Saturday’s = Play Date

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Saturday’s = Play Date
I know I’m not alone in looking forward to Saturdays, from youngsters to most working person dreams of its comings. For me it marks a play date with friends. Last Saturday wasn’t the best of them nor the worse, there’s never really any bad ones. But what’s freshest in mind and I thought I’d share.

I arrive right at seven, let myself in having a key. I didn’t sing out that I was there as there’s no need, I’m expected at any time. There in the entry laying over the stair rail was my silk robe waiting for me. I undressed laying my things on the bench there by the door. I quick look in the mirror and I made my way to the rear of the house. The seems of my robe flares at my sides as I cut through the house, not bothering to make use of the belt. Voices out back pinpointing direction.

Off to the side is Ben at his grill, his manly butt exposed with his Kiss the cook apron separating him from the grills heat and splatter. Although a chill in the air Betty looks quite comfortable sitting back in the spa, her glass of Red is have empty and next to it waits another glass waiting to get wet. When see sees me she makes it so, holding it in her hand as I d**** my robe over a chair and join her. As much as I enjoy a good Red l long for something else far more kissing her on the lips. Her tongue hints to the vintage waiting, rather sweet and fruity it seems.

I take my glass wrapping my are around her as if it’s been years, in reality only a few days. Joined we sink to the depths of the spa. Ben has turned his attention away from the internet casino grill and upon us, a tent in his apron giving intentions away. He informs us the meat is resting so dinner isn’t far off. Making use of every moment we beckon him to join us. He steps in standing on the last step, Betty and l lift his apron finding meat doing nothing like resting. One at each side we glide our lips over the length of his manhood. I take his cock in my mouth while Betty entertains his shaven balls. We switch back and forth until Ben back out saying dinner is done, it’s most likely more about him being to close to done and the wait to save some for later.

Although grilled meat is available it’s basically a light dinner, nobody wanting to feel weighed down. After dinner, conversation and the last of the Red we move to the family room. Topic as well as looks begin to change while there, a robe mishap left alone exposing Betty’s bare body. My clit twitches and mouth waters knowing she’s mine for the taking. All but u*********sly I being to touch myself setting off a chain reaction as all are busy within seconds. I watch Betty tug on her swollen clit as I do the same to my nipples, Ben pacing his stroke keeping it at the ready as he drink us girls in. He then excuses himself and the sound of the shower echos throughout the house. Betty looks at me saying “shall we”?

I give no answer but stand to my feet, together we make our way to their bedroom. The shower still running we take the others robe off, tossing them to the side. We embrace and kiss again canlı poker oyna before moving to the bed. On my back Betty kisses me again then leaves my lips for my nipples that are pulling at flesh needing attention. They all but explode in her mouth, I start to moan. Answering my call Ben joins us and moreso his wife taking the other nipple in his mouth. One has a much softer approach but for the life of me I can not decide which feels better. But it is Ben whom is closer, close enough I can grab and guide his cock to my hungry mouth.

His cock running hot yet his thighs still lay cold from the shower. The angle just right where I can take it all, feeling his balls upon my chin. Betty has moved lower now licking and sucking upon my pussy, Ben very verbal of his approval of such. Like her good baby, saving me from having to stop sucking to mirror his thoughts completely.

She’s ready Baby, Betty announces. I release my grip upon Ben wanting his cock in me. He settles in about the same time Betty lowers herself upon my wanting face. My slashing tongue brings her to climax quickly, a sticky and tasty treat indeed. Prime for cock now I give up position allowing her to enjoy her man. I suck upon her breast as Ben lays into her. After she cums again he pulls out, a self saving need. I’m quick to taste her again while she reaches between my legs.

Ben gets up visiting the nightstand and shortly after that I can feel the chill of a rubber cock smashing my clitty before it’s pressed into duty. My body quickly warms it and it’s now pure canlı bahis pleasure and most wanted. She knows my body well and a thundering orgasm quickly arrives. Ben resting on the pillow next to us and lending a hand in here and there is now put more into action. I get a top of him cowgirl slowly rocking upon his cock. As if there wasn’t enough already laying around she creeps to the nightstand herself this time. My excitement builds as I watch her strap up.

She stands legs strattling Ben, I open my mouth treating it like the real thing. Her tone get aggressive as does he rubber cock in my mouth. Are you my Slut girl she asks, I murmur yes with my mouth filled with her rented manhood. That’s it Slut, I know what you need. She take her cock out of my mouth tapping it on my lips. I open my mouth again ready and willing but she has other interests it becomes clear. Off to the side I focus on enjoying Ben’s cock doing just fine. Then unexpectedly the chill of lube at my backdoor, quickly followed with two of her fingers breaking in. I slide my body filling both holes. I’m lost in the lust of the moment shouting to fuck me harder and faster.

My wish almost too much as I fear passing out, somehow I keep it together and experience a wonderful climax. Spent I peel away giving Betty a turn. While she rides I’m more then happy to tongue her ass as she get her full release. Ben too is at wits end, he finally gives in filling her tasty pussy. She falls to his side and I lay between her thighs selfishly enjoying her rewards.

I then fall to her side, we seal our friendship with a kiss once again. I turn spooning her smaller body in mine finding slumber shortly thereafter. I wake to the touch of both of their lips upon my body. But that was well past midnight so different topic. A far kinkier one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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