Sapphic Healing Ch. 16

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Lying in bed after a prolonged afterglow, we had some time to share some things that we hadn’t been able to before.

“I hope that you weren’t disappointed,” she said.

“Why would I be?” I asked. “You’re a good lover, Elaine, and I love that tongue of yours. It’s not only long, but very strong. I’ve been lying here thinking about the possibilities it offers, to tell you the truth.”

She laughed and lifted my hand to her lips where she kissed it before dragging her tongue through my palm, sending exciting promises through my body.

“Your mother told me almost the same exact thing,” she said, “but I’d rather show you than tell you.”

“I think I’d prefer that myself,” I said.

“I wish I had a dollar for every moment I’ve spent making love you in my mind and fantasies,” she said. “I could almost taste you at times and when we lay in bed, listening to you and Jenni making love, I wanted it to be me that was giving you those orgasms.”

“Was I as good as you dreamed I’d be?” I asked.

“That and so much more. You are so tight and you taste like nectars from the gods. Oh god, Danni, I just wanted more of you. You are so incredibly passionate when we make love and I keep wanting more and more. “

“Judging by what I’m hearing from the other room, I’d say we have time get to know each other a bit better.” I said.

She rolled me to my stomach and began by kissing my neck and shoulders, slowly moving down my arm to suck on my fingers and lick the palms of my hands. Raing my arms over my head, she licked the tender flesh under my arm, trailing her tongue through my arm pits and down over the sides of my breasts before moving lower along my rib cage. Starting between my shoulders her tongue moved down as she reached under me to mold my breasts in her palms and trap my nipples between her fingers.

She didn’t stop when she reached the valley above my crease, but she moved over each cheek from the top down. She spread my legs wide and continued licking, kissing and sucking over my thighs and over my perineum before sliding over my slit without penetrating me.

When she returned to the top of the crease, she opened me up with her fingers as her tongue traveled through the exposed flesh, stopping several times to suck on spots on either side of the valley before traveling on. When she reached the rim of my anus I moaned, drowning out the whimpering I’d been doing at the first touch of her tongue to the open crease. With each pass over the rim, she pressed a little harder and stretched my cheeks a little wider.

“Wait,” I said, changing my position to tuck my knees under me and putting my shoulders on the bed. Now I could reach back and spread my cheeks for her. She still pulled me even wider but now her tongue began to probe into me. She paused to work two fingers into me and slowly open be wider as her tongue went deeper and deeper, like a wide, soft cock, probing into my depths to lick me inside until I felt her lips against my rim.

She fucked me with rapid plunging strokes, pressing against the rim each time, until her tongue tired just as I was approaching a nice orgasm. Her tongue was replaced by her fingers, only now she curled them into my walls, twisting her hand back and forth so that she touched a different spot ataşehir escort bayan almost every time. When she started going faster and harder, I reached back to rub my clit in rapid circles and in very few minutes, I felt a slight quiver flash through my body just before it shuddered several times in a beautiful orgasm that had me shaking inside for a long time. It was such a beautiful orgasm that I just remained in the same position as I allowed it to move over me.

“I knew that’s what you wanted,” she eventually said.

“I knew that tongue would give me some new sensations,” I said, “but I never thought it could go that far into me like that. I loved it. I wish I could do that for you.”

“So do I,” she said.

“I have an idea of how I might make it up to you,” I said.

“I’m intrigued,” she said.

I went to the toy box and got our double ended dildo harness to which I attached the slimmer of the two dildos we have, with the longer part in front. Working the dildo deep into my pussy, I strapped it on and as she lubed it up, I unpacked the Hitachi, which lit her eyes up like a fourth of July fireworks show.

“I believe you’ve found the perfect combination,” she said. She plugged it in and got on her hands and knees, but I wanted her on her back, with her anus raised on pillows so that I could get maximum control of the Hitachi.

Once she was comfortable, I applied lube to her anus and slowly worked the dildo in, going deeper with each stroke until the harness was against her rim. I held on to her legs with both hands to keep her spread and kept up a steady pace until she said she was close, but then I leaned into her to really drive it home in response to her demands for harder and faster strokes. I was ramming her so hard that the dildo in my pussy got me off twice before she came. I let her calm with just enough movement to keep her whimpering and then I went fast again but I put the Hitachi on her clit and worked into her. When she got close, I held it there to bring her off with an explosive orgasm that ripped her off of the anal toy so she could draw herself up into a ball.

I flipped the pillows away and got down to lick and suck away the sweet juices, which was enough to get her off again.

Putting the Hitachi down, I slipped out of the harness and lay down to pull her into my arms. Her body seemed to continue to quiver for quite some time until she finally exhaled and straightened her body out.

“I think I’m done,” she said, panting as she regained control of her body. “I’m too old to keep going.”

I laughed at her and assured her that age had nothing to do with it.

While she went to shower, I went to the kitchen, where Mom was pouring iced tea. Grabbing some glasses from the cupboard, I poured some for Elaine and I and put out some lemon cookies.

“From the sounds of things,” I said, “Your first time together was almost as good as mine.”

“Better,” she said, “although Jenni’s tongue can’t duplicate what Elaine can do with hers.”

“So I discovered,” I said. “Is this going to be a strenuous weekend or what?”

“Did she keep her promise to slow down,” she asked.

“She was in control the whole time,” I said, “but I can’t say she slowed down, exactly, she wanted escort kadıköy it hard and fast but then she didn’t fuck me, we just did oral. and afterwards, I did anal with a strap-on with her.”

“Oh, I guess I just assumed…” she said.

“I expected it, but it never happened,” I said.

Jenni came out shortly after than, looking much the worse for wear and tear.

“Good lord Mom, what did you do to her? Jenni, you look like hell, girl. I think I’m envious.”

“Your mother is on drugs,” she muttered taking a bite of cookie.

“Maybe I need to take some of those drugs,” I said, “before I lose my partner forever.”

“She makes it hard to stop,” Mom said.

“I know the feeling,” I said. “Did you use the ‘you-know-what on her?”

“She didn’t need it,” Jenni said. “I wanted her to but she said she’s saving it for something.”

Elaine was the last one to join us when she went over to kiss Mom before sitting down with her tea.

“You don’t seem to be in bad shape,” Mom said.

“Danni showed me that she can wear me out without beating me up,” she said. “Damn I love that Hitachi though. I’ve got to get one of those. That would be awesome when you’re all alone and horny.”

“Since we’re all up and functional” I said, “I was marinating steaks when someone seduced me and I’m getting very hungry so what do you say we get some food going, and no, that does not mean eating each other on the table”

With everyone working together, it didn’t take long before the steaks were on the grill and everything else was ready. The day was absolutely perfect with a bright sky that had us all thinking of tans, but the temperature wasn’t oppressive. We ate in beach cover-ups over our nude bodies and lounged for some time before we even thought about serious tanning to allow the sun to get lower in the sky.

Jenni was the first to decide to tan, getting up to stretch out on the blankets she spread out in that special area we’d set aside for tanning, where our privacy was assured. And it wasn’t long before we were all cooking in the sun.

Of course, it was only an hour or so before the lotion came out and bodies were oiled, turned and oiled again, each time becoming more a matter of seduction than the actual oiling process.

I was lying on my stomach next to Mom, who was also on her stomach with her hand exploring my ass. I heard Elaine take a sharp breath and looked up to see that she was straddling Jenni’s face with her back to us. Jenni was on her back with her legs spread so before long, I was on my hands and knees with my head between her legs, eating her out while she did the same to Elaine.

I was so engrossed in what I was doing and watching my darling eat Elaine’s pussy while she finger fucked her ass, that I didn’t realize that Mom had left us. The first time I was aware of what she’d been doing, was when I felt a cock pressing into my pussy.

I turned to see Mom behind me, wearing a harness getting ready to give me a good ride. I never gave a thought to any consequences of her action, and I’m sure she didn’t either, and it was to be quite a while before anyone knew what was going on. It wasn’t until Elaine came and got off Jenni’s face that it became and issue. When she saw Mom fucking maltepe escort me doggie style as I ate Jenni’s pussy, she said something profane and walked away toward the house. I didn’t even let it bother me until I brought Jenni off twice and Mom brought me off several times.

“Am I the only one that thinks we have a problem?” I asked.

“I thought she said she’d try to accept it,” Jenni said.

“Yeah, but that’s before she saw Mary fucking me,” I said.

“I’ll go talk to her,” Mom said. “Just clean up out here and don’t create a problem.”

“I have a feeling that is our last foursome,” I said.

“I’m sure that’s true,” Jenni said, as she headed for the house with a platter full of leftover food.

We cleaned everything up and put it away before heading for our room, where we showered and slipped into shorts and tees.

“Where do you see this going?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m sure we won’t like it,” Jenni said. “I just hope your mother doesn’t get hurt.”

“I don’t think there’s any way to prevent it,” I said.

We were reading when Mom I heard the shower running in Mom’s room and a few minutes later, she appeared in our doorway, dressed and carrying her purse. It was obvious to anyone that wasn’t blind that she’d been crying and that hurt us both.

“I’m leaving for a while,” she said. “I’ll call you if I won’t be home tonight.”

She left us wondering what had happened but Jenni peeked out into the hall and noticed that she wasn’t with Elaine when she left.

She didn’t come home that night but she came in early the next morning. We very carefully let her come to us to keep from pressing her for information.

She came into the room, where Jenni and I were still in our robes, and sat on the bed next to me. I turned to her and she kissed me passionately. Jenni came over to kiss her and hold her tight into her body.

“I’m not sure what is going to happen,” she said. “Elaine will not be coming back any more, that I know for sure. She has feelings for Danni that are too strong to be healthy and she feels strongly that Danni and I should not be together any more. She wants me to move into her home so we can be together but I don’t know that I can do that. Even if I did, I’d still make love to Danni whenever I could so I’m not sure it would solve anything.”

“Mom,” I said, “if you want to do that, please don’t let me affect that decision. You deserve the joy of having someone in your life like Jenni is in mine. You and I are lovers and I hope we always will be, but you need a partner more than a lover.”

“I don’t like the idea of being with a partner that puts conditions on our relationship that are difficult for me to live with. I understand her feelings, and I know that what we share is wrong but how can I walk away from the house that’s been my home for so many years to take a chance on a lifetime relationship that’s only a month old?”

“You wouldn’t be walking away,” Jenni said. “This is always going to be your home, no matter what you decide.”

“Why not try it for a month or so to see what happens?” I asked. “Jenni and I can keep the house up and no one need know you aren’t here all the time.

“I’m going to think about it this week,” she said. “I’m not making any decisions right now.”

She got up and left but when she got to the door, she turned around. “Can I interest anyone in joining me for brunch at the pancake house? I haven’t eaten since we had that steak yesterday. “

“I have,” Jenni said, “and she tasted great too.”

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