Seducing the Bus Driver

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Chuck got on the bus, his eyes scanning over the driver. He’d seen her before, many times actually. He took this route all the time just hoping he’d catch her. Of course, their speaking had never gone beyond a simple ‘hello’ or other greeting, but that was all going to change. He saw the way she looked into the mirror, he’d caught her gaze on more than one occasion.

He watched as other people got on and off the bus. He was waiting for the right moment to slide into the seat behind her. He wanted to tell her something, say it soft into her ear and see what her reaction would be. He wanted to look into her eyes through the mirror and show her he meant every word he said, and then prove that actions were much, much louder than words.

After what seemed like an eternity, the bus had nearly cleared out. He slipped up to the seat right behind the driver’s seat, leaning forward. “I would love to take you right in this bus,” he said, low in her ear. “I’ve been wanting to since the first time I got on here and saw you driving.”

She didn’t say a word or make any acknowledgment that she’d heard him, except for a slight bite to her lip. He took that as a good sign, and continued. “There are so many options though. You can ride me in the driver’s seat, or I could fuck you in one of the main seats…or there’s always standing up. I could press you against the door and thrust inside of you until you couldn’t take it anymore.”

He felt the shiver and he chuckled. “When your shift ends, find a parking lot and I’ll make good on whichever one of those you prefer.” He then sat back in the seat, winking at her via the mirror, running his tongue over his lower lip.

The time slowly ticked by, and Chuck didn’t even notice at first that the bus had stopped at a location off the regular route. Looking up, he saw that the bus was completely empty, and he heard her say over the radio that she was having ‘mechanical troubles’ and would be back at the garage shortly. He smirked, leaning over the seat again to kiss her escort bostancı neck, hoping that the people on the other end didn’t hear the slight moan that she omitted before turning the radio off.

“I’m Chuck,” he murmured against her neck before kissing it again.

“Melanie,” she replied, and then turned in the seat to kiss him deeply.

“Beautiful name,” he said when they came up for air, standing and taking her hands so she would stand as well, then pulling her against him. “Now…since you got us out here…what are you in the mood for?”

She looked at him, her eyes wicked. “Standing, but not against the door.”

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Oh really? Where would you want to do it?”

“Somewhere a bit less exhibitionistic.” She pulled him back to the wheelchair lift in the center of the bus, pushing him against it and kissing him hard.

He groaned, feeling the metal of the lift against his back. “Fuck,” he muttered, wincing a bit, even though he pulled her closer, kissing her back just as hard. The pain was worth it, apparently.

“We’ll get to that,” she purred, kissing over to his ear as she reached down to unbutton his pants. He wasn’t about to complain, as they were getting incredibly uncomfortable. He slid his hands under her shirt, palming her breasts and pinching the nipples through the fabric of her bra.

She gasped into his ear, and he shivered, pinching them again, this time a little harder. His lips went to her neck and he nipped at a spot, then licked and sucked at the skin. She moaned softly, sliding her hand into his pants and squeezing him through his boxers. “You can mark me,” she said, biting his earlobe. “I like it.”

Chuck groaned, he couldn’t help it, and he pulled her shirt off so he could bite her shoulder, sucking hard on the skin. She whimpered, pushing his pants down and stroking him roughly, partly as a form of payback and partly just because she could.

He was trying to be good, he really was, but with Melanie stroking ümraniye escort him, he didn’t want to wait. Turning them around, he pushed her against the lift instead, then made quick work of her pants, letting them fall down around her ankles. He took a moment to look her up and down, and then kissed her again, licking into her mouth as his fingers slid between her legs, wanting to tease her just as much as she had teased him.

She groaned his name, and it just served as encouragement for him. He pushed two fingers inside of her, curving them slightly to find her spot, his thumb already pressing on her clit. She tried to lift her leg and couldn’t thanks to the pants, so he used his free hand to help her get them off, kissing her skin the entire time.

“Chuck, fuck me,” she said, and it came out as an order, without any hint of plea to it. Chuck was never one to take orders very easily, so he pushed a third finger inside of her, biting a trail from one shoulder to the other.

Melanie growled. “Damnit, I said fuck me!”

“Keep talking like that and I’ll walk away,” he warned, pulling back to look at her. He moved his fingers so they were just barely inside of her, and he raised an eyebrow. “Understand me?”

She whimpered softly, growing quiet. He chuckled wickedly, pulling his fingers from her completely and stepping back. When she opened her mouth to protest he raised an eyebrow, effectively quieting her once more. He got his own pants off, reaching into the pocket of them for a condom. He tore the package open and slid it on, keeping eye contact with Melanie throughout.

Before another sound could be made Chuck had stepped forward, raising one of her legs and pushing completely inside of her. His lips taking hers roughly muffled her cry of pleasure as he started to thrust, one hand under her thigh while the other squeezed her ass. He groaned against her lips, barely keeping from pressing her further against the metal lift, not wanting to cause her that much pain.

Breathing kartal escort bayan became necessary after a few minutes so Chuck pulled back, attaching his lips to Melanie’s neck, sucking and biting at the skin. Her moans told him that she liked this, so he bit a little harder, knowing he was going to leave a shitload of marks, but not really caring. If she wanted him to stop, she’d tell him, and she definitely wasn’t complaining.

“Fuck me harder, Chuck,” she said, tugging at his hair. “C’mon.”

His other hand slid under her other leg, lifting her off the ground, hands sliding back until they were both cupping her ass. Her legs slid around his waist, locking at the ankles as he pressed into her harder, deeper. He felt her tighten herself around him and he growled, biting her shoulder. “Don’t even think about coming yet,” he warned.

She whimpered then and he smirked. He knew how he wanted this to go and he was determined for it to go his way. His head fell back as he got close himself, and a few thrusts later he was coming, kissing her as hard as he could. His thrusts slowed and then stopped and he nearly chuckled as she rocked against him, wanting to have a release of her own.

Kissing her again, he slowly untangled her legs from his waist, sitting her down. She looked ready to spit fire at him, or at the very least, kick him in the balls. Biting back the grin he pulled her into one of the seats, raising one of her legs over the back of the one in front of her, winking as he kneeled between her legs to taste her.

It wouldn’t take long and they both knew it, so he made the best of it. His tongue slipped inside of her, darting in and out before he replaced it with his fingers once more, his mouth moving up to suck on her clit. When she tugged his hair again, he nipped slightly at the skin, causing her to nearly buck off the seat. He returned to sucking, his tongue flicking over her repeatedly until she came in a rush, growling his name.

The sound of the radio squawking pulled them from their moment, and they looked at each other, laughing a little nervously. Chuck helped her up, handing her clothes to her as he got dressed himself.

“Same time next week?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Melanie just smirked. “You better believe it.”

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