Secrets Beauty Salon

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Big Dicks

A Dani Harris Adventure

My phone chirped indicating an email had been received. I picked it up to read the new message, probably some more junk mail I thought as I clicked through to the email app.

“Hi Dani,

Yes we do have a therapist that specialises in male waxing. Let me know what treatments you want doing and I will let you know the prices involved and we can book you an appointment.

Kind regards,


Secrets Beauty Salon”

So finally a response to my research. It seemed like months but had actually only been a week in reality. A keen cyclist I had been meaning to get my legs waxed for ages, the problem was where to go. Most salons just wouldn’t treat men at all and I was beginning to think there was no where locally that would treat me. Ok. so I could go back to shaving them, but when you are as hairy as me that is a real pain. I would have to do them every two days and when the hair grew back it was always coarse and stubbly.

I had tried a long list of salons, at first I had just walked into the nearest one to home, thinking this would be the easiest option.

“Hello Sir,” the forty something receptionist had said, looking at me as though thinking, “what is he doing in here.”

“Oh Hi.”

“What can I do for you?”

“Well I wondered if you provide waxing services for men at all?”

“Back or chest?”

“Neither actually, I want my legs waxed. I’m a cyclist and ..” I felt the need to explain my obviously unusual request.

“No, we don’t do that, I’m sorry, not for men.”

“Oh, right, well.”

“And we don’t do intimates either for men. We are not that sort of place.”

I wondered what that sort of place was, but decided not to ask.

“Ok, well thanks anyway.” I hastily made a retreat for the door.

It was the same in the next local salon I tried.

“Yes we do chest and back. No we don’t do legs or privates.”

I realised I had to try further afield, so rather than visiting I tried the phone approach.

“Hello is that High Street Beauty?”

“Yes, how may I help you?”

“I am looking for somewhere that provides waxing for men.”

“Ok, what part did you want waxed?”

“My legs actually, is this something you do?”

“We could do legs yes, it’s £25 for a full leg or £15 for a half leg.”

“Oh good, it would definitely be a full leg, would look a bit silly otherwise.”

“We don’t do the bikini line you understand, so nothing above mid thigh.”

“Ok, that’s probably ok, I am a cyclist so as long as you come up to my shorts that should be alright.”

So I seemed to have a solution but to be honest I got the feeling that they didn’t really treat men, so I decided to carry on my research, at least I sort of had a backstop position.

That lead me to emailing nearly any salon I could find within 20 miles. Most didn’t even bother replying, the few that did were prepared to wax backs or chests, hardly anyone seemed to want to wax legs and those that did made it clear that it was legs and legs only not bikini waxing. At first I smiled at this, did many guys get a bikini wax? Well probably not as there was no where prepared to do it, but it made me think.

This email from Emily though was different. A therapist that specialises in male waxing, probably some gay guy, but at least it was one of the local ones to where I worked, I might be able to get a lunch time appointment. I thought about a suitable response.

“Hi Emily,

Thank you for your reply, I am interested that you have a specialist for male waxing. What treatments do they provide?

Kind regards.


In only a few minutes my phone chirped again. That was quick I thought.

“Hi Dani,

Patricia does all the treatments on our web-site. Perhaps you can take a look.

Most of the guys have chest and back waxes, some have legs, sack and crack done too.

It depends what you are really looking for?

Kind regards,


Secrets Beauty Salon”

Ok well that covered most things, in fact sack and crack pretty much covered all of it.

“Hi Emily,

I wanted to have my legs waxed actually, I am a keen cyclist. However, having my bum crack done sounds like an idea from a hygiene point of view. Not sure if I am ready for that though, it’s my first time being waxed.

Could you give me an idea of prices please?

Kind regards,


Well that was step forward. To be honest I had never considered having anything but my legs done. But I could see the hygiene behind waxing your bum, must make it easier to clean, I thought.

Again my phone chirped.

“Hi Dani,

Full leg is £35 or half leg £18. It’s £10 extra to wax your bum, or you can have the whole area done for £35.

Patricia is very nice with first timers.

Let me know what you want to do and I can make you an appointment.

Kind regards,


A sudden thought, was that £35 for each leg or for both? I discarded the idea of a half leg, that would just look silly tuzla escort with my lycra cycling shorts on. £10 for my bum seemed reasonable but I wasn’t sure how painful this was going to be. I certainly wasn’t ready to go the whole way. Just thinking about that brought tears to my eyes.

“Hi Emily,

It’s me again, sorry for all the questions. When you say a whole leg is £35 is that for both legs or just one? That probably sounds a stupid question but I haven’t done this before. Also how long does it take? Could legs be waxed in say my lunch hour?

Kind regards,


Either it was a slow day at the salon or Emily just liked emailing me but once again her reply came back quickly.

“Hi Dani,

No problem ask as many questions as you like.

£35 is both legs and all the leg, we wouldn’t leave you with one done and the other not. 🙂

We can wax both legs in about 40 minutes so it is possible to do in your lunch hour, however, as you say this is your first time you might want to come in straight after work so you can go home straight away after.

We recommend you wear loose clothing so not to irritate the skin after waxing.

Would you like me to book you in?

Kind regards,


Well that sealed it then straight after work on Thursday would work for me.

“Hi Emily,

That’s great then, yes let’s book me for Thursday after work, say 5.30pm if you can.

Kind regards,


Again the phone chirped.

“Hi Dani,

Is that for full legs and your bum or just half legs?

I can fit you in at 5:45 if that is alright?

Kind regards,


No I just wasn’t that brave. Well not yet anyway.

“Hi Emily,

I think we will just do the full legs this time, I’m not Although it does make sense I know.

5:45 will be fine.


“Hi Dani,

Ok, you are booked in with Patricia at 5:45 on Thursday.

Look forward to seeing you then.

Kind regards,


So that was it I was booked to have my first leg wax on Thursday, slightly nervous but surely it couldn’t be that bad, could it? I mean, lot’s of women had their legs waxed all the time. So it couldn’t hurt too much.

Thursday arrived and then 5:30, I left work at 5:30 and walked to Secrets across town. It was a small salon in the town centre, just a small window and a door really. In fact I had walked past it many times and never even noticed it. I pushed the door open and walked into the small reception.

Two girls were behind the desk, one was dark haired, pale skinned and looked in her twenties, the other looked barely out of school and was her red hair was cut into that elfin look that makes girls look even younger. Both were dressed in the usual beauty salon uniform of black t-shirts and trousers. I noticed the t-shirts though had the salon logo embroidered above the left breast.

“Hi, I am Dani, I have an appointment.”

“Hello Dani, yes come in. Take a seat here, can I get you a drink?” The older girl spoke.

“I’m fine thanks, I just came from work and had a drink there.” I sat on the little sofa opposite a small coffee making machine.

“Ok, I will let Patricia know you are here.” And she walked off and up some stairs that I hadn’t noticed until now.

“Patricia will be down in a minute.” she announced on her return.

“Ok great. Thanks very much.”

True to word, in only a few minutes Patricia came down the stairs. She was older than the other two girls, maybe mid-thirties, dark brown curly hair fell to her shoulders and the uniform showed off her delicious womanly curves.

“Dani? I am Patricia.” she introduced herself, extending a hand.

“Nice to meet you Patricia.”

“Please, follow me upstairs. Oh, mind your head hear at the top, the ceiling is a little low.”

I followed her into a treatment room on the first floor at the back of the building.

“Ok, here you can change. Remove your trousers, socks, and underwear please. There is a towel here to cover you. You can hang your coat and jacket here on the back of the door. I will be back in a few minutes.”

“Sure, ok, um, my trousers and underwear?”

“Yes please then cover with the towel and sit on the couch there.” she pointed to what was basically cross between a massage table and a dentist’s chair and left the room.

Did I really need to remove my underwear to have my legs waxed? Well I guess so if she was going to the top of my leg it would be easier. Slowly I undressed as instructed, hanging my coat and jacket on the hooks on the back of the door. I removed my trousers and folded them on the chair and then removed my red boxers, tucking them under my trousers. I grabbed the towel she had indicated and wrapped it tightly around my waist as though I had just come out of the shower.

As I sat on the couch, Patricia re-entered the room.

“Good you are ready?”


“Oh no, not with the towel like that please, it is just to cover you, unwrap it please.”

I did as instructed, trying to unwrap tuzla escort bayan the towel without removing it completely and almost failing in the task. Eventually Patricia was happy with the towel arrangement.

“Please, sit up I will raise the back here so you are more comfortable.” with that she raised the back part of the couch so I was sat upright with my legs stretched out in front of me, the towel laid across my crotch. Patricia set to work.

“So this is your first time being waxed then?”

“Yes it is. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much?”

“No just a little sting really, you will be fine.” she spooned a dollop of warm wax onto my shin and then applied some sort of fabric. After a few seconds of pressing it down she ripped it right off.

“Ooh.” I couldn’t help reacting.

“Is that ok?”

“Yes, carry on, I just didn’t know what to expect.”

“Ah, yes the first is always the worst.”

She was right of course, as Patricia applied wax to my legs I got used to the sensation and started to relax. Patricia continued a constant chat with me about work, family and holidays, it was just like being at the barbers really.

“Ok Dani, the front is finished I need you to roll over now please.” she picked up the towel from my waist, leaving me fully exposed as I rolled over onto my stomach.

“It’s ok you are stuck to the paper underneath a little, this is normal where I have dripped the wax.” she continued her banter as she dropped the towel partly over my exposed buttocks.

Over the next few minutes she worked her way up the back of first one leg then the other, constantly chatting about everything and nothing.

“That’s good Dani, you don’t seem to react to bad.” she smiled, perhaps I had passed some test, although the treatment did sting, apart from the first “Ouch” I had managed to keep my mouth closed, only wincing silently when some of the strips seemed to get stuck.

“Please turn back over now.” Again she lifted the towel off me as I rolled over to my back. This time however she left the towel on one side. My cock and balls now fully on display. “I will switch to a hot wax now Dani, it is better for the more sensitive areas. I need to put gloves on too as I have an allergy to this wax.”

My mind reeled. Sensitive areas? Hang on I was just getting a leg wax right, my mouth failed to form any words though, Patricia was firmly in control and I just lay there. Patricia spread the new wax in a strip from my hip to my balls, defining the outline of my bikini area. She waited then tapped the wax strip, not placing a fabric strip over this new wax. Then when she judged it had cooled enough she pulled it up and off. She applied a second strip for good measure and then a third.

“Right now the other side.”

And Patricia proceeded to repeat the process on my left side. When she finished I had two sides of a nicely defined triangle of pubic hair.

“So this is the legs finished Dani. We are now ready to complete the rest with this hot wax, ok?”

“Um, well I thought I was just booked in for my legs to be waxed.” I was sure that is what I had asked Emily.

“Ok, if that is what you want. But this is all very untidy here.” as she spoke she grabbed a handful of my pubic hair just above my still, just flaccid penis.

“Yeah I guess it is, but I am not sure if I am ready to have all that removed yet.”

“Oh, you really should Dani, the women will really love it when you are hairless.”

“Well I don’t know, I think I should stop there for today.”

“As you wish, but I really can’t let you go looking untidy.” It was true I hadn’t trimmed my pubes for months and untidy did sum it up.

“So I will trim this up for you for free ok?”

“Um, yeah sure, er thanks Patricia.”

“No problem Dani, its my pleasure.” With that comment Patricia reached to a table behind her and picked up some electric clippers. They buzzed quietly as she turned then on and brought them down to the pubic hair at my navel. In calm straight movements she trimmed downwards towards my penis. Back and forth the trimmer buzzed until the area above my penis was all the same length.

“Is that short enough or shall i carry on?”

I looked down, my pubes were still a good couple of inches long.

“Well maybe it could go a little shorter.”

“Yes I think so.” And with that she took hold of my flaccid member in her still gloved hand. She pulled it first this way and then that as she trimmed my pubic mound around the base of my cock.

The feeling was intense, this attractive thirty year old had my cock held tightly in her hand and was moving it left and right, up and down. Of course it reacted as my cock is bound to do when a beautiful woman grasps hold of it. In no time at all it was erect, the rubber of her gloves increasing the sensuality of her otherwise quite firm touch. The constant buzzing of her little trimmer vibrated around my balls and before I realised I had a full erection in her delicate hand.

“Um, sorry Patricia” was all I could say.

“For what Dani?” she carried escort tuzla on buzzing around the base of my cock, trying to catch all the fine hairs that grew in every direction and refused to lay flat enough for her to trim them easily.

“Well for getting a hardon.”

“Oh, don’t worry Dani, it’s a normal reaction for a man, isn’t it?”

“I guess so.”

Was it my imagination or did her hand tighten at that instant around the girth of my hard cock? She pulled it firmly down my leg as she tried to trim the hairs above with the other hand. The she pulled it quickly upwards as she returned to trimming the hairs on my balls. The skin of my cock rose up and down with each movement, her rubber clad glove grazing over the exposed head. My balls tightened in anticipation.

Oh shit, I was going cum. I knew the sensation had reached the point of no return, when you know the biological workings had to reach their final conclusion. I could have asked her to stop, but my brain was overloaded, rational thought was bypassed as my cock enjoyed the attention of her hand moving it this way and that.

And then it erupted, cum shot up in the air through Patricia’s fingers and seeped back down over her hand. Fortunately I narrowly missed her face which had been hunched down over my penis checking the length of my hairs. The creamy fluid stuck to her fingers as she finally relaxed her grip.

“Oh my god, I am sorry Patricia, I didn’t mean to cum.”

“It’s ok, Dani, it happens, you are a man and you lose control. It’s just natural.” While I watched she picked up some tissue and proceeded to clean up the sticky mess. She wiped the length of my cock, which of course now resorted to its usual flaccid length of 8 cm. Then with more tissue, she wiped around the base and my balls.

“You see, Dani, if I removed all this hair here,” she gripped my balls in her palm, “cleaning up after you cum would be easier.” she continued to wipe at the now matted and glued together hairs.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to wax all this too?”

“Um, I’m sure thank you Patricia, I think that’s enough for my first time.”

“Well ok, Dani, I can’t clip anymore while the hair is still damp, so I must leave you like that.” I stole a glance and saw my entire pubic region was trimmed to about 5mm in length. Quite tidy looking I thought.

“That looks er fine to me, Patricia.”

“That’s good then, Dani. Maybe next time we can take it all off eh?”she continued patting my balls dry and gave my penis a final wipe. “Here you should moisturise regularly you know.” She reached behind her again and brought back a bottle of cream. Quickly squirting some into her palm she again took hold of my limp penis and massaged the cream into it and then continued down to my balls.

“Just make sure it is all absorbed properly.” she continued rubbing my balls and cock until once again my penis started to react to her touch. After a few minutes I again had an erection pointing up to the ceiling.

“Yes, there we are all moisturised and working again.” she winked at me then let go of my balls.

“Well I am finished, Dani, please take your time to get dressed and I will see you downstairs.” In seconds Patricia had left the room, leaving me on the couch, naked from the waist down with a full size erection. I grabbed the bottle of moisturiser and applied a squirt to my cock and one to my balls for good measure. Taking myself in hand I proceeded to finish where Patricia had started, for the second time. I sat there imagining her hand caressing my cock,pumping it up and down as she moved it around to allow access for her buzzing clippers. In no time I brought myself to orgasm again, my cock twitching as a spurted cum over my now smooth legs and across the couch. I pulled at the box of tissues and started to wipe up. Patricia had been right, cleaning up the smooth skin of my now waxed legs was easier than the shortly trimmed thatch of pubic hair. Well maybe next time I would be more daring I thought.

I dressed slowly, and once fully clothed made my way back downstairs to the reception desk, There was Patricia and the redhead, the other girl, who I assumed was Emily, although I wasn’t sure was not in sight.

“There you are, Dani. Do you feel alright?”

“Yes thank you, Patricia, that’s certainly the smoothest my legs have been for a long time.”

“Yes, well you should come back every four to six weeks depending on how fast your hair grows.”

“Oh, I will come back I am sure.”

“Well don’t leave it too long, you are welcome here.”

“As soon as the budget allows it I will return don’t worry.”

“Good, then maybe next time we can remove everything for you.” The little redhead’s eyes opened wide at this statement I am sure.

“Here you are Dani,” she passed me a till receipt, “that will be £35 please.”

I paid the bill, certainly worth every penny I thought.

“Do you want to book for the next appointment now?”

“Well, as it is my first time, I would like to see how quick it grows back.”

“Yes that is a good idea, just don’t let it get too long before we see you again.”

And with that I closed up my coat and left the salon, wow certainly that was an experience for the Dani Harris adventures if ever there was one.

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