Sam’s Little Surprise

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Disclaimer: characters are all 18+.


It came out of nowhere, that was for sure. Samantha had been nothing more than a platonic friend to Jake. They were classmates in one of the top colleges in Singapore, part of a group of closely-knit friends who studied and played together. It wasn’t as if there was any special relationship between Sam and Jake, but the events that night sure didn’t play out that way…

It all started with a proposed group outing; the four friends had planned to meet up that weekend at the National Library to blow off some steam after the stress of the recent exams. However, a last-minute promise to his girlfriend had taken Sanjeev out of the equation, while Michelle had to run some errands for her family. That left just Sam and Jake, and he’d nearly considered calling it off, but Sam had persuaded him otherwise. She’d teased him, “What, are you afraid of going out with me alone?”, and that had forced his hand in the issue.

So Jake had taken the MRT down to Orchard from his home in Novena. His family had a car; a spanking new BMW 320i, but he’d barely started taking his driving lessons and borrowing it wasn’t even a consideration. He’d dressed in a plain Ralf Lauren polo tee and a pair of ripped jeans under the assumption that they weren’t heading for any outlandishly upclassed establishment.

Hence, he was fairly relieved when he finally caught up with Sam outside Cineleisure Orchard. She was decked out in a similarly casual manner; a white tube top with a pink band across the middle and a pink lace ribbon peeping out her cleavage, jean shorts that ended halfway down her thighs and a classy pair of black low-heels. A little brown sling purse completed the outfit. Deciding on a quick bite before catching a show, they stopped by Long John’s Silver to fill their stomachs with greasy fish and chips before taking a slow walk up to the box office.

As they stood on the escalator that would carry them up to the fifth floor, Jake couldn’t help but feel that Sam had dressed up just a little bit more than she usually would. Then again, she didn’t need to dress up much on regular days to catch the eye.

Sam wasn’t a very tall girl, standing at about 1.67m tall. She also wasn’t what you’d call a buxomy figure; a chest that featured an A cup at best. Then again, it wasn’t those features that drew the boys to her. She had a slim body, lithe and tanned from afternoons spent out at the local riding club on horseback. The muscle definition was there, but not overwhelming in its presence; the balance that typified the sporty girl that guys so loved to chase. Then there was her face – beautiful almond eyes below perfectly shaped eyebrows, a pert little mouth, and a delicate nose that complimented her features. Her silky shoulder-length hair was held back (as it always was) by a sky blue hairband with a few spare wisps of hair framing her face while classy clear crystal studs adorned her ears.

As he looked at her, his attention was drawn to her bare shoulders, where he could see bikini tan lines. There was just something about them that Jake found so alluring on girls, though he was equally distracted by her shorts, for they revealed shapely tanned thighs and slim legs that many girls could only dream about having. In fact, he drifted in and out of the conversation enough times that he’d caught Sam frowning at him in disapproval. Whether she realised that she was the source of his distraction or not, he hadn’t a clue.

By the time they reached the box office, Jake felt a wave of disappointment wash over him. Being a typically Saturday night in Orchard Road, he’d forgotten that he should’ve bought the tickets before eating, for all the recent blockbusters were sold out to the last seat. He’d nearly given up when Sam had cheekily nudged him in the side and pointed out a Korean film that had available seats. And it wasn’t just any old drama for it was rated R21 and with a title that approximated “Forbidden Lust” or something along those lines, one didn’t need to think much to guess at the contents.

Jake escort ataşehir felt his face flush red as he saw the movie details, but Sam’s puppy-dog ‘pretty please?’ expression forced him to swallow his discomfort and walk up to the counter to buy a pair of tickets for the show. Being two years under the minimum age of the show, he’d given his ‘best mature guy’ impression and looked away as the cashier scrutinised him from behind her glass window. Eventually, she conceded and handed over the tickets, which Sam gleefully picked up and raced off with.

Sneaking through the ticket-checkers wasn’t a problem either – the old man stationed outside was more concerned with ogling the chest of a well-endowed lady yakking on the phone than with checking their ages. His loss.

It turned out to be not as bad as Jake had expected it to be. It was worse. Scenes of drunken debauchery were sprinkled with mass orgies and rampant sexuality filled the screen. He found himself caught between turned on by the on-screen fornication and discomfort caused by Sam’s presence in the very next seat. In fact, he’d glance over occasionally and caught Sam watching with a rather disturbingly intense look in her eyes. Her hand briefly flitted down to her crotch region, though she withdraw it after she caught his sideways glance.

When the movie ended, there was an awkward silence between the pair of them as they exited the building. While Jake was far from being a prude, watching the explicit content in close proximity with a close friend of the opposite gender made him feel a little uncomfortable. Then again, being the gentleman that he was, he walked her back to her semi-detached house along Cairnhill Road; just across the road and a stone’s throw away from Orchard Road.

They stopped before the yellow brick house and Sam fished out a set of keys from her purse and unlocked the gate and stepped in. Jake was about to say goodnight and walk away as quickly as he could to end the awkward moment, but Sam’s hand flashed out and caught his arm.

“Jake, my parents are out of the country and I’m.. well, I’m feeling a little lonely in this empty house. Could you come in and sit with me for a short while? Please?”

The butterflies in Jake’s stomach were slowly growing by the second as he was torn between breaking away for a hasty exit and a close friend in need of his companionship. The latter eventually won out, for he reluctantly mumbled in agreement and followed her up the steps into the house.

The interior furnishing was simple yet elegant in the manner of an 18th century country house. There were no extravagant Picasso prints or marble inlays; just a few pieces of western-style wooden furniture and pictures of rustic country scenery. It was more cosy than posh and made Jake feel right at home.

“Come on, take a look at my room,” grinned Sam as she led him by the elbow up a wooden staircase to one of three rooms on the second floor. It was a smallish room, with just enough space for a queen-sized bed and a small desk, but like the rest of the house, it was cosy with a full-length mirror on a wall and animal-themed decor scattered all over the place. Jake even spotted a plush horse stuffed toy that he’d given to her on her last birthday.

Sam threw herself backwards onto the bed and patted the edge next to her with a grin. He shuffled over and sat down, leaning backwards while propping himself up with his arms.

“So, how’d you like my house?” said Sam, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s a very nice place,” Jake offered truthfully. “Sure beats my little condo. I’d love to have a place like this to myself one day.”

“Well, maybe you can’t have that tonight, but you can have me.”

Jake blinked, opened his mouth to utter something but found that the link between his brain and his mouth had been disconnected. It took a double-take or two before he composed himself well enough to offer a lame, “what?” in reply.

Sam didn’t answer that in words, but got up and leaned across him, hooking her arms behind him such that she kadıköy escort bayan was face to face with him. Then she moved in and kissed him on the lips.

Jake was too shocked to move. Sure, Sam was single and was one of the most desirable girls in their faculty, but he’d always thought of himself as being too plain for someone of her stature. But this was different! She’d made the first move and he’d.. he’d… aww heck, if the opportunity was there…

He broke out of his self-imposed state of immobility and returned the kiss with an equal amount of passion. Her slender tongue probed his own, her lips locked with his in a moment of pure magic. He reached out and put his hands around her slight waist, drawing her into him as they savoured each other.

Then she broke off the kiss, staring deeply into his eyes for a long second or two before a big smile appeared on her face and she uttered a single word.


“WHAT?!” exclaimed Jake as he found himself sinking into deeper and deeper water.

“Aww, come on J. It’s not that difficult,” quipped Sam with a cheeky grin as she got off the bed and stood facing him. “I’ll even go first!”

Jake felt his heart skip a handful of beats as he sat there rooted to the spot as Sam loosened the pink ribbon hanging out of her tube top. Like a sensuous dancer, she wriggled as she pulled the top over her head in one smooth move, disclosing a lacy strapless white bra that covered her small breasts. He felt his dick swell in his pants as he watched her pull off the hairband, letting her smooth hair fall in black waves over her shoulders.

She followed it up by unbuttoning her shorts and sliding it off her shapely legs, with only a matching lacy thong to cover her pussy. And how she did it in such a sexy manner, Jake didn’t know, but the growing bulge in his pants was testimony to her skill. On closer inspection, he could see that the thong was already damp, with the outlines of Sam’s pussy visible through the thin material.

Her bra was the next to go, unclipped and tossed to the floor like a forgotten toy, exposing two smallish breasts that were topped by perky nipples. Sam wasn’t a Pam Anderson by any stretch of the imagination, but her boobs were nicely shaped handfuls that were just pleading to be played with.

She almost stopped his heart as she hooked her thumbs on her panties and slid them down her legs, revealing a completely bald cunt that just looked oh-so-tight! The fact that she’d paid so much attention to her pussy immediately made Jake recall the various rumours floating around school that she’d lost her virginity in her first year at JC and had been lying with a few guys since then.

Then it was his turn and Sam was standing in the buff staring at him expectedly. He cringed. It wasn’t as if he was unexposed to sex; he jacked off to porn just like most guys (and that NYP Tammy video? Just HOT!) and had engaged in heavy petting with his ex, but he’d never done the full it with a girl before. But he was stuck there with no other choice, so he removed his shirt and pants, throwing them in a pile on the floor and hesitated over his boxers.

So Sam reached out and snagged the elastic band of his boxers, pulling them down to his knees as his dick sprung free of its confinement and saluted her slim, supple body. She didn’t seem at all shocked by the sight of it – something he put down to her experience – and knelt down in front of him to take his Mr Happy into her small hands, spreading the gobs of precum all over the head of his dick as she looked up at him with a mischievous look on her face.

Before Jake knew it, Sam had bent down and wrapped her thin lips around the head of his cock. He felt a brilliant sensation of warmth shoot through his body as she slid her mouth up and down as she massaged his balls with her hands. Her tongue played along the length of his dick, creating an intense sensation that caused a novice like him to fly into a climax when she sucked particularly hard on one stroke. Not wanting to gag her in case she wasn’t escort bostancı ready for it, he pulled out of her mouth just as he lost all control, sending a spray of thick gooey cum flying at her, landing all over her mouth, nose and hair. In fact, one particular glob just hung from her chin, which Jake found to be an incredibly sexy look for her.

To Sam’s credit, she didn’t flinch at all as she took the load in the face. In fact, she seemed to love it as she used a finger to gather the semen on her before sticking it in her mouth and swallowing it with a smile. So she had done it before! In fact, he was doubly sure that she’d done it quite a few times as she took his softening dick into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum off it. It was like living in a real life porno flick or something. But it was all real and it was happening to him!

Sam flopped back down onto the bed, motioning for him to join her. As they lay beside each other in silence, she alternated between sucking and stroking his cock, causing it to stiffen once more as she worked on it. When it was nearly back to its full size, she reached to her bedside table and pulled a loose condom out of a box. With a knowing grin, she expertly slid the thin plastic over Jake’s hardening member, probably assuming that he’d not know how to put it on himself.

Despite his inexperience, he found himself greatly aroused by her touch as she ministrated to his sexual longings. The sight of her face with remnants of cum streaking it was as much a turn-on as the temptation of her neatly shaven pussy as she straddled him, gently lowering her opening over his erect penis.

Jake felt the sensation of her pussy lips cupping his swollen dick head, which turned from a slow tingling to unbelievable ecstasy as she slid herself onto him. Her pussy was indeed as tight as it had looked at first glance, her vaginal walls pressing firmly onto his dick as Sam impaled herself on his manhood.

Just as he felt the very top of his dick reached as far as it could go, she leaned over and kissed him again on the lips before easily sliding off him. He must’ve looked like he’d had a brain freeze for she smiled sweetly at him before she slowly sunk back down onto him, drawing his dick back into the warm tight folds of her inner sanctum. This time, she felt more relaxed and was able to take almost all of his manhood into her pussy, before squeezing her vaginal muscles to draw a startled gasp from Jake.

He just lay there, his gaze locked onto her ebony eyes as she rode him in a manner not too dissimiliar from riding a horse. In fact, Jake wondered if that could be the very reason why she’d taken up horse riding with such a passion! He reached up and cupped her little breasts in his hands, squeezing them and tickling her erect nipples, causing her to elicit a sharp gasp of her own.

The springs of the bed creaked softly underneath them as they made passionate love to each other, slowly forming a rhythm as their two bodies merged into one. Jake felt his balls aching, but it was an ache of desperately-awaited pleasure as he savoured the moment.

He felt his second load of cum build up in his dick and Sam must have too, for she reached down and placed his hands on her ass and whispered loudly, “fuck me now Jake, fuck me!”. He reacted instinctively as he pulled her deeper and deeper onto his dick with each thrust until he felt her pussy twitch and clamp down on him like a vise as she neared her own orgasm.

“Harder, J! HARDER!! I’m.. I’m.. unnhh.. AAAHHHH!”

Jake felt his dick twitch hard before he saw Sam close her eyes and throw her head back with a cry of utter rapture as he climaxed, sending a shot of jism into her while her whole body shook with sheer pleasure. It seemed like eternity before she slumped beside him with a look of satisfaction plastered across her face.

Sam reached down and slid the used condom off his softening dick before tossing it into a bin beside the bed. The sheets were soaked with sweat and the air had the musty smell of lovemaking, but Jake was in bliss as he cuddled with Sam on the bed.

“So, was that good for you?” she inquired cheekily as she slid a hand across his chest.

Jake could only nod in agreement, kissing her on the forehead as they held each other in the silence of the deepening night.

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