Sex Plan for the New Year Ch. 02

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On Saturday morning Bill awoke to find that Nan had already left the bed. He waited for a few minutes in the hope that she’d return and be open to sex but sounds from their kitchen indicated that was not going to happen. She was not coming back to bed.

Bill got himself up and washed, put some casual clothes and joined Nan in the kitchen for coffee. After a few pleasantries Nan said, “We should set a date to decide if we’re both on board with what you call my ‘sex plan’. It’s the first of February next Friday; can you do enough research and decide by then?”

“Yea, I guess so but why do we need to set a formal date?”

“That’s simple. It gives us the date to establish your starting weight. It also sets the 6 and 9 month dates. I think we should weigh you at the same time for three days and use the average as your starting weight.”

“Okay. I guess I didn’t think your plan was quite so formal.”

“We’re talking about serious body and possible lifestyle modification. I wouldn’t call it ‘formal’ but there are milestones and consequences which have to be strictly observed. Otherwise the plan is just talk.”

Bill was surprised as he felt his cock begin to stiffen. He realized he was already visualizing Nan with bigger tits. He couldn’t admit that so he just said, “Okay. By Friday I can do enough research to get started but neither of us can get appointments for medical consultations by then.”

Nan replied, “Not necessary; the consults are part of the plan. We’ll do them after we have enough facts so we know what questions to ask. As I initially told you there are no firm commitments to modifications until the 6 month point. You’ll be working out and dieting but I’d hardly call that a body modification. Improving your oral skills is hardly a big sacrifice. The whole six month period is for research and gradual improvement but nothing permanent like surgery would happen until after the six months.”

They agreed to type up the key points of the plan and to sign it on Friday if they were going to proceed. Bill reminded Nan that waxing her intimate area was to be added. She surprised him by noting that should be mutual. Reacting to his puzzled expression she assured him that her hair salon took care of men’s waxing as well as women’s. He was boxed in and had to agree.

When Friday came they both declared their readiness to move forward with the plan by signing the written summary. Bill’s starting weight was agreed upon and they marked their calendars with the 6 and 9 month dates.

Nan surprised Bill by saying, “It’s not critical for any decisions but I’d suggest we measure your erect cock for length and girth. It might be fun to verify any increases that one or another treatment produces.”

Bill paused but then agreed. He said he didn’t like the word ‘treatment’ and wasn’t agreeing to anything yet. He also said that in the interest of fairness Nan’s natural bust size should be memorialized as well. Nan disagreed noting it would be difficult to get a true measurement as breasts swell at certain times during a woman’s menstrual cycle. She also said that measuring a cup size isn’t done all by itself. She explained how bra cup sizes were relative to the band size. The band size could change due to weight gain or loss and wasn’t the measurement of interest to Bill. He agreed with her after she pointed out that they both knew how small her natural chest was. If surgically enhanced it would be dramatically different and the old statistics wouldn’t matter.

They’d previously agreed on abstaining from sex that evening since they’d both be thinking too much about the plan.

Following the signing Bill noted that he had signed up with a personal trainer and intended to visit the gym three times a week. He also told Nan that he’d bought two ‘how to’ videos on cunnilingus. He’d watched one but thought it might be good for them to watch the second together so that Nan could add her input. He added, “I suspect the video may arouse both of us as the first one did me. If so, I’d suggest that I practice oral on you after the video despite our prior thought that we should abstain.”

“Oh… that sounds good to me but what about you? Are you suggesting I relieve you orally as well?”

“It would seem fair. In fact, I have an additional proposal that would definitely need to be mutual. I was thinking our sex should be limited to oral for perhaps two weeks or even for all of February so that I can get some practice and experience. Well, ‘mutual’ isn’t the right word since you don’t need to improve your technique; what I meant was that after I get you off orally I’d expect relief too. It wouldn’t need to be oral but it might be nice if we concentrated on bringing each other off that way.”

Nan agreed that his ideas were fine with her and that he should set up the video right after they ate the light dinner she’d prepared. She suggested that they change into their matching silk robes since silk lounging wear seemed be more appropriate for a sex education video than street clothes. Bill antalya escort agreed and the tasks of dinner and changing were accomplished.

After dinner they sat together on the couch with thighs touching. Bill’s laptop was on the coffee table in front of them but he’d arranged for the video to also be displayed on their large flat screen TV.

It was an instructional presentation done by a former porn star. While she may have produced horny viewers during her career movies the video was boring and clinical. It seemed to be geared to a middle schooler’s level of body part knowledge and didn’t teach Bill anything new. They agreed to turn off the video about half way through and switched to the other one that Bill had already seen.

This is video had much better production quality and even though focused on instruction it got Bill erect and Nan wet in the first few minutes. Nan surprised Bill by switching off the video when only half finished. She said “I’ll instruct you myself. I can give you more relevant knowledge in ten minutes than both videos combined.”

Bill was sent to get a large towel to protect the couch. Nan moved and then sat on the towel. Bill started to kneel between her thighs but Nan gestured for him to stop and pulled him to sit next to her.


is that oral sex isn’t the first step; it should always follow other intimacy such as kissing and touching.”

“Sorry,” said Bill, as he reached around Nan to hug her. “I thought we were both aroused from the video and the idea of you teaching me. I know I’m excited.”

“I’m aroused, too, but that’s not the point. I want to be more aroused. Lesson number 2 is that great oral is all about the woman’s pleasure- not yours. Sometimes that means driving her to a fast orgasm but more often it means building her arousal slowly. Understand?”

Bill nodded.

“We’ll spend as much time with you between my legs as necessary for you to learn- both now and on other days. For tonight let’s give you an incentive to do well. We’ll kiss for a while with no concern about anything- trust me that will get my motor running. At some point you can include my breasts; we’ll think of that as the start of your oral sex test. Get me off in ten minutes and you’ll get a nice wet blowjob as a reward. Do not try to push me faster than …say, 7 or 8 minutes. I don’t want you to rush but I want your intense focus on my pussy. Failure to get me off within 10 minutes will indicate a lack of focus and you’ll be left with blue balls as punishment- well, maybe not for the whole night but I’ll leave you frustrated for at least an hour or two. The penalty time will depend on how I judge your effort.”

Bill adopted an artificially submissive tone in saying, “Yes dear.”

“Don’t get smart. This is serious. You need to focus on my pleasure. Part of the lesson is for you to better sense how I react to what you do with your mouth and to develop the skills to better please me.”

“I take it seriously.”

“Okay, lesson number 3 is what I just said. Pay attention to how my body reacts. For teaching purposes today I’ll try to emphasize what I like and don’t like with words and gestures but in the future my reactions will be more natural which will be more subtle.”

With those preliminaries outlined Nan leaned in and kissed Bill passionately and he responded. This continued for a minute or two but seemed a bit awkward since they both knew why they were there. Nan broke away and said, “Relax. Don’t make tonight clinical. Kiss me for a while. In a few minutes play with my breasts and gradually kiss your way around and down my body. Take your time. Let’s both enjoy the lesson.”

Bill did as instructed. He spent considerable time playing with Nan’s breasts to their mutual enjoyment. Initially it was with just his hands as he continued their kissing but gradually his mouth trailed its way down to her neck and then to her chest. At first his mouth avoided her nipples and simply enjoyed her soft flesh which he fed to his mouth with a hand- kissing and gently sucking on her pillow-like tits. Nan loved his attention and anxiously awaited his touching her nipples which were hard and hungry for contact.

When his lips finally encircled her left nipple Nan gasped with excitement. His tongue followed in a wet exploration of her hard nub which caused her breath to hitch as she pressed herself into his welcoming mouth. Bill loved her reaction and redoubled his efforts to arouse her while fully enjoying her soft breasts himself.

As he nuzzled against her tit flesh Bill couldn’t help but wonder what she’d feel like after surgical enhancement. He visualized her A cup tits becoming Ds. The mere thought made his cock throb. She’d look fantastic. He visualized her in tight tops and in a bright red bikini. The thought of buying all new sexy clothes for his shapely wife was a further turn on as he had mental glimpses of cleavage, sexy bras and obscenely tight shirts.

But then he had darker thoughts. He loved to fondle Nan’s breasts and kemer escort press his face against the small but sensuous mounds. Would the natural soft feeling be replaced by an artificial mound of flesh stretched over bags of silicone? He wondered if he would actually be turned off by how she felt. That would be horrible for both of them.

At the same moment Nan was having similar thoughts. She loved being the object of Bill’s tit lust. She knew she was small but at least she was natural which meant soft and sexy. Bill would be thrilled by the look of her body with bigger breasts but would he still lust for them in bed? Would they feel too plastic for him to lose control as he now did?

Nan decided that she needed to feel up her friend Marcie who’d had the surgery. Marcie had gone from A cups to D cups so her ‘feel’ should be a reasonably accurate resource. Nan wouldn’t tell Bill as he’d already suggested that he be the one to fondle Marcie. Nan wasn’t keen on that and had no idea how Marcie would react if asked. If Nan was the proposed tester there wasn’t much doubt that Marcie would consent and perhaps they’d even rekindle their college trysts.

Nan grew noticeably more excited as she envisioned being naked in bed with Marcie. Of course, Bill assumed he was the cause of Nan’s excitement.

In any case, Bill’s mouth descended to Nan’s waist and then to her pubic mound where he began to kiss and nudge Nan’s intimate area. She’d trimmed her hair short but kept it long enough to get a Brazilian waxing. She’d made an appointment for the next week for the waxing but hadn’t told Bill. It seemed like a great surprise to offer during the first week of their sex plan.

Nan rubbed her mound against Bill’s face and told him to stay in that area for 30 seconds or so and then to pay some attention to her outer lips for at least that long without seeking to get inside. As he followed her directions she praised his efforts and murmured her pleasure.

The slow pace was new to Bill and he guessed he was already learning how to improve his technique. In the past he’d always tried to bury his tongue as deeply as possible and then move up to her clit. He recalled that while Nan seemed to enjoy his mouth on her she always interrupted him at some point and suggested that he fuck her. He’d thought that was a sign of her arousal but now realized it reflected his oral failure.

Nan shook him from his thoughts by reaching down and spreading her lips apart. They seemed swollen and moist- changes that he hadn’t noticed in the past. “Now, go a little deeper; run your tongue up and down my inner lips,” she said. “You can use your tongue to tour around in a random pattern. I’ve read some guys spell out the letters of the alphabet. It can add a bit of fun for both of us but obviously it’s your tongue that is charged with pleasing me; tracing shapes is merely a suggestion.” She paused and made a contented noise and then softly said, “That’s it; that feels nice.”

Bill loved how wet Nan’s pussy had gotten and the moans she was making. In his past oral attempts she’d never shown this much excitement. He got aroused with the optimism that he was becoming a better lover- one that would warrant Nan’s total loyalty and devotion. If he could routinely turn her pussy to jelly good orgasms would follow for her and she’d get a pair of great tits for his pleasure. Not incidentally, she’d drop any thought of wanting other lovers.

Nan didn’t speak again but her hips moved with obvious arousal as Bill explored her. Nan’s hands came up to her breasts and she fondled them gently as she basked in her husband’s attention. Her palms massaged her stiff nipples sending waves of erotic sensations straight to her pussy. After a minute or more of his random licking Nan could sense a climax in her future. It would be the first Bill had ever given her through oral by itself and she was thrilled with how this boded well for their future sex life.

Nan whispered to Bill that he could now include the sides of her clit in his wanderings and when he sensed she was nearing orgasm a finger or two in her pussy would probably push her over the edge. To subtly add to Bill’s effort Nan became more aggressive with her fondling of her tits and her fingers started playing with her nipples- pinching and twisting them. That excited both of them.

Bill did as he’d been instructed with his tongue. Her clit seemed bigger and easier to find then usual which he took as another sign of his newly found expertise as a lover. His tongue enjoyed feeling ‘her erection’ for the first time. He loved bringing Nan’s heat up to boiling. In addition to laving her clit he inserted one finger into her and gently fucked her. Within seconds Nan’s hips were spastically writhing in passion. Her body went stiff and her breath stopped as she was overwhelmed by her orgasm. Bill instinctively knew enough to pause in his attack but left his mouth and finger in contact with her pussy until she pushed him away. It took a full minute for the spasms konyaaltı escort of her climax to resolve. Inwardly she graded the experience as the best orgasm she’d had in years. She decided it was better not to share that with Bill- no need to squash his drive to get better.

She said, “Now that’s your first lesson in pleasing me. You did very well for your first time. I’m sorry I didn’t help you learn what pleases me long before now. You have great potential between my legs. I’m looking forward to the rest of February.”

“I have to admit that in the past I was clueless. A few lessons and lots of practice should make February a very important month. I’m looking forward to pleasing you beyond your wildest expectations.”

Nan needed a minute to collect herself but was well aware that Bill needed to release the pressure in his straining cock. She told him to lie on his back beside her and watched as his erect cock bobbed in the air. She moved to lie on her side next to him and gently touched his cock with her fingers. Bill moaned and pressed himself against them. She retreated just enough to maintain her light touch and then extended her fingers to tease his balls. Bill moaned with passion again and said he thought he’d been teased enough.

Nan knew he was right and slightly tightened her fingers around his shaft while pumping her hand- still with a teasingly light touch. Lubrication was needed so she moved to bring her mouth to him and replaced her hand with her mouth- taking most of his length in and moistening it with her saliva. Pulling her mouth off her hand stroked him a few more times until she repeated her skilled addition of more saliva. These steps were repeated for several minutes with Bill’s excitement increasing to near his bursting point.

Realizing that a blowjob was more intimate than her hand Nan moved over Bill, drenched his cock with saliva and took it all the way in until his pubic hair tickled her lip. She moved her head up and down while giving his corona a sexy tongue bath. This had Bill gasping with excitement as he ground his groin against Nan’s face seeking just a bit more to push him over the edge. Soon that moment arrived as he could feel the semen forcing its way up his shaft and then into her sexy mouth. His hips seemed to freeze in an unnatural arch a few inches above the bed. As his strength shot from his cock his muscles gave out and he flopped onto the bed slowly exhaling the breath that had been trapped inside.

Neither of them spoke. Each was thinking about the rest of February-a full month of oral sex with the focus on making Bill a better lover. It was going to be a good month.

Even though she was pleased by Bill’s performance and confident that he’d improve Nan couldn’t help but think about Marcie. Back in college when she’d eaten out Nan the build-up and orgasm had been earth moving. Could Bill ever be that good? Nan resolved to enjoy Marcie’s talents again. It would be fun and perhaps she’d learn why it was so great. She’d call Marcie for another lunch date and test her willingness.

Even if they couldn’t be lovers again Nan wanted to get a feel of Marcie’s breasts. It would be the best way to assess how natural or artificial they’d feel. Bill had raised the issue but Nan wondered about it too. Looks were one thing but she couldn’t get comfortable with adding plastic-feeling bags to her body. She hoped they’d feel soft and sexy.

In Bill’s mind thoughts of the climax he’d delivered made him feel great about the future. He’d undoubtedly be able to get better at oral and in so doing defuse Nan’s interest in being with big dicked guys. He also realized that he’d enjoyed eating Nan much more when he could feel her excitement. In the past his poor performance had not excited her which in turn had rendered the experience mediocre at best for both of them. Bill also wondered if he dare bring up the subject of using Marcie for research. He’d love to get his hands on her big enhanced tits to judge how they felt.

During the following week Nan contacted Marcie and they agreed to meet for lunch on her next visit to Nan’s town which was in two weeks. Nan was nervous about bringing up the subject of hoping to have a sexy date soon but also excited by the anticipated positive response.

The days leading up the lunch went slowly. Bill knew nothing of the planned meeting and Marcie didn’t know of Nan’s agenda. Nan ran countless luncheon discussions through her mind. She wanted to be subtle and a bit romantic but also needed to be clear in expressing what she wanted. If she wasn’t a bit blatant there was a good chance no progress would be made.

When the appointed day arrived Nan arrived at the restaurant 15 minutes early and was able to get a table in a corner offering enough privacy to assure no one would hear their conversation. Marcie arrived and spied her friend across the room. As she made her way to the table Nan stared at her large chest which was showcased by a relatively form fitting top. She was big; did Nan want to be that size? Perhaps a cup size smaller would be an easier adjustment. Then again she’d read that many women who’d gotten enhanced regretted not going bigger. She laughed at herself and her positing the dilemma when she kept saying she hadn’t decided on whether or not to have the surgery.

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