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“Milo, have you checked on her yet?”

“Not yet, mama. I’m on the train now. I’ll call you when I get there, okay?”

“Okay. You be careful too, my son.”

“Yes mama.”

I sighed as I hung up the phone, and as a cough rang out behind me, I froze.

A few sharp glares followed the perpetrator, and I shot him a sympathetic look as he moved to the rear of the car.

When Covid-19 first appeared in Italy, no one thought it would be this big a deal, but as the numbers began to surge, indifference turned to concern, and concern to outright panic.

Everyone was on edge, and none more so than my parents.

It was the reason I was even risking this trip to northern Italy, to Corsico where my sister stayed.

It had been two days now since she started feeling a bit ill, and my parents pretty much demanded that I go to her immediately.

Not that I wouldn’t have, anyway.

Stephanie and I were very close, and even if this were an all-out zombie apocalypse, I would probably brave the end of the world itself to get to her.

Nevertheless, I hated being told what to do, so even as I bought the tickets and hastily packed, I made certain that my complaints over ‘being forced’ to make the trip had been sufficiently heard.

I glanced at the watch on my hand, as another cough echoed from the back of the car.

Don’t touch your face.

Don’t touch anything.

I repeated the mantras as I stared out the window, hoping that Stephanie’s affliction was just the flu, and nothing to be worried about.


It was just after noon when I finally made it to her little apartment, and as I knocked on the door and waited, her voice finally called out.

“Emiliano?” she said.

“The one and only.”

The door swung open to reveal my sister, dressed warmly in her pjs and a fuzzy robe.

A mask covered her mouth and nose, and she shot me a sarcastic look.

“There’s three Emilianos on this floor alone,” she countered.

For a second, I wanted to hug her, but as if anticipating my desire, she hung back, staring at me defensively.

“I might be letting you in because you came all the way here, but I’m self-quarantining,” she warned, and I raised a hand in surrender.

“You know how mom is. She would come here herself if I didn’t,” I answered, and she sighed, stepping aside and letting me in.

“I disinfected everywhere, so you should be fine, but my room is off limits,” she warned, and I snickered.

“Just like old times, then,” and she rolled her eyes at the comment.

“I don’t remember ever banning you from my room,” she said, and I smirked.

“I don’t remember ever being invited.”

She made sure I got in, and knew where everything was before disappearing into her room, and I sighed, then picked up my phone and called my mom, letting her know that I’d arrived safely, and that Steffi was basically fine.

“Did you get tested?” I asked, going through some of Steffi’s mail that I’d picked up on my way up to her floor.

“Yeah. Result should be in tomorrow,” she called, and I nodded.

“And classes?”

“Suspended for the semester,” she replied.

“Guess that’ll be another year in Italy,” I mumbled to myself.

Steffi went quiet for a while, and when I eventually peeked into her room, I caught sight of her sleeping, so I decided to get unpacked, and I unwound for a bit with a smoke and a bit of wine.

As the evening wound on, I had begun feeling drowsy when Steffi called out, her voice a bit weak.

“You there, jackass?”

“Hold on,” I said, barging into her room.

“No, don’t come in!” she yelled, and I froze just as my foot crossed the threshold of her doorway.


“I’m thirsty,” she complained, and I rolled my eyes.

“And how am I gonna bring you water without coming in?”

“Leave it by the door and I’ll get it myself. These are the rules,” she explained, and I sighed.

As I fetched her the glass, she retrieved it, shooting me a bit of a glare as she did, and she quickly shut the door, disappearing into her room.

But from the light that peeked out from under the doorway, I could see the shadow from her body move as she sat down against the wooden barrier.

“This doesn’t really feel like if I’m taking care of you,” I complained.

“Yeah? Well tough,” she replied. “I’m not gonna be the reason you get this thing.”

Her tone was defiant, and I smiled as I took a seat on the other side of the door.

“What are your symptoms so far?” I asked.

“Dry cough. Fever. Throat really sore,” she complained, and I sighed.

“I should get you some lemons; break out mom’s old lemonade recipe.”

“Uh, no? You’re not leaving the house,” she warned.

“You’re not my mother,” I countered, and the door swung open.

“Promise me right now!” she exclaimed, and I shot her a questioning look, surprised by how serious she suddenly got.

“Sheesh, I was kidding, dummy.”

She folded her hands and frowned, before slamming the door shut, and I sighed, getting up from the floor and heading to the kitchen to do a xvideos porno quick supply check.

Some thanks I get for coming here! I thought.

She appeared to have enough instant chicken noodle soups and ramen noodles to last at least a month, but I felt sick of the stuff already just by looking at it.

I’d need to go get groceries eventually, but I’d have to put that off until I had a better grasp of Stephanie’s schedule, and when best I could make the run without her knowing.

“Hey, I’m gonna lie down,” I called, as I walked past her room. “Ring me if you need anything, kay? Don’t just sit there and yell.”

She mumbled an ‘okay,’ and as I headed to the guest bedroom, I noticed that she was still slumped by the door.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked.

I waited, and as no reply came, I began to worry.


Still nothing, so this time I swung the door open, to find her slumped on the floor, falling asleep just like that.

“You can’t sleep on the floor,” I said, as I quickly scooped her up.

“Lemme alone,” she mumbled, drowsily, and I disregarded the complaint as I half-dragged, half-carried her to her bed.

She was out cold before I could even pull the covers over her, and I let out a long sigh as I studied her, before heading over to my own bathroom to disinfect, and wash my hands thoroughly.

I slept uneasily that night, checking constantly on Steffi, and she slept quite soundly, until around four a.m., when she finally stirred as I made the rounds.

“You’re not supposed to be here,” she groaned, as she stretched lazily.

“Thirsty?” I asked, and as she nodded, I gestured towards the water bottle on her night stand.

“Are you taking anything?” I asked, and she nodded, pointing to her dresser.

I retrieved the card of tablets and brought it to Steffi, and she shot me a glum look as I helped her get them out.

“Seriously. I’m supposed to be self-quarantining,” she complained.

“Well… I didn’t come here to sit in the other room while you suffer through this alone,” I countered, and she sighed. “How do you feel?”

“How do I look?” she replied, and I smirked.

“Terrible,” I said, and she clicked her tongue, as she pointed at me with a finger gun.

On the mark, I thought.

“I won’t touch my face, and I’ll disinfect as soon as I leave,” I promised. “But just tell me what you need.”

“You can’t give me what I need, lil’ bro,” she countered, and I sighed.

“Can’t get what you don’t ask for,” I replied, and she raised her hands as she stretched like a sleepy cat.

“Hugs, and kisses, and lots of love,” she said, and I smirked.

“Fine. When you’re better, I’ll see what I can do,” I promised, and she smiled.

“Fucking liar,” she said, before hugging her pillow tight. “Now get out of here before I throw you out.”

After I left the room, I slept a little better, but my sleep was interrupted by the sound of my sister’s voice, and I woke up just in time to hear her talking on her cellphone.


I knocked on the door as she went silent, and she cleared her throat before replying.

“Up already?” she asked.

“Yeah. Was that the doctors?”

“Yeah,” she said, her tone a little down.

“Well? What’s the verdict?”

“Might as well change my name to David Draiman, because I am down with the sickness,” she joked, and I sighed, as much at the news as at her miserable sense of humor.

“Could you be more specific? I mean, you’ve been ill in the head for as long as I can remember.”

“Let’s just say I’m bat-aliciously, afflicted. Oh, oh! I have another one. I’m livid with covid,” she continued, and I sighed, opening the door.

“One more bad pun and I might be forced to put you down,” I warned, and she pouted at me.

“Keep the door closed, loser,” she said, and I shook my head.

“One meter of distance. We’re fine,” I replied, and she sighed.

She was slumped over at her bedside, and looking as miserable as ever.

“Don’t tell mom,” she said, and I nodded.


“Or anyone,” she said, and I tilted my head.


“Because you’ve been in contact with someone infected, idiot,” she answered, and I shook my head.

“I’ll have to get tested anyway,” I replied, and she sighed.

“And what if you have it?”

“I’ll have it whether I do the test or not,” I answered, and she pouted again.

“Because of me,” she said, and I shrugged.

“I’ve endured worse things for you than a virus.”

“Name one!” she shot back, and I smiled mischievously.

“Paul?” I answered, and her mouth fell open.

“Low blow.”

She folded her hands, and pouted, and I shrugged again.

“I was provoked,” I reasoned, and she sighed.

“If you have it, then I want my hugs and kisses,” she whined, and I studied her with interest.

“Been lonely out here?” I asked, and she nodded, to my surprise.

Maybe it was just the virus, but she was being more open than usual.

It actually made me quite worried.

“How long before I need yerli porno to get tested?” I asked, and she shrugged.

“I’ll ask my doctor when he calls again.”

“Okay. Well, I’m gonna make you one of these soups,” I said, getting up and heading to the kitchen, but just as I got out a little soup pot, and filled it with water, I heard her calling out.

“What?” I asked, poking my head out the doorway.

“I’m bored,” she complained, and I rolled my eyes.

“Well, get used to it. Self-quarantine, remember?”

She pouted, rolling onto the floor, and putting her feet up against the bed.

“Go get tested today.”

“What? I’ve only been here one night. I have zero symptoms.”

“I know, I just want… company,” she said. “I feel achy and miserable.”

I put my hands on my hips, and studied her…

The cold always managed to bring out her most bratty side, didn’t it?

“I can skip the test for now and just come in,” I reasoned, and she shook her head, covering her mouth with her hand.

“I don’t want you to get it.”

“Well then I’ll stay out here.”

“But, I’m bo-ored,” she whined, kicking her feet, and I let out an exasperated sigh.

“How old are you, again?”

“Twenty-two,” she answered proudly, but as I shook my head at her, she frowned.

“Don’t be mad, Milly, I’m just being bratty because I feel awful.”

“I know,” I said, heading back to the kitchen.

When I brought her the soup, she ate it without complaint, and after taking her meds, she was fast asleep.

It was as good a time as any to make a quick shopping run, but since I’d now been in actual contact with her, I knew staying in was the right thing to do.

Don’t be the idiot that goes out and spreads this thing further, I told myself.

I made myself an instant ramen, then put on Netflix, and just watched some random series in silence.

I wasn’t sure how much time went by when I fell asleep, but when I woke up, I noticed my phone buzzing, and I cursed under my breath.

“Steph?” I called, and she answered from the other side of the door with a groan. “You okay?”

“Thirsty,” she called, and I quickly went to the tap, and filled a glass.

“Where were you? I called like three times,” she whined.

“I forgot to take my phone off of silent,” I apologized, and she stared at me glumly.

“I could have died!”

“But did you, though?” I countered, and she pouted.

“You don’t love me anymore.”

“Of course, I do. Why else would I come here?” I replied.

“Because mom made you do it,” she shot back, and I laughed.

“You mean, in spite of mom asking me to do it? Come on, get back to bed.”

“What time is it?” she asked, and I glanced at my phone.

“A little after two.”

“Sanitize your phone when you leave,” she warned, and I nodded, as I helped her up to her bed.

As I turned to leave, she whined again, and as I looked back, she shot me a puppy dog look.

“I don’t want you to get sick, Milly. But if you’re gonna get sick, hurry up and get sick so you can stay here with me.”

“You are not an easy woman to please,” I joked, and she turned her head up, in defiance, as I tucked her in and headed back to my room.

The next morning, after making another chicken noodle soup for Steffi, I called and made arrangements to get tested at the nearby health facility.

“Do you have masks?” Steffi asked, as I got ready to leave, and I nodded. “Just one?”

“Yeah. It’s less than twenty minutes away.”

“Take at least two. You don’t know how long you might have to wait. If it gets moist, you need to change it. And no touching it until time to take it off.”

“I know,” I said, and she grumbled.

“Now I know how mom feels,” she said, and I smirked.

“Then don’t try to ‘mom’ me,” I replied, and she sighed.

“I’m just worried. Be safe. And come straight back here.”

“Alright, sheesh.”

“I’m serious, mister. No excursions!”

“Pinky swear,” I said, waving a pinky at her, and she let out one more sigh, before closing the door just as I disappeared down the corridor.

I headed straight for the testing facility, which had been quite efficient and well prepared to receive me as I arrived.

I filled out a quick questionnaire, though as soon as I mentioned that I’d been in close contact to someone with a confirmed case of infection, I was quickly given the green light for testing.

A nurse took two swabs; one from my nostril, and the other from my cheek, and after leaving the relevant contact info, I headed home.

“That was quick. Are you sure you did it right?”

“I dunno. Was I supposed to jerk off before the swab, or after?”

“Ha ha. When will the result be back?”

“This evening,” I replied. “They said they have a testing center here in Corsico now, so the samples don’t have to go all the way to Milan for testing anymore.”

“Oh. That’s convenient… although, I guess that means it’s gotten that bad here, huh.”

I shrugged.

Stephanie disappeared into her room, but I quickly noticed her youjizz porno shadow pacing back and forth.

“Are you alright?” I asked, and her shadow quickly paused.

“Y-yeah, why?”

“You seem… anxious,” I replied.

“I’m not anxious. You’re anxious!” she countered, and I opened the door.

“Are you seriously that worried?” I asked, and she bit her finger and nodded.

“I was being a brat, and you ended up touching me. I should have just kept my stupid face shut.”

I chuckled at her.

“Doesn’t matter. I was like two days away from coming in there anyway.”

“Wouldn’t let you,” she shot, and I smirked.

“As if you could stop me.”

“Is that a threat?” she asked, feigning surprise, and I shrugged.

“Take it how you want.”

“So, you would do that? To your own sister? Just come in here and take advantage of me?”

Her eyes lit up as she spoke, and I shook my head at her.

“That’s supposed to scare you, not excite you. Weirdo.”

She plopped down on the bed, and folded her arms crossly.

“Can’t blame a girl for getting a little desperate. I’m not getting any action otherwise.”

“I think this virus might be going to your head,” I scoffed, and she frowned.

“Or maybe it’s going somewhere else…”

I ignored her comment, as she shifted suggestively.

I was trying to figure out what to do next, when my phone rang.

“Is this Emilano Genovesi?”

“Yes, this is him,” I answered.

Stephanie quickly came over, trying to listen in, and I shooed her away.

“Self-quarantine, remember?” I mouthed, and she frowned, retreating to almost exactly one point five meters away.

“You tested negative for the Covid-19 virus. You said you were staying with a close family member? A sister?”


“If her infection is mild, it would be best to find somewhere else to stay until she’s recovered.”

“Yes, I understand,” I said, ducking into my room and pulling the door shut.

“What if her condition is bad?” I asked in a lower voice, and the man paused.

“Respiratory problems?”

“No. Just high fever, pretty bad fatigue.”

“Hmm,” the man responded, “our facilities are at max capacity. We can’t take in someone who isn’t suffering from respiratory problems right now. I guess, its up to your discretion.”

“Okay, understood.”

“Feel free to call our emergenc-“

I ended the call, then opening the door, I put the phone to my ear, and continued:

“Yes, I’ll be sure to keep myself indoors. I understand.”

Stephanie shot me a sharp glare, and I pretended to hang up again.

“You’ve got it?”


“Are you sure?”

“I’m not just sure, I’m C-O-V positive,” I replied, in my best imitation of an Eric Cartman voice, and Steffi rolled her eyes in response.

“Leave the bad jokes to me… and just, never do another impersonation again. Ever. Okay?”

I frowned, and she rubbed her left leg against her right, as she began to shift uncomfortably.

“You’re not fucking with me?” she said. “You really have it?”

“Yeah. Most likely I got it on the train, though. So, you don’t need to feel responsible.”

“Right… and I’m totally not responsible for the train you took to come here.”

I shrugged.

“Final chance, loser. You’re not lying to me?” she asked, and I shook my head as sincerely as I could.

She eyed me carefully, then sighed, coming over to me and wrapping her arms around me tight.

“Oh sweet, human, warmth,” she cooed, and I chuckled.

“You really weren’t kidding about being desperate,” I chided, and she ignored me, as she nuzzled her face into my chest.

“It’s lonely out here,” she explained, and I sighed.

“Then why did you come?”

She frowned, then taking my hand, she pulled me with her towards her room and onto her bed.

“Lie down,” she ordered, and as I complied, she lay down next to me. “Now, hold me.”

I put my arms around her, and she snuggled up closer to me.

“Isn’t this a little too intimate?” I chided, and she turned around, and shot me a sharp glare.

“I’m sick. You have to listen.”

“I’m sick too, aren’t I?”

She placed a hand against my forehead, and then frowned.

“No fever. I on the other hand, might be dying you know. Are you gonna deny your dying sister’s final wishes?”

I rolled my eyes, hugging her tight.

“Is there anything else, your highness?”

“I got the hugs, but I was promised kisses,” she complained.


If I did that, I might actually catch this thing.

Part of me still planned to sanitize and just be careful…

“You’ll get those when you get better,” I countered, and she sighed.

“I need to take my meds,” she said, but as I moved to get up, she held onto my hand.

“Can’t go get them if you don’t let go,” I chided, and she frowned.

“Every time I let go, you take longer and longer to come back.”

I eyed her as she spoke.

“What’s gotten into you?” I asked, and she shrugged.

“Maybe it’s the virus… I just. I thought I knew what I wanted from life, but now that I’m sick…”

“You’ll get better,” I promised, and she sighed.

“Dying isn’t what I’m afraid of.”

She let go of my hand, but as I went to the kitchen to fetch her a glass of water, her words resonated in my head.

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