Schoolwork Fun

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My names Kevin and I’m thirty three years old. I’ve recently been appointed deputy head at a school and have been in post for one term. During the summer holiday I was completing a piece of work in collaboration with Liz the school office manager. It was three days work but on the middle Wednesday she informed me that she had to remain at home as she was awaiting a delivery and needed to be there to sign for it. She suggested that we could do the work at her house, if I didn’t mind. I could see no problem, as we both had our laptops with all the information we required, and agreed to her suggestion.

We’d had an excellent day on the Tuesday and had done a considerable amount of the task. I arrived at her house at about nine-o’clock on the Wednesday and Liz welcomed me in. She showed me through to the kitchen-breakfast room and she offered me a coffee. After coffee we went upstairs to her office. We worked very productively until about eleven thirty when the door bell rang. Liz went down and answered the door, it was her delivery. She then shouted up that she was going to make a drink and to come down and join her. I finished what I was doing and went down to the lounge. “Hot drink, cold drink or something stronger,” she shouted from the kitchen.

“A cold drink would be perfect, it’s a little early for anything stronger,” I responded.

“It’s home-made lemonade, is that O.K.” she said carrying two tall glasses into the lounge.

“That’s fine,” I added as Liz sat down in the armchair opposite me.

“We’ve done well again today, we’ll soon have it finished,” she commented.

“Well we nearly didn’t get any work done today,” I informed her.

“Why ever not?” she questioned.

“It was a couple of male members of staff who told me I’d be going into the ‘spiders web’ if I came round here.” I informed her.

“Spiders Web?” she queried.

“Yes, they think you’re a bit of a man eater.”

“Do they now?” she said a hint provocatively. “And what about you?”

Unfortunately I’d put myself in a rather tricky position. Liz is in her early forties, incredibly slim and slender with small boobs and a cute little bum. She’s got pretty eyes and an attractive mouth. All in all a good-looking package. I wasn’t sure what to say as I didn’t want to offend her. “I don’t agree with them but I think you could be classed as a MILF,” I eventually responded.

“I see… a MILF,” she said looking directly at me. “So would you?” she asked.

“Err…..certainly, if it was on offer,” I said nervously having been caught on the hop. “Any guy would with such a good looker,” I stated honestly.

“And if it was on offer would it bother you that I’m a work colleague or that I’m married?”

“No. Not at all.”

“I see… In that case we need to go back upstairs, but not to the office. I don’t think we’re going to get much more school work done today,” she stated quite boldly.

“Don’t you?” I replied suggestively.

“I hope not,” she said as she stood up. She took hold of my hand, helped me up and led me to the stairs. We quickly ascended and I followed her through a door into a large bedroom containing a sizeable low slung dark brown leather bed. “Is this a big enough playground for you?” she enquired rather cheekily.

“Plenty big enough,” I added giving her a smile.

“You will play nicely, won’t you?” she said teasingly.

“Come here and let me show you how nice I can be,” I suggested. She came over and I placed my hands behind her head, lowered my mouth towards hers until our lips met and I kissed her. Her lips parted as my tongue worked its way into the warmth of her mouth slowly entwining and playing with her tongue. “Is that nice enough for you?” I asked quietly as our lips parted.

“It will do fine as a starting point,” she replied. I reached out and slowly started undoing the buttons on her black blouse, from top to bottom. She undid the buttons on the sleeves. I eased it off her shoulders and down her arms which revealed that she was wearing a black lacy bra covering her small boobs. I reached behind her and popped open the button on the waistband of her black skirt. I located the zipper and slid it down. With a little tug the black material fell to the floor and I watched as her black stiletto clad feet stepped out of it. To my surprise, but total satisfaction, I could see she was wearing a black lacy thong, that matched her bra, I like women in matching underwear, but best of all she was wearing black hold up stockings. I’m glad she wasn’t wearing tights, such a turn off.

“Oh yes! A five star MILF I’d say,” I commented.

“Thank you young man,” she said jokingly. “Now let’s see what you’ve got for me,” she continued, as she began divesting me of my shirt and trousers. I was soon left standing in just my white Calvin Klein trunks, I don’t wear socks in summer. “Mmm.. looks good,” she said. We came close together again with me standing behind her this time and I kissed around her neck. My hands were feeling her wonderful smooth skin, around her waist, across her back and the wonderful orbs of her bostancı escort bayan bum cheeks. She also smelt terrific the perfume she was wearing was wonderful and subtle. I reached up behind her and unclasped her bra slowly removing it.

“Superb little tits,” I said on seeing them in the full length mirror opposite.

“They’re not too small?” she questioned a little anxiously.

“Not at all,” I reassured her as I fondled each small mound of flesh. “They’re wonderful and firm and your nipples are long and hard. I think someone’s already quite excited.”

“It’s the thought of being fucked,” she said quite candidly.

“Is that what I’m going to do?”

“I hope so. It’s what I’d like.”

“If I’m going to have you you’ll have to lose your thong,” I informed her as I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and lowered them to the floor. They slipped over her shoes and off. In the mirror I could see the reflection of a landing strip of dark hair disappearing down between her legs. Her pussy looked inviting. “Would you like a massage?” I enquired.

“Ooh! that sounds good. There’s some oil on the shelf in the bathroom,” she informed me.

“Go and lie down and make yourself comfortable and I’ll get the oil.” I crossed over to the bathroom and located the bottle. I had a little giggle to myself when I saw the name on the label ‘Cowshed – Horny Cow – Seductive Body Oil’. I returned to the bedroom and slipped off my shorts before moving over to the bed. Liz was lying face down and I straddled her body, kneeling either side of her waist, before sitting in the small of her back. I poured a little oil into my hands and rubbed them together. “The oil smells great, I hope it won’t be too cold,” I informed her before placing my hands on her back just over her shoulder blades. I slowly began kneading the flesh beneath my palms.

“Mmm… that’s nice,” she said quietly in response to the pressure. I slowly worked up to her shoulders and down each arm, applying a little more oil as necessary. I worked back up before concentrating on the nape of her neck. I lingered there for a time as her sighs indicated she was enjoying my actions. I then gradually moved all the way down her back, on both sides of her spine, loosening the stress in her muscles. “You had quite a bit of tension and a few knots in there,” I said on reaching her lower back.

“I’m sure they’re all gone now,” she replied in a quiet and voice. “That was wonderful.”

“We’re not finished yet,” I informed her as I moved to the foot of the bed. “Come here,” I said, softly, catching hold of her ankles and gently pulling and sliding her towards me at the end of the bed. I also took the opportunity to part her legs a little and I could now glimpse the dark folds of her mature pussy lips. I knelt on the floor and starting at her feet I worked my way up each leg in turn slowly massaging her, little by little, until reaching her hamstrings at the backs of her thighs. she seemed totally contented if her little sighs were any indication.

I moved and joined her on the bed. I encouraged her to raise her hips and placed several pillows underneath her whilst at the same time coaxing her to spread her legs a little wider, to which she responded readily. As well as her pussy lips I could now see the dark puckered ring of her arse hole as her anal cleft was more open like this. I drizzled a little oil directly on to her pretty, petite bum cheeks whilst ensuring that a small amount trickled into her crack. “Ooh!” Liz responded in surprise. I took hold of her bottom, one orb in each hand, and kneaded and massaged the warm smooth flesh whilst pulling her cheeks wide apart. “Mmm… that’s so nice, don’t stop,” she encouraged in contented fashion. I granted her wish and continued my massage of her buttocks. After a time I slid a finger on each hand down between her legs pushing together her pussy lips. “Aagh!” she responded positively to my first contact with her sex. I moved my fingers slowly up and down the outside of her snatch which showed indications that Liz had a very prominent clit. This intrigued me and I wanted to see more so I gently pulled her dark folds apart which revealed the contrasting pink shiny flesh of her slit. As I gazed down my eyes worked their way from her gorgeous looking love hole towards her love button which was still shielded by the wrinkled skin of the outer covering.

I was ready to taste the goodies that this wonderful sight held in store. I lowered my head and poked out my tongue gently swirling it around the entrance to her butt hole. “Mmm… that’s a very intimate massage,” she commented. “I love being rimmed,” she added encouragingly.

“That’s good,” I replied, before continuing with my tonguing and then licking over her perineum.

“Ooh! stop there it’s nice,” she instructed. I’d intended to as it’s an area I know is quite sensitive for most women but is often neglected. “Oh yes!” she exclaimed when my tongue moved on and probed into her love hole.

“Mmm… Liz that’s so good,” I informed her. “You’ve got such a sweet ümraniye escort tasting pussy.”

“Thank you… I’m glad you like it… Keep tasting for as long as you want,” she replied, approving of my actions. I complied with her request and tongued her hole for some time enjoying the taste. In our current positions I couldn’t proceed further down her slit satisfactorily with my tongue but I wasn’t concerned as that could be dealt with later and I had other ideas. I began running a finger along her slit, stopping short of her clit, before slowly inserting it deep into her love hole. “Ugh!… Aah!” she moaned as it slipped up her quite easily as she was already good and wet. That was not to say she was loose, far from it, she felt nice and tight, much tighter than I’d expected for a MILF of her age.

“Liz your pussy’s so wet already, you’re obviously quite an excited lady,” I observed.

“It’s you,” she replied. “You’ve made me feel extremely horny.”

“That sounds good… I’ve got a horny MILF to play with.”

“I guess you have,” she responded mischievously. My finger was working away inside her as I slid it in and out. My thumb was now circling around her anal rose. “You can put it in, if you want,” she informed me. I spat some saliva onto her hole and pushed my thumb inside. I felt her muscles and her body tense as I did so.

“Just relax… That’s it… Breathe deeply… There it’s all in… How does it feel?” I enquired.

“Mmm… It feels so good… I’ve not had anything in there for some time… Thank you for being gentle,” she said.

“No problem. I’m not here to give you pain, my aim is to please you,” I reassured her.

“You’re succeeding so far,” she said encouragingly. “I hope you’re getting satisfaction as well.”

“Oh I am! I enjoy playing with willing ladies and I get satisfaction from seeing them getting gratification.”

“Kevin… You’re my kind of man… I’m happy to be your ‘toy’ and I’m eager to be played with.”

“Good,” I responded as I simultaneously began working my finger and thumb in and out of her. I was squeezing them together on the thin wall of tissue that separated them. My actions were having a positive effect on her as a series of little moans of delight escaped her lips. Her love hole was also juicing up nicely. Suddenly she bit her lip. “Umm!…” she sighed out loud.

“Have you just cum?” I enquired.

“Uhh huh!… Just a little bit,” she replied. “It felt so good,” she added.

“I told you I’d try and please you.”

“Well you succeeded,” she informed me rather cheekily. I removed my digits before coaxing her over on to her back. Her boobs looked even smaller like this but her nipples seemed longer and they appeared to still be quite erect. I reached out my hand and tweaked each one in turn which confirmed their rigidity. “Mmm… I like having my nips played with, their so sensitive.”

I poured some oil into my hands and began gently massaging her shoulders, boobs and upper body before gradually working down to her waist and tummy. Her body felt firm and her stomach was flat and taut. “Do you work out?” I questioned.

“Umm… I do… I go to the gym two or three times a week,” she replied. “Why do you ask?”

“It’s because you feel good. You’re so lovely and toned.”

“Thank you, One tries to keep oneself in shape.”

“Well you’ve succeeded. Your bodies better than many MILFS half your age.”

“Is that the voice of experience?”

“I’ve experienced one or two in my time.”

“I bet you have,” she said good-humouredly with a cheeky grin. I moved down to her feet and holding one in each hand I eased her legs apart. Applying more oil I rubbed and kneaded my way up each leg, in turn, from ankle to thigh. I now wanted to explore some more of her pussy and to taste her. I lifted her legs and pushed them back either side of her torso further exposing her sex to me. She knew what I was doing and assisted me by holding on to her ankles which freed my hands to pull open her lips. I was now looking once again at her beautiful pink slit. I lowered my head, stuck out my tongue and licked up her cleft starting at her love hole. “Ugh!” she sighed as I made the first fleeting contact with her clit.

“Liz you taste wonderful,” I informed her before repeating my tonguing. This time I lingered longer over her love button. “Mmm.. What a fabulous clit you’ve got,” I said with a touch of amazement in my voice.

“Ha! Ha! Most guys are surprised at first… But they seem to like it,” she said.

“I can see why… It’s certainly sizeable… Definitely something to play with,” I told her. My initial assessment had proved to be correct as when I pushed aside a little skin I could see she had what can only be described as a ‘mini-cock’. She was aroused and her nub stood out for about half an inch. Slowly I pulled back the hood exposing the glans before lowering my tongue and flicking it gently.

“Uhhmmmm!” she moaned in reaction as her body jolted off the bed. “Be gentle… It’s very sensitive.”

“I can see that,” I replied. “I’ll escort kartal play nice and slowly.”

“Mmm… I’d like that,” she said. “Why don’t we sixty nine… I’d love to taste your dick.” I needed no more encouraging and manoeuvred myself around until I was astride her chest. I was looking forward to having Liz take care of my cock whilst sampling some more of her delights. “Mmm… That looks tasty. I like a man that’s un-cut,” she said as she wrapped her hand around my still quite flaccid meat. I then felt the softness and wonderful warmth of her mouth as she took me in. She was certainly eager for some action as she ran her tongue all over and around the head. Her tongue was very active and it was obvious that Liz was no novice in the art of giving head.

I wanted to return the favour and to sample some more of her pussy. I lowered my head towards her slit, put out my tongue and licked her love button very softly. It was still hard and erect as I gently sucked it into my mouth. This was by some margin the largest clit I’d ever encountered. It was a curious feeling have such a substantial nub in my mouth but I quickly got accustomed to it and soon discovered how to manipulate her hood, effectively giving her a ‘clit-wank’. It was obviously to her liking if the twitching of her body and the moans coming from her cock filled mouth were anything to go by.

“I love the feeling of a dick growing and hardening in my mouth,” she remarked as she took a brief respite from her oral ministrations. My cock had certainly been doing that and was now almost fully erect. She’d certainly ensured that my manhood was being taken care of and that I was receiving as much pleasure as I’d clearly been giving her. She took me back into her mouth and this time, with her hands on my buttocks, she encouraged me to push more of myself inside. Slowly it slipped in until she succeeded in taking my full length. She was totally in charge and was enjoying deep-throating me. She was proving to be an excellent cock sucker and I certainly wasn’t complaining.

I was continuing my oral manipulation of her clit and had inserted my middle finger into her love hole once again. She was lovely and wet, a real indication of how horny she was, and you could hear the squishing of her juice as I worked my finger in and out. “Can we switch?” she requested after a while. “I’d like to be on top.” I had no issue with this and assisted her as we both rolled over. Her pussy was now above my face and she positioned her clit in prime position to be serviced by my mouth and tongue. I sipped my thumb into her wet cunt and eased a finger into her bum hole. “That feels good,” she said as she caught hold of my cock and started stroking her hand up and down the shaft. Her tongue was licking and flicking over the head. We were both moaning our pleasures in response to our mutual pampering and I was enjoying being taken care of by a well practiced MILF.

After a little while Liz’s breathing became deeper as she began trying to push her pussy more forcefully into my face. I redoubled my efforts with fingers, mouth and tongue and was soon rewarded with a flood of juice over my finger as her body jerked uncontrollably and she groaned and sighed loudly as she climaxed hard. I released her clit but continued fingering both holes until her body ceased twitching at which point I withdrew them. We lay still and quiet for a moment. “Mmm… Kevin… That was terrific,” she said softly, breaking the silence.

“That cum wasn’t ‘just a little bit’,” I said teasingly. “Your juice tastes so good and you made plenty,” I informed her.

“That’s solely down to being well milked,” she added. “Your dicks nice and hard… Would you like to fuck me?”

“Try and stop me,” I replied. “How do you want it?”

“I’d like to sit on you,” she suggested as she swivelled round.

“You want to ride me?… It would be silly to refuse such a request… Cowgirl get mounted,” I instructed. She positioned her pussy above my erect member and holding my meat she slowly lowered herself on to it.

“Oooh!… That feels so good,” she said as she took all of me.

“Mmm… It feels pretty good to me as well,” I informed her. She was sitting up straight, fully impaled, as she began to slowly slide her pussy back and forth working it against me. I looked up at her, she smiled and her face appeared to glow with contentment. I reached up and took each long nipple between thumb and forefinger and softly squeezed, twisted and tweaked them.

“Mmm… That’s nice… They’re extra sensitive today,” she said as she closed her eyes and tipped her head back savouring the sensation. She continued to slowly grind and rub herself against me for some time before leaning forward, lowering her head until our lips met. Our tongues were soon exploring each other’s mouths and dancing together. “That’s amazing… You kiss so gently, for a man,” she said complementing me as our lips parted. “It’s time for me to fuck you,” she whispered in my ear before she started to slowly slide herself up and down my tool. Each downward stroke was met, on completion, with a grunt of pleasure from Liz. The feel of her unexpectedly tight pussy working me was fantastic. I noticed that she had closed her eyes and her tongue was just protruding, a little, from between her lips as she focused totally on her actions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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