Secrets of the Vine Pt. 05

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A cloudy sky greeted waking tourists and residents of Cancun. A thunderstorm had passed through the area during the night, leaving swollen seas and cooler air in its wake. Brad and Ella awoke to the overcast sky, and Brad turned on the TV to check the day’s temperature. The weather reported stated the temps had cooled to the high 80s. Brad opened their patio door and stepped outside.

“Definitely cooler,” he observed. “A good day for golfing.”

Ella walked outside and stood next to him, wearing nothing but a skimpy blue nightie.

“Still warm enough to relax by the pool,” she said.

They walked back inside, showered, and got dressed. They decided they didn’t want to go down to breakfast so Brad called and ordered room service. Then he dialed Alex and Aria’s room.

“Hey, Aria, it’s Brad,” he said. “Is Alex there?”

There was a brief silence.

“Hey Brad. What’s up?” Alex said.

“How about a round of golf this morning, since it cooled off a bit?” Brad asked.

“Sounds great!” Alex replied. “We’re just having breakfast. Wanna meet at ten?”

“Sounds good. Oh, Ella says to tell Aria she’ll be down at the pool after breakfast,” Brad said as Ella slipped her white coverup on over her new swimsuit.

“I’ll relay the message,” Alex chuckled. “See you soon.”

Brad hung up the phone just in time to hear a knock at their door. Brad answered to find their butler had brought up breakfast. Brad held the door as the butler brought their tray of food in and set in on the table. After ensuring there was nothing else the couple needed the butler promptly left the room, closing the door behind him.

“Breakfast is served,” Brad said.

“And it looks amazing,” Ella said.

The couple at their small dining table. Brad had ordered eggs Benedict, while Ella had opted for fruit and yogurt. They talked about the previous night as they ate. They had met Alex and Aria for dinner at the Japanese restaurant, then went for cocktails. Alex had worn a casual suit while Aria has worn a sexy strapless royal blue dress. It’s low neckline had revealed how busty Aria really was.

“Last night was fun,” Ella said. “I liked having cocktails with Alex and Aria.”

“Me, too,” Brad said. “You and Aria both looked amazing.”

“I thought I noticed you staring at her a few times,” Ella said.

“It was hard not to,” Brad replied. “And you stole a few glances, too.”

Ella giggled a little. They had both noticed how sexy Aria had looked in her dress. She admitted to herself that she did find Aria to be a very attractive woman: long soft hair, sparkling eyes, beautiful breasts, and sexy legs. For a brief moment she’d even found herself slightly turned on by Aria. It had been a weird sensation being turned on by another woman, especially when she had just married the man of her dreams. She put the thought out of her mind and finished her breakfast.

“Any idea what time you’ll be back?” Ella asked.

“As long as it takes to finish eighteen holes,” Brad smiled.

“Have fun whacking balls.”

“Have fun lounging.”

Brad headed out the door. Ella grabbed her tote and followed a few minutes later. She arrived at the pool to find Aria had already claimed a couple lounge chairs and had ordered drinks.

“Welcome,” Aria smiled.

“Thanks,” Ella said, placing her tote on the ground and lifting off her coverup.

Aria couldn’t help but stare. Ella looked incredibly sexy in her new swimsuit. She loved how it laced up the front and hugged Ella’s curves, especially her chest. She felt herself getting aroused. Ella noticed Aria’s stare

“Do you like it?” Ella asked. “It’s the suit I bought yesterday.”

“I’m casino oyna not gonna lie. You look sexy as hell,” Aria said matter-of-factually.

Ella’s face turned bright red as she blushed. Her heart skipped a beat. She loved that Aria called her sexy, but she also felt somewhat dirty. She was straight; she’d never been with or experimented with a woman. Why was she having these feelings for another woman? She changed the subject.

“So how about the Japanese restaurant last night?” Ella asked. “That was so good!”

“Right!” Aria responded. “I love hibachi. The sushi appetizer was delicious!”

“I always love watching the chef’s performance. It’s always memorable.”

“And how about the cocktail party last night? I loved that red dress you wore!”

“You looked great, too!” Ella said. “My husband couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off you.”

“It’s flattering,” Aria said. “I don’t mind the attention.”

“Does Alex?”

“Nah,” Aria said. “We’re swingers.”

Ella was taken aback at this admission. She’d known there was something different about Alex and Aria when they’d met. They had seemed pretty open and somewhat flirtatious, especially Aria. Now she understood why.

“Wow,” Ella stammered. “How’d you get into that?”

“Well, we’ve only been in the lifestyle the past two years. We wanted to explore our sexuality and spice things up a little.”

“It must take a lot of trust,” Ella said.

“Oh, it does,” Aria said. “Alex and I are completely open and honest with each other. If one of us feels uncomfortable with someone we let the other know. And we’re not allowed to play with anyone without the other’s permission.”

“So you mean like if you wanted to play with someone’s husband and Alex said no, you wouldn’t be allowed to do anything with that person?”

“Exactly,” Aria said.

“I don’t know if I could ever feel that secure in a marriage,” Ella said.

“You just got married for heaven’s sake,” Aria laughed. “It takes years to build that kind of trust. I’m getting warm. Ready to jump in the pool?”


The women jumped in the pool and spent the morning swimming, even joining some other women for another game of pool volleyball. Aria and Ella were on opposite teams this time. Both teams played well, but in the end Aria’s team won the game. By this time both women were feeling a bit hungry. Aria looked at her watch.

“It’s after noon,” Aria said.

“Already?” Ella asked. “Damn, the morning just flew by. Wanna grab some lunch?”

“Sure,” Aria replied.

They stepped out of the pool and dried off. Aria noticed Ella frantically searching through her tote, swearing.

“What’s wrong?” Aria asked.

“I don’t have my room key,” Ella said, clearly frustrated. “Brad must’ve taken both by mistake when he left to go golfing.”

Aria thought quickly. Then a sly smile crossed her face.

“Well, why don’t you come up to my room?” Aria offered. “We can just order in and sit on our balcony.”

Ella looked a little hesitant.

“And no, you won’t be intruding,” Aria smiled. “Did I mention we have a jacuzzi?”

Ella seemed to perk up at the mention of a hot tub. She packed up her stuff and motioned for Aria to lead the way. Five minutes later they were in Alex and Aria’s room. Ella’s eyes went wide.

“Wow. Bigger than our suite.”

“Well, we’re not on our honeymoon,” Aria replied. “You are. You need that intimate setting. I bet your room is fabulous. The bathroom is over there; that’s where the hot tub is.”

Ella peeked into the bathroom and was awed by the size and layout.

“We just have a shower and soaking tub in our suite,” Ella stated. “So canlı casino I definitely want to take advantage of the hot tub.”

“After lunch,” Aria smiled. “What do you want?”

An hour later lunch was over. The women had enjoyed salad and sandwiches, and they’d washed it down with some whiskey and Coke from the room’s mini-fridge. Aria placed the tray outside the door for the staff to collect and turned on the bathroom light.

“Ready for the hot tub?” she asked.

“Definitely,” Ella said.

Aria got the jets running and stepped in. Ella joined her a few minutes later. She leaned back and relaxed, letting the jets of hot water to massage her neck and shoulders.

“Feel good?”

“Oh my goodness, yes,” Ella said. “My neck aches. I think I slept on it funny.”

“I love the feel of the jets on my shoulders,” Aria said. “That’s where I keep my tension.”

They sat in silence for several minutes, enjoying the hot water. Aria noticed Ella continued to moan every couple minutes.

“Neck still hurt?”

“Yeah,” Ella answered.

“How about a neck massage?”

“That sound amazing right now.”

Aria sat up and opened her legs to make room for Ella. Ella took a seat in front of Aria, with her back to her. Aria pulled her long soft hair aside and began to slowly massage Ella’s neck. Ella groaned as Aria kneaded the kinks in her neck.

“Feel good?” Aria asked.

“Yes,” Ella groaned.

Aria continued massaging. As she massaged, Ella rolled her neck one way then the other. Aria couldn’t help but notice the bare nape of Ella’s neck. There it was, begging to be kissed. Aria pulled Ella back, closer to her. Ella could feel Aria’s warm breath on her neck now, and she liked it. She felt her newlywed mound start to swell with desire. Her heart raced. She had pledged herself to Brad, but her desire was for Aria. She felt Aria’s lips touch the nape of her neck. Her body shuddered with pleasure. She had to make a decision: give in to her desire for another woman, or decline Aria’s advances and stay faithful to her new husband. It took two seconds for her to decide.

“Oh, Aria,” Ella gasped.

Aria continued kissing. Her lips moved from the nape to the left. Ella moved her head to allow Aria better access. She reached behind her and grabbed Aria’s head, holding it against her neck. Aria’s hands reached around Ella’s waist, holding her, then moving up to her breasts.

“Ohhh,” Ella gasped again as Aria began to squeeze her breasts.

Ella was now fully aroused. She felt like the crotch of her swimsuit might tear. She took one of Aria’s hands in hers and moved it down slowly between her legs. Aria loved that Ella was giving in and even taking control a little. Aria could feel Ella’s swell through the bathing suit. She began to rub slowly. Ella whimpered.

“Does that feel good?” Aria whispered in Ella’s ear.

“Yes,” Ella answered softly. “I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

Ella continued to lean back against Aria as she massaged her pussy. Aria tried to slip a hand under the swimsuit, but it was too tight.

“Let’s get these off,” Aria said.

Ella turned to face her new lover. They stood up, and Aria pulled her close. They just gazed into each other’s eyes for several minutes. There was no need for words. Aria began to unlace Ella’s bathing suit, slowly and seductively. It soon became loose enough for Aria to slide it from Ella’s wet, sexy body.

“My turn,” Ella smiled.

She slowly unlaced Aria’s swimsuit, and it soon joined it’s counterpart on the floor outside the hot tub. The two women embraced, and Aria pressed her lips to Ella’s. Ella had never been kissed by a woman. kaçak casino Aria could feel her trembling.

“It’s okay,” Aria reassured her.

Ella now gave in fully to her desires. She pressed her mouth harder against Aria’s. Their lips locked in passion. The two women moaned as they began to make out. Ella moaned as she felt Aria slide her tongue along her own. Aria squeezed Ella’s firm breasts, eliciting a loud moan. Ella followed suit, clutching a handful of Aria’s ample bosom. The passionate kissing had now become a full-blown open-mouthed kiss. Aria reached behind Ella and grabbed her ass, giving it a playful smack. Ella giggled.

“Ella, you’re so beautiful,” Aria said, caressing Ella’s arm.

“So are you,” Ella replied.

Aria took Ella’s hand and led her to the bed.

“Lay back,” Aria instructed.

Ella lay back on the bed. Aria moved to lay over her. Aria began to suck Ella’s perky nipples. Ella gasped. Aria moved back and forth, giving each erect bud equal attention. Ella could feel herself dripping wet now.

“Fuck,” Ella moaned.

Aria moved down Ella’s body, kissing down to her stomach. She took time to explore her new lover’s body. She wanted to find out what Ella liked, what turned her on, and what really excited her sexually. Her lips moved past the navel. She could smell Ella’s arousal now; she loved the scent. Her lips moved to Ella’s upper inner thighs, gently kissing around. Ella gasped again as Aria took mental notes. Her lips then slowly caressed around the edges of Ella’s mound, which Aria could see was incredibly swollen.

“Shit,” Ella whimpered. “I want to feel your mouth on my pussy.”

“Not quite yet,” Aria teased.

Aria’s mouth continued around the perimeter of Ella’s engorged mound. Ella was now moaning, practically begging for Aria to taste her. Aria moved in and stuck out her tongue. She slowly licked up Ella’s pussy lips. Ella shuddered and writhed slightly.

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned loudly.

Aria continued slowly moving her tongue up and down. Ella’s moans continued. It felt like every nerve down there had come alive, and they were all being stimulated simultaneously. Aria began to lick faster; Ella’s moans became louder. Aria reached up and played with Ella’s young breasts, gently tweaking her nipples. Ella’s back arched.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” Ella screamed.

Aria took Ella’s pussy lips in her mouth and began to suck hard. Ella grabbed Aria’s head, holding it against herself. She began to grind her slit against Aria’s face. She felt Aria’s tongue sliding all along her slit. She moved her hips upwards; Aria’s tongue entered her. Aria thrust her tongue deep into Ella. What little control Ella had over her climax vanished.

“Shit!!” Ella screamed.

Aria opened her mouth and held Ella’s body in place as the climax hit. Ella’s juiced flowed into Aria’s mouth. Aria lapped Ella’s pussy with her tongue, hungrily drinking down her juices. Ella shook as her pussy continued it’s epic release. Aria was surprised how much Ella was cumming; she must have not had sex recently. Finally the orgasm subsided. Aria moved up to look at Ella’s face. She lay there motionless, seemingly paralyzed.

“Ella, are you okay?”

“I can’t move,” Ella replied. “That took everything out of me. Is that normal?”

“When you have an orgasm that big it is,” Aria stated. “I’ve never had a woman cum that much their first time.”

“Must’ve been my body’s response to you,” Ella smiled. “I’ve never experienced an orgasm like that before.”

Aria moved to lay down next to Ella. The women wrapped their arms around each other, intertwining their bodies. They lay there and smiled at each other. Aria lay there, enjoying being with her new loved. As Ella lay there with Aria, she realized how happy she was. She could do this forever. But then a nagging though crept into her mind: how the hell would she tell Brad?

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