Seducing the Studious Girl

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There was hardly any girl that didn’t appeal to me; but none of them were as attractive as Carla to my hungry, lusty eyes. Just looking at her ass and tits bouncing whenever she entered the classroom was enough to catch my attention. She was a studious gal so I knew she’d not be as approachable as the slutty bitches who were vying to be fucked to get more popular than each other.

Carla was different. She had a certain grace, confidence and dignity that I wanted to shatter. I wanted to make her my own little slut.

One day I approached her during the lunch hour.

“Umm, Carla?”

“Hello, who are you?” She said, adjusting her spectacles as she eyed me with a smile.

Bitch didn’t know one of the most popular blokes in class! Don’t worry, I promised to make her suck my dick in the near future.

I plastered a fake smile and lifted a textbook in my hands.

“I’m uh… Steve. The exams are next month and I really need your help with calculus…”

“I was gonna practice calculus anyway! Why don’t you drop by my place this evening?” She said innocently.

This was my opportunity! She was offering herself on a silver platter!



“Hello Carla!” I said as she opened the door to greet me. I handed her a rose flower. She was wearing a red T-shirt and black shorts that exposed her silky lower legs.

“Thanks Steve!” She said as I followed her inside. She lived in a giant house. I’d already noticed another floor from the outside. We were standing in the middle of a giant hall that led into a corridor at the other end. There was a study table, a couple of chairs, a computer and a music player.

“You set up your stuff on that table while I get us some juice!” She said excitedly as she walked over towards the gallery, presumably where the kitchen must’ve been.

I unpacked my bag and sat on a chair. On the walls were pictures, mostly her and her family. There was a solo photograph of her on the beach. She looked slightly younger, about 20 years old in the photograph and was in a bikini and sunglasses. Looking at her smooth skin, cleavage and innocent smile just strengthened my resolve to fuck her.

“Whatcha lookin’ at?” I turned around as Carla entered, carrying a tray with two glasses of orange juice.

“Nothin’, just lookin’ at your family. Is that your dad?” I pointed towards a photo where she stood in some restaurant with a man nearing 60s.

“That’s one of my uncles…” She said with distaste, “My parents have gone to my granny’s for 2 weeks. She’s a bit ill. But since we have our exams coming up, I couldn’t go…”

Bingo! So she was alone for two weeks!

“I hope you don’t mind my company…”

“Not at all! I’d love someone to join me for studies, especially someone as gentle and sweet like you!”

I smiled, for real this time.

The rest of the evening was uneventful as we studied calculus for two hours and made small talk. But I was building up her trust. “Do you mind if I come tomorrow? We could do some trigonometry…”

“Sure! I’d love to!” She smiled.

And so I started dropping at her place daily. Our study sessions got longer, lasting for up to 4-5 hours. I hadn’t made any moves yet. I knew that one small mistake could push me away from her forever.

This schedule lasted for 4 days.

Then came Saturday and I planned to pay her a surprise visit in the morning.

Armed with my books and a rose, I headed over to her house. As soon as I rang the bell, I heard “Coming!” and heard footsteps approaching the door.

When she opened the door my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Studious Carla stood at the door, wearing nothing but a pink towel that barely covered her nipples and her pussy. Moreover, she was dripping wet from head to toe.

“I’m sorry.” She said, “I’d just taken bath when I heard the doorbell. I knew it’d be you and I didn’t want to keep you waiting.”

I just stood there frozen. I stared at the mounds of fat and skin on her chest that threatened to break free of the constraints of the thin fabric at any second.

I noticed that she had started blushing. To make things less awkward, I cleared my throat and stepped inside.

“I hope you didn’t have any plans…” I said, changing the topic.

“No…” She said quietly.

I sat down as usual and expected her to go get dressed. I had been lucky to see her like this but I didn’t want to push my luck too far. She already seemed embarrassed and I didn’t want her to stop associating with me. To be frank I was actually starting to love her a little. My desire to roughly fuck her or consider her a ‘bitch’ was waning.

I was surprised when izmir escort I saw her approaching me in the towel again, with a glass of juice.

“Enjoy this while I get dressed up…” She said as she bent over to hand over the glass to me. I was greeted with the view of a smooth valley down her neckline and immediately grew erect. Fortunately, she didn’t notice that.

“Why don’t you join me?” I said, testing my luck.

“But I’m…”

“Wrapped in a towel? I don’t mind. Besides, I can’t enjoy it alone…” I looked at her expectantly.

She hesitated for a second but then smiled, “okay!”

We made small talk as we sipped the juice. I was constantly staring at her cleavage. Even if she noticed, I didn’t care at the moment. Those five minutes seemed to pass instantly as she finally downed her juice and got up to go to her room.

She also took our glasses for washing and started walking. I looked at her ass moving beneath the towel as she walked. That was when something unexpected happened.

Since she’d come running downstairs all wet, the floor had become slippery. She slipped and hit the floor on her knees and screamed. The two glasses dropped from her hand and shattered on the floor. Due to the jerk, her towel loosened from the front and fell next to her.

Although I was greeted with a view of her naked ass cheeks, I rushed to help her. She was naked, on all fours on the floor. Due to her pain, she momentarily forgot about her nakedness and grabbed my hand as I lifted her to her feet.

“Are you hurt?” I said, genuinely concerned.

“My knees…” She whimpered.

I looked downward and saw two bluish marks on her pale coloured knees. That was when she came to her senses and realised that she was naked. She let out a gasp, grabbed her towel and quickly covered herself.

Her eyes were wide and her breathing quickened. She didn’t say a word but stepped back from me. I saw terror in her eyes. I said, “I’m sorry…” and left for my house.

I realized I had changed a bit. I had cared for her, and didn’t fuck her then and there, even though she was naked before me. I hadn’t even paid attention between her legs or her breasts even though she was naked for a good thirty seconds.

I was sure she wouldn’t talk to me. That was why I was surprised when I received a text from her later that evening.

“Hey Steve!”

“Hi… I’m sorry for what happened. I just wanted to help. I didn’t mean to make you feel embarrassed…”

“I don’t mind Steve! It wasn’t intentional! Besides, you also helped me…”

“Does that mean things aren’t awkward between us?”

“They aren’t! In fact, I’d like you to spend the Sunday with me tomorrow. Don’t bring your books, we’ll have fun ;)”

I was so relieved that tears rolled out of my eyes.

As I approached her house the next day, I’d decided to not take things any further for a few days, to let things get normal. I wanted her to forget the incident so we could start our romantic journey afresh.

That day she was wearing jean shorts and a white tank top. She looked so appealing that all my plans of the ‘sexual cool down’ went out the window and I instantly said, “You look hot…”

“Thank you!” She smiled.

I could faintly make out the shape of her pointy nipples through her tank top which started to affect my bulge.

I quickly took a seat to hide my excitement. “What’ve you planned today?” I asked.

“We’re gonna break out some wine, and enjoy some music!” She said.

“Sure…” I smiled back. She put on some jazz and started filling our glasses.

“I propose a toast!” She declared as she filled our glasses.

“To changing for the better…” I said.

“To making new friends…” She said as she looked meaningfully at me and we clinked our glasses.

Soon we were talking about classmates, exams, her parents etc. as we continued getting drunk.

Under the influence of alcohol, we grew more uninhibited as somehow the topic of the previous day’s ‘exposure’ was brought up.

She seemed mostly cool about it.

“I’m glad you were there to help me…”

“Even though I saw you nakey-nakey?”

She giggled at my choice of words.

“Liked what you saw?”

“You’re beautiful. Who wouldn’t like watching you naked? I just hope you aren’t mad…”

“Nah! Consider it a reward for helping me…”

After a few more rounds of drinking, she declared, “Let’s dance!”

“Sure!” We refilled our glasses and started swaying with the melodies, glasses still in hand.

I took her soft hand and twirled her around. I wasn’t that good at dancing but neither was she. We fumbled a lot and laughed like kids. It bayındır escort was during one of our moves when I accidentally spilled my wine on her top. The thin white fabric was drenched and her nipples were visible. Although because of being a drunk, I couldn’t make out much.

“It’s cold!” She giggled, “I like it!” She said as she poured her own glass on her boobs too.

Now I could see her nipples erect due to the cold wine.

“Feeling hot?” I asked as we continued dancing.

“Yeah! I’m sweating!”

What happened next was something I had never expected even in my wildest dreams.

While still dancing and laughing, Carla held the bottom of her top, and pulled it over her head. I saw her navel, her naked boobs, nipples, and smooth armpits as she peeled it off and threw it to the side.

I abruptly stopped dancing and stared at her.

“Keep dancing!” She hissed.

I started dancing again, although my eyes were stuck to her bouncing boobs and her pink and puffed nipples.

After we both were tired, she flopped down on a chair and I took the one facing her.

The studious girl I’d wished to fuck almost a week ago was sitting before me- topless, drunk and smiling seductively. Was this my cue?

I decided to wait.

If she was doing this because she was drunk, I didn’t want to bring her back to her senses.

“So how are your knees?” I said.

“They’re okay. But after I fell, I got a few broken glass pieces all over my body.”

“That must’ve hurt…” I said as I continued to stare at her milky tits, rising and falling with her breaths. I so wanted to just fuck her raw and suck those nipples, but I resisted.

“It still does, let me show you…” She showed me her palm, with cuts, her elbows and her thumb.

We kept on talking and I gradually got used to her mammaries, although that didn’t have any effect on my raging boner.

“It’s still too hot!” She declared as she stood up and unfastened the button of her jean shorts. I wasn’t expecting her to go this further. She pulled down her shorts and I was greeted with a white thong which was so small that it barely covered her shame. There was no pubic hair visible and it was almost a G-string.

As usual, I didn’t say anything but my eyes were now glued to her thighs which were now completely exposed. I was enchanted by the folds of her legs and her pubic region as she continued to talk about trivial things and I continued to nod.

That was when I noticed that one of her hands now rested on her thong. I gulped and casually put a hand on my boner through my pants, which was now hurting.

As subtly as she could, she started rubbing her pussy over the material as she continued to talk. But now her voice was a lot huskier and breathy.

I could now notice a wet spot on her thong which she didn’t seem to mind. I looked at her face. She had stopped talking, was moaning and was looking at me with a naughtiness that I hadn’t expected from her. This was my cue. It was now or never.

I got up, moved to her and pulled her by the arms to her feet. I locked my lips with hers and hugged her tightly to my chest. Her boobs crushed against my chest as she wrapped her hands around my neck.

I lifted her up in my arms and rasped hungrily, “Bedroom?”

“Upstairs,” she said in a shaky voice.

We entered the gallery and I started up the stairs. On the way, she whispered, “I love you Steve…”

“I love you too Carla…”

I opened the bedroom door. It was very neat and the bed was humongous. There was a certain scent of perfume in the room which made me consider that maybe she’d preplanned today’s events.

I laid her on the bed on her back and started undressing. In a matter of seconds my shirt and pants were off. I stood there in my underwear which had a wet spot and a bulge beneath.

Carla was looking at my bulge and licking her lips.

I immediately pounced on her hungrily and tore away her thong. My aggressive demeanor had taken over. I looked at her sweet reddish clitoris that was engorged with blood vessels. I could smell the musky scent of her juices which made me go mad with lust.

I started licking her clit while squeezing her soft tits. Carla moaned in approval. Her pussy lips were red and swollen, and I could see her opening.

After a while I realized that she was about to climax from this stimulation, but I wanted her to stay as this drunk, hungry whore for as long as possible. I didn’t know how she would react after coming. Maybe her senses would take over and she’d show me the door.

So I stopped licking her clit.

There was restlessness on her face, bayraklı escort an urgent need to come.

Immediately her fingers reached for her pussy to complete the job but I grabbed her hands and pulled her up.

“My turn bitch!” I whispered. I caught her by her hair and pushed her down to my underwear. She hastily tugged my underwear downwards and uncovered my erect cock.

To be fair it’s not that long, just an average 6 inches when erect, but it sure is very thick and veiny.

For a few seconds Carla just kept staring at my dick, which was pointing at her face.

In frustration, I slapped her hard on her cheek, “SUCK ME OFF!” I gritted my teeth.

She started sobbing but obliged. She engulfed my dick and started rocking her head forward and backward. I matched her pace and was also pushing in and out of her mouth.

Occasionally she would gag or grunt, but I’d keep slapping her. Soon her cheeks had deep slap marks. I had turned into an animal.

As soon as I was about to cum, I pushed her backwards. My dick emerged from her mouth, still erect, wet and oozing precum. Before Carla could react, I turned her around. Now she was on her fours, just like she’d been the day before. But today I was not going to pick her up. I positioned myself behind her, took my dick in my hand and inserted it into her vaginal passage. Carla moaned in approval.

I pushed and in an instant, my entire length was inside her. Due to the thickness of my dick and the narrowness of her passage, it was extremely pleasurable. She was so wet that I needed no lube.

I started to fuck her rapidly in doggy style. She whelped in pain. I slapped her ass cheeks in response.

“Quiet!” I said. As if she was an obedient pet, Carla stopped whelping and gradually started moaning in pleasure. My pelvis was slapping her butt with every thrust and creating the typical “wet slap” sounds. I would also occasionally slap her ass cheeks, which gradually reddened.

“You are my bitch Carla!” I said with gritted teeth, “your little pussy is mine!”

“I am yours…” She whispered as I continued assaulting her hole, which was bleeding a bit.

“Don’t speak unless you’re asked to!” I yelled as I slapped her ass way too hard.

I could hear Carla’s muffled moans as she tried to restrain her voice.

She didn’t warn me as I felt her pussy walls tightening around me dick. My dick was bathed in a torrent of her pussy juices. The entire room smelled of her love juice.

I withdrew my dick and she collapsed on her bed.

“Clean my dick!” I said as I pointed to my dick, covered in precum, her juices and blood.

Carla got up and approached my dick. I could now see fatigue on her face. Still, she started sucking on my dick again. Gagging and grunting, she did not disappoint me.

I felt myself nearing climax and rammed my dick into her throat. I unleashed my warm and salty load of cum into her throat. She coughed a little but drank my seed, downing the last drop.

I slowly withdrew my dick, wet but clean.

I had ‘come’ back to my senses. I looked at Carla. She had slap marks on her cheeks, tears, and a smile on her face, with her red lips coated with strands of my semen.

I actually felt sorry for being so aggressive, dominant and harsh. We lay down next to each other.

“I’m satisfied Steve…”


“Yeah… This was my first real sexual encounter. Before this, I thought sex was scary…”

“Why so?”

“When I was 13, I was sexually harassed by one of my uncles… I was traumatised. And I didn’t trust any guy thereafter… When you saw me naked that day, I freaked out, because it brought back bad memories. But when I pondered on the events of that day, I realised that you were different. You had the perfect opportunity to fuck me there, but you didn’t. You respected my privacy and left. Hence I planned today’s events. I had some inhibitions, so drinking helped. I was noting how much I could push you. I was sitting in a thong masturbating and you only made a move when I was ready…”

I was speechless. Carla was happy about what had happened.

“I’m sorry if I was a little aggressive during sex. It must’ve hurt…” I traced a finger along the injury on her cheek.

“I kinda liked your style,” she said, “Just maybe slap me a little less next time…”

“Sure,” I laughed, “I’ll try…”

“Do remember that we will continue studying from tomorrow, apart from this new activity…” She smiled. I squeezed her boob in response.

We got dressed and had dinner after which I left.

I decided to stop having multiple affairs. I had changed, and I liked it.

The next day after college I reached her house again…

She opened the door and welcomed me in. I smiled. She was standing in the same white thong, topless.

“Let’s study first…” She said.

“Sure, let’s study geometry today”, I said as I shut the door and undressed.

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