Saturday Night Fever

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Saturday Night Fever

I was sitting on the edge of the bed watching Lisa dressing for our date night. We planned on going out to eat at a nice restaurant then going to the club for some dancing and drinks. I watched as Lisa went into our walk in closet and came out with a black leather mini skirt. Ooooh, I was beginning to enjoy this. She wrapped it around her waist and fastened it at the top. Nothing else kept it. She had not put on any underwear, which whenever we went out dancing she never wore any panties or bra.
She didn’t need to as she had the perfect body at least to my way of thinking. Lisa was 5’2” tall and weighs 105 pounds sopping wet. She put on her black blouse which was semi-transparent. I could see the shape of her tits. I could also see her nipples and her pink areolas. It was a very sexy sight as her nipples were always erect and stood out at least a ¼” from her perky tits. Her tits are a small b cup but they are just the right size for her. She has long strawberry blonde hair which she normally keeps in a ponytail. She does this because I love her in a ponytail. To me it is so hot and sexy.
Now me, my name is Kevin. I stand 6’2” tall, weigh in at 205 pounds. I have washboard abs and generally am very muscular. My cock is a respectable 7.5” and around 3.5” in girth. I can get hard in a second and can fuck for a long time. I can also cum three or four times a night. So I would honestly say that Lisa and I have a very hot sex life. We loved to do most things and we are always talking about our fantasies and role playing.
Lisa stood up from her dressing table went into the closet once again and came out with a pair of black stilettos with a 6” heel. These got us pretty close to being the same height so we could stare into each others’ eyes. Almost but not quite.
She look at me, “are you ready if so let’s go.” With that she walked through the door with me in tow. We got in our car, a 2017 mustang convertible. We almost always drove with the top down. Backing out of the drive we zip around the side streets till we found the restaurant we had decided on. We ate a nice peaceful dinner making small talk. Our waiter brought our bill and after I paid it Lisa said, “Let’s go I’m ready to do some dancing.
We arrived at the club around nine pm found ourselves a table sat down and order some drinks. We sipped them again making small talk when I stood up and said “come on baby. Let’s go dancing.” I took her hand lead her through a mass of bodies until we reached the dance floor. “You are so beautiful to me” by Joe Cocker began playing. We both loved this song and I wrapped my arms around her waist and her arms went around my neck.
We began swaying to the music, slowly and dreamily. We swayed back and forth we suddenly Lisa stood on her tip toes and kissed me. Her tongue ran into my mouth twirled around my tongue across my teeth and over my lips. I returned her surprise kiss with as much zeal as I could muster. We finally broke apart and I asked her “what was that all about?” “Just to let you know that I love you very much and I’m thinking about when we get home and you fuck me.”
God that was a sexy thing to say I thought. I pulled her closer mashing her breasts against my chest and pushing my cock up against her mid section. Lisa began rubbing her pubic bone up and down my leg. I was getting excited. My dick began growing and getting harder. She felt this all happening but just looked up into my eyes and smiled. It was them my turn and I leaned down and kissed her long and hard until the song ended.
We broke apart “wow that was hot sexy kissing.” Again Lisa just smiled. We stayed on the dance floor waiting for the next song to start playing. We began swaying again but our bodies seem to be glued together. I felt Lisa’s hand run down my side to my waist. She then ran it between us and gripped my hard cock in her tiny fist. I let out a very audible moan and again she just smiled up on me with those big green eyes. I stealthily moved my hands down to her perfectly shaped ass and squeezed it good and hard. It was her turn to let out a very audible moan.
I snaked my hand down her ass to the edge of her dress, reached up underneath it to fondle her ass. She ground her pussy harder against my leg. Being the naughty man that I am my finger slipped between her thighs. She was already sopping wet which made it easy to push my finger till it met the lips of her pussy. I pushed a little bit more and my finger pushed up into her cunt. She gripped me hard and looking into eyes she said “not here, let’s go home so we can fuck each other’s brains out.”
I didn’t say a word just grabbed her hand in mine and lead her off the dance floor out the door and finally to our car. We got in and even though the top was down she leaned over and began kissing me in earnest. Her hand slipped down and grabbed a hold of my cock, squeezing and caressing it. My hands slid up from her waist and I took a firm grip to her tits caressing them, playing with her nipples. I pinched them between my fingers and rolled my them back and forth.
This elicited another loud moan from her. I took one of my hands down and up and under her skirt and sank two fingers into her very wet cunt. I fingered her for about a minute when she grabbed my hand “not here people could see us, let’s get home.” I immediately started the car backed out of the parking stall and spun the tires out to the street and pointed my pony toward home.
We had no more than gotten home when she was all over me. Kissing and trying to get my zipper down. I avoided the grip of her hand around my cock walked to her side of the car leaned in and picked her up and carried her to the door. After getting it open I carried her straight to the couch in the living room. I let her get on her feet and began undressing her which wasn’t very hard as all I had to do was to unsnap the skirt which fell directly to the ground. Next I grabbed the bottom of her blouse and pulled it over her head and she was completely naked.
Lisa undid my belt unsnapped and unzipped my pants and pushed them along with my jockey shorts down to my ankles. This got her face on an even keel with my rock hard cock. She leaned forward and took the head of my cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue around and around the head of my cock. She hit all the very sensitive parts then she began to gently nibble on the rim of my cock head which just drives me crazy.
Without warning she buried my 7.5 inches deep into her mouth till it was hitting the back of her throat. Lisa prides herself with the fact that she could deep throat me and she rested and opened up her throat slide down the final three inches and my cock was buried deep In her throat. She raised her head up till just the head was in her mouth then plunged down again till my balls were slapping her chin.
“God babe if you don’t stop I’ll be shooting my jism down your throat and I want it to fill up you pussy. She pulled off my cock laid down on the couch spread her legs and wiggling her finger inviting me into her warm wet cunt. I slid to my knees and pushed my cock hard up into her cunt not stopping till my balls slapped her ass.
“Oh god baby, fuck me with that big hard cock of yours. Fuck me hard and fast and make me cum over and over again.” I never deny my wife anything so I gave her what she asked for. With long hard strokes I fucked her. She began making small noises which was a signal that she was about to cum. After two or three hard strokes she yelled out “I’m cumming, oh keep pounding me you stud. Fuck me faster and harder.”
I felt her pussy clamp around my cock and her orgasm washed over her. With each spasm her muscles gripped my cock hard trapping it in her love canal. Before her orgasm subsided I said in her ear “I’m cumming baby. I’m going to fill your cunt with my hot sticky cum.” Just saying that caused her to start cumming again. Over and over the spasms güvenilir bahis shook her body making her twitch and bounce around. This was too much for my as my cock began spurting my man juice deep into her pussy.
It felt like I dumped a gallon of cum into her but after her spasms subsided and my cock quit spilling my seed into her cunt I laid on top of her. We were both rested, got our breathing under control when she said “you need to get off I can hardly breath. Let’s get in bed and cuddle.” That sounded like a terrific idea so I raised myself pulled my pants up reached down and once again picked her up. I carried her up the steps to our bedroom where I laid her on the bed took my pants of and crawled in and spooned with her.
As we laid there spooning my hand d****d across her body and my fingers were playing with one of her hard nipples. We began talking about some of our fantasies, how much we would like to do something very specific sexual acts. Some we knew about but others were quite new to both Lisa and I. Finally I said “do you know what I think would really be sexy.” “No what” she asked. “The next time we go dancing you should pick out a guy you think is good looking and dance with him. You then do your best to get him as sexually charged as possible.” “How do you suggest that I do that” she asked.
“Well, I guess just do to him what you did to me.” “You mean letting him fondle my ass and me gripping your hard cock through his pants. Rubbing my ass against his hard cock and kissing him?” “Whatever it takes. I think watching something like that would really be hot and sexy.” “I think doing something like that would really get my pussy as wet as taking a dive into a pool. God yes let’s do this.”


It was agreed that we would put this plan into action this next Saturday night. Saturday finally arrived and as we were getting dressed I couldn’t help but to day dream about what might happen tonight. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched her get dressed like last Saturday night. She picked out a really sexy mini skirt. She brought it out of the closet and wrapped it around her tiny waist and snapped it on. That was all that held the skirt on, it was open from the snap to the bottom. It wouldn’t take much to slip her skirt open enough to see he smoothly shaved pussy, her pussy lips and her naked ass.
Next she donned a red top that was very tight on her and her tits stuck out with her hard nipples. Then she pulled some thigh high red stocking out and pulled the up her slim legs. They made it to her upper thigh and when she stood up the tops came to just her skirt. I almost came right then and there. Getting her red stiletto 6” heels she slipped them on. Swirling around asking me “like it?” My only reply was standing up grabbing her had “let’s go before I throw you down and fuck your brains out.”
We got in the convertible and took off to the club the wind blowing our hair. We got there went inside and looked for and found a table. We sat down and ordered some drinks. Lisa then began looking around the room looking for her “victim”. Not immediately seeing anyone she liked she said “let’s go dance. Maybe our dancing sexily will bring someone out of closet.
We got on the dance floor and I grabbed her around her hips and pulled her against me. She immediately knew that I already had a hard on. She began to mash her pussy up and down on me. I leaned down and we kissed our tongues swirled around our mouths tasting each other and I gentle nibbled on her lower lip. She broke out kiss and turned around so her ass got my rock hard cock into the crack of her ass and began twirking me. The song ended and I said “let’s sit down or you’ll have me cumming in my pants.”
After making our way to our table we look for a waitress so we could order new drinks. Lisa was already scanning the room looking for a man to dance with. “There he is” Lisa said. “Where.” She just stood up asked me if I needed another drink and starting walking toward the bar. Resting her arms on the bar she struck up a conversation with the man next to her. I looked but didn’t think he was anything special. However, I did notice that he was about 5’9” tall and I only knew that because that was Lisa’s height when she had her stilettos on.
As she waited for our drinks she began to get quite familiar with this fellow. They both were laughing at the things they were whispering in each other’s ears. Lisa rested her hand on his lower arm while they talked and I could see her squeezing every now and then. The drinks finally came and Lisa leaned over till her lips were on his ear and said something to him. Her tongue than snake out and she stuck it in his ear leaving a slimly trail of saliva behind.
She sat down and pushed my drink toward me. “Is he the one” I asked. “Yes” was all she said. The guy she talked with at the bar very slowly sauntered toward our table. Upon arriving he looked up like he was startled and said “oh hi. I didn’t know you were sitting over her”. “Why don’t you join us and finish you drink” Lisa replied. “As long as your husband or boyfriend doesn’t mind”. “No please sit”. I stuck out my hand and said “I’m Kevin and I assume you’ve already met my wife Lisa.”
”I have up at the bar. By the way my name is Douglas and Doug is just fine.” He sat down and I looked at the bar hoping that seeming to be clueless that it would move Doug and Lisa out to the dance floor. My occasional glance of them told me they were getting quite familiar and the giggled with their heads together and her hands were once again on his arm. I then noticed that he had a hand beneath the table and by leaning back just a little I could see him running his hand up and down her thigh only stopping every now and then to give her thigh a gentle squeeze.
“Shhhh, he’ll hear you.” “No he won’t unless you squeal.” This brought giggles from them. I had to glance back over and noticed he had her skirt flopped open and I could see he had a finger in her pussy slowly running in and out of her and I noticed that his finger was shiny with Lisa’s juices. Lisa leaned over and said to me “we’re going for a dance.” “Have fun” I replied.
I watched them closely as they made their way to the dance floor. After getting to the dance floor their arms went around each other with his hands resting on her hips and her locked behind his neck. They began swaying to the music as they pulled their bodies together till they were mashed together so tight he might as well be on the other side of her. Doug leaned his head down and he began nibbling on her earlobe. Lisa’s earlobes are very sensitive and it gets her worked up to the point that her pussy would begin dripping sex juices down her thighs.
It was hard to see but I noticed that Lisa hand taken a hand slid it down and she grabbed a hold of this obvious erection and started rubbing her hand up and down. Damn, I was getting really horny and worked up. Lisa suddenly turned around and plastered her ass against his cock. Up and down her ass moved on his hard cock. I noticed that with each up stroke her skirt was being pulled up. It made its’ way so now her naked ass was rubbing on his cock.
His hand went to her front and he tried like hell to get his fingers into her pussy. He suddenly grabbed her waist and held her still. I could tell that the poor guy was cumming in his pants. He finally pushed her ass of his cock said something to her and disappeared toward the restroom. Lisa pulled her dress down came back to the table grabbed my hand “let’s go. I need your cock in my now.” Without a reply I stood and followed her out of the club. When they got back to the car and got in I pushed the button to close the convertible roof.
Once it was fastened he moved his seat back as far as it would go, reclined the seat about half way reached over and grabbed Lisa and pulled her toward him planting his lips on hers. Reaching down unsnapped her skirt and internet casino as it flopped open my hand was on her pussy plunging a finger into her felicitating a groan from her. Lisa raised her hips trying to get his fingers deeper in her cunt.
Lisa turn half way around and undid my belt go my pants unbuttoned and my zipper down. I had to help her as she tried to push my pants down and raised my hips to they could drop down to my ankles. Turning a little bit more Lisa sucked my cock into her mouth twirling her tongue around the head of my cock licking all the sensitive parts. A couple of times she pulled her mouth off my cock but only so she could lick and suck my sperm laden balls.
Sitting up I help her over the console till she had her knees on either side of my hips. I reached down and pushed my cock to a more upright position and Lisa slowly lowered her hips till my cock was buried deep within her cunt. I could tell it was swimming with juices. Lisa must have gotten really worked up on the dance floor as it took only one or two minutes when she shouted “I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’m cummingggggggg.”
When her spasms winding down and her twitching cunt came to a rest she leaned her body on mine. We sat there like that for a couple of minutes before she raised her self upright and said “God that was good. I can’t believe how much I came.” I smiled and told her to “turn around.” It took her a minute to turn around till her back was toward him as my cock was still rock hard and it staid buried in her cunt as she turned.
I raised Lisa up and off my cock. Making sure that my cock was totally coated in her cum I pushed it up and took aim at her puckered ass hole. I nestled the head of my cock on this rosebud and as I started pushing trying to get into that sweet ass Lisa started. lowering herself on my cock. In a few minutes for her puckered rosebud to stretch enough to allow my cock to enter. It finally opened wide and now was clamped around the base of my cock.
I slowly began pumping in and out of her sweet ass knowing that as tight as this hole was I wouldn’t last too long. My pumping slowly picked up speed my cock would exit her ass but her asshole remained gapping open which made the next stroke go in much easier and getting her asshole to once again grip the base of my cock. I reached around her and my finger found Lisa’s clit. I rubbed it just a couple of times before another orgasm engulfed her entire body.
Her tits quivered as spasm after spasm ran up her spine then reversing itself back down her spine till it hit her pussy making her asshole clamp my cock so hard I could no longer move it in and out. As each spasm hit her pussy it seems like her asshole would clamp ever tighter. I couldn’t take it anymore. “Shit I’m cumming, take my sticky cum deep in your ass.” Feeling my cock spurt out a load coating the walls of her ass she began cumming again. It began before the last orgasm had subsided.
Lisa leaned back against my chest and we remained that way for several minutes. She finally raised her ass up and let my softening cock slide from her ass and left a trail of cum from my cock over the console to her seat. After getting my breathing under control and without pulling my pants up I said “ready to go.”
With that I started the car and pushed the button to lower the convertible top and started backing out of our parking spot when I noticed there were about two dozen people standing around the car. They were applauding and giving us thumbs up with the occasional yell of “good show” “that was hot” “I hope my husband fucks me like that when we get home”. I kind of gave them a half grin and slyly waved as we left.
We got home and went straight to our bedroom got naked and into bed and spooned. Again I was playing with a nipple and grinding my hard cock against her ass. “God babe that was so hot watching you get that guy going. You rubbing up and down on his cock with your ass. I felt bad for him when he came in his pants poor guy. Oh, by the way I saw him fingering you at the table.” “Did that bother you? I let him do it because it would get him hotter faster and I have to tell you it was quite titillating and got me going.”
“I loved it babe. All I could think of was my cock sliding in and out of your drenched cunt.” Lisa moaned and raised her leg took hold of my cock and guided it to her pussy entrance. I pushed my cock slowly into her cunt and began a gentle fuck. Reaching down I played with her clit when she came gushing out her womanly cum juice all over my cock, balls and thighs.
I continued my slow fuck and asked her “what do you think about all those people who watched us fucking in the car.” “Truthfully I almost started cumming again. Just thinking of them watching us fuck and enjoying it so much that they gave an ovation as we left. I just hope that none of those people watching knows us.” “I liked it too and it got me so horny that’s why I’m fucking you again.”
“Should we do it again” Lisa asked. “Fuckin’ “a” we should do it again. Tell me would you do anything different?” “Well, yes. I think this next time I’ll look for a black man to dance with just so I can see how big of cock he has. Does that bother you?” “Not at all babe. I think it would be a super turn on and sexy as well.” “Another question” said Lisa. “This might be completely out of bounds but what’s the likely hood that you’ll let me fuck him?” “Hmmmmmm, I don’t know about that babe. I don’t object to you playing with him and letting him feel you up but fuck you. I don’t know I’ll have to think about it.”
With that I started pumping my cock harder and faster into Lisa’s sweet cunt. She began moaning and pushing her ass backwards trying to get my cock deeper into her cunt that was swimming in juices. I was getting close to adding my cum to those juices. I pounded into her and grabbed her waist and held still and my cock erupted and shot a huge stream of cum into her. As my sperm hit the walls of her vagina she screamed out that she was cumming too.
After our orgasms subsided I pulled out of her saying “I love you so much Lisa.” “I love you to Kevin.” I rolled her onto her back got between her legs and as I lowered my mouth to her pussy I said “I’m going to give you a couple more orgasms.” With that my mouth latched on her cunt lips and began eating. My tongue easily entered her pussy and I was licking and sucking my cum out of her cunt. Every so often my tongue slipped out of her pussy and ran over her clit and with each quick flick of my tongue over clit she would shudder would run up and down her spine. It didn’t take long before she was cumming.
With each spasm the cum and juices that remained in her cunt would shoot out into my mouth coating my tongue. God, it tasted so good. After I gave her another orgasm I moved back up and we spooned and quickly fell asleep.

With great expectations Saturday finally arrived. Once again I was sitting on the edge of our bed and I was watching Lisa get ready for our night out. If you haven’t figured it out yet I really like to watch her get dressed. I don’t know what it is about it but is a really big turn on for me. Maybe because I’m also day dreaming out how I’m going to undress her when we get back home.
Tonight Lisa picked a bright yellow sun dress. There was just enough material there that her naked ass was just barely covered. She slipped it over her head letting it fall down as she adjusted the spaghetti straps which held it up. Again no bra or panties which was fine with me. Her footwear was the same as always 6” stiletto heels just a different color to match her dress. Pulling her hair back into a ponytail she held out her hand “let’s go stud.”
When we got to the club we parked went inside found a table and ordered drinks. As we were waiting for our drinks Lisa was scanning the room looking for our next victim in the sex game we were playing. Our drinks came with Lisa still perabet scanning the room. She suddenly stood up and said “be right back”. Before I could ask where she was going she was gone. She quickly got to the bar and then I understood why she left in such a hurry.
Lisa parked herself next to a black gentleman. By black I mean he was really, really black a little over 6’ tall and probably weighed 190-195 pounds. She immediately struck up a conversation with him and shamelessly flirted with him. They would lean their heads together and come away laughing. Soon she had her hands on his arm and while his other arm was wrapped around her waist as they were facing each other. I just wish I could hear what they were talking about.
She whispered one more thing to him turned and came back to our table. “Well what’s the verdict?” Are you dancing or what?” “Don’t worry honey he’ll be right over.” And sure enough he finally made his way to our table. He stopped in front and smiled at Lisa. I immediately stood held out my hand saying “hi my names Kevin, have a seat and I guess you’ve met Lisa as I saw you two talking at the bar.” Grabbing my hand he said “hi, my names Xavier. Thanks for inviting me.”
He sat down next to Lisa they started talking and flirting again. They were half whispering so I could hear every word the said but no one else could. He was telling her how beautiful and sexy she is and she was telling him how muscular and good looking he is. “You know” Lisa said “I’m really drawn to how dark your skin is, it’s beautiful next to my pale skin.” To which he replied “why don’t we go find our own table so we can kiss and I could feel you up.” “And I could feel how big and long of cock you have” smiling. With a big grin he said “oh yeah.”
Shortly after that they stood and Lisa told me they going to have a dance or two. As it turn out it was four and each dance became more flirtatious. At one point I could see that his hand had gravitated to her round ass. She didn’t try to dissuade him. Being playful I could see his hand gliding under Lisa’s dress and was massaging her bare ass. Not to left out Lisa reached out and just grabbed his cock. Needless to say by now I was getting very horny and was glad that Lisa and I agreed to do this.
Lisa turned around so his front was to her back and brazenly his hand went up underneath her dress and I could tell he had his fingers buried in her cunt. While he was doing this Lisa had reached behind and unzipped his pant. He must not have been wearing any underwear as she had no problem getting his dick out. Damn he was big and hard. I’m surprised no one from the bar came over to them and tells them to stop or they would kick them out, but no one did. This continued until the song was over and leaning toward one another the whispered back and forth.
They then parted Xavier went toward the back and Lisa came back to me. “Finish your drink because I need to get fucked I can hardly stand it.” As I was finishing my drink Lisa stood up and said that she needed to pee and she would be right back and I was supposed to ready so they could quickly make their exit. I watched as Lisa made her way back to where the restroom rooms and she disappeared around the corner.
I finished my drink and sat there a few minutes. Thinking I wondered what was taking Lisa so long she must have had to really pee. Sitting there and the minutes ticked by after about 12 minutes I thought I should go looking for she may have fallen and hurt herself or something. Just as I stood up Lisa came around the corner and came to get me. Grabbing my hand she literally pulled me out of the club and to our car.
“Please hurry” she begged. I could tell she was as horny as a person could get so I reached over thinking I’d finger pussy but she slapped my hand away. “We’re almost home you can wait.” Arriving home she jumped out of the car and once again grabbed my hand and pulled me inside and up to our bedroom. Arriving at our bedroom Lisa dropped my hand and went directly to the bathroom but stopped as she reached the door and turning toward me she said “get naked and get on the bed and I’ll be right out so be ready.”
I stripped and lay on the bed putting my hands behind my head. I didn’t need to worry about getting ready as my cock was as hard as a post sticking straight up and leaking copious amounts of precum. I reached down and ran my finger through the precum smearing it around so the entire head of my cock was coating. Just then the bathroom door opened and Lisa crawled into bed. She quickly got to me and raising her leg up straddled my face. “Okay eat away stud.”
I didn’t need another invitation and I dove right in plunging my tongue in and out of her sopping wet pussy. I ran my tongue up and down her greasy cunt slit and flicking her clit when I reached the top of her slit. “Do you like that big boy; do you like that taste of my cunt?” I dislodged my tongue from her cunt long enough to reply “yes I love it however the taste is a little bit different than usual” and immediately buried my tongue back into her pussy.
“Yeah but do you like the taste?” To which I replied “it’s delicious now let me eat” and I plastered my face to her cunt again. “I’m glad you like it because you’re eating Xavier’s cum out of me.” I looked up and her and said “what?” “You’re eating Xavier’s cum. When I went to the restroom I met up with him as he was waiting for me. He peaked in the men’s room grabbed my hand and pulled me in and into a stall. Thank god the restroom was empty.”
“I sat down on the toilet lid unbuckled his pants lowered his zipper and push his pants down. I knew they went to the floor as I heard his belt buckle hit the floor. Without hesitation I reached out grabbed his cock and buried it in the back of my throat. I pumped my head up and down his shaft and I enjoyed the taste of his precum and I certainly liked how long and thick it was. He banged against the back of my throat every time my head went as far as it could.
“He pulled me off his cock stood me up and pushed me over at the waist till my hands were resting atop the toilet tank. He pushed my dress up over my ass took his cock and rubbed it up and down my pussy lips and without warning he plunges all the way into my cunt all 9”of it. It felt so good it was stretching my pussy wider than it had ever been stretched and the tip of his cock was hitting my cervix. It was such a delicious feeling that if only took me about three or four of his strokes and I started cumming. It was so intense I thought I was going to faint and fall down. But fortunately I didn’t.”
“He continued pumping in and out of my cunt with ever increasing speed and force. He said I’m going to cum. I replied back yes, cum in me fill me with your cum I want all you have to give me.” He stiffened and I could feel his balls tightening and suddenly I felt the first spurt of his black baby making cum splash in my cunt. It was more than I get take and starting cumming again. It rolled over me time after time I didn’t think it was ever going to stop. Hell I didn’t want it to ever stop.
Xavier slowed down and gripping my waist he held me still as I felt the last spurt of his cum joining the rest of his cum already inside my pussy. He pulled out and I immediately turned around sat down got a piece of toilet paper and stuffed it between my cunt lips as I didn’t want to lose any of it so I could feed it to you. Xavier’s cock was still right in front of my face so I began cleaning his cock by licking and sucking all of my juices and his sperm off of it.
When it was clean he pulled his pants back up reached back grabbing his wallet and got one of his business card with his private cell number on it and just said “call me”. He slowly opened the stall door peaking out turned and said all clear so I rushed out and you know the rest of it as you’re lapping up his cum. “Well are you made at me? Do you hate me now?” “Or did I just make you even hornier?”
My only reply was looking up into her eyes and rammed my tongue back into her pussy. She smiled enjoying the moment and said “so does this mean I can call him?”

Stay tuned there could be more cumming.

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