Satin Bikini Panties

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Stuck in traffic, on my way to the office my phone beeped with a message. Looking down I saw it was my best friend Jay and smiled. It always seemed that when my life got unbearable, he was there for her. Best friend doesn’t accurately describe our relationship, but I cannot figure out another way to describe it.

I smiled at Jay’s always familiar question, “Hi my beautiful Alli, what are you wearing?” This time I responded with, “I think it is about time you find out for yourself. I have been so busy with work lately, and I need a break. I am going to ask to take time off for a vacation today. I am going to an undisclosed location, just to get away from it all. You should meet me there.”

Within 48 hours, I had my plane tickets and a reservation for two in a romantic hotel in 2 weeks.

Preparing for my getaway, I obsessed over what to wear, what perfume to wear… I cut and dyed my hair, had much needed bikini waxing, a manicure, a pedicure, and body massage. I even went to the gym obsessively, just to firm and tighten up my curves.

Finally after two long weeks of preparation, I am off to a wonderful vacation with Jay. The plane landed and I picked up a rental car and went to our hotel. Checking in, I put a spare key card into an envelope, wrote Jay’s name on it and asked the hotel clerk to give it to Jay when he arrived.

I went up to our room and jumped into the shower. I enjoyed taking the extra time to shave everything and make sure all of my parts were soft and smelled delicious. I curled my long silky brown hair. I slid on a “barely-covering-anything-$200-matching-red-satin bra-and-panty-set”. I imagined that I would be incredibly nervous waiting for my Jay, but instead I just felt longing to be in his arms. I wanted Jay with everything that I was, but I also wanted to be with my best friend.

Having a little free time, I laid out on the bed. Butterflies filled my stomach and a smile played on my face. After a few minutes I heard the key card slide into the lock and the click open. I rolled onto my right side, with my head resting on my right hand. Jay quietly walked into the hotel room. I felt like the air was knocked out of me when Jay walked in wearing a white button down shirt and jeans. Seeing me lying on the bed waiting for him caused him to blush and I could see a beautiful bulge instantly formed in his jeans. Unconsciously, I licked my lips and looked seductively up at Jay. He looked so handsome in the white button down shirt. I was reminded of how Jay chatted about this moment, and what it would be like if it ever happened. Just seeing my Jay made my breasts sensitive and my pink nipples grew hard with anticipation.

Jay gave I an appraising yet playful look. Enjoying how her hair splayed over her hand. He approached the side of the bed and lightly glided his fingers from my ankle up over my calf to her thigh. Then slipping higher he slipped one finger under the back of my red satin bikini panties along my curvy cheeks. I guessed that Jay approved of my sexy attire.

Not really believing that Jay, her wonderful Jay was standing there in front of me, I just stared up and grinned at his playful teasing.

Jay smiled back and slid his finger out to trace them over the back of my red panties. He obviously was enjoying the feel of the satin. My stomach bostancı escort flipped. Jay cocked an eyebrow and traced his index finger down between my legs. I felt his fingers slide over my waiting pussy. I am sure he could feel the outline of my pussy lips through the silky material between her legs.

I almost squeaked at the wave of moisture flooding my panties from Jay’s sudden touch. I wondered if that was the reaction from a his touch and what would happen with his penetration. Shaking that thought from my mind, I suddenly felt exposed lying on the bed to Jay. I rolled to my back and arched as I sat up close to Jay. I was silently begging my Jay to touch me. I spread my legs and pulled Jay between them, slowly unbuttoning his shirt as I stared into his beautiful hazel eyes. Spreading my legs, the sudden exposure to the air made the wet satin feel cool against my freshly shaven, sensitive pussy.

Holding Jay close our hungry lips together. Jay held my head running his fingers thru my curly brown hair. Jay loving studied my face, it has been so long. Slowly he ran his fingers up my well toned triceps as I unbuttoned his shirt. His fingers lightly moved to the back of my neck and into my hair. He leaned down to kiss the top of my head.

Taking a moment to enjoy being wanted, I closed my eyes at the feel of Jay’s fingers in my hair. I would do or give him anything he wanted in this moment. I finished unbuttoning his shirt. I slid my thumbs under the material and slowly run my thumbs over his collarbones and off his masculine shoulders. The warmth of his skin against my fingers causes goose bumps to erupt all over my arms.

Jay smiled just before my eyes closed. He shrugged out of his shirt as I pulled it down. I then let the shirt slide off his arms one at a time keeping the other hand in my hair. His fingers tangled in my hair, massaging my scalp gently. Once his shirt was off he smiled and pulled my lips to his stomach.

I wrapped my arms around him and teased his back with my red nails. I gently kissed his firm stomach down to the button of his jeans which I expertly popped open using my teeth. Then, I teasingly opened my mouth over his bulge and blew hot air through his jeans and boxers, while looking seductively up at Jay.

Jay loved having my arms around him and how I teased him with my fingertips. Jay groaned softly as he felt my teasing kisses. He enjoyed the way I continued to look into his eyes, impressed with how she opened his jeans with her teeth. “I love how you blow Alli”.

I questioningly looked up a Jay before unzipping his pants. Her answer came in a smile as Jay’s hand moved from her hair to across her cheek. His thumb sliding over her lips as he leaned down and kissed her gently.

Gently kissing him back I unzipped his pants and slid them over his butt cheeks. As they slid to his ankles I teased the front of his legs with my long fingernails. I love the way my lips feel as we kiss. Jay’s legs erupt in goose bumps. I teasingly lick my lips as his pants come down. He straightened up and lightly brushed his boxer-covered bulge over my bra-clad breasts. I playfully used my hands to squeeze his boxer-covered bulge between my soft ample breasts…all the time smiling up at him.

I reached inside his boxers and wrapped my hand around ümraniye escort bayan his swollen hardness. He was stiff and ready for my hungry wet lips. He quietly moaned as I wrapped my hot wet lips around his engorged red cock. Jay kept a tangled hand in my hair and moved the other down to stroke my back.

Jay smiled and pulled his boxers down slowly, feeling his hot bare cock freed and lightly tapping my sexy cleavage. At the feel of Jay’s warm stiff cock on my cold chest, my body grows warm and excited. Goosebumps erupt all over my body. I tilt my head down and softly lick the tip of Jay’s perfect cock. He is dripping his clear silky precum form the swollen tip. My tongue licks his delicious salty wetness off the red tip.

Jay groaned softly as he felt and watched me lick the tip of his hard cock. He held my hair back with one hand and stood up a little so I didn’t have to bend as much. His tight balls were now resting on my breasts as the tip of his hardness taps my hungry lips. With his other hand he slid down my chest… into the red satin bra, cupping my breast gently… his thumb sliding over my swollen nipple.

I exhaled as Jay’s hand cupped my neglected breast. The rest of my body jealous of the contact. Watching his face I licked around the tip of his cock, then gently I sucked it to taste his delicious precum. I brought my right hand up to the base and gently wrapped my fingers around the bottom of his throbbing shaft. Using my hot wet tongue, spit, and Jay’s precum I lubricated his shaft as I gently played with his swollen balls with her other hand. I looked up at Jay as I took him into my mouth and slowly licked the length of his shaft, giving his head a gently suck before licking around the tip again. Jay moaned, Alli, I love you so much. He smiled down as I tilted my chin up a little. His hands moved to my head, fingers and intertwined with my hair as I took his stiff cock into my mouth again.

I hummed the ABC’s as I bobbed up and down, relentlessly massaging the vein on Jay’s extremely hard cock. I pulled back and looked up with him with a seductive wink and then my mouth closed over his cock again and I bobbed with an unhurried rhythm on his throbbing shaft. I went slowly enough that he wasn’t in too much danger of cumming, but fast and deep enough to keep him pretty close to the edge. It was wonderfully sensual, watching and feeling my lips glide easily up and down his hardness.

I turned my head slightly from side to side as I sucked, letting my tongue caress the full underside of his swollen cock.

Jay had been looking into my eyes, until his eyes closed and he pleaded I to stop before he came in my mouth. He tried to move away from my wonderful mouth but he was trapped in the jeans and shoes at his feet. I used this to my advantage and pushed Jay back against the wall as I dropped down to my knees in front of him. Redoubling my efforts I started to take Jay all the way down my throat. Giving into the moment Jay used his hands in my hair to guide me to bob quicker and suck harder. “Mmmmm, Alli, you are my only cock sucker” . I moaned into Jay’s beautiful cock.

As Jay felt himself approaching the point of no return, the muscles in his thighs tightened and his back arched, pushing his cock further into my mouth. I didn’t slow down or hesitate kartal escort as his shaft hardened and swelled to the bursting point. My lips continued their velvety-smooth caressing of his member even as his balls tightened and then unloaded. Jay groaned and shuddered as the first massive gob of cum surged from his cock into my hungry mouth. I joyfully kept sucking, drawing two more good-sized spurts of cum from him. Holding his wad in my mouth I looked up at Jay questioningly, remembering a conversation we had about this.

Jay smiled down at me. Using his finger he ran it up my chin, gathering some of his cum and I spit on his finger and stuck it in his mouth. I smiled wickedly, and swallowed part of Jay’s hot thick cream as he pulled me into a standing position. I moved back to the bed, unhooking my bra. I was holding the rest of Jay’s cum in my mouth as Jay stepped out of his shoes, jeans and socks. He moved to the bed and stood in-between my legs wanting to kiss my mouth. His fingers found my soaking-wet-satin clad pussy lips. I was close to coming and his touch almost sent me over the edge. It turned me on to know I made Jay cum by blowing his beautiful hard cock.

I moaned and Jay used his tongue to split my closed lips. Looking into Jay’s eyes I transferred Jay’s load into his own mouth with my tongue and then massaged his tongue with mine to spread the delicious cum around. Jay and I kissed passionately sharing Jay’s load. Jay sucked everything out of my mouth and held it in his as he pushed me back onto the bed. I scooted back so that my head was on the pillows knees bent and lifted my bottom so that Jay could pull my wet-red-satin panties off. Once off Jay impatiently spread my bent knees to have better access to my waiting wet pussy.

Jay laid flat on his stomach and looked up at my face. I was looking down at him wondering what he was going to do. He opened his mouth and let the load fall from his lips onto my open pussy. I have never been so turned on in my life. My clit was red, swollen and aching. Jay used his tongue to mix his sticky mess with my dripping pussy juices. When his tongue would run over my throbbing clit I would jolt at the sensation. Jay licked and sucked on my swollen clit. I moaned and was so turned on he knew it wouldn’t take long before I came. Jay used his tongue to move part of the load to my slit opening. He slid one finger in and then another. Purring I started to slowly fuck my Jay’s face and lovely fingers. His fingers felt so good stretching my pussy lips. Jay loved looking up and seeing me pinching my hard swollen nipples as I head tilted back into the pillows. Jay flicked my sensitive clit with his hot tongue, and sped up his fingering fucking me.

My soft purring turned into load moaning. My body tightened and then started to violently shake as I came for my Jay. Jay continued until my body relaxed. My head came back off the pillow smiled down at him. Tonguing and sucking Jay got as much of our combined load into his mouth.

Jay climbed up over me. I closed my legs as he crawled up on all fours over the top of me. I could feel his soft cock and balls on my stomach. I looked up at him as he turned his face so that his mouth was sideways over mine. I opened my mouth and Jay spit their cum into my mouth. I savored the way they tasted together and then swallowed it all. Tired and satisfied Jay laid next to me. I rolled over and moved my legs so that they were intertwined with Jay’s and then tickling his side I said, “Hey J, how are you?” Jay started laughing and said, “It’s good to see all of you Alli.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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