Seducing Mom Ch. 05

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The drive was a little over two hours and I had too much to think about as my mind was racing and I was rock hard. I was thinking about mom, Sarah, Kathy, Cindy, and even Sue. I was going through combinations of them and had to continually snap myself out of it, slow my car down and focus on driving. However, my mind would just wonder back to the women in my life. If I could ever get all of them together, I’d loose my mind, I thought to myself. Then I remembered my plan to get Kathy, so much for that plan, I thought as I drove on. Then I thought about mom again. I knew I’d have to tell her about Kathy and Cindy, what we did last night AND what we talked about today in the restaurant. Would she be willing to join in? Would she get jealous? She made it clear a couple of weeks ago that she didn’t want to share, yet she did when Sarah came for my graduation. She knew what happened between Sarah and I. I got off the interstate wondering about mom and when I’d tell her about Kathy and Cindy. Minutes later, I pulled into grandma’s driveway and noticed that while mom’s car was there, Sarah’s car was gone. I figured they went to see grandma together as I went to get the key hidden out back. I got the key, but when I went to use it, I noticed the door was unlocked. I put the key back and went in.

“Joe, is that you? Come on up here.” I went up the stairs to the large room that mom always slept in whenever we visited. As I topped the stairs and rounded the corner, there was mom. She was wearing a burgundy silk robe black stockings, and high heels. When she pulled the robe apart and over her shoulders, it dropped and hit the floor. That revealed a matching burgundy silk with black lace bra, crotchless panty, and waist corset set. She looked fantastic as we rushed into each other’s arms for a long and deep kiss. She whispered as she went down my neck. “I want you NOW Joe! I need to feel you inside me NOW.” We kissed as we went into the bedroom, stripping each other along the way, and I noticed black satin sheets and asked about them between kisses. Mom replied as she pulled her panties down. “Sarah and I went shopping yesterday and got some things. I’ve got these and red and blue sets as well. They feel so good against naked bodies!” She sat on the bed to take her heels off. All she had on was the corset and stockings. As she reached behind her to undo the corset she said, “These things are ‘dry clean only’ and I don’t want to get them full of sweat and cum.” She undid the corset and started undoing them from the stockings as I helped and kissed her.

“Is this my surprise mom?” I asked as I pulled my underwear down, exposing my erect cock to her.

She grabbed it before I got on the bed and started kissing, licking, and sucking it. After a minute so she replied, “Well this is one surprise, but not THE surprise! That will come later. Now get on top of me and fuck me good.” As I got on the bed, I noticed cold, wet spots and shuffled a bit as she said, “Those are from earlier. I just couldn’t wait. Don’t worry, I bought extra pads. We wouldn’t want to leave any smells or stains in mom’s house.” As I got between her legs, she grabbed my dick and guided it into her wet pussy. It felt so damn good to be fucking mom again, and neither of us lasted very long. She was so hot and worked up she came with my 4th or 5th thrust! I came right after her and we just laid there for a few minutes kissing as we both felt me getting hard again right away she said, “We’re supposed to go see your grandmother Joe, but one more round won’t hurt.” We were fucking slow and deep and I could feel her getting close. Since I had been with three other women since mom and I last made love, I learned how to better sense when a woman was getting close. I didn’t yet have it mastered, but I was a lot better. Mom and I kissed deeply as our pace quickened. Then she just started screaming as she went into a string of orgasms and started flooding me and the bed. After several minutes, a huge orgasm came over me as I felt my entire body quivering uncontrollably. Mom later said I was just screaming as I came. All I felt was a sudden head rush and my cock just explode inside her.

As we both recovered and were just kissing each other, I asked mom. “Are you going to tell me my surprise?”

“Not yet.” She replied as she kissed me briefly and then added. “We need to clean up and go see your grandma. She’s been waiting to see you. She’s doing better today, but the doctor is saying it will still be a few days before she can come home. Right now, we need to strip the bed and I can’t remember whether or not those sheets are ‘dry clean only’ as well.” As we stripped the bed, she found the tag and said, “Shit. These are ‘dry clean only’ too…Oh well, we’ll just drop them off at the cleaners on out way.” We finished stripping the bed and noticed that some wetness had run off the pad, which was almost totally saturated, onto the edges of the mattress and even the floor. Mom had a can of Lysol and started spraying as she said, “We’ll just leave the bed stripped. I’ll submissive cuckolds porno spray it down with the floor, turn the ceiling fan on high, and put a couple of fans down each side of the bed.” Then she went on looking at me and grinning as she grabbed my ass. “I understand you know about having to dry things out. I wanna try that standing up thing you did with Sarah.” Then she pointed to the soaked pad and told me. “Take that downstairs and put it in the washer with hot water and a just a bit of bleach. Then find a couple of fans and bring them back up.” I took the pad. It was really soaked and I had to roll it around a bit so it didn’t leak. I went down the stairs, through the kitchen and down to the basement. I loaded and started the washer and looked for fans. When I found them I toted them back up to the upstairs room. Mom grabbed one and we set them up.

Then I asked, “So, what is my surprise?”

Mom replied, “You’ll have to wait until later. C’mon, let’s go to the shower.” We went downstairs and to the bathroom. We hopped in the shower and started washing each other as we both got aroused again and started kissing. She said, “We don’t have time for this now, but you know…I’m glad you came into the shower with me that day. I’m also so happy we finally had made love later. I’m happy for that we have now and I want more of it. I’m changing Joe and you brought these changes on.” We kissed a bit, finished up, dried off, and went back up stairs to get dressed. I wanted her again, but we had to wait. Then I thought about Sarah. I wanted her again too, in the same bed, and started thinking I would need to get them both drunk to make that one happen. We finished dressing got a snack and went to the hospital.

Mom and I just chatted on the way. I badgered her about my surprise, but she wouldn’t even give a hint. We dropped the satin sheets off at the cleaners on our way to the hospital and went up to the room and Sarah was there with grandma. We all said hi and I hugged and gave a kiss on the cheek to each of them as we just started visiting. We were there as they served grandma her dinner and took her vital signs. Then, promptly at 7:30, the nurse came through and said visiting hours were over, but we could stay a few more minutes. We all hugged and kissed grandma as we left. As we were riding down in the elevator, Sarah asked, “Are you two up for dinner? My treat!”

I replied, “Yeah, I’m starving.” And I was too. Mom agreed and they started discussing restaurants. I was thinking steak as we walked out of the hospital and told them. “I’d like a steak right now. That’s what I’m in the mood for—a big steak!”

Mom and Sarah discussed it a bit and then Sarah said, “I know a place where we can ALL get what we want. Mary and I want drinks and you want a big, grilled, steak.”

Sarah and mom looked at each other and in unison said, “McClain’s Bar and Barbecue!”

Sarah told me to just follow her as mom went to join her. I followed wondering why mom didn’t ride with me. When we got there, we went in. The lot was full and Sarah told them we’d wait for a table outside overlooking the lake. McClain’s was one of those places that predated Logan’s with the peanuts. We sat in the lobby, waiting for Sarah’s name to be called and ate peanuts as the bar was serving drinks, as the waitress greeted us and flirted with me a bit. Of course they carded me, when they gave us menus to look over, and they gave me a Coke. We talked about grandma and mom and Sarah’s work schedules. They were already talking about temporary home care until grandma got fully healed and able to function around the house. They told me that the doctor said a minor stroke may have caused her fall and they seemed worried about that.

Finally, Sarah’s name was called and we were seated outside, overlooking the lake. We ordered immediately and mom ordered a pitcher of beer with three mugs. Our waitress was the same one who flirted with me earlier. She was pretty and was flirting quite a bit, especially after mom and Sarah told her they were my mother and aunt. Her name was Linda as she announced to all of us while getting our orders. She brought back the pitcher and three chilled mugs as we talked and waited for our dinners to arrive. As our dinners arrived, our flirtatious waitress doted on us. Mom and Sarah were teasing, saying she wanted to date me. After she left and went back to the waitress’ station, mom said, “Son, you need to get up and go to the restroom right now. Be sure to talk with that young lady on the way. Go now, before she moves.” I got up and headed for the Men’s room. On the way, I stopped and chatted with her and her friend a bit. It was awkward, but I managed OK. Then I stopped back by the waitress station on the way back to our table to talk with her some more. She was talkative and mentioned that my dinner was getting cold and added that she would gladly have the chef reheat if I liked. I agreed and she followed me back to take the plate.

Mom said, “She sex parties porno likes you Joe. You need to give her our number and tell her you’re from out of town.”

Sarah added, “Oh yeah. She likes you alright! You’ve got a date later this week if you play your cards right.” Then she asked, “Do any of the waitresses in your restaurant treat you this nice?” Then I told them both about how four waitresses in particular would take their breaks with me and ask me to rub their feet, calves, and thighs while we were on break. Sarah broke in and said, “Joe, that is a MAJOR come on! Those women are flirting with you in a major way.” She looked at mom and they nodded in agreement as she asked, “Didn’t you ever think about that as you were messaging up their legs? My God, are there any other ‘little things’ that any of them have said or done that might lead you to think that they might be interested in you?”

I cut another piece of my huge porterhouse and took it in my mouth as I thought for a moment as I chewed, swallowed and then answered. “Well, one night two other cooks and I were looking at one of their Chargers as one of the waitresses, Mary Beth was getting off and leaving; and she commented to me, by name, how pretty the full moon was and wanted to know what I thought.”

“And your answer?” Mom asked.

I replied, ” I told her ‘yeah, I see it’ and went back under the hood.”

Sarah asked, “And what did she do Joe?” As I told them that she just left, Sarah looked at mom and said, “Mary this is worse than I thought.” Then she looked at me and told me, “Joe, you HAVE got to learn when women are interested in you. After you figure that out, like with our waitress right now, YOU can decide whether or not you’re interested in taking things further. But if you’re oblivious, you’ll shut them ALL out! You need to tell your mother and I more. I think you’ve probably had A LOT of women flirting with you and you haven’t even realized it.” Then she told me as mom nodded in agreement, “Now, when that waitress comes back I want you to ask for her phone number. Just tell her about mom and that’s why we’re here. Tell her you have to head back Wednesday night, but you’ll be back again this summer. OK?” I nodded in agreement.

We continued to eat and talk and then Linda returned with another pitcher of beer. “This one’s on the house.” She said as she laid it on the table.

Mom asked, “Forgive me, but don’t YOU have to pay for those from the bar?”

She replied hesitantly, “Yeah…I do, but like not carding your son, I figured it would be OK.”

At this point I said, “My grandmother had an accident and is in the hospital. That’s why we’re all here. I’m sure I’ll be back throughout the summer, would you like to go out sometime?”

Before Linda could answer, Sarah told her, “What Joe here, really meant to ask was for your phone number. He just graduated from high school last week and is still quite socially ‘clumsy’ around women in whom he has an interest. His mother and I think he is interested in talking with you more and perhaps dating.”

Linda replied, “I’ll gladly give you my number.” As she looked at me and then she glanced back to Sarah and mom and asked, “Do either of you have any paper?” Sarah immediately reached in here purse, pulled out a small writing pad and handed it to Linda, who scrolled her name and number and handed it to me. I tore it off and thanked her as I handed the pad back to Sarah. Linda looked at me and said, “If you’re interested call me tomorrow between 10 and 2, OK?”

I said, “Thank you. I will call you.” She was very cute, and I wasn’t sure about mom until she shot me a noticeable wink. Then Linda turned and went back to the waitress station, where I noticed her pointing me out to the other waitresses as we finished our dinner. Mom and Sarah decided to leave Linda a very generous tip as Sarah paid the bill and we left. I started off to my car and they grabbed me and told me I was going with them and we’d get my car in the morning as they pulled me toward Sarah’s car. I got in the passenger seat as mom got in behind me. Sarah pulled out as I saw Linda staring out the window. Sarah started back toward grandma’s house and then pulled into a open liquor store on the way.

As she pulled up she said, “Mary and I won’t be long just stay here and wait.” They got out, and I stayed as I watched them both go in and started wondering again how I could get them both in the same bed together as my cock got herd again. They were in and out in about five minutes, with mom toting the bag as they walked to the car. As they got in the car Sarah said to me, “OK, we’re all ready!” With that, she drove us to grandma’s house. When we got in grandma’s house, mom put a two bottles of Champagne in the refrigerator. Meanwhile, Sarah took two bottles of red wine out and opened them both as she looked at me and said, “We’re doing this in the wrong order tonight, heaven forbid a red before a white, but Mary and I are taking this bottle upstairs.” spankbang porno As she grabbed one and got a couple of glasses out of the cabinet. Then her and mom headed upstairs as I could her mom talking about stripping the bed and putting the fans out.

With the other bottle opened, I went to the cabinet, grabbed a glass, and poured myself some wine as I wondered what they were doing. I went to grandma’s living room, found the light and remote, and started flipping through the channels. I could hear them shuffling around upstairs and talking, but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. They were stirring all over upstairs as I was trying to listen to them and watch TV. Then I thought I heard some soft moaning, but wasn’t sure.

Suddenly, mom and Sarah said in unison, “Joe, come here.” I opened the door to the way up the steps and I heard mom say, “Strip down and put those shorts on.” I looked down and saw a pair of black silk shorts on the steps. I took my clothes off, put the shorts on and went up the stairs. I rounded the corner, went into the bedroom, and saw a lot of lit candles. There were mom and Sarah, dressed in matching outfits: white sheer, harem-like outfits. Lying together on the bed, with the red satin sheets, caressing each other as I walked in. Then they both said, “SURPRISE JOE!” I moved between them and we all started kissing each other as I felt their hands moving over my body. I was surprised to see mom and aunt Sarah kissing and caressing each other as they did me. They slowly worked my shorts down as we all kissed, caressed and fondled each other.

Then Sarah whispered, “I want to watch you fuck your mother now. Get on top of her and show me how you did it earlier, and before that.” I looked her in the eyes and then I looked to mom as Sarah whispered on. “Yes, Joe. She told me what you two did before I came to see you. It’s OK. Now show me how you fuck your mother. Then you and I will show her how I fuck you.” I got between mom’s legs as we were all still kissing and slid my throbbing cock inside mom’s wet pussy. For the second time in 24 hours, the strong sensations of two women in the same bed were sweeping over me. Mom was moaning loudly, as Sarah was saying to us. “Oh yes. This is so hot right now. You two look so sexy together.” Sarah continued talking to us as she kissed and caressed us both. I could feel mom getting close as I felt myself getting close. I just thrust my cock in a bit deeper and let my load blow as I kissed her and Sarah. As mom and I recovered a bit Sarah said, “OK, I’m next. Mary come down with me.” They both crawled down and started kissing each other and my cock. Soon their kissing on my cock turned to licking and sucking, each of them taking turns as they kissed each other too. It was so hot just watching them and I got hard again quickly. As soon as I was rock hard, Sarah straddled me and said, “I want to ride a bit. Let’s see how much you remember about kegelling.” She started my cock into her tight pussy. We eased my cock all the way inside her slowly as mom and her were kissing. Our pace started slow and then as she got wetter and loosed up, the pace quickened. Mom took turns kissing us as she fondled and sucked Sarah’s breasts while rubbing her own clit. I started kegelling as I felt myself building and getting close and Sarah commented a few times that she could feel me doing it. After about 20 minutes, Sarah was getting tired. She had already cum four or five times and was out of breath. Mom had cum beside us once or twice and was moaning along with us. I was finding it harder and harder to pinch it off and finally she yelled, “Cum in my Joe! Let me feel you cum in me now.”

With those words, I let go and exploded inside her. As we were recovering mom said, “Joe, we have some Dom Perignon, chilling downstairs to toast this occasion. To further culture you, we also have some Andre, so you can see the difference by contrast.” Mom, Sarah, and grandma were all wine connoisseurs, so this was normal. Since I was in grade school they had been letting me taste wines in increasing amounts and with less club soda or 7-Up as I grew up. They had me put my black shorts back on as they both handed me a matching short, black-silk, robe. They both put their white-sheer harem outfits back on. The harem outfits, minus the face veils looked really hot on both of them. We headed downstairs to the kitchen where mom said, “Joe, would you be kind enough to get three dessert glasses and three Champagne flutes down from the cabinets.” They were too high for mom or Sarah to reach without a step stool, so I got the glasses down and as I did, mom and Sarah were taking them and rinsing and drying them one at a time. After I pulled all the glasses down mom said, “We got it from here Joe, go on into the living room and let us serve you.”

I went to the living room and minutes later they brought in a tray with all six glasses and three plates of sliced cheese and apples and Sarah said, “This is our first break. First try the dessert glass, then the cheese, then the apple slice, and then we’ll toast the evening with the flute.” I grabbed the dessert glass, which just had a bit more than a swallow. It was Champagne. Sarah said, “That is the Andre.” I took the cheese and apple, as did they. Then we grabbed the flutes and Sarah toasted, “To tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday. To our new relationship.”

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