Seducing Her Daddy

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Shelby had never thought of her self as a very sexual being. She thought she was just like every other person on the planet. She never thought that touching herself was dirty or wrong. Pleasure couldn’t be dirty could it? Her explorations of her body were all very innocent. If it felt good, she did it. However, it wasn’t long before Shelby realized the rest of the world didn’t see her sexuality the same way she did.

It wasn’t long after her 18th birthday, and she had been on the couch with her mother and father watching some inane little romantic drama. The two main characters were making love in the movie and Shelby began to feel the telltale tingle of arousal, slipping her hand down she gently rubbed her self. It took a few moments before her mother realized what she was doing, but when she did all hell broke loose.

That night, her mother had cried and screamed at Shelby and asked her where she had learned to do that. Her mother was sure some evil person had molested and defiled her innocent daughter. A quick session with a therapist assured Mother that it was natural exploration and that she shouldn’t make Shelby feel guilty for learning about her body. Her mother relayed this begrudgingly to her daughter, adding in the fact that touching yourself was something you did in private and never in front of other people. However, it was clear that her mother didn’t approve of such behavior whether in public or private.

Shelby realized that day, that nothing would really be the same between her and her mother. They might have the same DNA, but they were different people in fundamental ways that would never really allow them to be very close. Her mother’s disapproval was practically tangible in the air.

So Shelby taught her self how to please her body in secret. At night she would lay in bed, running her hands across her body. A stroke here, a gentle pinch there; Masturbating became an art form to her and she practiced religiously. She could bring herself to the brink and back off until finally allowing herself the sweet release of an orgasm to crash over her body. As she matured, her own hands began to not be quite enough. Her body ached to be touched by someone else.

She had grown up looking lovely. She looked like sin wrapped up in a blanket of wickedness. She was average height, but with her wide hips, full butt and tiny waist, she was built like the movie stars of old. Her full lips were always stuck in an unconscious pout, but they turned up at the corners like she knew a secret that she wasn’t telling anyone. Her nose was too large for her to be considered classically beautiful, but her ice blue eyes led many people to call her stunning. Hers was a face that was not easily forgotten.

Silly little 18 year old boys became her new tools of masturbation. She realized at a fairly young age that she had a strange ability to control boys. Often she didn’t even need to use sex outright, the promise of it was usually enough to manipulate a man to her needs.

Just like with her own explorations, the fumbling ministrations of teenage boys quickly became old and it wasn’t long before she no longer felt satisfied by a quick trip in the back of Johnny’s daddy’s car.

She began finding new ways to get her heart racing. It probably all harkened back to that first day she was caught by her parents. She would curl up on the couch with her parents, wrapped up in a blanket watching a movie. Half an hour into the movie, she would slip her hand below her waistband and begin to masturbate. The threat of discovery lent an dangerous air to those episodes and she never had trouble bringing herself to an earth shattering orgasm. She was always careful to minimize her movement trying to control the undulation of her hips as that wonderful pressure built up inside her.

She would accidentally leave her door open a crack as she masturbated, not bothering to really conceal her moans of pleasure. She didn’t think her parents had noticed her sex izle new daring behavior until one particular night.

She was watching a movie with her dad while her mom was off at some business dinner with colleagues. She was curled against his side and he had put his arm around her and was gently rubbing her arm. She hadn’t planned on one of her little escapades that night, but the feel of his fingers on her skin convinced her otherwise. Careful not to jostle him she slowly slipped her hand lower beneath the blanket till it she cupped her mound. Slowly she applied some pressure. She released and did it again. She gently rubbed her clit with two fingers, stroking it until she could feel her juices pooling in her pussy lips. Her breathing slowed and she tried to keep her composure.

This was the first time, she had masturbated curled up against her father, and the naughtiness of the physical contact was making her more aroused than she’d ever been before. She didn’t even realize it but her hips started to rock back and forth against her own hand. Her breathing quickened until she was panting softly. She didn’t even notice her father’s other hand slip below the blanket until it covered her own hand.

“Stop.” he whispered in her ear. She realized he had known what she was doing and jerked her hand away automatically. His hand dropped down to where hers had been and the accidental brush of his fingers on her clit sent her orgasm through her. Without even meaning to, Shelby squeezed her thighs down on her father’s hand. Riding out her orgasm with his hand trapped against her. Once she realized what she had done, she parted her thighs and looked up at him guiltily. She was expecting screams and yelling like what her mother had done to her before. So she was surprised to see that while her daddy’s cheeks were stained pink, he was looking intently at the TV, avoiding all eye contact with her.

“I’m sorry Daddy,” she whimpered, tears coming unbidden to her eyes. He looked down at her tenderly and cupped her face, brushing the tears away with his thumb.

“It’s okay sweetheart,” he told her, kissing her on the forehead. “We’ll just pretend that never happened.” With that, he turned back to the movie. After a moment, Shelby relaxed against his side and they watched the rest of the movie cuddled up together.

That night, Shelby couldn’t sleep. She kept replaying what had happened in her head. Her orgasm had been one of the most intense ones she’d ever had, but she still felt the pressure inside that always let her know when she needed some sexual release. Her hand drifted lower. In her mind’s eye she saw her father’s hand between her legs again. But instead of trying to pull away this time, he was gently pumping two fingers into her pussy.

“Yes Daddy,” she whispered, “Fuck me with your fingers.” She pretended that he was pinching her nipple. With that image in her mind, it wasn’t hard for her to bring herself to an orgasm, and she stifled her moans by biting her lip.

“That’s right Daddy! Harder!” Her back arched and she could feel her muscles clench around her fingers. Shelby licked the juices off her fingers and fell asleep.

The next day, she was unsure about how to act around her father, but he treated her no differently than he ever had. It was Saturday, so they all sat at the kitchen table eating cereal. Her mom and dad read the newspaper and she read the last romance novel she had gotten from the bookstore. It was one of those where the cover depicted some long haired, chiseled man ripping open the bustier of a flowing haired heroine. In other words, it had lots of graphic sex. Just the kind Shelby liked.

“I was thinking of going to visit my mother today,” her mom mentioned, “Do either of you want to go?” Her dad shook his head emphatically.

“No thanks darling,” they all knew how much he hated her Grandma Rose, whose asshole was probably so tight she could barely shit.

“Me either Mom.”

“It sexmex porno would be nice if you went, but I guess I can’t make you.” Shelby knew her mother was pissed by how tightly she managed to purse her lips. Her mother stomped upstairs to get ready, leaving just Shelby and her dad sitting at the table. Shelby had been wondering how laid back her father was when it came to giving herself pleasure, and ever since she had woken up that morning, she had intended to test his limits. She came downstairs in a long tshirt and boy short underwear on purpose, hoping the sight of her naked legs would turn him on like he had turned her on. He hadn’t given any indication of arousal that she could see so she decided to push things even further.

She was at a particularly steamy part of the book and she shifted in her chair until the corner of the seat was between her legs. She straightened her back to increase the pressure, and began to grind against the chair slowly.

‘Elphaba gasped as his swollen member pierced her delicate flower. With all the love in his heart he began to move against her. Their union flowered into a passionate embrace and their moans filled the air.’ Her underwear was wet and had slipped between the lips of her pussy. She reached one hand up and rubbed her breast over the t-shirt. She let out a light moan. She was so caught up in her book and her own pleasure that she didn’t hear her father clear his throat at first. He did it again and she stopped her movement and looked up at him.

“Stop.” he commanded. He didn’t look upset or embarrassed, his expression betrayed nothing. She stared him straight in the eye, heart beating uncontrollably and she began to grind against the chair again in front of her own father. She was so turned on that she didn’t want to stop. She wasn’t sure if she was going to comply with his command, but the sound of her mother coming down the stairs made the decision for her. She rearranged herself so she was sitting normally again.

Her mom bustled out the door 10 minutes later, making sure that both her husband and daughter knew she was less than pleased with them. As the door slammed shut behind her mother, Shelby smiled with the realization that she would have hours alone with her father. She had gotten worked up during breakfast, but hadn’t found any release and she was craving more.

She waited patiently until she heard her father go upstairs and close the bathroom door. Shedding her T-shirt so that all that remained was her underwear, she followed him to his room and opened the bathroom door. Her father was sitting on the toilet with his pants down and his penis standing erect in his lap. He looked up at her startled, and she was pleased to see his cock twitch in his lap.

“Don’t mind me,” she giggled, bouncing over to the shower and turning it on. She bounced over to the counter and began to brush her hair.

“Shelby!” he yelled, “What the hell are you doing?” His face was bright red.

“I’m just gonna take a shower, Daddy. You don’t have to leave.” She slid her underwear down her hips and bent over facing the door so she could pull them off completely. She turned back around and her father was still frozen on the toilet, he had one hand pushing down on his shaft, trying to hide his erection from his daughter. Shelby just giggled, “Relax, Dad. It’s not like I’ve never seen a boner.” She walked past him to get to the shower, trailing a hand across his thigh as she went.

She stepped into the steamy shower and bent over to get some shampoo, making sure he had a great view of her ass and pussy. She began to shampoo her hair. Rivers of soapy water ran down her jiggling breasts. She tilted her head back to rinse the shampoo out, her nipples rock hard. She looked over at her dad and smiled. The hand that covered his erection was moving back and forth slowly. Her grin widened, she loved that he was rubbing himself watching her. She put some shower gel in her hands sikiş izle and worked it into a lather. Slowly she began to wash her body. She started with her arms and bent down to get her legs too. Straightening, she kneaded her breasts. Her eyes closed and she almost lost herself in the sensation of touching herself, she heard a moan and looked over at her father. He now had his cock in his hand and he was stroking up and down his shaft. She blew a kiss at him. She had never felt more in control in her life; she needed to know how far she could take this little game with her father. She reached down and began to wash her belly; her hands snaked even lower until she began to wash her shaved lips. She loved how smooth she felt down there and without any artifice, cleaning turned into something more. She probed her index finger into her lips a little and held it there, reveling in the feeling. Her excitement was only bolstered by the look of tortured desire on her father’s face as he slowly pumped his cock. She licked her lips; she wanted to touch him so bad, but she didn’t want to scare him off now. With one hand, she took the showerhead off of the wall and lifted her foot so that one foot stood on the stool she used to shave her legs. Her thighs were wide open to her dad, he had the perfect view of her 19 year old pussy.

She inserted a second finger and brought the stream of water to her clit. Her legs began to shake and she threw her head back whimpering as the water massaged her clit. The water mixed with her juices and flowed down her leg as she fingered herself faster to her approaching orgasm.

She heard another moan, louder this time. She paused pulling the shower head away and pretending to look worried for her father. He was pumping his cock furiously, hunched over on the toilet and she tried to match the motion of her fingers to that of his hand. She wished so bad that his fingers that used to french braid her hair would be the ones inside of her.

“Are you okay, Daddy?” she asked licking her lips seductively.

“Don’t stop.” he pleaded, his eyes raking hungrily over her body.

“If you say so, Daddy.”

She shoved her fingers back into her cunt and locked the showerhead onto her clit again. Bolts of pleasure shot through her, and it was no longer a performance, need drove her movements. Hips and fingers undulating wildly, her moans joined his and their voices echoed off the walls twining about each other. Nothing more was said, all that could be heard through the falling water was labored breathing and urgent moans.

“Uhhhh!!!” Shelby cried. Her body shuddered in pleasure. And waves of her orgasm crashed around her. Her body shook for what seemed like hours until she could finally breathe again. When her eyes opened she could see her Dad still pumping away at his cock, his hand almost a blur.

“Do you need some help with that?” she asked him, looking pointedly down at his lap and licking her lips. His eyes widened with the implication behind her words and with a jerk of his hips, he exploded. Ropes of cum shot out of his prick and dribbled around his thighs. His eyes closed tightly as he rode out the effects of his own orgasm. Shelby climbed out of the shower, still dripping wet and knelt down in front of him.

“Here, let me get that for you.” He gasped as she began to lick the cum off his thighs as he sat there in resigned shock. She licked him thoroughly, her tongue exploring every inch of the skin on his thighs but managing to avoid the one place he craved her tongue the most, his actual cock. She even took his hand and gently sucked his cum from his fingers, causing him to moan again.

“All clean.” she chirped brightly and stood up. She wrapped herself up in a towel and sauntered back to her room, where she would masturbate again with the taste of his cum still on her lips.

That had been enough for one day. Shelby knew enough about men, to know that it was never a good idea to give them everything they wanted right away. Men had to be forced to work for the things they want. And today, she had made sure her Daddy knew he wanted his own daughter. Life in the Olson house was about to get a lot more interesting, and more pleasurable for Shelby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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