Selfsucking Adventure

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When I was about 18, I wasn’t exactly a stud. I was tall, but not very muscular; I was also quiet and had a bit of a problem with acne. Needless to say, I wasn’t very good at talking to girls. Obviously, masturbation played a big part of my life. I wouldn’t call myself “addicted,” but I did do it often, simply because as I couldn’t get any relief from a girl I needed it from my right hand.

Often, when my parents weren’t home, I would look at pictures of woman in various lingerie catalogues, and jack off to them. One day, while surfing the web, I came across a website that featured autofellatio, better known as self sucking. I immediately entered the site and was confronted by multiple images of men sucking themselves off. I was totally fascinated.

I mean, guys love getting blowjobs. I had fantasized about getting one, and now the mere thought of me being able to give myself one almost made me cum right then and there. casino oyna Unfortunately, at that moment the garage door went up as my parents returned, and I had to get off the computer and erase my history.

For the remainder of the day, all that I could think of was going up to my room and sucking my dick. I couldn’t stand the fact I had to wait! Finally, I was able to get some privacy after dinner, as I claimed I “have a big test to study for and don’t want to be disturbed.” I went into my room and I stripped off my clothes so fast I nearly killed myself! My cock was already fully erect and pulsing with anticipation.

So, I climbed onto my bed and stretched a bit (I’m pretty flexible, about 6 ft tall and slim). I did all the exercises you do as you stretch and warm up before running or participating in other sports. Soon, I just tried bending over and seeing if I could get my cock to my mouth. I got close, maybe about 3 inches canlı casino away, but that just seemed like a whole mile to me. I struggled for a while to get closer to my 7 inch cock, then I tried pulling myself down with my arms wrapped under my thighs. With a little effort, I inched closer and closer. Finally I couldn’t see the tip of my stiff member. I stuck out my tongue and felt it brush the very tip, which merely intensified my thirst for my own cock.

After about 10 more minutes or so, I was able to get my lips to touch the head, but this progress was going far too slow for me. So, I tried using the “butterfly position.” From there I was able to get the whole tip into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around and nearly came instantly.

I continued my struggle, and I was soon got down about another quarter of an inch, but my back was getting sore and my prick was begging for a release. I thought, “My legs are stronger than kaçak casino my arms, can’t I use them to get me closer?”

I shifted around a bit and was able to get my legs up over my shoulders, kind of like a pretzel. Now I was in perfect sucking position, and as I flexed my legs my mouth instantly engulfed my member. I began to suck frenziedly. Every time I flexed my legs my cock went in and out of my mouth, and soon I was swirling my tongue and feeling that I was fast approaching that point of no return we all know about. I moaned with every thrust, and I felt my cock pulse with each and every heartbeat, coming ever closer to that inevitable climax. I gripped my ass cheeks with my hands, and began squeezing them and my balls, when suddenly I felt it happen.

I moaned with pleasure as my cock erupted in my mouth, sending streams of my hot cum down my throat, and to my surprise, I liked the taste and feel of this and greedily devoured it all. I slowly unfolded myself from my sucking position, and lay there for a few minutes, exhausted from the strain and pleasure.

I would love to have some feedback. There will be more stories coming!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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