Secret Craving

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If anyone had ever asked me why I had lost interest in Thayne, I couldn’t have given them an honest answer. He was great-looking and built well, and he liked to make love often. His job paid rather well, so much so that I was able to play housewife for him, and I did that in such a fashion that he never had cause to complain or question how I spent my days. He was a fantastic husband, a great provider, and had the utmost consideration for me. The silently ungrateful wife. All in all, it should have been perfect, but something was missing.

I think that it was his considerate way of going about the sex he loved so much that just rubbed me wrong. There was just something about the sedate stroking, gentle touching, and lack of imagination that left me wanting more. I mean, there are only so many positions that you can try in a bed before it all becomes somewhat lackluster and mundane. It wasn’t that Thayne didn’t know what he was doing – that is one thing that I could never accuse him of — it was that I could almost feel that he was holding back from me what I was craving, and I didn’t know how to get it from him. The force, the near explosive passion that rocks you when you are so lost in the moment that you go nearly blind with pleasure, was the spark that was somehow just not there. And it was ruining the perfection that should have been all mine.

Sometimes when we kissed, I could almost feel the violence trembling behind his lips, could almost taste it on his skin, like a candy that I wanted to sink my teeth into and suck on until there was no more. It could have been wishful thinking, my own desires creating things that weren’t really present. I’m not sure. Thayne’s hands would tense, for just an instant, almost to the point of pain, and my breasts would tighten, my heart beat just a little faster, thinking that this might finally be it. Then the moment would pass, almost like fickle smoke blowing away on an errant breeze, and he would be back to normal. Normal, protective, gentle, boring Thayne. And I was sick of it.

It’s a difficult thing to admit to your lover that they aren’t quite satisfying you. An even harder task to admit to yourself that the things you desire may not be as normal and easy as you would like. How does one ask another to hurt them? How does one explain that pain induces pleasure for them? That the thought of teeth nipping just a bit too hard or the idea of hands bruising and nails scratching nearly steals your breath away? I had no worldly idea how to broach the topic without scaring the hell out of my straight-laced husband, so I settled for seething in silence and playing out my little fantasies in my mind until I couldn’t stand the lack any more.

I remember that it was almost unbearably hot that night. I was wearing my summer short-shorts and a tank top, both of which were plastered to my skin. The air conditioning had blown earlier in the day, and though Thayne had begged and pleaded with nearly every repairman in the area, no one was able to come and relieve us from the baking heat until the next day. I was in the living room with a glass of iced tea and Thayne was in his office, working late as he often did when there was a project going to hell at work.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what came over me. I’ll blame it on the heat and the fantasies I’d been dreaming up all day. I was leaning back and rubbing ice on my neck, letting the water slip in rivulets down my chest, when the idea to practically rape my husband took hold and wouldn’t let go. I actually tried to talk myself out of what I wanted so desperately to do, but the more I pictured approaching Thayne as he clacked away on his computer, the more damp I got. And the dampness had nothing to do with the heat.

I stood up slowly, almost hesitantly, my heart racing as images of what I was going to do streamed through my head. I walked down the hall and peeked through the office doorway at Thayne. He was sitting in a straight-backed chair at his desk wearing only his shorts and a pair of navy blue flip-flops. His hair was disheveled as though he had just been running his fingers through it. As the observation came to me, so did the image of me fisting my hands into the golden brown strands and forcing his head back so I could nibble along his collar bone.

I felt hot, and it had nothing to do with the temperature in the house. It was empowerment and the knowledge that I was finally going to have what I had needed for so long. I slid into the room, sneaking up to bostancı escort bayan where my husband sat toiling away, knowing that if he caught me in his presence before I wanted him to that my plan would most likely fall to pieces. My feet sunk into the soft grey carpet as I stalked closer, my breath coming in silent whispers, my heart pounding in my ears, all making me feel like a huntress after her prey. Closing in on an innocent victim who remained clueless to the danger he was so near and the hunger he was about to sate. Almost there, just a few more steps…

Thayne pushed away from his desk just as I stopped next to him. He had a moment to look startled before I straddled his lap and sat down facing him. The jackass actually laughed.

“Jess, what are you doing? It’s so hot!” Thayne chuckled as he tried to stand me up, but I wriggled closer, pressing myself into him and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I was getting lonely out there all by myself.” I kissed around his jaw, nipping softly every once in a while. “I thought I’d come and see what you were up to.” I slid my hands up into his hair, letting the silky smooth locks slip between my fingers until I reached the back of his head, then I did make fists, just as I had pictured myself doing as I stood in the doorway. His body went tense beneath me and it sent waves of heat through me, making me want to move faster though I knew that doing so would ruin my plans. I bent forward for a kiss and I released the breath I didn’t even know I was holding when he put his hands on my hips.

I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth, running my tongue along its fullness before sinking my teeth in. Thayne jerked and hardened, though he tried to push me away at the first hint of rough play. His eyes were dilated when his hands pressed against my shoulders, his breathing just a bit raspy, and it suddenly dawned on me that he might actually want the same things that I had been dreaming of. I always knew that I could taste that dark passion in him, but had thought that it was just my wistful imaginings. Maybe my sweet, gentle husband had been holding back for the same reasons I had. The idea tightened things low in my belly and made me more daring than I had already been.

“Jess, I’m almost done here. If we could just wait a minute…” he trailed off briefly as I rocked against him, “…I can take you to the bedroom…” I pulled his head back and bit down his neck, maybe just a tad too hard, “…for God’s sake, what has gotten into you??” Thayne pushed with earnest at that point, looking somewhat panicked as he tried, unsuccessfully, to pry me from his lap. I wrapped my legs around him and hooked my feet behind the legs of his chair.

I ran my hands down his chest, circling my fingers around his nipples, pinching them gently when they hardened for me. “I said I was lonely, Thayne,” I purred to him. “I want you now,” I traced the skin just above the waistband of his shorts, smiling wickedly when his stomach jerked in reaction. “I don’t want to wait, and I don’t want the bed. Here.” I ran my hands up his chest and around his shoulders, digging my nails in as I rounded to his back. Thayne arched up into me as I bit his chest and sucked the skin into my mouth. His hands flew to my head and he pulled gently, trying to move me away without hurting me, but I wouldn’t let go.

“Jess, stop, please. You don’t…” He stopped mid-sentence as I bit up the center of his chest and across his collarbone to his neck. His groan vibrated against my lips and I sank my teeth in just a little deeper, enough that he gasped and clutched my hips, grinding me onto him. I rolled my hips and allowed my fingers to creep back up into his hair, then nibbled across his jaw again, making my way to his mouth.

I licked and bit his lips between words, words that I had practiced a thousand times before as I fantasized about seducing my sedate, sensitive husband into getting rough with me. “Haven’t you ever wanted to just take something without asking? To just do what felt good because you needed it right then?” I jerked on his hair, my lips hovering over his, just making contact as I whispered my little speech to him. Thayne’s hands were working my hips now, rocking me against an erection so hard it had to hurt. I traced my tongue around his mouth but pulled back when he moved to kiss me. He growled and I smiled the smile of a temptress hell-bent on torture.

“Come on, let’s get out of the office and go to our room, ümraniye escort we’ll do whatever you want…” Thayne stopped again when I bit his ear. His hands tightened painfully on my hips and I moaned rather loudly in his ear. I wanted to be pressed against him skin-to-skin, but I had to settle for the friction from the fabric of our clothing. I licked his earlobe and was rewarded when he stifled a groan. He was sinking slowly and I was determined to win a battle that he hadn’t even been armed for. So I went in for the kill.

Using that sexy, husky whisper, I ran my tongue along the whorls of his ear and said, “But what if I want you to fuck me? You want it to…I can feel you…so hard.” I kissed along his throat and licked from the base of his neck to his mouth, pulling his head to me by the hair that was still wrapped around my fingers. He was trembling, sweat beading across his forehead as he stared into my eyes. His nostrils were slightly flared and his breath was coming heavily, but desire burned like fire in his eyes, and I knew I had won.

“You want to, don’t you? To hurt me, to bite me. To fuck me. To pull my hair and hold me in place while you pound that hard cock in…” I didn’t get to finish. Thayne growled like a feral thing and drove his fingers into my hair, ripping my head back as his hot mouth moved hungrily over my throat. Teeth scraped and bruised across my skin and I couldn’t have moved away even if I’d wanted to. He dragged one hand down my back to my ass and pulled me against him as he rocked himself against me. His mouth, that wonderfully enticing mouth, bit across my shoulders and licked its way down my chest until it came to rest at my nipple. He roughly told me to keep talking just before he sucked on the hard nubbin through my shirt.

My hands were all over him, scratching his shoulders and upper back, pulling his hair, sliding in the sheen of sweat that was covering us both. I moaned and cried out and franticly told him every naughty, dirty thing I had ever thought about him doing to me, and it only managed to drive him on. My gentle Thayne ripped my shirt and bra off of me and pinched one nipple as he gnawed on the other. I was blind, euphoric, so wet that I was shocked Thayne’s shorts weren’t soaked with it.

He stopped abruptly and stood me up. I panted heavily and stared at his face, panicked for a moment that he was actually done. For one breathless moment, he stared back, unblinking, then he turned me around. He pulled my ass against him and I wiggled around, teasing him. Thayne’s hands ran down my chest and across my stomach, latching into the elastic of my shorts and sliding them down. He bit his way up the backs of my thighs as he stood back up, one hand coming to my hip and the other meeting the back of my head. He bent me over, telling me to spread my legs and grab the edge of the desk.

Finally, we were going to fuck, really fuck. I could feel the wetness slipping out of me to dampen my thighs, my heart beat pulsing through that part of me that craved him the most. I held my breath, waiting, nearly shaking with my desire, knowing that he surely wouldn’t want anymore of this type of play before he found release. But my sweet Thayne had other ideas.

He knelt on the floor behind me and I could hear him whispering, mostly nonsense. “You had to…I tried to stop…God I’ve wanted…but you weren’t…and I didn’t…but now…sweet…so sweet…” And then his mouth was on me, tongue swirling and slurping, plunging into me over and over. My knees almost buckled from the pleasure of it, from the newness of having my straight-laced husband kneeling behind me and lapping up my juices, from the feeling of his fingers gripping so forcefully on my thighs. I bent over further and watched him working between my legs, sliding his tongue over every crease and fold in my pussy, biting on the hard nub before shoving two fingers into me. They slid back and forth over some lovely spot inside of me, making my entire body feel liquid as he flickered his tongue over my clit.

“Oh my God, that’s fucking good, Thayne…I’m going to cum…” I could feel myself starting to tighten on his fingers, so close, then he sucked my clit into his mouth and pinched my nipple and I felt myself cum in a flood, the juices running down my thighs and drenching Thayne’s face. He never stopped moving his hands or suckling that little pink pearl. My orgasms rolled one into the other and he seemed content to suck my pussy forever.

Finally, escort kartal after one long last lick, Thayne stopped and stood up. I could hear his zipper opening and the slide of fabric as he dropped his shorts, then he was turning me around and sliding his cock between my legs. I was shaking so hard I could barely stand, but he held onto me as he slid back and forth, coating himself in my cum. He kissed me hard, his tongue exploring my mouth as though we’d never really kissed before, his hands gripping my hair in a death lock.

“Was that what you wanted?” he said against my lips. “You just wanted me to suck your pussy and be done?” I looked at him through glazed eyes and shook my head, and he turned my devil-smile back on me. “Oh, you want more? How about I shove my cock in you?” Thayne grabbed my ass and slammed me against him, forcing me as close as he could to that delicious cock without actually putting it in. I whimpered. “You know what I want? I want you on your knees choking on my cock while I fuck your face.”

He bit my lip then and shoved me to the floor. I kneeled there as he rubbed his damp cock across my lips, pushing the head into my mouth as I licked the pre-cum off the tip. The salty taste made me moan and run my hands up his thighs as I slowly sucked him into my mouth. Thayne jerked when I closed my lips around him, his hands caressing my face while his erection disappeared into my throat. I gripped him with one hand and got into a steady rhythm of stroke-and-suck while I massaged his balls with the other, drawing groan after moan after delicious sigh from him. I gagged, he laughed. I choked, he held my face against him.

He grabbed my hair again after I picked up the pace, sucking franticly as I attempted to get him to cum for me as hard as I had for him. I was dripping again, so hungry for his cock in my pussy that I could have begged, but I was enjoying the dirty blowjob so much that I couldn’t stop. I slid one finger across his asshole and Thayne shouted out and jerked violently in my mouth.

He used my hair to pull me back up to my feet then let go to pull me against him again. His cock was wet from my blowjob, hard and throbbing against my belly, but his eyes looked dangerous. My belly twisted into knots. I had pushed him too far. My heart sank and I knew that it was all going to be finished faster that it had started. I had just had to keep going and I had ruined it. Now my husband was angry.

His arms tightened painfully around me. A faint tremor of fear shook through me, barely noticeable, but Thayne felt it and he smiled wickedly. I felt his hands sliding down my back and across my ass where he grabbed me and lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist. I was elated. Not too far after all. He began to walk with me wrapped around him and, though I was disappointed that we were going to the bedroom, I was relieved that he wasn’t and angry as his eyes had implied.

I bent my head to kiss him gently because I knew he probably wanted to calm down, when I felt my shoulders touch the wall. In one motion, he shoved me into the wall, slammed that too-hard cock into me, and savaged my mouth. His teeth bit, his tongue soothed, and his cock never stopped moving. I could feel him so deep inside of me that I was surprised that I didn’t split in two. I held on for dear life, taking every thrust and bite and kiss that he gave me, my pussy throbbing around him and leaking juice over both of us. His mouth was on my ear and his hand moved to my throat and squeezed.

“You want to cum again, little bitch? You want that pussy to cum all over my cock while I fuck you?” I couldn’t speak, my breath wheezing in around his hand on my throat, but I nodded my head and slid my hands into his hair and pulled. “I’m going to cum in you…You like my hot cum in you? Mixing with your pussy juice and then running down your legs. You want to be filled up with my cum, don’t you? Then you want me to fuck you again…”

I couldn’t take anymore. I came on a scream, my body arching against him as I shook and shuddered, barely noticing when he let go of my throat and buried his face in my neck. Both of us soaked in sweat, both fighting desperately for air, both reveling in the conclusion of the dirtiest, hottest sex we had ever had. We came together, wave after wave hitting us and pulling us under, and I knew that we would never, ever go back to that sedate, gentle love-making that had plagued us before.

He lifted his head and looked into my eyes, half smiling, still struggling for breath, and kissed me again. Then he gathered me up into his arms and carried me to the bedroom, but I didn’t complain, and haven’t since that night. I guess perfection finally fell into my lap.

Or better yet, knocked me to my knees.

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