Say My Name!

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A heady scent. Ragged breathing.

The ticking of a clock somewhere nearby.

A slight breeze – perhaps he’d left the window open?

Sweat pooling on my brow, above the silken blindfold.

Tied between the two poles in his lair, about a meter apart, and blindfolded, all my senses were heightened beyond belief. My muscles were tense with anticipation, and being able to smell him and hear him, but not see him, was driving me insane.

I wanted to beg him to touch me, but he slapped my butt, hard, the minute I opened my mouth.

“You will not speak, unless it’s in answer to a direct question. Is that clear?” His voice was controlled, authoritative. I could tell how close he was standing. Wetness pooled between my legs.

“Yes, sir” I breathed, hardly able to believe how turned on I was.

He paced circles around me – I could hear his footsteps – finally stopping behind me. I felt myself clench the minute he put his warm, large hand on my ass. I moaned, and he slapped my butt again. Twice, thrice, four times. It stung. I was so aroused. “Don’t forget” he warned.

He caressed the bruised flesh of my ass, before spanking it again. Then he repeated it – caress, spank, caress, spank. Alternating between the two cheeks of my butt, he spanked my ass till it was sore. “Your ass is so hot!” He whispered, before hitting the right cheek again, so hard this time that I realised how much he’d been holding back before.

I almost cried out with the pleasure-pain of it. His hand reached up to my left breast from behind, squeezing it.”Shh! You are not going pendik escort to speak! And next time,” he said, twisting the nipple, “not even air escapes your lips without my permission. Understand?” I didn’t respond at first – I couldn’t! My nipples were hard, swollen with need. It hurt, and yet I wanted more. He twisted it a little more, and waves of such intense pleasure swept through my body, I could barely breathe. “Understand?” He repeated.

“Y-yes, sir!” I stammered.

“Good!” He said, removing his hand from my boobs.

I heard footsteps receding, the sound of something cutting air, and then the sound of footsteps coming towards me again.

I waited in breathless anticipation, every single one of my nerve endings on edge, alive and humming. Waiting.

And then it finally came, three hard slaps of a soft, feathery whip right on my clit. I moaned, I couldn’t help it. He slapped my clit again. And again, and again, and again. When I opened my mouth, he stuffed his fist into it, silencing me. With the other hand, he kept hitting my clit, up and down, and left and right. Slowly at first, and then so fucking fast. I could feel my pulse between my legs, the throb of my clit, and the moisture dripping helplessly through the outer lips of my vagina, and down onto the carpet. Just when I was about to come, he replaced the whips with his tongue. Just the thought of it was so arousing, I immediately climaxed, contracting violently and shuddering with the intensity of my orgasm. His tongue was now between the outer lips of my vagina, lapping up the liquid, sucking escort pendik on my swollen, pink labia. He sucked me dry, sucked till not even a drop of liquid remained.

I heard him groan, “Do you have any idea how good you taste?” He asked harshly, “Here, you little witch!” he said, and then his lips were on mine, and I could taste myself on his tongue. It was so erotic, the thought of his saliva mingling with my come. His kiss was aggressive, possessive. He was branding me, claiming me. I felt pride at being his chosen one.

He undid my ties, and forced me down on my knees. Still blindfolded, he made me deep throat his big, throbbing cock. Dear God, he was so hard! I loved the feel of his cock inside my mouth. He held both my hands behind my back with one hand, and pinched my nipple with the other. I hardened my tongue into an ‘o’ inside my mouth, so the sensitive tip of his dick would hit it everytime. He groaned, and began thrusting faster and deeper inside my mouth. I almost choked; he was so big!

Next thing I knew, I was being picked up and carried. A door was opened, something was moved, and I was set down on a cool tile floor. He bent me forwards, till my ass was in the air, ready to be fucked. Then he removed my blindfold, and tied my hands behind my back with the black, silken cloth.

We were in the washroom, and I could see the mirror to our right. He was behind me, shaking his big cock with one hand while the other held the ends of the cloth tying my hands. I arched my back, and thrust my ass up even more, begging to be fucked. Our eyes met in the mirror, pendik escort bayan and I was dripping wet again.

“Not a word” he warned, as he rubbed his cock on the sensitive outer lips of my vagina, teasing me, testing me. I bit down on my lip, hard, to keep from moaning. It was pure torture! I’d never wanted anything as much in my life, as I wanted him inside me, pounding me, right then!

Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, he plunged his full length into my warm, tight vagina in one long stroke. I screamed; I couldn’t help it! He spanked my red, sore ass and began pumping into me hard, and fast, and deep.

I watched him in the mirror. I watched his big cock fucking my vagina, and his beautiful, tight ass clenching with every stroke. I watched his expressions. I watched him watching me, watching my big boobs swinging madly with every thrust.

“Fuck!” He swore, and his gaze was wild and bestial as he began fucking me harder, going absolutely berserk on my ass. I bit down on my lip, so hard that I think I drew blood.

“Open your mouth, you witch! Say my name!” he growled, just as I was about to come.

I did. Repeatedly. Then I screamed my heart out. He made that wild, animalistic sound at the back of his throat that he always did when he orgasmed. We came together, and he put his arms around my waist and drew me up against his chest as I contracted violently around his big cock, still buried inside of me.

The aftershocks were still ripping through me when he turned me around to face the mirror. My hair were askew, my cheeks were red and my lips were swollen and bleeding. My nipples were blue, and my ass was red and sore.

I looked like a woman who’d just been thoroughly fucked.

“Mine”, he said softly.

I couldn’t have agreed more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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