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Based on true events.


Being Marylanders, a family summer vacation occasionally includes a trip to Ocean City. Last year, we headed down there with our two teenage kids and it just so happened that our 20th Wedding Anniversary fell during this trip. We prefer to stay north with fewer crowds, fewer lines, more open sand and less lights. We rented a three-bedroom townhouse, which looked great online. Upon arrival, we realized that the configuration was a little “off”. There was a bedroom, with bunk beds and bathroom, on the main floor. Upstairs, the master and the other bedroom with bunk beds were connected by the bathroom. Hmm, this would not leave us much “privacy” for adult fun. Our teenage daughter was the one staying upstairs with us and we wouldn’t want to traumatize her any more than we already have throughout her life. Oh well, I thought that we would have to get a little creative to have some fun … Shower time? We have done that many times. Balcony time? We have done that a couple of times, the most exciting and daring being in Puerto Rico. Beach fun? My wife had mentioned that she had always wanted to do it, but on the occasions when we actually scouted out the beach at night, there were typically too many people wandering around or it was simply too bright out. Not to mention, the logistics of “performing” there seems challenging.

My wife, Kay, was 50 years old, 5’3″, 130ish, blondish, typically has a great tan and has big boobs. While somewhat conservative, she has definitely loosened up enough where she will ride topless in the car, when it is just us, day or night. She doesn’t wear overly revealing clothing, but some curves are difficult to disguise. Due to the size of her chest, finding a supportive bikini top is a challenge. Finding a sexy and supportive bikini top is nearly impossible. However, I was happy to know that she actually packed her bikini for this trip. It would be nice for her tummy to get a tan to provide even more contrast with her sexy tan lines.

To complete the mental picture for you, I was 50 as well, 6’2″, 175, buzzed salt and pepper hair and, otherwise, unspectacular. Kay says that I am hot, so obviously her eyes need some work. Perhaps another phrase to describe me was “dad bod”. Now I imagine you wish I had stopped the mental picture with just her description.

Our week was going well. We had good weather. We typically had a good spot on the beach. The kids enjoyed themselves. Plenty of good meals. Fun family time. Muted and quick sex. I was teased daily by checking out Kay in her swimsuits and how they hugged her lovely curves. Okay, our week was mainly going well. The balcony proved to be a no go because our place was on the corner, with a streetlight. The shower would have been an option, but we were typically showering to get ready to go out somewhere, so they were in shifts and the two of us in there at the same time would escort ataşehir have been noticed. The beach? Well, we had joked about it, but we hadn’t ventured out on our own in the evening.

The day of our anniversary, we planned to spend our day on the beach and then go out to dinner with the kids. After dinner, we would bring the kids back to the place, make sure the WiFi was working, and then head out on our own so we could celebrate 20 years. Fortunately, the weather was perfect that day, so Kay decided it was a bikini day. She looked so sexy. Luckily, I was tasked with applying sunscreen multiple times. During several of those applications, I discreetly made sure that just under the edge suit was protected as well. This sometime elicited a look, a laugh or a “knock it off” cough. As the day was wrapped up, I was thankful for all of the eye candy my wife served up for me. Since we would not be able to shower together, I opted for the final shower of the family, assuming it would be cold.

While on the beach, we discussed dinner, but Kay didn’t really care where we were eating. She wanted to dress up a little since it was our anniversary. She wore a nice, formfitting sun dress and, as I was shown before leaving, white lace panties. We went to Fish Tales, which had been one of our traditional stops ever since the kids were little. The food was good and the people were fun. Since I was driving, Kay was able to have a couple of drinks to enjoy herself and the atmosphere. Driving the 100+ blocks back to our place, we saw many options for us to go out. However, we had noticed several bars across Coastal Highway around where we were staying. We had not ventured to those establishments to check them out, even though we had been to the Fractured Prune and Uber Bagel however, that would have been fairly noticeable as it was small and not crowded. Luckily, atmosphere and a crowd were not necessary for us to have fun tonight as we were out with each other to celebrate being with each other for twenty years. We sat on one side of the place at the bar, where just about everyone else was on the other side. At 50, I am fairly certain we were the youngest customers in there at that time. We grabbed a couple of seats and ordered our drinks. The bartender, who I assumed was a few years younger than us, was nice and made a very good hand-squeezed orange crush for her.

While there was plenty of room, we were sitting very close to each other. Her leg was touching mine and I took full advantage to rub the outside of her far leg. She was very smooth and felt great. Naturally, our conversation turned to our twenty years, things we had done, things we had not yet, things we wanted to do again, and there was a degree of sexual undertones to most of the topics. My hand continued to rub her leg and push her dress up little by little. If someone was sitting on the other side of her, they would have kadıköy escort bayan a nice view of her sexy thigh. Then again, we were at the beach, if someone wanted to see her thigh, they certainly could have already. Therefore, she was not concerned by my actions.

As we are talked about whether we should have driven down to other places tonight, I mentioned that I would have certainly enjoyed seeing her ride back topless … with so many stop lights. The bartender must have caught part of that exchange because he was more attentive to her afterwards and, I am not quite sure, but I think her drinks were just a tad stronger too.

There was not much going on in the bar. A couple of people came in and sat nearer to us. It was likely due to the available seating, but I told Kay is was because of her. She just shook her head and laughed at me. We played some songs on the juke box, but I knew our evening out was winding down. As she went to the restroom, I told her that she should come back and hand me her panties. A few minutes later, she sat down next to me and subtly placed her panties into my hand. Nice! I was not about to leave now. I ordered us another round hoping that I could somehow take this further. Kay was a little confused that I wanted to stay a little longer, but the extra crush was enough to make her happy. Again, her leg was touching mine and this time I definitely attempted to get that dress a little higher on the leg … and cheek. She knew what I was up to and pulled it back down. Undeterred, I patiently continued to stroke her leg and slowly raise the dress. By this time, I don’t think she cared. She had just enough vodka in her and she was turned on.

As we exited the bar, I told Kay that I needed to her to walk in front of me and pull up her dress so I could get a picture of her walking around Ocean City panty-less. As usual, she obliged my request took a couple steps ahead of me and pulled up her dress to moon the camera. I didn’t care that it was blurry, I loved the pic. As we waited for the traffic light, she said that this might be a good night to have sex on the beach. She was right. It was late enough and where we were on the beach, there were not any high-rise buildings overlooking and lighting up the area. Additionally, it was not a full moon, at least not in the night sky. Worst case, we would walk on the beach for a bit.

We were crossing a block north of our street, so it seemed simple enough to walk straight to the sand on this street and then head south on the beach. As we approached the beach entrance path, there was a multi-unit place on our left and a guy standing there smoking a cigarette. As we passed him, I grabbed the bottom of Kay’s dress and flung it up exposing her sexy ass to him. I never looked back to see if he saw her. I suppose if he would have, he would have followed us. Upon reaching the sand, we took off our shoes escort bostancı to feel the sand on our feet.

On the beach, the setting could not have been better. With the dunes and relative lack of buildings, there was a natural shadow cast from the street side. Since it was after midnight, there was no one out there. Kay had a twinkle in her eye as she gave me a smile. We immediately started making out and groping each other. We broke the kiss and she told me to sit down. I dropped my shorts, laid out my underwear to sit on (I didn’t want sand in that spot), and sat down. Kay got down on her knees to suck me a few times to get me good and hard, it didn’t take much. After that, she pulled up her dress and climbed on top and we were indeed having sex on the beach. Victory! Well, sort of. I really wanted to get her naked. I squeezed and fondled her large boobs through her dress and bra, but due to the amount of size and weight her bra must support, it is not an insignificant garment. I think Kay wanted to feel more too. I went up her back to unclasp her bra. Once I had success, the bra was just in the way with her dress still holding it in the general area. My next move was bolder. I started lifting her dress up. She was not fighting me on this at all. In fact, she grabbed and pulled it up and over her head with her bra. Victory!

Apparently, Kay was not overly comfortable in this position on the sand. She stopped riding me, took my shirt off me, spread it out on the sand and laid down on her back on it, with her legs wide. I needed no further invitation and quickly got on top of her, trying to avoid flinging sand into important areas. I was deep in her immediately with my mouth all over her succulent breasts. Going hard and going fast, neither of us lasted long. She started shaking beneath me and that was all I needed to send me over the top. Ahhh! She was so fucking sexy at that moment.

Then reality crept in. We had to untangle ourselves without getting any newly wet areas covered with sand. It took me a minute to find my underwear, but there was too much sand already in them and that was a friction I didn’t want. I put on my shorts and handed Kay her panties out of my pocket. At least, they were protected from the sand. She just handed them back to me and put on her dress. She also handed me her bra to put in my pocket too. She was so fucking sexy at that moment.

We looked around and saw no one, so felt like we were all good. I didn’t bother putting my shirt on and grabbed our shoes. We made our way back to our place and rinsed as much sand off as we could outside with the hose while under the corner streetlight. We made it in without waking up the kids and having to explain any remaining sand. The next morning, there was a considerable amount of sand in our sheets. Laundry day.

As we headed to the beach for our typical early morning walk as a family, I made sure to straggle behind just a bit. Sure enough, I could see prints left in the sand plus holes left from knees. I quickly got my phone for another photographic souvenir. Typically, the signs at the beach say to “Leave Only Footprints”. I wonder how they feel about ass prints.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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