Seducing the Babysitter Ch. 07

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The girls stepped naked from the whirlpool and toweled off before Kim led Taylor into the living room by the hand. Katherine following closely behind, sitting in a chair, as she watched her young lover recline on the couch with Kim.

Kim stared into Taylor’s brown eyes, as she closed the distance, placing her lips softly on Taylor’s. Her tongue pushed past Taylor’s lips as it explored the young coed’s mouth, finding Taylor’s soft inviting tongue.

Kim reached up and gently rubbed Taylor’s breasts. They were much smaller than hers but her nipples stood out on the mounds which rose from her chest. She gently twisted the hard little nubs between her fingers as Taylor moaned back into her mouth. Katherine continued to watch as she gently rubbed her own clit, dipping her fingers into her own bald cunt, as she watched Taylor with another woman.

Kim continued to kiss the young brunette, not wanting to break the embrace, but longing to taste the young coed’s juicy pussy. She moved her mouth off Taylor’s and kissed and sucked on her neck sliding her mouth down her chest and closing in on the hard little pink buds.

Kim took Taylor’s nipple in her mouth, sucking and gently teasing the tip with her teeth. Kim would alternate between Taylor’s breasts, sucking and licking on one then the other as Taylor laid back on the couch as her fingers slid down to her pussy lips, exploring her own box as she rubbed her clit.

Kim slid down to the floor as she moved her mouth over Taylor’s flat stomach, pausing to dip her tongue in her cute belly button. She traced circles on her belly as she moved down to the folds of her pussy already wet in anticipation. Kim lifted Taylor’s legs and placed them over her shoulders as she pressed her face into the young coed’s wet pussy. Taylor gasped as Kim sucked and pulled on Taylor’s little clit.

She pushed her tongue up her pussy and lapped greedily at the hot little hole. Katherine moved over to the couch and knelt beside Kim as she leaned down and kissed Taylor softly on the mouth. Taylor’s plump little lips accepted her kiss and offered her tongue as Kat gently sucked on it, drawing it into her mouth.

Taylor had never experienced having two girls making love to her at once. She loved having Kim eating her pussy. It felt so good as she felt Kim’s tongue running from her clit, through the folds of her cunt and every so often pushing lightly at her little asshole. Kim teased her, pushing her tongue in her ass before replacing it with a finger.

Taylor moaned into Katherine’s mouth. Her pussy felt on fire and her legs shook as both Katherine and Kim pleasured the little brunette. Katherine cupped Taylor’s tit and covered the mound with her mouth. She licked around the nipple and then sucked the tip into her mouth, pulling gently with her teeth as Taylor groaned loudly.

“That feel good baby?” Katherine inquired. “You like having me suck your titties while Kim eats that little pussy?”

“Oh, yea, oh that feels so good,” Taylor moaned.

Kim was encouraged as she licked harder, her tongue pistoning in and out of Taylor’s cunt. “I want to fuck you…I want to fuck that little cunt of yours,” Kim said in between licks as she savored Taylor’s juices.

“Yes, fuck me. I want you to fuck me,” Taylor chanted back as Katherine continued to suck on her tits. Kim removed Taylor’s legs from her shoulders and set them gently onto the couch as she stood up and went to retrieve a strapon from the bedroom. In the meantime, Katherine slid down and replaced Kim, tasting the juicy pussy Kim had been feasting on.

Taylor grabbed Katherine’s head and pushed her face hard into her cunt. The familiar tongue that she loved. Kim emerged from the hallway, tightening the straps of the harness around her slender hips. Katherine looked up as she saw the huge dick swinging at Kim’s crotch. It was much bigger than her’s and she wondered if Taylor’s little cunt could accommodate the huge dick.

“Move up, I want a piece of that,” Kim intoned as she squeezed some lube from a bottle onto the shaft of the dick, coating it, as she prepared to mount Taylor. Katherine moved up Taylor’s body until she was astride the brunette’s face. One leg folded under her on the couch and the other on the floor for support as she moved her own box close to Taylor’s face.

“Eat me baby. Lick my cunt,” Katherine purred as she lowered her already wet box to Taylor’s mouth. Taylor met her pussy with her tongue as she lapped hungrily at Kat’s hot box. She loved her taste. She loved Kat. She knew that and she hungered for her. Taylor reached up and pulled Katherine down further by her legs as she ran her hands across Kat’s ass. She gently stroke Kat’s cheeks with her fingers, tickling her, as she felt little chill bumps pop out on Katherine’s legs.

In the meantime, Kim positioned herself between Taylor’s legs and she pushed her legs back as she guided the head of the mammoth dick into Taylor’s cunt. She eased in just the head as Taylor groaned into Katherine’s cunt before she slid just an inch more. She worked antalya escort the cock slowly into Taylor’s hole. The long flesh colored shaft coated in the slippery lube. Kim watched as the giant cock inched into Taylor’s cunt a little at the time. Kim spit gently as the wet saliva found its mark on the shaft which slid further into the coed’s box. Kim eased out slowly and then back again allowing Taylor to get used to the size.

Taylor was feasting on Katherine’s pussy, pushing her tongue as far into Katherine as she could before scooping up her juices and returning them to her mouth. She loved her pussy juices and knew she could never get enough. Katherine squeezed her own titties and pulled roughly at her nipples, looking down at her roommate, her face buried in her crotch.

“You like my cock baby? You like me fucking you with my big dick?” Kim asked Taylor who could only nod her head and make a muffled sound as her face was buried between Katherine’s legs.

“Yea, I’m gonna’ get me some of that cute college pussy. I’ve never fucked a college girl before. Your little pussy’s getting stretched out now!” Kim kept on as she pushed the dick harder into Taylor’s cunt, pushing it in, pulling it back out until her crotch met Taylor’s pussy.

“That’s it…you’re taking it all now baby. That a girl. Now fuck me. Fuck me back. Ride my cock,” Kim hissed as she moved more forcefully into the brunette who felt her legs shaking. She knew the feeling. She moved her mouth from Katherine’s cunt and bit gently on the inside of her thigh. The orgasm wracked her as she shook her head from side to side.

Kim didn’t let up as she continued to pound the little coed, spitting again on the shaft as it disappeared into the quivering cunt which bucked madly against her. Taylor stuck her head back down on Katherine’s pussy and began tonguing wildly, sucking on the prize in front of her. Katherine too felt her orgasm as Taylor’s tongue pushed into her wet folds, her lips sliding across her pussy, as Taylor held her ass cheeks in her hands, gripping them tightly.

Katherine bucked up and down on Taylor’s face as the two lovers both experienced the heat which swept over their bodies. Kim began easing up and gently pulled the head from Taylor’s lips as her cunt hole remained open, inviting the huge dick to come back, as it slightly quivered from the throes of her orgasm.

“Well, I see you girls got to know each other…” Kim looked up to see Lisa and Susan standing in the den still holding packages from the store. Susan smiled and then turned toward the kitchen as she laid down a bag and then headed back out the door for another. Lisa too moved toward the other room and set down the bag of goods before moving back into the den. The spectacle of the three naked women, covered in sweat, their hair still wet from the whirlpool.

“My, my! You three didn’t waste any time at all did you,” Lisa looked on. “That looks like fun. I hope you didn’t wear her out,” Lisa said as she looked over at Kim. The dildo swinging from her waist as she settled back onto the couch. The gold hoops hung from her tight brown nipples as beads of sweat rolled down her chest. Lisa noted the diamond that Susan had set in a dangle in her belly button. A nice touch she thought. The diamond that had belonged to her fiancé. If only he could see her now with the big dildo hanging from her hips, coated with the pussy juices of some college teenager. Her body now marked with tattoos carefully selected by Susan, her lesbian lover!

“So little one…you worn out? “Did you enjoy Kim’s cock?” Lisa cooed.

“Yea, Taylor moaned as Katherine moved off Taylor’s head allowing the coed to sit up and Katherine to slide down beside her.

“Well, that’s good. And I take it you like licking Katherine’s little pussy. You looked like a little slut laying there with one woman fucking you and the other sitting on your face. Is that what you are? Are you a little slut? A little lesbian slut?” Lisa kept on.

“Yea,” Taylor said softly looking down at the floor.

“Look at me when I ask you something,” Lisa scolded. “I asked are you a little lesbian slut?”

Taylor looked Lisa directly in the eyes this time. “Yes, yes I’m a lesbian slut,” Taylor replied.

“Very, very good,” Lisa smiled. “But there is one thing. From now on, it’s mam or mistress. I assume Katherine told you of my arrangement with her?” Lisa trailed off looking over at Katherine. Neither coed spoke. “She belongs to me. She is mine to do as I please. Aren’t cha’ sweets,” Lisa chided as she looked over at Katherine.

“Yes mam,” Katherine answered back looking Lisa directly in the eyes.

“Come here,” Lisa said sternly as Katherine took up a familiar position beside Lisa’s leg as she sat in a chair. She rubbed the top of Kat’s head, trailed her hand down her face as Katherine kissed her hand, her fingers, which stroked her face. “So, Taylor…do you love Katherine?”

Taylor looked back. She wondered how the woman knew. She hadn’t even told Katherine. She just realized it herself. “Yes,” antalya rus escort she heard herself say. “Yes, I love her. I love her very much.”

Katherine looked over. She wanted to smile. She knew she felt the same way but she dared not say so or show it in front of Lisa. “I thought as much,” Lisa smiled. “And I imagine she loves you back. Do ya’ pet?” Lisa looked down at Katherine. “You love her?”

“Yes mam, I love her,” Katherine said, almost hesitantly, wondering if the admission was good or bad.

“I thought so. So Taylor, you know I own Katherine. I own her body. I own her soul. And I suppose, you have her heart. But in the end, she’s mine. Katherine, did you share with Taylor it was my idea to have you seduce her? To turn her into a lesbian. Although, I must admit, I had no idea how fast you would do it and how much of a little slut she would become. So did you tell her? Tell her that I instructed you to recruit her. Recruit her for me?” Lisa continued.

This time Katherine’s head remained down as she stared into Lisa’s leg. Lisa looked over at Taylor, a puzzled reaction as she stared over at Katherine who almost slumped into Lisa’s legs trying to hide. “Straighten up Kat, you did her a favor. Obviously the two of you like each other. It’s just that she’s just now finding out there’s a catch to all of this. You do see that don’t you?” Lisa questioned back at Taylor who looked up at the older brunette.

“The bottom line is you can still have your lover here. Katherine’s heart can still be yours…but you will belong to me too,” Lisa added. “The two of you can do anything you want together….but just as Katherine does now, you will belong to me. Your body will be mine. You will serve me, no questions asked. You will do anything I ask, when I ask, and to whoever. You understand that?” Lisa stated as she stared into Taylor’s eyes.

Taylor didn’t have to think long. She wanted to be owned. She wanted to be like Katherine. Up until today she had never met Lisa, but she knew she loved Katherine and couldn’t be without her. And Lisa was pretty, she was confident, she was sexy, and she wanted to be hers.

“Yes, I’ll be yours. I’ll be your slave like Katherine. I will do whatever you ask of me,” Taylor said softly back.

“That’s very good,” Lisa smiled. “You’ve made me very happy…and Katherine happy too, right pet?” Lisa said as she cupped Kat’s chin in her hand and lifted her face up as Katherine smiled back.

“You understand of course, that while I will never hurt you, I will certainly have to place my mark on you.” Taylor looked over at Kim who had sat silently by as this whole conversation had transpired. Taylor thought about the tattoo that covered Kim’s back. The sprawling colorful canvas across her back of the two women lovers in the garden and the little stars that ran down Kim’s leg. She thought about the tiger on the back of Katherine’s back -wearing a thick black collar. She wondered if Lisa would have her tattooed like the other two girls.

“I might start with the hair…” Lisa intoned as she stared at Taylor. “I’m partial to short hair on my little lesbian dykes. “You always kept it long?” Lisa inquired.

“Yes mam…as long as I can remember, I’ve always had long hair,” Taylor responded.

“Even better. We’ll defiantly have Susan cut it tomorrow. I think it’s important that you look like a little lesbian. You do want people to know what you are don’t you?” Lisa purred.

“Yes mam. I want them to know I’m a lesbian. I’m your lesbian. I’m your lesbian slave to do with what you want,” Taylor added.

“That’s simply delightful. Did you hear that Susan?” Lisa raised her voice as she glanced back toward the kitchen where Susan was preparing dinner.

“I heard baby. I can’t wait to have my turn with her,” Susan shouted back just loud enough to be heard.

Lisa smiled and looked back at Taylor. “My rules are simple. You will never question me or deny me. I will never ask twice. If for any reason you refuse my request, you can leave. But understand — Katherine stays. She will not go with you,” Lisa paused as she continued her demands. “I will mark you as my property. I will decide what, when, and perhaps how often I will have you marked. A friend of mine back in town has a studio. Quite a talented fellow. He’s the man who tattooed Kim and Kat. I think for yours, we’ll have it placed right over that little pussy of yours. A permanent reminder who that belongs to,” Lisa stated, not waiting for any response. Lisa felt a special thrill as Taylor glanced down at her pussy, visualizing the tattoo that would forever show her submission.

“I will loan you out to my girlfriends and you will always treat them as you would me. Always obedient! While you are in my home, you and Katherine will remain completely naked. When you are not with me, I will require you to always dress the part of a lesbian slut. No under garments is that understood?” Lisa questioned.

“Yes mistress” came Taylor’s response, her head down to the floor.

“And antalya ucuz escort Katherine tells me you have a boyfriend. Or perhaps had one until Katherine. At any rate, they’ll be no little college peckers in your cunt. You’re strictly a lesbian now. My lesbian. Now…do you agree to my conditions?” Lisa inquired.

Taylor nodded her head up and down. “Yes mistress.”

Lisa stood up with Katherine still kneeling at her feet. “Very well, then crawl over to me” Taylor sat up from the couch and crawled to Lisa who towered above the two coeds. “Take down my panties,” Lisa ordered. Taylor reached under Lisa’s skirt and pulled at the g-string panties that covered her pussy. “Katherine help her, undo the skirt.” Katherine reached around and unsnapped the skirt as it fell down at her ankles as she stepped free of both skirt and panties. Lisa stood in high heels as she spread her legs. “Now, kiss my pussy Taylor. Show me you belong to me.”

Taylor looked at Lisa’s bush. It was the first time she had seen a hairy pussy as both Katherine and Kim had theirs shaved smooth. Lisa’s pussy lips were plump, much bigger than any she had seen before. She placed her lips against the soft matt which covered Lisa’s cunt.

“Now lick me angel. Taste my pussy. Stick that little lesbian tongue in my cunt.” Taylor took a tentative lick and then pushed her tongue between the loose folds of Lisa’s twat. She tasted different than either Katherine or Kim but she tasted good. Taylor liked it and inched closer to Lisa moving her face into her hot box. “That’s right baby, lick me. Oh, you love that pussy don’t cha’ baby,” Lisa moaned.

“Yes. Mistress Lisa. I love your pussy. I love the taste of your pussy,” Taylor affirmed.

“Take my top off Katherine.” Katherine stood up and pulled the top over her head and off her frame. Without being asked, she reached behind Lisa and unsnapped her bra freeing Lisa’s ample breasts. “That’s right” Lisa purred as she guided Kat’s head to her right breast. Katherine sucked hungrily at her titty, taking her nipple into her mouth.

Kim, who had been watching the spectacle, had removed the strapon harness and was now fingering her own little clit. She moved her hand in a circular motion as she pulled hard at a nipple, pulling on the little gold hoop that pierced her taut nipple.

Lisa and Kim caught each others eyes, both enjoying the ecstasy of the moment. Kim got off the couch and took Lisa’s other breast in her mouth. Lisa now had Taylor noisily slurping at her cunt as the other two women licked and sucked on her nipples. Lisa steadied herself by holding onto Taylor’s head, wrapping the long brown tresses between her fingers. Tresses that would be shorn off tomorrow — a symbol of her commitment, of her complete and utter submission.

As Kim continued to suck on a breast, Katherine slid down behind Lisa. She parted her cheeks. She knew how much Lisa enjoyed having her ass licked. She liked it too. She could see Taylor kneeling in front on Lisa. Her tits moving up and down as she licked Lisa’s pussy. Katherine nibbled lightly on Lisa’s cheeks before she kissed her ass. Her wet tongue gliding across her cheeks as they settled between and probed at her asshole which quivered in anticipation. The taste was both tart and familiar. Katherine let a glob of spit settle on her tongue as she pushed it into Lisa’s ass who groaned at the assault taking place from the three women.

Taylor used her fingers to spread Lisa’s cunt lips, tonguing her twat as she sucked on the little hard clit which exposed itself. Lisa opened her eyes to see Susan moving into the room. She slipped off her sandals and took a sip from a glass of wine as she moved slowly to Lisa. She leaned in and kissed Lisa on the lips. Lisa tasted the merlot from Susan’s lips as their tongues danced lightly, moving away with a wet plop.

Susan sat back in a loveseat and watched the three women devour Lisa. Katherine could feel Lisa’s legs tighten and hear the sharpness of her breaths. She knew from experience Lisa was on the verge of a climax as Kim continued to lick on Lisa’s breast, pausing only to kiss the older brunette. Lisa came hard against Taylor’s mouth as the coed stuck her tongue as far as she could up her cunt.

Wave after wave hit Lisa who eventually pushed the two coeds away and settled back on the chair exhausted. Both Katherine and Taylor held a leg and laid their head down on her thigh, planting soft kisses along her legs that shook lightly under their touch.

“So, dinner’s ready or should we just retire to the deck and enjoy the evening air,” Susan inquired from her perch on the loveseat. They all laughed as they caught their breath. Susan was distracted by the car lights which appeared in the window. “Looks like Jenny and Beth are here,” Susan stated as she moved out of the seat and headed for the front door.

Katherine looked over at Taylor whose eyes seemed glazed over as she ran her tongue across her lips, continuing to taste Lisa’s juices which lingered there. She had wondered how Taylor would adjust to everything. Would she accept it? Would she allow herself to become a lesbian slave like herself. To serve these women. To completely submit herself — owned — allowing her body to be used. To be permanently marked as another woman’s property. A permanent reminder she is a lesbian slut.

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