Saturday Morning Ch. 02

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When they walked into the bathroom Steve walked over to the shower and started to run the water. After testing the water and making sure it was a decent temperature he walked back over to Stacie who was just leaning up against the one wall watching his every move. Steve came up to her and kissed her passionately putting his hands up to her face as he kissed her. Taking her by one hand Steve guided her over to the bathtub where the shower water was all ready starting to steam up the room.

After the both got in, Steve got himself all wet first under the shower, and then let Stacie get wet under the shower. While Stacie was under the water Steve grabbed a washcloth and body wash so he could help lather up. After putting a few droplets of the body wash onto the washcloth and creating a few bubbles by rubbing the washcloth together for a few seconds, Steve just watched Stacie soak her self under the shower making sure she was completely wet.

When he saw that she was ready for the next step, Steve moved a little closer to her and started to rub the washcloth on her breasts totally lathering her up. He then moved down to her stomached and started moving his hand and motion into a circle pattern. Stacie just moaned a bit as Steve continued to massage her body as he lathered her up with the body wash. Stacie then spread her legs a little bit as Steve started to work down to her thighs just below her all ready very soaked pussy. Steve made sure he continued to lather up every inch of her legs including the backs of them. Then as he stood up he turned her around so he could wash the back of her body.

From behind Steve started to lather her back up starting from the neck and covering all of her back. Stacie continued her slight moaning, letting Steve know she was enjoying the attention. Steve then added a little more body wash to the washcloth before rubbing Stacie’s ass cheeks with the body wash soaked washcloth. As he did this Stacie’s moaning got a bostancı escort little louder as he noticed that she was squeezing and pinching her own nipple as the water washed down on her cleaning away all the body wash.

Steve then stood up moving closer and placing the washcloth down. He reached around her body and grabbed her tits and helped her caress them as his hard cock pressed up against her ass cheeks and back. Stacie noticing Steve’s growing attention grabbed his hands and moved them down to her stomached as she was encouraging to move even more south then there. Steve caught on to the hint but placing two fingers on her clit and started to rub it in quick circler motions. Stacie’s hands went back to her nipples and her moans turned into pants and cries of “Oh God.” Stacie could feel Steve’s hard cock pressing up against her but seemed helpless to do anything as he was fingering her clit with his fingers and with the other hand he was slowly placing one finger in her pussy.

Stacie couldn’t believe she was building to an orgasm again but this time in the shower. She moaned and groaned as he was pushing and pressing and rubbing on her clit with another finger slowly moving in and out of her pussy hole. The water continued to spray down on them both, as Stacie was much closer to her orgasm. And as she started to cum her knees became a little weak and she dipped a bit down but Steve maintained her balance for her as he rubbed her pussy through out her orgasm. Steve could feel her muscles in her pussy grabbed into his finger as she came.

While Stacie was still feeling the effects of her orgasm Steve spun her around in the shower and kissed her passionately. He then lifter her up just a bit and as her pussy and pelvis moved up, his hard cock met up with her pussy lips. When this happened his cock slid in pretty easily and Stacie’s body slid down his cock to Steve’s body.

Stacie then looked into his eyes and said, “Fuck ümraniye escort bayan me hard Steve, fuck me hard in the shower.”

Knowing that Stacie was at a very erotic state Steve turned to the bathroom wall with his cock still in her and put her back to the wall for some support. Then he put his hands on her ass cheeks while hers were around her neck and then as he looked down at his cock in her pussy he started to fuck her with a lot of force and speed. She wanted to get fuck and fucked hard, then Steve was going to fuck her hard. His cock was slamming in and out of her with a lot of speed. Stacie was moaning and panting and when she could speak all she said was, “Oh God, yes.” Steve’s balls were flaying so hard that they slapped up against Stacies ass cheeks every time he slammed into her pussy.

After about five minutes of just straight fucking her pussy and another orgasm Steve decided to change positions and pulled his hard and very wet cock out of Stacies gapping hole. When she was on her own two feet, Stacie surprised Steve moving to her knees for a moment and placing his cock into her mouth cleaning off al her juices that were soaked onto his cock. Stacie and Steve both moaned as she did this, Steve grabbed her head and started to slowly fuck her face while Stacie stroked his cock with her one hand.

Not wanting to cum just yet, Steve pulled out of her mouth and helped her to her feet and positioned her with her back to him. After raising one of her legs with his arms and with her balancing herself up against the one wall of the tub, Steve took his hard cock placed it against her pussy lips ready to enter her from behind. With one strong push, Steve’s hard cock entered Stacie’s pussy completely, filling her up.

Steve started to slam his pelvis into her ass cheeks, bringing his cock out to the tip before pushing it back in again. “Oh God, fuck me harder” Steve heard from Stacie as she moaned. As Steve continued to kartal escort fuck her pussy, Stacie started to build to another orgasm. Steve’s cock slid in and out of her pussy with ease. Stacie started to cum and her pussy muscles squeezed Steve’s hard cock intensely as he kept fucking. When she was done cumming Steve pulled his cock out and started to position the tip of his cock on her awaiting asshole.

With all of Stacie’s pussy juice coating Steve’s hard cock, Steve slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her ass. The juice from her pussy lubricated her asshole and he was able to continue to push it in. When he got about half way, Stacie start to buck towards him encouraging his cock to move completely into her. When completely in, Steve started to move his cock in and out first slowly and gently as Stacie moved one of hands to her clit rubbing with a fierce intention.

“Cum in my ass Steve, I want you to cum in my ass!” Stacie exclaimed as Steve continued to fuck her.

Steve kept his motion going, forcing all seven inches of his cock into her ass. His balls kept slapping up against her pussy lips every time he slammed into her. As his orgasm started to build he grabbed Stacie’s ass and picked up his speed, fucking her harder and harder with a lot of force. Stacie started to scream as Steve and his cock were pounding her ass.

Then Stacie heard a grunt and groan as his cock dispensed its load into her ass. Steve squeezed her ass even more as his cock remained completely in her ass. Stacie was panting and just kept rubbing her clit while Steve pulled his cock out of her ass. He spun her around, kissed her passionately and asked, “Damn that was very good, did you enjoy yourself?”

“Mmmmm, yes I did. Thank you” Stacie answered back with a huge grin on her face and two fingers rubbing her clit.

Steve and Stacie then washed up both helped out the other, scrubbing each other down.

While drying off outside the tub Steve turns to Stacie and says, “Why don’t we go get some food? I don’t know about you but a lot of fucking makes me hungry.”

“Great, I’m starved! Let’s go.” Stacie answered back.

The two got dressed and ready and were off to eat a brunch before the adventures continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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