Sarah left me 8

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This is the sequel to ‘Sarah left me 1 to 7’. You will understand better if you read them first.

Next morning I woke up with Lilly still pressed against my body. Sarah and Angie were in the bed with us. Since it was a work day for all of us, there was no time for sex. We all four crowded into the shower together. It was very crowded in there, but still quite fun.

Sarah suggested, “Phil? Do you think we could find a way to have a bigger shower stall, with multiple jets? It’s really too crowded for four people.”

I decided to make a larger shower stall my next project.

It worried me that perhaps I was paying too much attention to Lilly and not enough to my other two loves, but neither Sarah nor Angie showed any sign of jealousy that I could detect.

At breakfast, naturally, the discussion was about last night’s fucking.

“So, Lilly, did you enjoy your 3-hole fuck last night?”

“Oh, yes! I loved it. From now on I’d like to be known as Slut, because after that experience I’m sure that that is who I’ve become.”

This new name amused us all. We played with the idea:

“Pass the butter, please, Slut.”

“More coffee, Slut?”

“It’s time to get dressed ready for work, Slut.”

Slut asked me to fetch another bundle of clothes from her bomb, the clothes that she had planned to wear to work today. I brought them in and laid them out on the bed. There was a blue denim skirt, almost knee length, a plain white T-shirt, a matching, pink bra and panties set and rubber thongs for her feet.

“Sarah? These are the clothes that Lilly was going to wear to work today, but I don’t think that Slut could possibly go out dressed like that. What do you say?”

“Hell no! If she wants to be called Slut, then she has to act and dress like a slut. No bra, no panties, and we’ll cut a couple of inches off the bottom of the skirt. And I’ll lend her a skimpy singlet top instead of the T.”

“But, if I don’t wear a bra, everyone will see my nipples pressing against my top, and if we cut anything off the bottom of my skirt, I won’t have time to hem it.”

“So do you want to earn the name of Slut, or not? Let people stare at your nipples. God knows that they stare at mine all the time. And there is no need to hem your skirt, leave the edge raw. It looks sluttier like that. OK?”

“OK. I’m scared.”

“You’re scared now, but I think that you are a true slut, which means that your pussy will be wet all day when you see how the men at work look at you. I know, because I dress slutty all the time and my pussy is wet most of every working day because of the way most men and some women look at me. If I can get away with it, you certainly can because you are about ten years younger than me. Trust me. You’ll love it.”

“I hope that you’re right.”

“And another thing. The high heels that you wore to the restaurant on Friday night will show off your beautiful legs far better than rubber thongs.”

Slut let Sarah talk her into dressing the way that she wanted and they went off to work together leaving Slut’s car parked at home.

After work Sarah, Slut and I met up at Lilly’s old flat, to collect clothes for the next few days for Slut, and also to assess what needed to be done to move Slut to our place. Most of her furniture was of no value, and could go to the Salvation Army, but we would need to move to our place her desk, a cupboard, bookcases, computer, and all her books, DVDs, photos and other personal belongings. I decided that I would hire a truck on Saturday. One trip to the Sally’s and one to our place should take care of everything, leaving the flat empty so that Slut could stop paying rent.

We did not have a spare bedroom which could become Slut’s study. I had already made room in my office for Angie’s desk when we bought her a bigger bed but for now there was no alternative to putting Angie’s desk in there too. We could make room for her clothes in our wardrobes. I was starting to have ideas about extending the house, assuming she would be staying with us indefinitely.

Before we left I wanted to make sure that Slut was happy with all these changes to her life.

“So, Slut. No regrets about leaving this place? No second thoughts about living with a very weird mob? Maybe you’d like to delay giving up your flat until you’ve tried living with us for a bit?”

“Fuck no! I’m as excited about living with all of you as I was about fucking you, Phil, last Friday night, and that’s more excited than I have ever been about anything. I was never really happy in this dump. Ever since I came into your house I’ve been happy all the time.”

When we arrived back at home, Angie was waiting to find out:

“So, Slut, how did it go at work today? Was your pussy wet all day? Did your tits get hard when men stared at them?”

“Well, at first I was too embarrassed to enjoy myself, but then at lunch time a couple of the young women told me that I was looking hot and that they were jealous of the attention that I was getting from the men. By the end of the day I was really enjoying myself, and yes, my pussy was wet, and yes, my nipples were hard, but only for the second half of the day.”

“So what are you going to wear tomorrow?”

Sarah interjected, “I’m going to have to take Slut shopping soon. Most of her clothes are far too conservative for the newly emerged Slut to wear.”

“But I can’t afford new clothes….”

“Don’t worry about the money. This will be my present to you. And Angie, if you would come with us I’d like to buy you some sexier things, too. You’re a beautiful young woman. You should be showing yourself off more.”

“Great! When?”

“The shops will be open on Thursday night. We’ll go then. OK, both of you?”

On Thursday night my three favourite women arrived home at about 9:30pm, bubbling with excitement and carrying many bags stuffed with new clothes. It seemed that the shopping expedition had been an enormous success. They wanted to give me a showing of what they had bought and I was all for it.

Since we were normally naked in the house they did not bother going away to put their new clothes on and then coming back to show me. Instead they would strip one set of new clothes off, set it aside and put the next one on. Since neither of them wore any undies, the changes were quick.

It turned out that Angie and Slut had bought identical everything. When I asked how they would know which were Angie’s and which were Slut’s they laughed at me, then explained that it hardly mattered since they wore the same size in everything except shoes.

The clothes were fascinating. I was not surprised by all the short skirts, some of which, Sarah said would have to be cut shorter, but I was surprised that they each had a new pair of jeans, until I saw them on. They were so tight that they revealed there beautiful legs as well as the short skirts did, AND they showed off their cute bums too. They also had tights which similarly moulded to their shapely legs and round bums.

But the best were the tops. There were halter tops, singlet tops, cropped T-shirts, strapless tops, etc. They all had one thing in common: lots of bare skin.

There was even one, a halter style top which was made of a mesh, which meant that it was completely see-through. When the girls put those tops on (without bras, of course) I asked when or where they could possibly wear something so revealing. The three girls just laughed at me, but did not answer.

By the time that they had finished showing me everything that they had bought I had run out of ways to express my enthusiasm for what I had seen. They were both stunning in everything. The three girls were thrilled that I approved so enthusiastically of their purchases.

Then Slut turned to me. “Phil, I’m a slut but I’m not greedy. Tonight I want to watch while you fuck these two beautiful women, who are helping to make me so very happy, here. OK?”

There didn’t seem to be anything to say to that suggestion so the four of us headed for the bedroom via the bathroom. Sarah had me lie on my back, with my already hard cock pointing to the ceiling, then she told Angie to squat over my cock and lower herself down my pole, which she did at once. Then Sarah squatted over my face, pressing her cunt against my mouth.

For the next little while I was tongue fucking my wife while my daughter bounced up and down on my cock, and my new fuck buddy watched. It was just too unreal for me and I came, squirting my sperm into Angie’s cunt. She came with me clamping down on my cock with her cunt muscles. Sarah was aware of all this and she came next, filling my mouth with her strange tasting juices.

Sarah and Angie lay down beside me on the bed and we all enjoyed the afterglow of our love making.

“Slut, would you mind getting my husband here ready for round two?”

“I’d love to.”

And she took my limp cock into her mouth, sucked it clean, and started to caress it with her tongue. Not surprisingly, it only took a few minutes of this treatment to have me rock hard again.

“OK. He’s ready again.”

This time Sarah squatted above my cock and steered it into her cunt as she lowered herself down. Once I was fully inside her she urged Angie to take her place over my face. This time I was tongue fucking my daughter while my wife fucked herself on my stiff cock. Again, I was first to cum, followed this time by Sarah, then Angie.

Angie and Sarah lay beside me, pressing their bodies against mine. They were almost purring as I gently stroked whatever part of their naked bodies that I could reach. Slut bent over us and kissed each of us on the lips, then climbed into bed behind Angie. I was soon asleep and, as far as I knew, so were the others.

On Friday night, before Sarah headed out for her weekly orgy she kissed me. That was surprisingly affectionate when she about to go out and fuck strange men. Usually at this time on Friday she was more distant balçova escort with me.

Then she told me, “I’ll be back first thing in the morning to help with Slut’s move. Don’t leave before I get back.”

“Great. We could use the help. Thanks.”

What was happening here? Last Sunday she had come home at lunch time, and that was a surprise. Now she was proposing to be home on Saturday morning.

Soon after Sarah left, Angie came looking for me. Earlier I had promised to drive her to Tom’s place for a party that he was throwing while his parents were out of town. Angie was dressed in the shortest of her new short skirts, and the see-through halter top which hid nothing. Her feet were bare.

“You’re really going to a party dressed like that?”

“Don’t you approve?”

“I told you when Sarah first moved out, that from then on I would treat you as an adult. Therefore it does not matter if I approve or not. You look extremely sexy. I assume that you expect to be fucked at this party. Enjoy yourself.”

“Slut, I’m going to drive Angie to Tom’s place. Do you want to come for the ride?”

“Yes please.”

“Why don’t we put something on?”

“No. Let’s go as we are. Even if no one sees us, it will feel a little bit naughty. OK?”


We dropped Angie off and returned home without incident. To make room for Slut’s desk, etc we spent an hour moving some unwanted furniture from my office to the storage in the garage, then took a shower together and went to bed early. We had a gentle fuck, taking our time, then fell asleep.

Some time later I felt the bed move as someone got in with us, but I did not wake up enough to find out who, or what time it was. In the morning I woke up to discover that Sarah was the one who had come home and got into bed with us.

I tried to get up to go and have a pee without waking either Sarah or Slut, but Slut woke up.

“What time is it? Where are you going?”

“It’s early yet. I have to have a pee. Go back to sleep for a bit longer.”

“Sarah’s here. When did she come home?”

“I think it was late. I was too sleepy to look at the clock.”

When we all woke up and got together for breakfast, Sarah explained:

“I wanted to make sure that I was here to help with Slut’s move.”

“Wow! Sarah! You seem to be putting this house ahead of your sex orgies. What’s going on?”

“You know Phil, contrary to what you may think, I still love you and Angie. And I love you too, Slut. I want to be part of this family. I just don’t want to return to the boring sex life that we had before I walked out. I’m going to suggest some changes, and if you agree to them then I’ll give up Dick and Doris’s week-end orgies.”

“What changes?”

“No. I want to wait until Angie is here too. I expect that you are going to like my ideas. But wait and see.”

Slut, Sarah and I moved Slut’s desk, etc from her old flat to her corner of my study. Once that was finished we sat together and I opened a bottle of champagne to toast our new life: Sarah’s return to us, Slut’s coming to live with us, Angie’s and my sexual liberation, and Angie’s playmates involvement in our new sex life.

I couldn’t wait for Angie to get home so that we could learn about Sarah’s proposed changes.

To be continued in “Sarah left me 9”.

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