Sarah’s Break from College

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Author’s notes:

This is just an update for the characters from “Sarah’s Catfight Adventures.” This isn’t a series, but I may write more little stories like this to update what’s going on in their lives. Please enjoy!

* * * * *

“I think I have everything,” the tall brunette said as she zipped her backpack up.

“I think I have everything,” the tall brunette said as she zipped up her backpack.

Her roommate, a petite little brunette who wore thick glasses, sat on the couch watching her get ready. “Are you excited to see your parents, Sarah?”

“Of course, I am. I’m so glad Thanksgiving break is finally here!”

“How about your high school friends? Are you going to get to see them?”

Sarah shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe…”

“I bet you can’t wait to hang out with some normal girls, huh?” her roommate, Lauren, said with a laugh. “It should be nice for you to get away from all the craziness here.”

The taller brunette became a little red. “Would you be shocked if I told you my home life was just as crazy?”

Lauren’s jaw dropped. “What?! You mean to tell me your life was like this before college, too?”

Sarah chuckled to herself. “I don’t know how I keep getting myself into such crazy scenarios.”

“There’s no way that you know someone as crazy as Abby!”

The cute brunette paused. “I know someone… She’s different from the girls here, but she’s just as crazy.”

Lauren got up to her feet and looked at her suite mate. “Who is this crazy girl you’re talking about? Is she the one you’re always texting?”

“I’m not always texting her,” Sarah responded as she quickly put her phone away.

“So, it is her! I knew there was something going on. What does she look like? Let me guess; She’s blonde?”

The accuracy of Lauren’s guesses made Sarah nervous. She hoped her suite mate didn’t see any of the embarrassing photos she had of Britney. “How did you know that?”

Placing her hand on Sarah’s shoulder, Lauren tried to speak comfortingly. “I don’t know her, but I do know you. And based on what I know about you, I can guess a lot about her.”

Sarah rolled her eyes, trying to dismiss the smaller brunette’s claims. “What could you possibly know about her?”

“You seem to have a type,” Lauren pointed out. “Let me take a stab in the dark. She’s not only blonde, but she’s bitchy and spoiled too, right?”

Sarah was left with her mouth wide open. “How did you… Ugh, whatever! I give up. I guess you do know me very well.”

“I sure do! But you make it pretty obvious.”

“I hate how confident you are around me,” Sarah said as she put her hand on her forehead. “I wish you were shy around me like you are with the other girls.”

“Oh, stop Sarah! You don’t mean that.”

The taller brunette let out a sigh. “I guess you’re right. But stop making fun of me!”

“Oh, fine!” Lauren responded as she gave Sarah a goodbye hug. “Just make sure you have fun with your bitchy little blonde!”

* * * * *

“Ugh! I can’t believe I’m wearing this,” the prissy blonde thought to herself. She folded her arms and waited for the next order of food to come out so she could bring it to the customers.

Britney didn’t have the grades, nor the desire to go to college like any of her friends. After deciding to not take community college classes this year, her parents forced her to get a job. Unfortunately, the job she wound up getting was at a restaurant where the girls all wore revealing outfits.

Hooters would have been classy compared to the restaurant she worked at. They often had themes for the week to attract male customers. Unfortunately for Britney, this was an even more embarrassing week than usual.

This is so degrading! she thought to herself, looking down at her outfit. I bet Sarah would fucking love this.

She grabbed the plates and walked to her table as she continued to ponder the direction of her life. It was bad enough when Sarah forced me to do it. Now I wear shit like this fucking schoolgirl outfit on the regular! I guess this is my life now…

The job was definitely degrading, but she was not a low-wage worker. Customers actually liked her bitchy attitude and thought she was just doing it as an act. Her performance, along with her beautiful looks, made her one of the most highly requested servers in the entire restaurant.

However, since she grew up spoiled, she just didn’t realize or appreciate how much money she was actually making.

Even though her co-workers despised her poor work ethic, it didn’t impact what her customer’s thought about her. After dropping off the food at her table, she went to the back to take one of her normal phone breaks.

One of the other servers, Joanne, came in to check on her. “Brit, what are you doing in here?”

“I’m taking a break.” The blonde rolled her eyes before whispering to herself, “I’m tired of all these bitches.”

Joanne was a thick little country bumpkin. She had izmit escort brown hair and an attitude to match her southern accent. “I came in here because your customers need a refill on their drinks!”

The prissy blonde was completely annoyed and threw her arms up in frustration. “Why are you checking in here, then? The fountain drinks are by the bar, dumbass!”

The thick brunette rolled her eyes but knew she would end up doing Britney’s work, like she always did.

As the blonde went back to typing on her phone without a care in the world, Joanne asked, “Who are you always texting?”

The spoiled brat put her phone away. “That’s none of your business. You don’t see me snooping through your life.”

“You’re always nosy about my private stuff!” Joanne argued.

“Just get my customers their refills,” Britney demanded, rolling her eyes. “I think they are getting thirsty.”

Joanne stomped her feet before walking out and doing what she was told. Though she was tired of the spoiled woman’s attitude, she didn’t want a repeat of the last time she challenged her.

As Britney pulled her phone back out and texted her old rival, she wondered to herself, Why am I already so tired of these weak bitches? I like being dominant but here I am, texting Sarah.

Ugh, no I’m not! I’ve never been submissive and I never will be! I just haven’t seen her in a while… and being dominated by her is so fucking hot!

I’m better than this! she thought as she squirmed in her seat. But I need it! And these weak bitches at work aren’t strong enough to give me what I need.

That’s right, she thought to herself as she felt how moist her panties were. I want to get fucking humiliated!

Sarah wasn’t wrong when she said she didn’t always text Britney. Their texting conversations came in waves. There were times when they were just too busy to talk, and there were times when Britney tried to ignore Sarah. Eventually, their sexual frustration would grow too strong, and they would find their ways back to each other.

“Exactly what day are you coming?”

“I’ll be here Wednesday evening to Sunday.”

“So what time are you coming to see me on Wednesday?”

“Well, I’ll be in town, but I don’t know if I’ll see you that day,” Sarah explained. “I’m getting there pretty late, and I have to spend time with my parents.”

“But I haven’t seen you in months! You’re seriously not going to stop by?”

“I haven’t seen my parents! I have to spend time with them.”


Britney put her phone away and pouted by herself. She spent the rest of her shift with an even shittier attitude than normal. She couldn’t admit it to her former rival, but she wanted to see her as soon as possible. Sarah was the only one in that moment that could fill her needs.

She ghosted the brunette for the next couple of days, hoping to guilt trip her. Unfortunately, as Wednesday turned into Thursday, she couldn’t keep herself from messaging her former schoolmate any longer.

“Well, are you coming to see me or not?” the prissy girl texted.

“Brit… it’s Thanksgiving. I don’t think I can leave the house. I can see you tomorrow though.”

Unfortunately, that wasn’t good enough for the spoiled blonde. “But that’s two whole days you could have seen me!”

“I know, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Can I at least see you tomorrow?”

“I have work tomorrow…”

The brunette smiled as a good idea popped into her mind. “Maybe I can visit you at work?”

A rush of adrenaline went through the prissy girl as she thought about how embarrassing it would be for Sarah to see what kind of restaurant she worked at. “No, that’s okay…”

The blonde’s sudden dismissal confused Sarah. She knew Britney could be quite stubborn, but she thought the bratty girl would jump at the opportunity to see her. “Why can’t I see you at work?”

“It’s going to be super busy tomorrow. I’ll can just see you after work.”

Sarah assumed the blonde was just throwing a fit because she wasn’t getting her way. She’ll let me know if she wants me to see her, she thought to herself.

The next day, Britney ran into some bad luck when her car didn’t start. Fortunately, she could use her mother’s luxury car to get to work on time.

She had a weird feeling that day, knowing she was finally going to see Sarah. She still wanted to be mad, but the excitement was starting to take over. Wanting to get her shift over as soon as possible, she played on her phone and stared at Sarah’s messages, even though they weren’t having a conversation.

Suddenly, she saw a notification pop up from her father. “Your mother left her wallet in the car and she needs it soon. I’ll bring her to your car so you don’t have to worry about leaving work. Can you send me the address?”

Britney quickly responded with the address before putting her phone away and serving a few tables. A few minutes later, after dropping off some plates off to her customers, izmit anal yapan escort the blonde checked her phone to see if her father had responded.

She opened a message from him which said, “Don’t worry Britney. I was able to look it up. Have a good day at work.”

The prissy blonde started scratching her head. I could have sworn I sent him the address. Why did he have to look it up?

As she opened up the conversation with him, she realized that she never even responded. She became even more confused and wondered if there was something wrong with her phone.

Just to see if everything was all right with her other messages, she opened the chat between her and Sarah. Unfortunately, this led her to a terrifying realization.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she screamed. After trying so hard not to let Sarah know where she worked, she had accidentally sent her the address instead of her father.

“What is this?” Sarah responded.

Britney could feel her heart almost beating through her chest. “It’s nothing!” she quickly refuted. “I meant to send that to somebody else. Don’t even look it up!”

Sarah knew Britney could be difficult to read. Maybe that’s the address of her restaurant and she is too proud to directly ask me to go.

After looking up the address, she realized it was indeed a restaurant. The name of the establishment sounded familiar, but she wasn’t sure what it was. Nonetheless, the brunette decided to pay her old friend a surprise visit.

This looks nice, Sarah thought to herself as she pulled into the parking lot. I wonder why I’ve never been here before.

She knew the restaurant would probably be busy since it was a Friday night, but she hoped the holiday would keep people at home. However, as she made her way inside and asked the hostess for a section in Britney’s section, she realized it was much busier than she ever could have expected.

“Brit’s section is actually pretty full,” the hostess explained. “Do you mind sitting at the bar since you’re here alone? That way, we can keep a table open in case a group comes in. She will still be your server.”

“At the bar?” Sarah asked with a confused face. “Is that even legal? I’m only nineteen.”

The young hostess waved it off, nonchalantly. “Eh, you’ll be fine.”

The brunette found it pretty irresponsible of the hostess to let her sit at a bar, despite being underage. However, what she found even more odd was the revealing top the hostess was wearing. She was basically wearing a bra. Sarah thought to herself. Does her boss let her get away with wearing lingerie at work?

Much to her surprise, when she took her seat at the bar, she noticed the bartender was also wearing a revealing outfit.

“Can I get you a drink, sweetie?” the woman asked.

“Um… a Coke,” Sarah answered as she stared at the woman’s lacey top.

“A coke with what?”

Sarah could tell the bartender was unsatisfied with her answer, but didn’t know what else to say. “Ice?” she answered. When she noticed the puzzled look still on the woman’s face, she took another guess. “A straw?”

The bartender shook her head. “Quit joking around. Do you want Jack, or whiskey, or something else?”

The light bulb finally lit up in the young woman’s head. “Oh! Sorry… No alcohol. Coke will be just fine.”

“Do you not drink?”

“No, I don’t. I’m only nineteen so I’m not allowed to, anyway.”

Sarah sipped on her non-alcoholic beverage as she looked around the restaurant. She noticed that all the women were wearing revealing outfits. Their skirts were short and their tops or pretty tiny. If I didn’t know any better, I would say those outfits look like…

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted as a man sat right next to her. “Are you here alone?” he asked.

“I’m kind of waiting on an old friend.”

“Can I get you a drink while you wait?”

“Sorry, I don’t drink,” the brunette answered.

The guy looked surprised. “Oh, why not?”

“Because I’m only nineteen!” the cute young woman answered in frustration. “I swear, you’re like the third person I’ve had to explain this to. Why is that so surprising?”

“Oh, sorry!” the man replied, scratching his head. “It’s just that you’re sitting at a bar… in a restaurant known for having hot women.”

“I guess you’re right…” Sarah said, feeling bad for her outburst. “I just didn’t realize this was a bar. And what did you say about having hot women?”

“Yeah, this is one of those restaurants that are known for having attractive women,” he answered, pointing at the servers. “Some people call them Breastaurants.”

Sarah was still confused, but the wording made her laugh. “Breastaurants?! You mean like a Hooters?”

“Kind of like Hooters! But unlike Hooters, they switch their outfits every week.”

Suddenly, the conversation was interrupted by a loud crash right behind them. As Sarah turned, she noticed a stack of plates that had been izmit yabancı escort shattered on the ground and a beautiful blonde staring at her.

“Brit!” Sarah screamed, realizing who it was. “You’re wearing a… schoolgirl outfit?”

“That’s right!” the man agreed. “It’s schoolgirl week.”

Britney’s jaw hit the floor just as hard as the stack of plates did. She was frozen in silence at the sight of Sarah in her restaurant.

Out of nowhere, her manager ran up and yelled at her for making such a mess. “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

Britney was finally able to take her attention away from the brunette. She looked at her manager and responded, “What are you talking about?”

The manager pointed at the ground furiously. “Look at how many plates you dropped on the floor!”

The bratty girl still could not understand why her supervisor was so angry. “It’s okay. Those were dirty plates. There wasn’t even any food on them.”

“That doesn’t matter!” the manager yelled at the dumb blonde. “Just clean up the mess you made!”

As the manager walked off, Britney looked over at Joanne. “Hey, clean this mess up for me,” she ordered before refocusing on her old schoolmate.

“Ugh, what?!” her coworker groaned. She knew there was no point in arguing so she just did what she was told and cleaned up the mess.

“What are you doing here?” the blonde asked her former rival.

“I wanted to surprise you…” Sarah responded as she looked around. “I just wasn’t expecting this…”

Britney became red with anger and embarrassment. “That’s why I didn’t want you to show up!”

“I just wasn’t expecting this…” Sarah responded. “I thought you only wore outfits like this for me.”

“This is exactly why I didn’t want you to show up!” the spoiled brat yelled. “Don’t you dare belittle me! This is just a temporary job. I’m much better than this place!”

Joanne growled to herself after overhearing Britney’s comments. She tried to just focus on cleaning but couldn’t stop herself from eavesdropping.

“I’m not making fun of you,” Sarah clarified, looking up at the face of her formal rival. “I just think you look… hot!”

The blonde didn’t want to show how flattered she was, but accidentally let out a little giggle. “You really think so?”

“Of course!” the brunette responded, looking the waitress up and down. “You know I love it when you dress like a schoolgirl.”

Joanne suddenly became furious. She grabbed the broken plates and made a loud grunt as she stormed off. That must be her, she thought. The one she’s always texting.

After Britney’s shift ended, she and Sarah agreed to meet at her house. As the blonde drove home, her heart started jumping at the idea of being with her rival again.

She squirmed in her seat, remembering the embarrassing feeling of wearing a schoolgirl outfit in front of Sarah. I almost forgot how much I liked this… I know I should be more mature. It’s not like we’re in high school anymore.

The blonde could feel moisture between her legs as they rubbed together. I don’t care anymore! I feel like getting fucking humiliated! The only way I can guarantee that happens is if I act like a bitch to her. I know we should be past this, but I need it! I fucking need it!

It was late but they had already agreed to stay up just to spend time together. As they got up to Britney’s room, the spoiled blonde started making remarks, hoping to entice her former nemesis.

“How does it feel to be in my bedroom again? You must have had nightmares from all the times I kicked your ass in here.”

A nostalgic feeling came over Sarah as she chuckled at her former rival. This was the kind of behavior she had come to expect from the brat. “I’m pretty sure I beat you more than you beat me,” she rebutted.

“That might be true, but I bet you couldn’t do that anymore,” Britney said with a smirk. “It looks like you’ve gained the freshman fifteen.”

Though Sarah wasn’t aware of the prissy blonde’s true intentions, she knew not to take the insult too seriously. She looked down at her own body and responded, “I’ve gained a few pounds, but I don’t think it’s unhealthy.”

“You’re turning into a pig, now that you don’t play sports,” the blonde said with a laugh.

Sarah then looked her rival up and down. “It looks like I’m not the only one who gained a few pounds. I guess that happens when you don’t have cheerleading anymore.”

Britney was left gasping at the brunette’s comment. “Don’t talk about my fucking weight! That’s so rude! You never talk about a woman’s weight!”

“But you talked about my weight first…”

“So! I didn’t think you were going to talk about MY weight!”

“It’s not a bad thing,” Sarah assured. “You just have more junk in your trunk now.”

Britney got right in Sarah’s face, just as she had done so many times in the past. Face to face and breast to breast, she demanded, “Take it back right now!”

Despite the arguing, both women were biting their lower lips as they stared into each other’s eyes. “Make me!” Sarah dared as she reached under Britney’s skirt and grabbed her ass.

Goosebumps suddenly appeared all over the former cheerleader’s body. “Who said you could go under my skirt like that!?”

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