shapely, with the bare lips of her pussy peeking out from between her legs. She looked back at him, dark hair cascading over her shoulder, and wiggled her perfect ass suggestively.

“Come on, are you going to fuck me or what?”

James took her by the hips and ran his cock along the slickness of her cunt. She was so ready for it…but maybe that was part of the game. “Soon,” he said, pulling his dick away from her. “I’m not sure if you really want it.”

“Please,” she hissed. She tried to push back against him, to guide her hips to meet his.

James slapped her ass, leaving a bright red impression. “Please, what?”

“Please fuck me.”

“Fuck you? Like this?” He let the tip of his cock slide into her.

She gasped. “Yessss.”

He pulled out. “I see. Is that what you want? What you really want?”

Anne whimpered. “Yes! Please!”

He grabbed a fistful of her hair, right by the base of her skull, and pulled back. “Then take it.”

With one hand in her hair and the other on her hip, he thrust his cock deep into her cunt. Anne gasped, head tossed back as he held onto her hair.

“You like that?”

“Yes,” she hissed, pressing herself into him. “More.”

He drew back slowly, letting the lips of her pussy drag against his cock until only the head remained inside her. Then he pounded forward again – once, twice, three times in rapid succession – before building into a steady rhythm of powerful thrusts.

“Yes, just like that,” she cried, face full of ecstasy. “More!”


“Yes,” she said. “Pull my hair. Slap my ass. Call me a bitch.”

James stopped for a second. She looked back at him with betrayal, her eyes wild with need. He spanked her hard on the left cheek, and she gasped again with animal passion.

James smiled. “Greedy little bitch, aren’t you?”


He slammed his cock into her, taking firm grip of her hair again until her head was pulled back and facing him. She looked so hot, stripped bare of any emotion but pure lust.

“Is this what you wanted? Had to get under my skin so I’d give it to you rough?”

She nodded, mouth hanging open.

“You’re such a slut. You’ve been teasing me for years, and all you really wanted was my big fat cock in your sloppy little cunt.”

“Mmhmm,” she moaned. Her pussy was clenching hard against his cock now. Clearly, she enjoyed being degraded like this. If she didn’t cum soon, he’d probably end up blowing his load inside of her.

He let go of her hair and ran his hands over her tits. They felt as good as they looked. When he brushed her nipples, he felt a jolt run through her legs and her pussy clamp down hard.

“Yes! Please – so close!”

But he wasn’t ready for her to cum. She wanted him to dominate her, and he wasn’t ready to let her off the hook just yet. She let out a whimper as he pulled out.

“What? No, don’t stop! I was going to cum!” She reached down to keep herself going, but he pinned her hands against the counter.

“You can cum when I say so,” he said. “Now put your ass on the table and lay back.”

She turned and looked at him with despair and arousal. For such a confident woman, it was a complete 180, and it was turning them both on.

Anne did as he asked, trusting the sturdy Amish table to hold her weight. James surveyed her glistening curves with hungry eyes, but first he needed to raid the pantry. She gave him a confused look when he came back with a bottle of olive oil, then her eyes widened with understanding.

“Hold out your hands.”

He poured a small amount into her cupped hands and nodded meaningfully at his cock. She deftly lubricated his shaft; he was tempted to let her keep going, but a handjob wasn’t what he had in mind when he grabbed the oil.

“Now,” he said, looking down at her expectant body, “you can either make yourself loose or take my cock without any warm up. Your such a little slut, I don’t know the last time you had a cock in your ass, but I don’t want to actually hurt you if you aren’t ready for it.”

She seemed to think about it for a second before reaching down and sticking a finger up her ass. James poured more oil into her waiting hand and stepped back to watch Anne prepare for his cock.

That’s when he remembered what his wife said on that video. James leaned across the table and took Anne’s phone. She watched with lewd anticipation as he snapped several photos of her sprawled out on the table. Then he got in close and started a video of her face and tits.

“Are you going kaçak bahis to take my cock in your ass?”

She nodded, biting her lip.

“Are you going to cum with my cock in your ass?”

Again, she nodded, staring right at the camera.

“Do you have sensitive nipples?” He reached out and pinched one of the dark protrusions.

She gasped and whispered, “Yessss.”

James ended the video and set the phone down. She had three fingers in her ass now; it was time to give her the real thing.

He took her hands and put them on the backs of her thighs. She got the idea and pulled her legs up into the air, giving him the perfect view of her sopping wet pussy and well oiled rosebud. He stepped up and grinned at her as he lined up his hard, slippery dick with her hungry asshole.

A glimmer of innocent concern crossed her face, followed by a wicked smile. “Be gentle with m-“

James rammed his cock home. Anne squeaked, but her grimace was more pleasure than pain. He stopped with his balls resting against her ass.

“You like a man who can take control, huh?”

“Yes,” she sighed, still getting used to the full length of his cock in her ass.

James ran his hands up her body until they rested over her gorgeous tits. He pinched her nipples, and she squirmed against his hips.

“Then here’s what’s going to happen,” said James. “I’m going to fuck your ass until I’m ready to cum, and then I’m going to spray my load all over your chest and face. You’re going to cum before that happens, or I’m going to wake up my wife and have her fuck you until she’s no longer upset with you for waking her up. Do you understand?”

Anne nodded and wiggled her ass again for emphasis.

“Good, because you’re ass has been begging for it since the day I met you.”

He pulled out to the tip and slowly reinserted it. Her ass was tighter than her pussy, and it felt good to take it easy. But that wasn’t what she was looking for. She wanted to be treated like a slut, pounded until he pumped himself dry.

James bottomed out inside her, balls touching the cool table, and ran his hands over her toned body. Anne smiled with her mouth half open as he found her tits again.

“You ready,” he asked as he tweaked her nipples.

“Fuck me,” she said. “Please.”

With that, he got to work. James drew back and slammed his cock into her ass with deep, powerful thrusts. Each one made Anne’s breath catch as he filled her up, her eyes growing wild with every lunge.

“Is this what you wanted, slut? My hard cock in your ass?”

She nodded appreciatively, biting her lip with pleasure.

James took his hands off her tits and leaned back for more leverage and a better view. All that lithe sexuality that she’d flaunted over the years was now on display before him. Her dress was barely hanging onto her body and she glistened with sweat. The Mediterranean sex goddess she’d been playing had become a reality in this moment, and it took some effort not to break stride.

James held up her legs while Anne’s hands moved to fill the gaps left by his cock and his hands. She ran her fingers over one nipple while the other found her clit and nearly locked in place.

“I’m getting close,” she said.

James grunted. “You’d better be. I’m going to cum on your chest soon.”

Anne moaned. “Yes, please. I want it.”

“You really are such a slut. Cum for me, you little whore!”

After a few more thrusts, he felt her tighten around him. Her body went rigid and her face contorted with anguished ecstasy.

“Yes,” she cried.

It was enough for James. He pulled out, causing a fresh wave of pleasure in Anne, and fired off thick spurts of hot cum. It spattered her from neck to navel. A few ropes coated her disheveled dress.

When they were both done, they stared at one another, trying to catch their breath. Then James remembered the phone. He snapped a dozen photos of her. Anne posed for the last couple, dipping her fingers in his cum and tasting it.

“You might have a dominant side after all,” she said with a grin.

“Maybe,” he said. “Though now I’m wondering if I should get you a towel.”

Anne looked down and chuckled. “Probably. I’m kind of a mess.”

James went to the counter and grabbed the dishtowel. He handed it back to her and watched as she wiped herself clean of his cum and the excess olive oil.

She frowned as she examined her dress. “Well this going to be hard to explain.”

“I’ll grab you something from Lynn’s bag. She brought a change of clothes, I think.”

“Thanks,” she said, sitting on the edge of the table. “This was fun, James. Let’s do it again sometime.”

James smiled and nodded, then went upstairs. This wasn’t the midnight snack he’d been looking for, but he wasn’t complaining. After tonight, he and Lynn had a lot to look forward to.

Still, when he brought Anne her change of clothes, he did grab the rest of the cookies. For some reason, he was ravenous.

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