Satisfying Mom’s Needs Ch. 05

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Next morning when I woke up, Shoma was still sleeping. Mom and Dad were already downstairs in the kitchen, having breakfast. When I got ready for college and came down to the kitchen my parents had finished breakfast, but they were both naked and Dad wad giving Mom a farewell fuck. She was bent over the breakfast table and Dad was thrusting into her from behind. I watched for a minute as Mom started to moan, thrusting her ass into Dad’s crotch.

Mom still managed to say Hi to me and said, “don’t mind us.”

I ate my breakfast as they continued their vigorous fucking. I wished Dad luck on his trip and was about to go out when Dad grabbed Mom by her ass-cheeks, groaned loudly and came deep in Mom’s cunt. Mom got the message and stiffened her body, moaning loudly as she also came. As I was closing the door I saw Shoma coming down the stairs looking at Mom and Dad still connected as they winded down their orgasms.

In the evening Shoma and I came home together and saw what by now is a very familiar scene. Gramp was sitting on the sofa watching TV and Mom was sitting on his lap with his cock deep in her cunt as he sucked on her right nipple while massaging her left tit with his left hand. Mom was moaning softly as she slowly moved up and down on Gramp’s rigid pole. Then he saw us and winked as we went upstairs to change.

When we came down about 15 minutes later, Mom had just cleaned up her Dad’s cock with her mouth, her inviting ass and cum-oozing cunt providing me a cock-stiffening sight.

But Mom got up and said, “Mintu and Shoma set the table for dinner while I and Dad take our shower.

We had a great dinner and then we were all sitting on the sofa and talking. Mom brought up an interesting topic. She said, “I have read somewhere on the internet that some men can piss inside a cunt after they have cum. It seems like an idea I’d like to try. It may be more fun than pissing on someone although that is also very pleasurable.”

Gramp smiled and said, “you are a devil aren’t you, wanting to try everything.”

Mom also smiled and said, ” Dad I like everything about sex and if we can spice it up with some kinky things so much the better.”

I said, “it seems like a great idea but I am not sure its possible, but I’d love to try Mom.”

Shoma said, ” I’d like to see Mintu try on you Mom, then may be I’ll try with Grandpa.”

Mom got off the sofa and got on her knees facing Gramp and said, “Mintu pichchan theke chod ebar. Ami Abba-ke Shomar jonyo toiri korbo(Mintu fuck me from behind while I get Dad ready for Shoma).”

My cock was already hard. I got behind Mom, aimed at her moist opening and thrust in and I was deep in Mom’s slippery hole. Mom gasped at the force of my entry into her. She swallowed her Dad’s throbbing cock up-to his pubic hair and Gramp groaned in pleasure as his pole was totally engulfed in Mom’s soft mouth.

Shoma was getting hot watching us – she moved over behind me and put her right hand between our legs and started caressing my balls and the shaft of my cock behind the balls which made me moan and thrust into Mom even harder. Shoma then moved her head a bit forward and caressed Mom’s erect clit which made Mom groan – muffled by the thick cock in her mouth. I grabbed Mom’s boobs with both hands as I increased the speed of my thrusts into Mom’s very slippery sheath. Mom reacted by thrusting her ass into my crotch even harder. Now I grabbed Mom’s ass and thrust into her harder. Gramp started massaging Mom’s boobs as he thrust his cock into her mouth.

Shoma was concerned that Gramp might come in Mom’s mouth.

She said, “ease up on Gramp’s cock Mom, I want him to come inside me.”

Mom did ease up on her sucking but still kept her Dad’s cock in her mouth as her orgasm was getting closer with my rapid thrusts into her cunt.

At last she removed her mouth from Gramp’s cock and started moaning – “oh, oh, fuck me son, (chod amake, aro jore chod, tor barar roshe bhore de amar gud(fuck me harder, fill my cunt with your cock-juice).”

I did just that – groaning like a bull I pushed into her as far as I could and flooded Mom’s cunt with hot jism which made her push hard on my cock and squeezed it hard with her cunt muscles as she cried out – “aah, aah, I am coming, coommiinngg, oh baby, oh, fill me, give me your cream.”

After our bodies stopped shaking we stayed the same way without movement. Shoma had her fingers around my balls and Mom’s clit all this time and she felt the strong pulses in my cock-shaft as my semen emptied inside Mom.

After about five minutes Mom said, “are you ready to piss inside me yet?”

My cock was still hard inside her, but not as hard as before, but I was not yet ready to try pissing – it was still too exciting an idea for my cock to shift from fucking to pissing mode.

Mom stayed still with my cock fully inserted in her slippery cunt but she told Shoma, “ekta gamla niye aye to Shoma – ar seta amar guder niche rekhe de (Shoma bring a bucket and put it under my cunt).”

Shoma czech experiment porno went to the kitchen and brought a plastic bucket and put it under mom to catch any piss coming out of Mom’s cunt when I piss in her.

I was now getting the pissing feeling and told Mom, ” I think I am going to piss inside you now Mom.”

She said, “its about time. I am getting tired staying on my knees.”

Both Gramp and Shoma moved closer to our united organs. Just then I let go of my hot piss in Mom’s cunt. It felt incredibly exciting.

Mom felt my hot piss inside her and moaned, “oh Mintu, it feels so good, oh, oh, I am coming –aaahhh, aaahhh.”

She pressed her ass hard on my crotch as the mixture of my piss, semen, and her juices started to flow out of Mom’s cunt over my balls and into the bucket below. Shoma put her right hand under my balls and felt the piss mixture flow over her fingers and into the bucket.

She said, “Oh Ma, it feels so good – hot and slimy.”

I was about to finish but Mom squeezed her cunt muscles hard on my cock as she moaned her orgasmic release.

At last I finished and withdrew my now almost totally soft cock from Mom’s warm sheath. Before Mom could get up Shoma replaced my cock with her mouth and slurped away the remaining liquids from Mom’s open cunt. As Mom stood up Gramp pulled Shoma towards him by her hips, aimed his aching cock at her wet hole and drove into it from behind with a couple of hard thrusts. Shoma squealed out as her tunnel was filled to the hilt with Gramp’s long and hard cock. Gramp was too hot watching Mom and me so he didn’t go for prolonged fuck but thrust into his granddaughter’s tight slippery cunt with great force and soon both of them were huffing and groaning as his crotch slapped onto her soft buttocks at every thrust.

At this time I lay down on my back under Shoma and licked her clit and squeezed her boobs.

That did it – Shoma screamed, “oh, oh, I am coming, oh fuck, fuck harder Grampa” – then she stiffened and came, pouring her juices onto Gramp’s thrusting cock which made Gramp groan loudly and flood his granddaughter’s well-fucked cunt with hot semen.

Mom now told her Dad, ” stay in her cunt for a couple of minutes, then try to pee inside her.”

Grampa kept himself inside Shoma by pulling her soft ass-cheeks but within a minute his cock shrivelled down to couple of inches and plopped out.

He said, “well I am not ready to pee yet, we have to try another time.”

Mom said, “its OK Dad, its not easy to pee right after you come.”

Shoma turned over on the sofa and Mom promptly went between her thighs and licked all the combined juices from her daughter’s well-worked, open and oozing cunt. After that Mom took her Dad’s limp but juice covered cock in her mouth and sucked it clean.

All this action in front of me and now the sight of Mom’s full buttocks in my face and the moist-hair-covered slit made me achingly hard so without hesitation I lined up my cock at Mom’s inviting slit and pressed and my shaft started disappearing inside that buttery tunnel which caused her to moan loudly – “oh baby, fill me up, push it to your balls, ah-ah.”

I obeyed Mom as my rock-hard 8-inch muscle kept moving in and out of the warmest, slickest love tunnel – up-to the balls at every thrust – heaven couldn’t be any better!

Mom’s sucking on her Dad’s cock had given it a fresh hard-on. Mom, as always, comes up with new kinks.

By now my thrusting into her had already given her a couple of small orgasms and she said to me, “Mintu get your cock out of me, I want to try something with Dad.”

I was a bit puzzled and also annoyed as I was getting close to coming. But I was also intrigued about what she was going to do. Mom actually pulled her cunt away from my cock, climbed on the sofa on her knees, lined up Gramp’s throbbing hardness at her oozing open cunt and slowly sat on it, stopping only when she couldn’t sink any further. Gramp just groaned as his daughter’s soft sheath totally engulfed his aching thickness.

My throbbing cock, slick with Mom’s juices was desperately looking for a soft warm sheath to get into and Shoma’s open thighs gave it the target it was looking for. I just moved over from behind Mom, pulled Shoma’s legs towards me and my eager cock found it destination – as with one thrust I was in her cunt up-to my balls as she squealed in delight – her cunt was flooded with her juices, watching Mom thrusting her cunt onto Gramp’s stiff cock. I fucked Shoma hard as we watched Mom fuck her Dad with increasing speed with sloshing sound coming from their joined organs.

Inevitably the point of no return was reached by both couples – moans and groans were all that could be heard. Shoma cried out – “aahh,aahh, Mintu, give me harder, harder, shove it all the way – oohh,oohh,aaaahhh”, and she put her thighs around my back in a scissor-grip and stiffened like a board as she came hard. I gave her a few more deep thrusts before czech first porno video flooding her tunnel with a fresh supply of cream.

Mother was also groaning loudly now as she was sliding up and down her Dad’s slippery pole with increased speed and urgency. Gramp was just hanging in there holding Mom by her violently shaking boobs. And then Gramp groaned as he raised his bum off the sofa for better penetration into Mom and came. Shoma and I could see only his balls outside Mom’s cunt as they jerked as Gramp emptied himself into his daughter’s boiling cunt. Mom also clamped down on the throbbing and emptying cock inside her and with a loud cry reached her orgasm as we could see from her oozing juices down Gramp’s balls.

As she at last stopped her cunt’s orgasmic spasms, Mom stayed on top of her Dad fully penetrated and said, “Mintu get a couple of towels and put them under us.”

I did what she told me to do, but with some confusion.

Gramp said, “tumi abar amake tomar guder bhitore mootar chesta korte chao naki?(you again want me to try to piss inside your cunt?)”.

Mom said, “if you can do it then try it but I want to try something else.”

We were all intrigued and looked at her askance.

She smiled and said, “you two come in front and look at my cunt and Dad can see it anyway.”

Shoma and I placed ourselves close to the junction of Mom’s cunt and Gramp’s still hard cock. Then Mom opened her cunt-lips with both hands and said, “look all of you.”

There, to our amazement, Mom started pissing as Gramp’s cock remained inserted in her cunt. The piss fell over Gramp’s stomach and crotch. I even put my finger at her piss-hole to feel the warm flow. Mom was getting hot at her own kinky act and gently started to move back and forth as she at last finished pissing. Shoma, Gramp and I congratulated her for being able to do such an unusually erotic act.

Mom said, “it felt so good that I came.” Gramp said, “I could feel, through the thin membrane, your piss flowing out along the length of my cock and it felt very nice and kept my cock hard in you.”

At last Mom got off Gramp’s now wilting cock. Her cunt-hairs were still glistening with drops of her piss. Gramp’s semen was gathering at her open lips. Shoma put her mouth on Mom’s cunt and lapped up the oozing juices. She did the same to Gramp’s cock before we all marched off to the bathroom to shower.

As we came out of the shower, there was someone at the front door unlocking it. We didn’t have to wait long to see Dad walk in. He smiled at all of us still naked and said, “I finished a couple days early and I was missing the fucking.”

Mom kissed him deeply and said, ” take a quick shower while I get some food ready and then we can fuck till the morning.”

We all laughed approvingly.

Dinner was done quickly. Then we all went upstairs to Dad and Mom’s bedroom. Mom lay down on her back on the bed. Dad got on top of her – kissed her hungrily squeezing her boobs at the same time. Then he turned around and sucked Mom’s clit into his mouth. On the other end Mom opened her mouth and licked the tip of his cock and then swallowed Dad’s still somewhat soft cock. The foreplay didn’t last long. Dad was eager to fuck so he turned around with his cock now stiff as a pole covered in Mom’s saliva, aimed it at Mom’s open cunt and pushed. As Shoma, Gramp and I watched closely, Dad’s fat and long cock split Mom’s cunt-hairs and entered her cunt, stretching it wide. Mom groaned as she felt the entry into her and pushed her cunt up for deeper penetration. For a moment Dad let his cock stay fully inserted but then the urge to move got him and he started to move his cock in and out while Mom placed her legs over Dad’s back for deeper thrusts.

While Dad and Mom were busy in their lusty fucking, we the spectators were getting very hot. Shoma grabbed Gramp’s and my cock in her hands and slowly jacked us off. Gramp sucked one of her boobs while I squeezed the other. With my other hand I explored Shoma’s cunt-lips and her clit, which made her groan in pleasure. Dad was thrusting into Mom faster and faster – the bed was shaking and their moans filled the room.

In a couple of more minutes Dad groaned out – “aah, aah, oohh, baabby, I am coming – I — am – coming – coming.”

Mom cried out – “yes, yes, come, come in me, fill me, aaahhhhh, aaahhhhh.”

She thrust her ass up at every thrust from Dad and then they stopped with their crotches mashed together. We could see Dad’s balls still moving up and down as they emptied deep in Mom.

Shoma was very horny and wet at this point and she said, “its my turn Dad, if you are still hard I want it right now.”

Dad was very hot and horny still and an offer from his daughter kept him hard inside Mom.

He said, “come here baby, I am ready for you.” Shoma lay down beside Mom with her thighs open and the sight of her perfect cunt – moist and open – made Dad withdraw his cock from Mom’s cunt, move between czech game porno Shoma’s thighs and thrust into the open target. The lips spread and the slimy cock made its way into Shoma with ease. As he bottomed, Shoma groaned as her cunt was stretched to its limit.

As they lay still savouring the full penetration, Shoma said, “I want to try a sandwich fuck.”

This took us by surprise.

She said, “Mom told me she liked it very much.”

Dad said, “OK baby, if that’s what you want.”

Mom brought some personal lubricant and put some in Shoma’s asshole, putting some of it inside too and then she coated my cock with a generous amount of it. Dad lifted Shoma by her waist and gently turned over with his cock still fully inside her tight cunt-hole. Now Shoma’s asshole was on top and better accessible for my cock.

Dad told me to get behind Shoma and try to push my cock gently.

He also told Shoma, ” darling it may hurt a bit but it will be worth it.”

As I got in position behind Shoma’s beautiful ass Mom told me to hold Shoma by her ass-cheeks and open her asshole with my thumbs. I did as Mom instructed and then Mom held my cock by her right hand and aimed it at my sister’s pink asshole opening and pressed my ass forward with her left hand. A steady and slow push from me kept the cock-head on the asshole but it still wouldn’t go in.

Then Mom said, “push a little harder Mintu.” I did and the head at last went in Shoma’s very tight asshole. She cried out, “ah, ah, it hurts”.

I kept still for a moment to give her time to get used to it. Then slowly I pushed more and my cock went in more. About 5 minutes of steady push at last got my entire cock in her asshole.

I asked her if she is feeling OK?

She replied, “it still hurts some but it is also feeling good.”

After a while, I started to withdraw my cock a little and push in again. This made Dad’s cock also move inside Shoma’s cunt. Soon I was fucking her ass in a rhythm. Mom somehow put her head in that tangle of our three bodies and started to lick and suck Dad’s and my balls, which shot thrills through our bodies. As Mom was doing that her thighs were open with oozing cum from Dad’s fucking. That sight made Gramp to place his hard cock between those lips and shove it into that slippery tunnel with ease. Mom almost bit my balls off with the force of Gramp’s entry into her.

By now Shoma was enjoying my slow thrusting into her incredibly tight rectum and Dad was also thrusting into her cunt in a slow rhythm. This double action was making Shoma moan continuously. Dad was sucking one of her boobs and playing with the other and I had my hands on her waist as I plunged my cock in and out of her hot and stretched asshole.

Gramp was now fucking at a faster pace – slapping her buttocks with his crotch at every deep thrust and Mom was responding by moaning and thrusting back. Her sucking of our balls and Shoma’s clit was having its effect on all of us – the pleasure was getting to the boiling point.

My sister was the first to reach orgasm as she whimpered and moved under the double penetration she was experiencing – with a loud cry – “fuck me faster, fuck me harder, oh ohh,ohhh, I am coming, I am coommiinngg.”

She came flooding her copious juices over Dad’s cock. Those spasms of her cunt and ass muscles triggered both Dad’s and my ejaculation as both of us began squirting our boiling semen into Shoma’s well stretched holes. I could feel Dad’s ejaculation through the thin membrane between her cunt and rectum. That made both of us plunge into her to the hilt as we came.

Mom was now licking the overflowing juices from Shoma’s cunt oozing onto Dad’s balls. The vigorous thrusting of Gramp’s cock and our combined cums put Mom over the top and with a loud moan she came as Gramp pulled her by the hips and filled her with spurts and spurts of cum deep inside her. For a few seconds we all remained motionless savouring the indescribable pleasure we all just experienced. Then as cocks began to wilt we disconnected and lay down on our backs. Everybody looked closely at Shoma’s well- fucked holes to see how they were red, open and semen gathering at the entrance of each hole.

In a couple of minutes Mom turned Shoma over her in a 69 position and latched her tongue and mouth over her daughter’s cum-oozing holes and slurped away all the pleasure juices while her daughter reciprocated. Once they finished cleaning each other Mom turned to my cock and swallowed it up in her mouth and sucked it clean. Shoma did the same to Dad and then Gramp. Then both of them lay down – Shoma between Dad and me – and Mom between Dad and Gramp.

Dad said, ” I like the welcome home.”

Mom laughed and said, “this is only the beginning, honey.”

I said, ” Dad, a week ago I hadn’t even seen a cunt, let alone fuck one and now I am fucking two most fabulous cunts in the whole world. Every boy wants to fuck his mother, only I am actually doing it”.

Dad said, “its great for you and its great for all of us.”

Gramp joined in, saying, ” I thought my fucking days were over, but now its heaven. I haven’t fucked so much in two weeks in my entire life.”

Mom added, “Dad, I have fulfilled my fantasy of fucking you, and fucking Mintu was a big bonus – now I have got three generations of cocks to fuck.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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