Serendipity Ch. 09

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – Starting Vegas with a bang

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup


09 – Starting Vegas with a bang

Well I made it through the weekend only having to sleep with Mickey, no sex. Just some titty squeezes and cupping her mound a bit. The bad part was Mickey didn’t seem to be interested in sex lately so I’m not sure she really even noticed… Finally it was Monday morning. We didn’t have to be at the airport until noon so we slept in, well OK we stayed in bed. I let Mickey head off to work and went back to sleep only to be woken up by the best thing ever! There is nothing like waking up to feeling your cock slide down a beautiful woman’s throat. “Good morning gorgeous!”

Pop! “Well good morning to you sleepy head, did I wake you?”

“Oh you know you did, but I’m not objecting.”

“I didn’t think you would.” And she smiled and sank my cock back down her throat a couple more times with a grin. At least as much of a grin as she could manage around said hard cock.

“OH GOD I’LL GIVE YOU AND HOUR TO QUIT!” as she took me in again and again.

“Mmmmm, But I have other plans.” As she slid up enough to drag a nipple across my lips and then sunk down on my hard cock, that delicious nipple now just out of reach. “This week has been one of the best in a long time. I get you in me one end or the other every day.”

“And that’s a good thing?” as she started gently rocking back and forth while I cupped her tits and played with her nipples, working my cock in all the right places in her own pussy.

“Oh god you know just how to play and pull on my nipples.” As she started grinding into me working her clit against my cock. “Oh god I’m cumming!” as she stopped and quivered in a nice little cum, leaving a little puddle on my tummy. “God I needed that.” She hopped up before I filled her and grabbed a t-shirt off the floor to wipe herself off and then me, flashing her pink slit at me before standing back up. Then Nicole stood up and slipped into her flip flops and pulled her tube dress on. “I’m ready to go, what’s taking you so long?”

I just groaned and pulled the pillow over my head. “I hope I survive this week.” I did manage to get up and dressed and stumble out to get some cereal. I saw our two suitcases by the front door and laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Look at the suitcases.”

She looked, “And?”

“Usually it’s the other way around. The woman has the huge suitcase. Yours looks more like a large briefcase.”

‘Actually that’s what it is. I only packed a few sundresses, a little makeup, and about half a dozen MICRO bikini’s!”


“Yep, we’re out of town so I went down and got some that barely cover my nipples and pussy. About silver dollar size with dental floss connecting them together, small enough that they have a good chance of not even staying in place. That OK with you?”

“I’m going to have a hard on all week!”

She leaned forward and groped my cock, “That’s the plan! Now go finish getting dressed so we can go. I want a load down my throat on the way to the airport!”

I don’t remember ever getting dressed and out the door quicker thinking about being down her throat again. I grabbed both bags, my monster and her briefcase, and headed for the van.

True to her word, I was no more on the road when… “Put the cruse on!”, Nicole demanded as she was pulling my pants down. I had just engaged the cruise when she swallowed me whole.

“No matter how many times you do that, it’s always good!”

“Mmmmm” she said around my cock, planting it as deep as she could, balancing on her knees and my cock down her throat to roll her dress down.

I made sure to slow down long before the stop lights so Nicole would stay right where she was at giving me a nice leisurely blow job while I palmed her tit. Nice slow shallow strokes, and then every once in a while taking me all the way in while humming, keeping me there swallowing around my cock to work it until she had to come up for air.

“I’m getting close and we are only about five miles from the airport.” I gasped after the last deep massage. Damn I should have said that earlier. Nicole started sucking me down like a woman possessed humming and playing with my balls. If I had been on top I would have been fucking her throat. I just managed to shout, “I’m cumming!”, as I was unloading down her throat with her swallowing all the time. With the last few squirts she pulled back to keep them in her mouth, even letting a little dribble out the corner of her mouth before showing me her full mouth and swallowing it down. Then she proceeded to wipe up the dribbles with her finger and made an equally lewd production of licking canlı bahis her fingers clean.

“Damn I needed that… “

“That was the whole idea!” as she sat back in her seat and pulled up her tube dress up around her waist and fingered her pussy with one leg up on the back of my seat as we pulled into the long term garage. “Here’s a taste to tide you over.” As she brought a nice wet finger to my lips and pulled her dress down and hopped out of the van and grabbed her briefcase, waiting on me to get my monster.

Man what a sight. Following Nicole swinging her hips like she was trying to flip her skirt up and knowing there was a dripping pussy just barely hidden by that dress.

As we headed for the private jet end of the airport there was a small jet with what could only be described as a chubby nerd standing by what was obviously the pilot.

“You must be Bob?” Not quite what I pictured from his voice on the phone…

“And that would make you Danny, but where did you find this little piece of heaven?” looking toward Nicole.

“This little piece of heaven is the thorn in your former employers’ side, Bob meet Nicole.”

“You’re shitting me! I would have expected a six foot former drill sergeant the way they talked about her, not this gorgeous vision! Speaking of which, what are you doing with a lout like this guy?” He said with a wink.

In her worst southern accent, “I allowed him to escort me to Las Vegas because no one else was available. I guess I’ll have to make do!” and then she turned to me in a plain stern voice. “Now get those bags on the plane” and slapped me on the butt.

“Oh this is going to be an interesting few days with you two around. I see she’s got you hauling her suitcase to boot.”

“No this one is mine, but a lot of it will be staying in Vegas if this works out. The brief case is hers.”

That got her a strange look.

“Hey, I’m a simple girl. Two sundresses, a little make up, and half a dozen micro bikini’s is all I need!” as she went up the steps into the plane.

Both Bob and the pilot looked at me. All I could do is smile and wink and then step into the plane with the monster case, slid it into one of the back seats and sat down near the front facing back. Nicole took a seat near the back. Bob sat opposite me with his back to Nicole. The pilot came in and closed up saying we’d be wheels up in just a few minutes.

“So Bob, you seem to have made quite a jump, the slot machine company is treating you pretty nice.”

“Yeah, it’s nice to have a company that appreciates your skills, not just what sheep skin you have hanging on the wall. But why did you suddenly decide to jump ship. No offense Nicole.” He said over her shoulder.

“None taken. It’s just that Danny was brought on to take care of a specific project with the hopes of having something to keep him going. But Danny’s managed to fix a lot of little problems and is on target to complete his dual projects a few months ahead of schedule. If we could keep him we would but it’s just not in the cards.” ‘Eeeeek’ as the plane lifted off catching her by surprise. “How long is the flight?”

‘Not bad, about one hour twenty five minutes door to door.”

“Damn, now I know why I hate flying commercial. I need to go to work for the slot machine company too!” as she lifted her dress to flash me her bare pussy.

Bob paused for a second and then said slowly and deliberately. “They loaned me the jet today, no charge, but I don’t work for the slot machine company.”

That took us by surprise. I looked at Nicole, and then glanced down at her crotch until she realized she was still sitting there with her legs spread. I looked back at Bob. “You want to clarify that statement?”

Bob just smiled… “I don’t work for the slot machine company. I’m a sub-contractor… to all four major companies and a group of casinos.”

“Soooo… What company is making the job offer?”

Bob looked like he was really enjoying this. “None of them.”

“OK, now I’m totally confused. You said there was a job offer out here for me.”

“Uh Huh.”

“OK, you need to back up and explain this from the beginning starting with the sub-contractor bit.”

Bob just grinned. “I have to back up even further. You remember when I told you about the incident in the casino with the guys at the computer terminal?”


“Well they were working on a problem of the machines being cheated. I gave them a software solution to the problem and it worked. The problem came about when one of the guys was a manufactures rep, and one was the casino rep. Both wanted to lay claim to my solution. Their problem was all of the conversation was on security video so they couldn’t claim it without getting my permission.”

“Sounds reasonable.” I kept glancing back over Bob’s shoulder at my pixie with her leg up on the arm rest showing me her glistening pink pussy.

“Well after a few back and forth with each company I called around out here and wound up talking with an attorney and asked a few questions. What it boiled down to was me forming my own bahis siteleri company and licensing the solution to all the companies with some nice royalties.”

“So far so good.”

“So that’s where I am, I’m a software guy that understands the hardware a bit. I’m looking for a partner that is a hardware guy that understands the software a bit.”

“So this is an interview?”

“You could call it that, but I’ve worked with you all through the beta test on the new software. Yeah, you caught The Software Company trying to get away with things and cutting corners. And you made them pay for their attitude, but you weren’t vindictive about it.”

“Maybe a little punitive… “

“Hey, you try to get away with something, you deserve to get your hands slapped. As long as you don’t cut the fingers off, they got what was coming. But the best part was making them bring it up on a ghost network so it didn’t jeopardize the setup in place. Nobody had ever done that before. And you should see how pissed they and several of the other companies are because that little news got out!”

“Hey, it was the only way I could think of to make sure it was working without screwing us up… HEY!! … WAIT A MINUTE… DID YOU SAY… PARTNER????” I looked back at Nicole. She was covering her mouth with her hand but I could tell she was doing all she could do to keep from laughing. She caught it but didn’t say anything.

‘Took you long enough. That’s what you get for getting distracted by those legs.” Nicole just spread her legs wide for a moment to make her pussy open to flash me a lot more pink and stuck her tongue out.

“So what kind of partnership/”

“51-49 my favor.”

“So how many guys in the company?”

“Including you?”

“Uh Huh.”

“… Two… “

“OhhhhhhhKaaaaay… So what exactly is it you do for these companies?”

“Pretty simple actually, we figure out how the cheats are fooling the machines and then figure out how to stop it.”

‘No pressure there!!”

“Not really. Between the security videos and the software records we have a pretty good idea but nothing exact.”

“WE’LL BE LANDING IN ABOUT FIVE MINUTES” we heard over the speakers.

“Look, think about it. We’ll get you over to the hotel and get you checked in and drop your stuff off. They will put it in your rooms when they are available. I had the pilot radio ahead for a second room for Nicole by the way. Then we’ll run over to my place and we can go over things.”

“While you boys arrange things I’m going to use the ladies room before we land.” She stood up and turned, but then bent a bit and flipped the back of he skirt up to flash me her ass before disappearing into the restroom. If I hadn’t been so flabbergasted at Bon’s offer I would have noticed…

Nicole had no more closed the door when Bob asked, “You want to tell me about you and an officer of The Boutique?” as he hooked his thumb over his shoulder towards the back of the plane.

I just grinned. “She’s my roommate and I kinda helped her get her her job.”

“You got her her job… and she’s your roommate! You get to see that all day?”

“Not much at the office, I’m out in the field most of the time. But yeah I’m just forced to watch her run around the apartment with a towel on her head.”

Bob’s eyes bugged out and he was about to say something when Nicole came out of the bathroom. “Oh that feels better!” as she tweaked her nipples at me and plopped back in her seat about the time the seat belt sign dinged on.


“Well looks like plans change. I’ll let you go on to the hotel. Have the shuttle bring you over when you’re ready,” and headed up to the cockpit.

Nicole hopped up and plopped down opposite me in Bob’s seat with a squeek. “You are an ornery little pixie!”

“Who me?” as she put her foot in my crotch as we touched down. “I’ve got a surprise for you later at the hotel!”

“Damn girl!” as we pulled up to the terminal.

“This was nice. Less than two hours door to door. Commercial would have been five or six on a good day.”

“I could get used to this, but let’s get to the hotel and go from there.” We got up and grabbed our suitcases. With Nicole making a bit of a production of getting it down after Bob stepped out. I know the pilot enjoyed the show though…

We no more than got out of the plane when the driver grabbed our bags and helped us into the van, enjoying a good excuse to check Nicole out, she did nothing to discourage it, and I thought I saw a bit of a grin as he turned to get in the front. He was driving and talking non-stop about Vegas and the amenities at the hotel… “and we even have two ‘Mediterranean’ pools for those with European backgrounds.”

“And what are the ‘Mediterranean pools?” Nicole asked.

“For those that want, there are two Mediterranean pools for our European customers. One is topless and the other is clothing optional.” As he checked Nicole out in the rear view mirror.

“That sounds interesting, I didn’t bahis şirketleri need to bring my bikini’s after all!” in a bit of a bimbo voice.

I think both me and the driver groaned at the same time.

“Here we are, you two have a nice stay!”

We went to check in. My room was ready, but since Bob had called in, the room next door wasn’t ready yet. We had them put the bags in my room and headed for the restaurant for lunch.

“So did you have any idea about Bob’s offer?” I asked her.

“Nope, first I heard of it was when you two were talking.”

“And you just let me babble on up there while you flashed your pussy at me?”

“I didn’t hear you complaining. Besides, I’m not done. As soon as we’re finished here I’m going to take you up to the room and ride you until you fill me!”

My eyes flashed open at that. No more conversation… I wolfed down my plate and we headed to the room. Room hell, this was one of two penthouse suites on the top floor!

“Damn Danny! I could get used to this! I might have to come visit if this is the way they put people up.”, looking out the balcony over the city.

“Yea it does have a nice view!” as I sat on the chair and looked at her dress. Or should I say through her dress in the sun to see the outline of her pussy.

“I thought you might like this one.” She said as she turned around. “Now I need something in my pussy!” pulling her dress up so give me a direct view of her shaved pussy as Nicole walked over and kneeled down to pull my pants down, swallowing me whole as she did so bobbing up and down a few times.

“Man that never gets old!” I said as she came up off me reaching down, and then up, for a nice handful of tit.

“Neither does this,” as she straddled me and sank down. No problems there even for as tight as she was when she’s that soaking wet. She pulled her top down and leaned forward. “Now suck on my nipples and fill me!” I reached for her butt as she leaned forward to put her nipples in my face. She grabbed my hands and pulled them up to her tits and started grinding into me. “Oh yeah, that fills me up soooo nice.”

She rode up and down, stopping to grind her clit against the base of my cock every so often while leaning forward enough to keep her nipples in my mouth as she did. “Oh yes, Here I come, fill me Danny! I want to feel you shoot in me!” As she started clamping down on my cock, she arched back pulling those nipples out of my mouth. “Yes, Yes, Yes… fill that chocolate pussy!” That tight spasming pussy was all I could take.

“Here it comes!” as I slid my hands to her sides enough to get a grip and still be able to flick her nipples with my thumbs. I bounced her hard down on my cock, driving home on every stroke and emptying my balls into her. As Nicole finally sank down leaving me semi-hard inside her, I was totally drained. “Girl you are going to kill me!” I whispered into her soft neck before kissing it.

“Not right away I hope.” She stood up holding her hand over her pussy and scooted to the bathroom while I tried to stay conscious. She came back out a minute later with her dress pulled back up over her tits and a hand towel squeezed between her thighs as she walked over with a wet wash cloth to clean me off, after taking me down her throat a few times. “Now run along and meet with Bob, but don’t take too long. I have a big surprise for you this evening.” And she sucked me down one last time, then got up leaving me sitting there with my pants around my ankles.

I heard her start the shower, and I SLOWLY managed to pull my pants up and stagger down to the front desk. I asked about the shuttle and where I could rent a car. Turns out the executive suite entitled us to a courtesy car so I just drove over to Bob’s, recuperating along the way. I was pretty much back to normal when I pulled in.

“Hey Danny, I see you got the courtesy car. That didn’t take long.”

“I asked about a rental and they told me. So, where were we?”

“Come on in, let me show you around.” We walked inside.

“Nice place, how long have you been out here?”

“About two months, I started out in an apartment but had to get a house to have room for all the machines.”


“Yea, come on down into my office.”

Hitting the bottom of the stairs I had to just stop and look. “Office hell! This looks like a cross between a casino and the set for Star Trek!”

Bob just laughed. “Yea that about describes it. You’ll wind up with something similar. I’ve got a few different types of machines from each of the manufacturers on that wall. They are hooked to a duplicate of the internal communications system over here, along with the player system for security videos.”

“And you call this work?”

“Yeah, well sometimes it’s a play room. Other times like now it’s a mad house fighting the clock.”

“OK, we might as well see if this is something I can do. Let’s see how this works?”

“OK, you heard the call I got while on the plane, they are getting impatient. Well that’s how it usually starts. If they can’t get a hold of me here they page me. Today was unusual in that the casino trying to get a hold of me was the same one that loaned me the plane. I get the security video copies and whatever other relevant material there is. Today it includes this.”

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