Sarah’s Prisoner

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This is a true story about me growing up as a teenager and into a young man. It’s a story about my journey of both sexual frustration and discovery. A journey that led me to terribly inappropriate actions and to the total violation and invasion of privacy of two female family members whom I love and care for dearly. A story of getting caught and facing up to my actions.

Growing up I lived at home with my parents and older sister. Being two years older than me I always looked up to and respected Sarah. I was a nerdy kid and she took care of me in many ways. We got on great and barely ever had rows that would be typical of siblings growing up. Sarah was tall, slim and very pretty as a young woman. She was one of the popular girls and to all the boys in town she was a babe and totally hot!

However for me at that time she was just my big sis who was very sweet to me. That all changed the day I had my first sexual encounter with her panties. The day I lost my innocence and never looked at Sarah the same way ever again.

It all started one Saturday afternoon when I was at home alone. I think I was around the time Sarah had just started collage. She had just turned 21, so I would have been 18. On that day at some point I went into Sarah’s bedroom to look for something totally innocent, possibly a TV guide. While I was in her room I noticed her underwear cabinet was half open. Out of nowhere something compelled me to take a peek inside. Up until this point I always had total respect for Sarah, going through her personal stuff or spying on her was not something I ever did growing up.

Until Now.

I opened the cabinet and I can still remember the rush of sexual excitement that went through my body. I had only ever seen sexy underwear like this on sexy pin up models. In my innocence I remember at that moment thinking that only Playboy models wear underwear like this. Sarah was not one of these raunchy girls, she does not need to wear this type of stuff, surely not?

Going through her underwear cabinet that afternoon my mind went somewhere it never went before. For the first time in my life I started to imagine Sarah differently, sexually. I closed my eyes and began to picture Sarah not as my sister but as a very sexy young woman. I pictured her tall athletic body wearing only this fine sexy lingerie. I imagined how each piece of these delicately crafted items would fit her tall tanned soft smooth body. The fine silk and satin material blending in with the curves of her female frame. The ruffled satin detail around her hips. Her soft breasts cupped with each matching bra.

My heart was now beating faster and my sexual arousal rising. Without any consideration for my sister or her privacy I removed my pants, my penis now totally erect. My eyes closed and my mind’s eye now looking at Sarah right in front of me. A private show just for me. I pressed her panties on to my penis. I never felt so sexually excited in all my life. I stepped into her panties and pulled them up over my penis which was now a semen time bomb, ready to explode. The tiny silk triangle lost around my pulsing scrotum. Within seconds I lost total control and I fell into the grips of the most intense orgasm ever experienced in life so far. I fell back on the bed and I ejaculated into the air around me. I had no control what’s so ever. Semen contamination everywhere.

From this moment on masturbation always involved a pair of Sarah’s panties. Fresh from her bedroom or scented from the laundry hamper. Cumming in her used panties then straight to the bottom of the laundry. Twice or three time a week, every week.

As the years passed Sarah’s taste in underwear never let me down. As a young woman throughout her early to mid-twenties she really liked expensive sexy lingerie. While masturbating I would imagine Sarah wearing her sexy lingerie, I would imagine her getting dressed and walking around in her bedroom in only her underwear. I longed to be a fly on her wall every morning and evening. I would imagine her reaction if I had walked in on her by accident, how would she react to me seeing her in her sexy lingerie? Her innocent little brother seeing her as she was.

There were even days I knew what panties Sarah was wearing. By deduction I would know this from what panties were missing from her underwear cabinet and what was not in her laundry hamper. Passing her in the hall I would look at her and know what sexy panties she was wearing. These thoughts excited me and also disturbed me. She was my sister after all and I knew my thoughts were highly inappropriate. I was confused also, totally turned and aroused by her lingerie and the thoughts of her wearing them, yet certain never to cross the line of Incest in my mind or for real. For years I masturbated in my sister’s lingerie, I was always careful and never got caught. For years she never suspected a thing and to her I was always her sweet little brother.

Moving on a few years, let me introduce you to my younger cousin Clio. When I was bareback studios porno 25, Clio was around 19. As kids we grew up in the same town and were we very close. Clio was an only child and she hung out with me and Sarah a lot. We were always there for her, from her first day at school all the way through to collage, we did our best to give her guidance whenever we could. She often told me I was the big brother she never had. Clio looked up to and admired me.

At 19 Clio too was quite tall and athletic, she too shared my family’s tall and slim gene! Clio, however was a very shy and insecure girl. She did not have a lot of self-confidence. Despite her good looks she always wore plain baggy clothes and did not appear to ever want to dress sexy or show off her body in any way.

Like my first discovery of Sarah’s sexy lingerie, I can remember too with great detail my first encounter with Clio’s.

It was one Saturday during a hot summer. A few of us were heading to the beach together and it turned out Clio forgot her swim suit and had to borrow a bikini from Sarah. I could see Clio felt uncomfortable with the prospect of having to wear a bikini in public as she always played it safe at the beach with a full length swim suit. Eventually she gave in and went into the changing rooms to change.

The moment she stepped out of the changing area changed the way I looked upon Clio forever. Oh my god I remember saying to myself, where did that body come from all of a sudden. My kid cousin has grown up! Her borrowed bikini fitted her body perfectly. Her amazing body!

I can remember it was one of those bikinis that was fashionable back then, petite and stringy. The type where the bottoms were held in place by two bow knots on each of her tights. She looked so sexy yet totally innocent and naive at the same time. On the beach that day I can tell that every guy noticed her. Totally unaware of my new sexual attraction towards her she insisted we fool around together on the beech as usual. At one time she insisted she lie flat on her back and I cover her body totally with sand. We played this game before but never before in such a sexy bikini. I found it very difficult to control my arousal all the while she laughed and giggled.

“Tom you’re tickling me,” she said a number of times.

Oh my god she had no idea what was really going on in my head, in her sweet innocent mind she was just having some fun at the beach with her trusted older cousin!

As the day went on Sarah and Clio decided to go for some lunch, I said I’d stay behind and mind all our stuff.

I sat there on the beach and watched as they walked off to a local diner, due to return in an hour or so. After our “fun in the sand” with Clio I’m still very aroused despite the good job I did in controlling it all morning. I feared that after lunch I may no longer be able to hide my imminent erection and there was no way I could not let my sister or younger cousin know that they aroused me on the beach.

I felt I needed to relieve my sexual tension and masturbate, and I needed to do it before they came back.

I masturbated before at the beach in the changing cubicles. On many occasions I would take Sarah’s underwear while they went to lunch and I stayed behind. I had it down to a fine art. Now today was different. I’m at the beach and I can’t take my eyes of Clio’s bag. Never before did I even consider invading Clio’s personals like this. I couldn’t get how she looked in that bikini out of my head. Going into her bag would be crossing a line and I knew it. She was my kid cousin whom looked up to me and respected me. I had however a weakness and I had crossed lines before. The day I started masturbating in my sisters panties was the biggest line I had crossed so far, and now I was about to cross another one with my 19 year old cousin.

I unzipped Clio’s bag. She was going to be staying at our house for a few day so she packed extra stuff. I quickly found the side compartment where her most personal items were. What I took out caused my heart to pound and my adrenaline to rush. Silk, satin, lace, black, white and red lingerie.

Expensive fine lingerie. Each and every piece. Each piece sexier than the next.

I was getting very aroused and without hesitation I took a number of items of Clio’s fine lingerie and went straight to a changing cubicle. I tried on each pair one after another. My penis so erect I feared I would damage the delicate materials. I could not afford to leave any trace of my actions on her panties as I knew she would know it was me. There were no other young men in her life! If she found out or even suspected what I was doing would truly destroy our relationship and I did not want that to happen. What’s more she confides so much with Sarah she would certainly tell her too. My actions here could ruin both my healthy relationships. Imagine if they found out what I was doing with their most intimate possessions. How I could look them in the czech amatör porno eye again? They would have labelled me a creep for life!

All this went through my head but it did not matter. I tried on each pair and looked in the mirror, my penis bursting out, the tiny knickers tested to their absolute limit. I looked at my reflection without looking myself in the eye. Seeing me do what I was doing disturbed me. It was very wrong and I knew it.

For ten minutes I tried on each and every pair of Clio’s panties, controlling my hand strokes with precision. Always stopping just before orgasm. I would even wait a moment or two and relax my erection, this would allow me try and fit myself fully into her panties.

Conscious of time, in the end for climax I chose a red lace pair. I was so big the fine lace strings cut in to my thighs as I pulled them up over my hips. The front of the panties barely covered my testicles. Out from the top my very large and erect penis, held and stroked it in my right hand. I looked in the mirror and my mind’s eye looked upon Clio wearing these very sexy panties.

Within a few short moments I exploded in an orgasm of huge intensity. My semen hit the mirror in the cubicle with such force. I could barely stand on my two legs as the power of the almighty orgasm rattled through my body. I pumped to the very end releasing every last bit of tension that had been building up on the beech for the previous few hours.

Picking myself up my focus immediately changed and now my priority was not to give the game away and soil Clio’s post private possessions. I did this before many times and was good at it. I cleaned myself up and removed her panties with great care. I gathered up everything, making sure I left no sign of my actions on Clio’s belongings and headed back.

I now knew that something new was starting. Something I could not control. For years I had been doing it with Sarah’s underwear, and now it was Clio’s turn to fall victim of my perversion. Driving home from the beach I couldn’t get Clio and her sexy lingerie off my mind. I was wondering what pair of panties she decided to wear home from the beach. Did she decide to wear that red pair that only a short time ago played such a key part in my own warped sexual gratification? What compels a young woman of 19 to want and desire such sexy lingerie? One thing for sure on that day I learned that Clio was not the innocent little cousin I had thought she was.

As the summer went on and we spent many more days on the beach together I continued with my inappropriate actions with Clio’s underwear. I almost became totally obsessed. Every day they went to lunch I stayed behind. When not in her panties at the beech I used to look through soft porn mags trying desperately to find a model that reminded me of her. Someone who looked like her to help me really imagine how she would look in her sexy lingerie.

This was something I used to do. I already had in my collection a few dead ringers of Sarah. Masturbating to a picture of “Sarah” in sexy underwear while wearing her own panties was indeed very satisfying. For Clio later that summer I would experience the same pleasure. The centre page spread of Playboy Lingerie magazine in August featured a young model lying on her bed wearing only sexy knickers. The model was not looking at the camera, it was a perfect voyeuristic shot. This model had a striking resemblance of Clio. Same build, eyes, hair style and colour. She was wearing satin knickers that were identical to a pair I specifically remember Clio having. A pair I personally masturbated in at the beach on many occasions.

At home every night thanks to Clio’s look-alike Playboy model, and with the strength of my sexual imagination, self-pleasuring had just stepped up a gear. The orgasms were so intense.

Towards the end of the summer, Clio’s parents and my parents were off on vacation together. On the Friday they left, Clio asked me over to watch a Movie. This was a regular occurrence and as I had nothing much else on this weekend I agreed. The plan was that when I arrived Clio would drive to the next town to pick up a pizza and a Movie for us to watch that night.

Clio lived with her parents just outside of town. As kids growing up we spent many summers playing on their large property. They had some barns and outbuildings and there was always fun to be had. What interested me most were the three secure lock up units that were in the back yard. Clio’s dad worked for a chemical company before he retired. Sometimes he had to store stock for the job and the drums of chemicals had to be stored in secure well ventilated outbuildings. The three storage units in the back yard were constructed like and looked identical to jail cells. Three concrete walls, a concrete roof and a steel bar gate at the front for access. Each about 12ft by 10ft. When we were kids if they were empty we always played “Cops and Robbers” and had our very own county jail! Now years later the czech bitch porno units are empty and mostly unused.

I’m going to let you in on another little secret fetish I have. I have a sexual curiosity of anything to do with jail and imprisonment. My jail fantasy always involves some female placing me in a cell and locking the door. It’s not quite domination but more subtle control. They have the key and can ultimately decide to detain me or release me. On many occasions during masturbation I would imagine attractive women that I would know personally locking me up into a cell of some description. At times I fantasied about Sarah locking me up. One very vivid fantasy I played over and over is where Sarah locked me in a cell because I walked into her room while she was changing and I saw her in her sexy Lingerie. In this fantasy she told me that she must lock me into the cell as she needed to change her underwear again and she did not trust me not to walk in on her.

“Stay in here until I change my underwear Tom. I don’t want you walking in on me again like the last time. Frankly I don’t trust you so I’ll keep you locked in here until I’m ready,” she said firmly while locking the cell door. Orgasm imminent!

Enough of my fantasies, back to that night.

As I waited for Clio to get back I took a stroll out to the back yard.

While walking around the yard I looked in through the bars of one of the cells, it was so realistic. The Chemical Company called for high specification security and as a result they were just like real jail cells, there was even an old bed in the corner of one of them! I opened the steel bar gate and stepped in and sat on the bed. Just then I got a rush of sexual excitement in my stomach that I knew I had to explore. I could play out my jail fantasy once again. I thought to myself that I had just enough time, Clio won’t be back until seven.

I sat back on the bed looking out through the bars I began stroking my penis. I immediately thought of Clio. She could now play the role of my jailer in my fantasy in this almost real jail cell. I became immediately aroused. I then thought of her underwear upstairs in her room. Surely this was the best chance I would ever get at fulfilling this very elaborate sexual fantasy. With no time to waste I went up to Clio’s room picked out four or five of my favourite pairs of her panties. I ran back down the stairs and out to the cell in the back yard, heart beating, full of excitement and fear. It was now 6.45, Clio could be home any time now. Back into the cell and closing the steel bar gate behind me. I removed my shorts and flip flops and slowly pulled her most sexy red panties up around my very erect penis. A ritual I normally enjoyed at the beach. This time it was very different, the extra excitement of being imprisoned in a jail cell furthered the sexual rush. The very real possibility of being caught in the act also added to the experience. As I masturbated I imagined Clio as my jailer, locking me up and having total control over me. This young woman of 19 imprisoning me. I closed my eyes as I could felt the orgasmic climax approach.

Just as the orgasm griped my body I heard voices in the background, the sound of Clio’s voice, “What the hell is going on here?” she said.

The distraction caused me to totally lose my focus, I looked up and realized I was in deep trouble. I ejaculated all over myself and Clio’s fine collection of panties up to this point I had been so careful to protect. Out of my sexual blur I could see Clio and Sarah on the other side of the cell bars. This was my worst nightmare. I had been caught red handed.

“Oh my god Tom, what are you doing? Where are your clothes?” Sarah said to me before she realized what was going on. I fell back on the bed dumbfounded, in shock and contemplated how I would ever explain this one.

“Are they my red panties you’re wearing Tom?” Clio shouts.

“Oh my God they are!” Sarah shouts and with that the keys of the cell lock were turned and secured.

“Let’s just keep you on the inside for now and until we figure what the hell is going on here,” Sarah said out loud in a firm and authoritative voice.

Clio on the other hand was hysterical. “What are you doing with my panties Tom? Oh my god I can’t believe how disgusting and so gross you are.” She continued, “I never thought you to be such a creep. I trusted you. Look at my stuff, you have destroyed them with your disgusting cum.”

Sarah tried to console her, “Let’s go inside Clio for a few minutes and take a breather.”

Just then Sarah reached in through the bars at picked up my shorts and shirt leaving me with nothing only the tiny red panties I was wearing to cover any remaining dignity I had left.

“You can wear them panties all night long Tom, Clio certainly does not want them back,” said Sarah as she stood staring at me in total disgust.

“I’ll be back out to deal with you later,” she said as she turned and walked back into the house.

I’m left all alone, locked in the cell sitting on the side of the bed wearing only Clio’s panties. The sexual arousal that had such control over me only moments earlier is now completely gone. A feeling of sickening guilt filled my stomach. I got up from the bed and checked the cell door. It was firmly locked.

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