Saturday Night

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That Saturday night when I was stood in the bar, having a drink after a long day at work. Nothing running through my brain but the tall skinny blonde at the end of the bar, just one glance from her piercing eyes was enough for me to know that I wanted her, wanted her to be mine for that one night.

10 minutes go by and I send a drink down to her, just looking all the way up her legs to the mini skirt. The bottom of her little pert round ass just poking out of the bottom…

The drink arrives and the waiter points at me, she turns around and sees me in my suit, her eyes light up and a smile comes across her face… She lip syncs thank you blows a kiss and invites me to join her at the bar.

I walk over slowly picking up my drink… I want her to know how passionate I am going to be, I slide my arm around her waist, lean in and whisper directly into her ear that I want her dress on the floor of my room.

She looks at me quickly as if that really did happen… Her short blonde hair moving over her shoulder as she turned her hair, she smells amazing.

I drop a key card for my room and tell her the number as I walk away. 10 minutes later there is a knock on my door. I open it stood there with my shirt unbuttoned…

She looks down at me… Putting one of my hands around her waist I pull her close to me so she can feel my breath on her cheek as I gently kiss her neck, slowly sliding my hand down the back of her dress on to her pretty little ass, I squeeze as I continue to grab her ass, she lets out a little moan as she moves her head exposing more of her neck…

I continue to kiss her and by this time I am down by her collar bone and her dress is off her shoulder, I slowly unzip it and pull it off a little bit more exposing a beautiful Laced bra, her small pert hard pierced nipples are starring straight at me, I slowly take off her corset looking dress to reveal her panties, already wet at the thought of what is happening, does she want to be here…

That is the question going through my mind, the dress drops to the floor and I slowly slide my hand into her panties as I feel her wet pussy lips so fresh, I kiss her harder grabbing onto the back of her head, taking her control away and placing it firmly into my hands.

I pick her up and close the door behind me the fact that the door was open and we could of been caught at any second is a thrill and I can tell by the look that is firmly on her face that she is enjoying every second of it, I pendik escort walk over the the bed and place her there, her stockings heels and underwear still intact, I slowly crouch down to just her eye level, I nod… Moving my hands round the back of her, the bra clicks and it comes off, 2 small but perfect tits with rock hard pierced nipples are now in my view, I can feel my cock in my pants getting harder and harder at the thought of this girls wet pussy and having her tits in my mouth, I bend down kissing all the way from her neck to her chest, I play with her nipples with my tongue I can feel how hard they are pushed up against my tongue, I feel her grab ahold of my back and dig her finger nails into my skin… I take her breast in my mouth and start sucking.

I move down lower raise one hand up and push her back onto the bed, she’s laying flat on the corner of the bed. I push her legs apart gently, kissing her toned stomach… Watching her head go back in utter pleasure, her hands are running over her little pert tits, as she gasps knowing what is about to happen, I start to kiss her stomach and move down onto her thighs licking and kissing teasing her senses with my tongue, I move over her bikini line, slowly pull down her now soaked panties with one finger her legs tense up and she feels me do it, my tongue just on the tip of her beautiful pretty little pussy, I take my head back and admire how wet and pink that little pussy is as I slide her panties off her legs exposing her pussy, I take a breath and move back down between her legs, one big lick of her pussy and I am sold, her taste is so sweet and juicy, I start to lick faster exposing her clit by spreading her lips and gently massaging with my finger at the same time.

I am divulging in her sweet little pussy sliding my fingers in and out I can feel how tight her pussy is just around my finger, wet as I slide it in and out licking her lips, sliding my fingers out and pushing the tip of my tongue into her pussy, she moans and grab ahold of my head pushing me deeper inside of her, it tastes so good, my cock is now well and truly rock hard inside of my pants I can feel it wanting to come out and slide into her tight little hole.

I get faster and faster pushing my fingers deeper into her pussy as I lick and suck on her clit, until she starts to scream at me telling me she’s going to cum, she lets out a huge breath and squirts all over my fingers and mouth I suck up her beautiful sweet juices.

Best thing I escort pendik have ever tasted her legs are trembling, her orgasm made my cock start to twitch, she regains herself and drops to her knees off the edge of the bed, slow reaching out and undoing my belt and undoing the button, she reaches in and pulls out my massive hard cock it’s staring her in the face, taking it in one hand she gently starts to rub it feels amazing, pushing her mouth closer to the big throbbing head of my cock I can feel her warm breath before she takes my dick long and hard right into her mouth, the thought of her sucking on my cock right now is a pleasure only I can imagine, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth her tongue wrapping the head, licking me like a ice lolly, rubbing her hand up and down my shaft, her hands barely covering the girth of my cock.

I put my hands on the back of her head grab her blonde hair firmly in my hands and I push her mouth down on my cock as she gags and looks up at me with them bright piercing eyes. Watching me slide out of her mouth, she spits and rubs faster, slapping the head of my cock on her tongue, I can feel myself wanting to cum in her mouth, I want her to taste me…

I start to push my cock in and out again fucking her mouth, her tongue teasing the tip of my cock, I can feel her lips clamping down around my cock, getting faster and faster before I let out a loud moan and squirt my warm cum direct into her mouth. She looks up at me and smiles before she swallows my whole load, I reach down and stroke her face, lean in and give her a kiss on the lips, I tell her to stand up and lay back onto the bed, I see her tight naked body still wanting more, I start to kiss her again getting faster and faster our hands running over each others bodies, my pants fall to the floor and my boxers are pulled completely off, I put her down on the bed and slowly reach between her legs to feel that soft wet pussy, the pussy I have been dying to slide my cock in since I first caught a glimpse of this beautiful woman.

I open her legs and climb ontop of her kissing her mouth my other hand on my cock rubbing the big head of it up and down her pussy lips and she moans gagging for me to push my cock into her waiting wet pussy, and finally that moment, I spread her lips with the head of my cock holding her hands above her head with the other and I slide my lengthy cock straight inside of her, she moans so loud, I slide my cock all the way out and gently push myself back in, I pendik escort bayan do this repeatedly before I can feel her juices all over my dick.

I am hard and throbbing her juices glistening off the end of my cock, I have no condom on I want to feel the inside of her tight wet pussy all over me, her hips start to raise as I am fucking her at a good steady pace she loves the feel of my cock inside her, I start getting faster watching my cock spreading her wet little lips, I lean in and suck on her nipple as I am doing so.. And I think to myself, it’s time, I pull out my dick sharply and slap it on her clit a few times, pull out a little bit of rope from the side of the bed as she looks at me in confusion I tie up both of her hands, grab her by the hips and bend her directly over the bed, her hands around the bed post she can only wiggle but not move, I grab a hold of her pert little ass and I can see her peach of a pussy from behind..

She tells me to give it to her, I withdraw my hips and with one hard thrust I ram my cock deep inside of her pussy, her legs are closed so it feels even tighter, I keep ramming and ramming harder and faster her little pussy wetter and wetter by this point she is screaming, as I slap her ass and grab her cheeks pulling them apart exposing her little asshole and my cock slides in and out of her pussy time and time again, she’s moaning louder and screaming by now when hear her shout “I am going to cum!!!!!” I start to push harder and faster listening to her moan in pleasure my cock deep inside of her, I can feel myself getting very close, her pussy tightens and she explodes gushing her cum all over my cock and balls the force pushing my cock out but I was not done, I force my cock back into her soaked pussy, pushing in and out her legs are trembling and by this point I am holding her weak legs up myself by her hips, she shouts for me to cum deep inside of her pussy and fill up her little cunt, I push and push until I can feel my cock throbbing so much and that urge to blow everything I have deep inside of her tight little self, I pull back and go for one last huge push as I spank her ass I thrust myself so deep and let out a huge moan I can feel myself cumming inside of her pussy, her taking all of it, sweat running down her back and I feel it down my chest.

Her body falls down onto the bed from exhaustion, I climb up and put my back on the headboard, she crawls up next to let her naked beautiful body next to me, she gets closer and I lean in to kiss her, no words come out of either of our mouths but words aren’t needed for the smiles that are on our faces she’s perfect, I wrap my arm around her as we lay there on the bed completely naked not saying a word.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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