Seize the Day-1

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Seize the Day-1

You stopped by for a visit. After dinner and a few beers you decided to spend the night. Neither of us had work the next day but my wife needed to leave early to help family. We could sleep late and hang out here all day; TV, games, beer.

In the morning you heard the front door close and rolled over to drift off for a little more. Later you awake to muffled noises. You head for the bathroom. On the way by my room you look in to seem me twist up in my blankets, rustling a little, mumbling. You think to yourself, must be some dream.

After you pee and drink a little water you hear me moan from my room. A good kind of moan. You quietly walk back to my door and look over the scene. My head is half off the bed and one arm is twisted behind my back, one knee is pulled up. My arm seems to be moving up and down my back. Then you see I’m moving my hand around my crack under the blankets.

I moan again and you can see me moving in time to my breath. Drool is hanging from my slack lips. That’s when you realize I’m playing with myself and enjoying it. You feel a twitch between your legs. As you watch closer you think I’m slowly finger fucking my own ass. You feel repulsed and it turns you on.

Embarrassed, you turn away and start back to your room. You hear me moan again and again. The thought of what I’m doing feels strange, but being a guy you begin to wonder. That’s when you notice you are getting excited and curious.

You return to my doorway and stare at me wondering if I’m aware of you standing there. You clear your throat. Nothing. I just keep going seemingly unaware of your presence. You notice my mouth reaches out each time I moan. You wonder what I’m imagining. Now you are getting hard and your mind is forgetting the strangeness.

You take a chance, drop your pants and kneel down next to my head. You rub your dick against my open mouth until I lick my lips. Then you push the head in for a moment and pull it back out. I don’t seem to notice. I’m still slowly finger fucking myself and moaning.

You move the head of your dick in and out of my mouth a couple more times. I respond by licking your dick head and kissing the air. So you put the head in my mouth again and leave it there. You can feel my tongue roll around your dick and my mouth closes on the head and sucks in. Now each time I push my finger into my ass you feel me slip forward further on to your dick.

You push in a little and I slide my head closer accepting your offering. Again you hold still. This time I slide out to the end of your dick and then let it back in my mouth. I continue moving like this and you notice it is in time with my slow finger fuck. My hips rock and my head bobs in time to the rhythm.

With one hand you reach under the blanket and behind my ass to find your assumption was right. I have two fingers slowly moving in and out of my slick ass. With your other hand you reach up and cradle my head and together you push my hand in my ass and my head down your now very hard dick.

I moan around your meat and suck harder and deeper as you keep up my rhythm. My alsancak escort hips pushing back against our hands finger fucking my asshole in time. Rocking my mouth on and off your cock.

You speak for the first time, “Is that good? Do you want me to keep fucking your mouth?” I get more excited and start moving faster, hungrier, moaning.

You’re getting close to coming in my mouth. “Do you want me to come in your mouth, or would you like me to fuck you in the ass?”

I respond by pulling off your dick, “Be gentle I’m not used to getting fucked.”

You pull my hand away from my ass and wet two of your own finger and slide them in. I moan and with my eyes still closed I search for your dick with my mouth. You push hard at both ends and I squirm but don’t protest. You finger fuck me harder and wiggle your fingers around loosening up my tight hole. Your dick now nearly down my throat.

The deeper you push your fingers the deeper I try to swallow your dick until you are close to coming again. You pull out of my mouth and instruct me, “Roll over. Put your ass over the side of the bed so I can fuck you.” I comply blindly my eyes still closed lost in my fantasy and desires. My ass hanging precariously of the edge of the bed.

You lube up your dick and position it at the opening. You push in so the head just enters and then you pull it back out. I moan with a squeal. Waiting for a moment for me to twitch, you do it again. I start to relax and your dick enters easier and easier with each attempt. My moaning getting lower and lower till I’m grunting.

You ask me, “Are you ready? I’m going to fuck you in the ass and dump my load.” I nervously respond, “Yes. Fuck me. Please come in my ass.”

You push in a little past the head and stop. I twitch and push back with a deep moan. You ease in a little further and stop. Now I rock my hips willingly, sliding your dick in and out in short strokes. You wait for me to build up my desire and then you start to fuck your dick in most of the way.

My breathing is heavy now and I’m sweaty to the touch. Your dick is sliding smoothly in all the way until your hips bump into my ass. I groan as you bump and grind your strokes into my willing hole. I’m pushing against you getting every inch in.

My body is shaking with each thrust now. My rocking and pushing is picking up speed and you are getting close to coming again. You grit your teeth, “Is that good? You like that? Having my big dick fucking your ass?”

I’m nearly out of breath. I manage to squeak out, “Oh yes. Oh, fuck my ass. It feels so hot. Are you going to come in my ass?” between breaths and thrusts. This makes you stiffen and start squirting. You push in all the way and I moan loudly.

You hold my ass against your hips as you jerk, dumping your load deep in my ass. I feel each blast and squeeze your dick in time milking your juices. After you finish pumping your last shot in you push my ass back on the bed pulling your dick out and cover me with the blankets.

In catching my breath, I fall back asleep and you wander back to your bed thinking to yourself ‘Seize the Day.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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