Setting the Limit Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Synopsis – During the celebration for LeeAnn’s High School graduation, her Uncle Fred stayed at their home, in the spare bedroom. While Mom was at work, they spent their idle time at the pool. Fred propositioned LeeAnn, and she accepted. Fred introduced her to anal sex, and she loved it. She started out by limiting his penetration, but eventually learned to take it all.

Things have worked out perfectly! I have been accepted at a college in the city where Uncle Fred lives, and I am looking forward to seeing him again. More than just seeing him, if you know what I mean.

Since the week he spent at our home last Spring, I have been thinking constantly about him. I imagine his big cock up my ass whenever I masturbate, and it makes me come like an express train. I can’t wait to turn fantasy into reality.

I called him on his cell phone to give him the news, and to say I would be arriving on this very day. I needed to check into my dorm at the college, and take care of everything there. I called him on his private phone, because I did not want to use e-mail which might be read by the wrong person.

His wife, my Aunt Carolyn, is an outspoken prude, and would suspect the worst if she saw any communication between us. She is a real phony, because I happen to know that in the bedroom she is anything but a prude.

Fred called me right back on my cell, and seemed very happy that I was in town. He suggested that we have dinner together, but I got right to the point. I said, “Why waste time with that? Can’t we just go to a Motel?” He agreed enthusiastically, and gave me the name and address of a Motel where he would be waiting.

My folks had generously provided me with a nice car, and I drove to the Motel at about 6:00PM. Fred wanted to get an early start, as he had to come up with an excuse to be late. I called his cell when I arrived in the lot, and he gave me the room number.

He answered my knock immediately, and we fell into each others arms. He was not shy, he reached around and grabbed my butt, and traced the crack with his fingers. I responded in kind, and felt his cock through his pants. Just as I remembered, it was long and hard.

Our clothes flew off, and we went over to the bed. I sat on the bed, and he stood in front of me, with his cock swaying back and forth right in my face. He said, “Please take it in your mouth.”

I have had some teenage experience with that, so I knew what to do. I took the head in my mouth, and began to slide it in and out. I couldn’t get more than half of it in my mouth, so I stroked the rest of it with my thumb and forefinger in a ring.

I was afraid I would make him cum, so I pulled it out and looked up at him. He said, “Leave it as wet as you can!” I put some extra saliva on the head, and I stood up to get into position on the bed. I got onto my hands and knees at the edge of the bed. I hunkered way down, so that my shoulders were touching my knees.

I didn’t have to use the silly trick about a lipstick line on his cock as a limit. I wanted it all the way in me now.

My butt was sticking way out past the edge of the bed, at just the right height for Fred. To welcome him, I reached back and spread my butt cheeks. We left the lights on, so I knew that everything was in plain view, including my asshole. I was not modest at all.

Finally backroom casting porno I felt what I had been dreaming about for months. The smooth tip of Fred’s cock touched my asshole. The seminal fluid that was coming out of him added to the lubrication. When he pushed, about three inches of it slid right up my ass.

He held onto my hips with both hands, and pushed the rest of it in. I did not complain at all, I guess my asshole had been permanently stretched last Spring.

He fucked me with a slow, steady motion, and I was in a trance state. I think he was really turned on too. After all, I am a lot younger than Aunt Carolyn, and barely out of my teens. His in and out strokes got longer and faster, and I knew what was coming (no pun intended).

I have always been fascinated with semen. I know when it shoots out of the little hole in the head of a cock, it is alive. It is full of billions of sperm, looking for an egg. It won’t find one up my ass or in my mouth. Either way, it gets digested and absorbed into me. A living part of him becomes a part of me.

His breathing changed, and he tensed up, and started to cum. It gushed and squirted up into me, and I was in heaven. I stroked and fingered my pussy, and I came, too.

He pulled out of me, and we collapsed on the bed, side by side.

After we had regained our composure, we talked for a while. I said, “Isn’t it great to not have to worry about my Mom coming home and catching us?” He answered, “Yes, but we have to be very careful about Carolyn. I will have to leave in a few minutes, to get home in time.”

I was disappointed that I was only going to get fucked once, but I understood. He got dressed, and kissed me goodbye, and left. I stayed in bed for an hour or so, but then I got up and got dressed. I left the room, and went back to my tiny college dorm room.

We met like that twice a week for a month. I hope he was able to cover up the cost of the Motel rooms. He must have gotten clever with his excuses, because he stayed later. That gave him the time to recover, so he could fuck me twice. I appreciated that.

One night as we rested side by side, we talked about Aunt Carolyn. Fred was not too keen on this, but I pumped him for information. I wanted to know how they did it, how often, what positions, etc.

He told me again about how he had persuaded her to try it anally, and how she then wanted it that way all the time. He told me they did it at least 3 times a week. I said, “Fred, I hope we are not killing you!” We both had a laugh.

I began to hatch a devious plan. I wanted to see them in action. I wanted to watch prissy Aunt Carolyn take his stiff hard on, all the way up her asshole. I wanted to watch her enjoy every inch of it.

Fred was reluctant, but I finally talked him into it. The plan was for me to go to his house at 6:00PM, just before Carolyn would arrive home from her job. He gave me a key, and I drove to his house, but I parked on the street around the corner. I let myself in, and hid in the bedroom closet, with the door slightly ajar.

Right on schedule, she let herself in, and came right to the bedroom. I had a terrible thought that she might want to hang up her clothes in the closet, but she just stripped down, and tossed them onto a chair.

She bangbros porno was laying on the bed, deep in thought and gently playing with her pussy, when Fred arrived. He glanced nervously at the open crack of the closet door, but he realized that I could not be seen.

Without any foreplay, or even any conversation, she rolled over face down, and said, “Just do me, please.” I was amazed at how casual they were about it. Many years of marriage, I guess. Fred undressed, and his ever-ready cock was stiff and standing up.

He climbed on top of her, being careful not to put his full weight on her, and pushed his cock all the way up her ass in one continous shove. She was obviously used to it, she didn’t even flinch.

He fucked her steadily, with an occasional glance in my direction. I couldn’t help myself, I had my pants down and I was masturbating as I watched his big cock slide up her ass.

Carolyn had a dreamy expression on her face when Fred started to cum in her. She had a quiet little orgasm herself, nothing like I do. Things must be pretty routine and humdrum for them. Not for me, as I visualized big spurts of cum shooting up inside Carolyn, I had a fairly violent orgasm.

I knocked over a stack of Carolyn’s shoe boxes, which made a loud noise. Fred tried to cover it up, saying “That’s nothing, don’t worry about it.” She didn’t believe him, and she jumped up and flew over to the closet, and jerked the door open.

“What the hell is this!”, she shouted. I stammered out some lame excuse, as Fred came over and tried to calm her down. Fred said, “Look, let’s all just go into the living room, and talk about this.”

They got dressed, and all I had to do was pull my pants up. We went into the living room, and sat down. Carolyn was much more composed than I expected. So Fred and I calmly explained.

We both were intuitively on the same page. Fred said that he had talked to me as an Uncle, trying to explain some things about sex. I jumped in and said, “He told me how good things were with you, and I begged him to let me watch. I’m sorry, but I was just very curious.”

She seemed to be buying it, and it looked like we were off the hook as far as us having sex.

Carolyn said, “I understand that a young girl can be very interested in sexual matters. But I think there is something morally wrong here.”

Come off it, I thought. I just watched you getting butt-fucked, and I happen to know you do it all the time, and you love it!

I didn’t say that out loud.

Carolyn softened a little, and she said, “I have my own curious feelings, too. I guess I might enjoy watching someone else having sex.”

Bingo!, I thought. I am going to talk her into it. I will play the innocent young girl, and let her take the lead!

With a very shy and modest look on my face, I softly said, “I would be willing to let you watch me doing it, if you want to.”

Her expression changed rapidly about 5 or 6 times, as the idea took hold. She said, “I guess it is only fair. But who is going to do it to you?”

Fred spoke up as if he was volunteering for a military suicide mission.

“I will, if you want me to.”

Carolyn was silent. Done deal, I thought!

We got up, and walked together back into the bedroom. I kept up my shy and modest beurette tour porno look, and slowly took off my clothes. Both of them stripped in a heartbeat.

I said, “What should I do?” Carolyn answered, “Just lay face down with your legs spread a little. Nothing too fancy for your first time.” If only she knew.

I did as she instructed, but before Fred could get near me, Carolyn was inspecting me. She ran her hands over the small of my back, over my butt, and then down each leg to my ankles. Her hands came back up my legs, and she touched my pussy. “Very wet!” she murmured.

She finger-fucked my pussy for a few moments, and then moved to my asshole. I tightened and clenched it as hard as I could, as she forced her middle finger up my ass. I wanted to seem like a virgin, and it worked. “Very tight!”, she said. “We will have to do this as a team.”

Carolyn was obviously becoming aroused. I knew that her sex drive was much stronger than her false front of the prim and proper matron showed.

She motioned for Fred to get into position over me, and she said, “I will take care of this. I will be in control!” I looked back over my shoulder as much as possible, and saw her take Fred’s cock in her hand.

She guided it up to my asshole, and said, “Just give it a little push.” Fred complied, and Carolyn pushed with him. The head went in fairly easy, but I squealed and flinched.

Carolyn said, “Just relax. Let it go in.” Of course, I thought, what are you waiting for? Fred didn’t push, he let her do it. She methodically inserted his cock little by little, like it was a big enema tube or a sex toy. I continued to act as if it was uncomfortable.

She would wiggle it a little bit, as if to find the way, and then push it in a fraction of an inch. She was being very careful, but it wasn’t necessary. She was concentrating intensely on penetrating me, and it was obviously making her hot.

When it was all the way in, she backed off, and said, “OK, now fuck her!” I think she was having a fantasy that she was the one fucking me, it was her big cock that was up my ass. I keep learning more and more about Aunt Carolyn.

Fred obeyed her order, and fucked me good.

Even though it was his second load in less than an hour, he pumped me full. As he was emptying himself, Carolyn had a much bigger orgasm this time, with her fingers up her cunt.

Fred pulled out of me, and laid down by my right side. Carolyn laid down by my left side, so I was surrounded by warm, affectionate bodies.

After resting and recovering, we all got up and dressed. We went back to our seats in the living room. It was weird, like we were having a meeting or something.

Carolyn was still in charge. She said, “LeeAnn, I don’t want you fooling around with any of those college boys! You don’t know what you might catch, and someone might hurt you!”

“I know you have needs, you are a healthy young woman. Why don’t you just come and visit us a couple of times a week?”

“Fred knows how to do things, not like some inexperienced college boy. And I will just enjoy seeing you being satisfied.”

I bet you will, I thought. You horny bitch.

“Yes, Aunt Carolyn, I will do that. Thank you very much for understanding.”

“But can I ask you to let me watch you some of the time? I think I can learn a lot by seeing someone with more experience.”

Her face got red and flushed, as she was obviously aroused thinking about us taking turns. And Fred just smiled and nodded his approval.

This could not have worked out any better! College is going to be a great learning experience!

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