Sammi Masturbates with Her Rabbit

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Ok, I don’t masturbate too frequently, like a proper multiple orgasm inducing session, but last night was one such session. I was on here till fairly late waiting for my parents to go to bed. Once they’d gone then I swung into action, went for a shower and cleaned everything, tidied up down there a bit and made sure I felt all nice. Walked back to my room naked, pulled the covers back and left the light on.

So started reading a story on here and whilst lying on my side began to gently stroke down my body, eventually reaching my nether regions and sliding my fingers between my lips, gently up and down, gradually getting more and more stimulated as I read through the first story.

Ok, so eventually I am wet enough and begin sliding my fingers inside myself. At this point I stop reading and reach down to the drawer underneath my bed, reach through the bits and bobs in there until my fingers brush against the smooth surface of what I want. My night time friend and faithful partner who’ll never cheat on me and will always pleasure me as long as he is charged, my rabbit!!

Hasn’t been used in a few days, and has a brand new set of batteries in, so gently stroke its shaft as if it was a real penis, and flick on casino oyna both its switches to make sure it works. The sight of it ears vibrating and its shaft head rotating makes me tingle as I think of what its about to do.

Ok so now I shut my laptop and put it on the floor. Reclining onto my back I spread my legs, reach down with one hand to spread my lips, and with the other hand lower the rabbit to that the shaft runs up and down my pussy, focusing on my clit. I then turn it around so that just the rabbits ears are vibrating against my clit, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter and gradually feeling the build up of tingling sensations down there.

Ok, now for the serious stuff. Positioning the rabbit as it’s supposed to be used, I insert the shaft head inside me, right up to the bottom of the shaft where the beads are also rotating so as to stimulate the entrance to my vagina. This also means I can press the rabbits ears deep against my clit. I flick the switches up to the middle setting and lie back, shut my eyes, and imagine I’m being fucked! I’m gently thrusting it in and out, allowing my hips to respond to the motion and thrust back against my friend. As it’s a bit crowded down there my free hand reaches up and canlı casino begins to play with my nipples, I lick my fingers and make them wet so that there is even more of a sensation.

I keep this up for no more than three minutes max, flicking the switch to the highest setting so that you can here the rabbit vibrating away inside me. I can feel I’m leaking quite heavily down there and my whole body is glistening with sweat. My free hand strokes through my pubes and I push down just above my clit against the head of the vibe just the other side of my skin. I feel my orgasm building and just hold my vibe in place, pushing it in as deep as possible squeezing the rabbits ears against my clit, and begin to ride out my orgasm. I let myself go and begin to moan very loudly with pleasure as I feel myself cum. My hips began to quiver and the core of the orgasm lasts a good few seconds as the vibe kind of half gets pulled half pops out of my soaking pussy. I look down and can see creamy white fluid seeping out of my wet hole. Oops should have had a towel underneath me! And so glad my parents live on the other side of the house!

Anyway, round one over. I lie there all sweaty and sticky, breathing heavily and wait for the after effects kaçak casino of the earthquake to end. The vibe is still going and I hold it against me, enjoying the feel of its wet texture against my skin.

Ok, so round two. This time rather than going for missionary style, I choose me on top. Getting up so I’m kneeling on my bed, I spread my thighs, and insert the rabbit shaft into my still wet pussy. I then spread my things even further so that I am pushing down with all my weight on top of the rabbit, making it go as deep as possible and ensuring the ears are firmly around my clit. Ok, straight away I am pretty much nearly there. Steadily, rhythmically swaying my hips up and down and around, using both my hands to play with my boobs and stroke my stomach and thighs, feel around and pinch my bottom, all the things I’d do if I was riding my lover.

And there it is. I am ready to go. My body stiffens just before lift off. I clamp my pussy down as firmly as possible around the vibrator, and allow myself to cum. The dam breaks and my pussy unleashes so much juice down the inside of my thighs, it is streaming down. I scream out loudly as I enjoy a second awesome orgasm. I came so hard I practically stopped breathing. I finally stop climaxing, and roll over onto my side and just lay there, breathing heavily, stroking my vagina. I can still hear my vibe going but I let it, I enjoy hearing it. Oh my God, how amazing!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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