Sarah’s Confession

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At 37 she was an attractive woman, far from beautiful and neither ugly. She was trim, blonde, and well shaped, her breasts could have been a little bit larger, her nose a little smaller but the vigor which she carried herself made up for it. The crimes she’d done were all over the news. The terrible headlines read how she put on a sex show and publicly enticed some twenty or so men to go and commit battery, rape, and attempted murder on what the media labeled: “the Darling Couple.”

“If only they knew!” she fumed.

But during her trial she was quiet, and she cried on the stand- but none of it swayed the jury. The deliberated in a record 20 minutes before finding her guilty and the Judge sentenced her to fifteen years with the possibility of parole in eight.

“I’ll be 46 when I get out of here.” she looked out the window, it was raining, “If I am good.” The door slammed shut and she was alone in her cell. There was only her bunk and a toilet, to look out the window she had to stand on her bunk. But the light went out and the warden read some poetry over the loud speaker over a classical piece, ending it with: “Good night ladies.”

“Good night big daddy!” a few of them called back. The guards told them to shut up and go to sleep.

During the night, her first night in prison, Sarah heard the sounds of other women moaning. They were having sex! Here in prison… she wondered how it was possible. She went to the door, wearing only her blue buttoned down shirt and general issue underwear and tried to peak around the corners of the window- but could see no door open. She also couldn’t’ make out where the noise was coming from. “Who is it?” she called out.

“Go to sleep.” some one answered.

“Who’s having sex?”

“No one.” another voice answered, “Not here.” a woman’s face came to the window of the door across the dark hall from her. She was attractive with curly brown hair and a long chin. She imagined the woman had a toothy smile before prison had given her lines on her face and a general disposition of sadness. Without saying a word the woman pointed up to the speaker, the same speaker that the warden had been speaking through.

Sarah nodded and stepped back away from the door. The sexual sounds were making her horny. She didn’t want to be, and hated it when she was- especially when she was in a place that had no prospects of casual sex. But there it was, and she listened to it as she laid back in her bed. As she drifted off to sleep she heard the groans of a man join in and a few words came through as whispers.

That night she dreamed about when she was beside the highway giving all those men blow jobs, then she remembered how when they returned after doing the job she asked them to do, she gave herself to them.

“C’mon bitch!” the larger one had said, he had a bandage around his waist. “Yo man cut me- I gets you first.”

“Dat wasn’t da deal!” The old man jumped out of his seat in protest.

“Well dats what’s gonna happen- C’mon!” he said sternly to her.

She was relieved the last time she’d sucked that old man’s dick he smelled so bad that she wanted to vomit- and she was sure that he hadn’t bathed since then either. However the trailer that she stepped into didn’t smell much better than the old man’s groin. There was a bone thin white woman passed out on a couch she was surely strung out on crack. bursa escort There were two or three kids that ran in and out of the house through the back door which was missing. They were half clothed and dirty and then there was the livin groom which had no carpet, just exposed plywood for a floor, where some dozen or so men stood and sat around anxiously waiting for the payment.

“Well I brought this money- like I promised.” she said pulling a roll of three hundred dollars from her back pocket. She handed it ot the large man in the overalls. He grinned and stuck it in his pocked.

“Yeah!” he said as he unzipped his pants.

She remembered his cock how long it was before she even touched it. How he had made her choke on it before and came down her throat buckets of cum, twice.

“Did you kill him?” she asked.

“Yeah bitch he dead now, C’mon and suck it.”

“And take yo pants off too ho!” another man said, others laughed with him and jeered her on to strip.

“I gets her first- you watch!” the large man growled, growing impatient with her he took her by the hair and drove her to her knees.

“I’ll do it!” she screamed, “OK!” without further hesitation she sunk down before him and began to lick the purple head of his penis. She took his dick in both her hands and began to suck on it, stopping only to lick the base and suck on his balls.

“Oh yeah bitch!” he said, “Suck it!”

She complied, slowly swallowing him whole, not wanting him to force fuck her throat again, but it was to no avail- he was just too big and she could only get him so far into her mouth.

“Yo bitch, yo!” he grabbed her head and forced himself all the way into her until her face was pressed against his pelvis- just like before. The men whooped and shouted as she gagged and he began to fuck her throat without mercy. Stopping only as he was about to cum. She could feel him pulsing deep inside her and she was hoping her would do it because then she wouldn’t have to take on his massive size anywhere else, but he laughed and slipped out of her, leaving her to gag for a breath.

A puddle of drool formed on the floor from her, she was kneeling in it and another man took his place, His dick wasn’t as big or as thick but it smelled fowl and she struggled with getting it into her mouth.

The large man tugged off her pants as she was sucking off the other man and he announced, “She’s a wet ho yo!” as he slapped her ass and pushed the head of his penis into her mound. “I am gonna fuck you like the dog you are bitch!” he said pulling on her hair.

Sarah couldn’t reply to him, the smelly man’s dick was cumming in her mouth as the large man entered her vaginal cavity and filled it, stuffing her on all walls. The head rubbed the far side of her vagina and she screamed as he began to pound her like a jack hammer.

“Dat’s it bitch I am gunna cum all up inside you. Ya fuckin’ ho!” He held on to her shoulder and slapped her ass then pulled her hair as he continued to ride her. “Take it bitch!” he yelled.

Another man entered her mouth and began to throat fuck her. She couldn’t breath she was getting delirious from the pain and the lack of air, the smelly room and all the shouting. As the large man came into her pussy and the sperm filled her up, over flowing on to the floor. She woke up, remembering how slippery the floor had become, with bursa escort bayan a jump as if she had fallen.

It was morning the warden was reciting some more poetry over the speakers and reading some headlines for them. It seamed she was still in the news. Sarah wondered if she had dreamed about what had happened because of the sexual sounds the night before or if he had been describing her crime to her fellow inmates over the speakers.

She would have to find out in the showers, it would be the first time that she got to meet them, face to face.

The doors were swung open mechanically and a voice called the inmates into a line. They were then divided into smaller groups as they filed along the hallway and causeways into the showers.

It was a steamy room with white washed walls and a rubber grate for a floor. She stripped with the other girls and entered the warm spray of the water. There were several shower pickets that fanned out making the three to four inmates face each other as they bathed.

Sarah found a like sized group of women and set to the business of washing her hair, pits, groin and just as she was reaching for her back, a Black woman who called herself “Velvet” offered her help.

There was a warning look from across the picket, a Latin woman named Ruth, but Sarah ignored her and smiled, “Thanks…” she backed up into Velvet as the other woman scrubbed her back.

“You have a pretty back.” Velvet said, “Do you mind?” she offered the soap to Sarah.

“Not at all.” She turned and faced the Black woman as she let the hot water rinse off the suds from her shoulders and back. “You’re in good shape too!” she said, asking: “Say, what is it with that poetry and stuff at night and the sex sounds?”

“Torture…” Velvet said, “He likes to fuck with our heads that’s all.”

“No senorita, he takes women… to his office at night and screws them.” Ruth said with a look of disgust on her face, “As if we were his harem!”

“You and I have little in common.” Sarah said to Ruth as she draped an arm around Velvet’s neck and gently played with her nipple, pulling the Black woman’s back to her own so that they rubbed where the soap was washed away. “I am so horny.” she whispered into the other woman’s ear and nibbled on her lobe.

“I feel ya girl.” Velvet said as she pushed her butt back into Sarah. The two moved slowly, rubbing together, under the spray of the hot water until the guards told them to move along.

“So what is your story?” Velvet asked Sarah as they sat next to each other in the cafeteria, Ruth and a brunet also sat with them at the end of a long table. The room was a packed to standing room only but Velvet had a heavy influence and as word had spread what Sarah had done, the inmates seemed to hold her in a high regard as well.

She shrugged. “I was a stewardess.”

“You’re shitting me.” Ruth and Velvet both laughed.

“Really!” Sarah stood up and posed as she had done on numerous flights before, “There are four exits in the aircraft, two forward…” she laughed.

“You crazy girl!” Velvet covered her large white teeth as she laughed, “What made you give all that up for this place.”

“I am not sure.” she frowned.

“Don’t tell me you’re innocent.” Ruth flipped her hand up.

“Far from it.” Sarah smiled, “I did it… and yeah I would do it again too- the escort bursa difference is that next time, I will get a better class of people.”

“A better class?” Velvet asked, raising a bushy brow.

“Yeah- one of the men I enlisted just happened to be an undercover cop.”

“No shit!”

“Oh yeah, I tossed him off than he put the cuffs on me.”

“Guess he didn’t have to Miranda you- your mouth was already full!” Ruth laughed.

“Shut up beaner!” Velvet slapped her playfully, “You’re trouble.” she waved her finger at Sarah.

“Yes I am.” Sarah agreed and ate her toast, “Indeed.”

That night, the sounds of love making came over the speakers again. Sarah became too horny to sleep. She pulled the blankets from her and began to rub herself. “Ohh.” she pinched her pussy lips and licked her fingers. She thought she heard the man in the speakers tell his lover, “That’s it… that’s right…” and she pretended he was talking to her.

Rolling on to her stomach she pushed her pillow between her thighs and began to hump it, holding on to the bed’s sides as if she was riding a man. “Uhh! Yes!” she cooed and moaned as she forced the pillow and bed to grind her, rubbing her pussy lips, clit and mound with a free hand as she arched her back and hugged herself. “Shit!”

She was covered in sweat when she gave up the idea of trying to make herself cum, it just wasn’t going to happen. She looked around the room but there was nothing there to use as a dildo, and eventually she fell asleep, patting her mound and fingering herself.

In the morning the same routine as the day before, except this time they were taken outside for an exercise walk before they showered. In the showers, again she pared up with Ruth and Velvet, but this time she went strait up to the black woman and kissed her. The women around them were not startled, but continued to shower. “At least their not killing each other.” someone said.

Sarah kissed Velvet on the mouth, taking her full Black lips inside and licking her tongue with her own, “I need satisfaction Velvet, I need you- last night drove me CRAZY.”

Velvet kissed her back and felt the woman’s breasts, “It’s dis place Sarah, you’ll grow numb to it.”

“I don’t want to be numb, I want to live.” she kissed the Black woman’s neck, sucking on the skin to leave a mark.

“Oh baby…” Velvet said as she went weak and fell to the floor. “You do me today then I do you tomorrow, K?” she licked at Sarah’s thighs as she came back up to stand on her feet.

“Yes… Yes…” Sarah went down, immediately to her knees, not wasting any time and knowing the guards would be in soon.

Velvet had a large bush which spread to her thighs, split by large purple lips and in between pink, that was where she went with her tongue first. Right to the man in the boat. She pushed her tongue into her pussy and lapped at the walls, gently groping Velvet’s thighs as she did so.

“Oh baby!” Velvet said as she bent slightly and quivered, taking Sarah’s head in her hands and guiding it around her crotch, “Eat that pussy! Eat it!”

Sarah didn’t waste time responding, but dug further into Velvet’s hidden treasures and lapped the juices that came forth, frothing from the depths of her womanhood. She sucked and swallowed at them until Velvet cried out and shook, forcing Sarah’s head right to the middle of her body so that her nose was sunk into the Black woman’s pussy and her tongue was imbedded in her anus. “Fuck it! Fuck it! Fuck it!” she yelped, “Yes!”

“Damn!” Ruth said as the guards came in, “You two were so hot I forgot to wash my ass!”

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