Sally Wants to Get Married Ch. 01

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Big Tits

The characters in this story are all imaginary creations brought to life from a dark corner of my mind.


Sally Turner is a bubbly nineteen year old girl, and like all girls she has marriage on her mind. But it just so happens that Sally’s ideal husband happens to be her dad.

Well another year goes by and project Get-Married-to-Dad has failed to yield any results. Well its not for the want of trying, I can tell you that.

My name is Sally Turner and I am nineteen years old, my dads name is Tom and he is an architect. He’s married to my mother Helen a homemaker, and they are both forty-two years old, and if I have my way that marriage will soon be a thing of the past.

Just about every little girl has at one time or another said, “When I grow up, I want to marry my daddy.” Well I did, and I meant every-word-of-it!

For the past year I have being busy scheming and plotting in my little head different ways to get, well lets face it. I want my dad to fuck-my-brains-out and I want to marry him.

I have tried practically everything like, walking in on him when he was in the shower, I was wearing very skimpy panties and a crop-top and god! He has an amazing cock. But he acted like he didn’t even see me. I tried the old trick where I pretend an earring falls out and I go down on my hands and knees to look for it.

I was wearing a very short skirt with white lace panties, and they really showed off my pussy bulge nicely when I bent over, but he just kept watching TV. I even sat down beside him in my panties and bra and chatted away with dad only to have mum come in and spoil it. God! I swear that woman is a real thorn in my side.

feeling desperate I look online and I may have found a solution. Men are really turned by a girls scent, and I don’t mean perfume. They, apparently, love the scent of pussy. Looking down at my crotch I smile to myself and say, “Bingo!”

So I decide to leave some sweetly scented bread crumbs as it were, for dad to find and hopefully when he takes a whiff he sweep me off my feet and make love to me.

So every night in bed I play with myself and just the thought of dad’s cock is enough to get me very, very wet. Each morning I wait for dad to make his way to the shower, and at the last minute when he’s just at the bathroom door I rush in past him and I say, “Sorry dad, just popping in for my washing.” He just laughs.

I have already planted some clothes there, and on my way out I carelessly, accidentally let my wet sticky panties fall to the bathroom floor. He has to pick them up right? And they are wet, so fingers crossed he gets the message.

Well two days have now gone by and nothing, each night I wait in vain for my bedroom door to open and for dad to sneak in and have his wicked-way with me. I can see I am going to have to take drastic action.

Out of the blue mom announces she is going to visit her older sister Mary, she’s about sixty-five years old and apparently, she’s got the flu.

“Hello opportunity.” I say to myself. She will be gone for three days and by-hook or by-crook I will have my way with dad.

I begin to work out a plan of action in my mind, this calls for drastic pendik escort measures. As soon as mom leaves for her sisters I go to my bedroom, I lay out all of my most scandalous undies I possess on my bed. I decide to go with a red lacy bra and matching see-thru panties, I have matching suspenders and of course black fishnet stockings and a pink garter for good measure, topped off with killer red heels!

Lets see him pass up this free lunch, I think to myself as I get ready to pounce.

Creeping down the hall I make my way to his room, and taking a deep breath I push open the door and say, “Dad I want you to…” Jesus, he’s on the bed naked, and he has my panties draped over his face, yes, yes, yesss! It worked, but I have startled him.

“Wow dad, I am pleased you like my scent.” I say.

“God, Sally I am so sorry you found me like this.”

“Dad, I must confess I planted them because I want you, I want you to fuck me!”

A big broad smile lights up his face and he says, “You look hot Sally, really hot.” He says.

Getting out of bed he walks across the room, his big hard cock is swinging to and fro as he walks, its kind of mesmerizing to be honest. I place my arms around his neck and he gives me the most erotic slow kiss, eagerly my hand seeks out his cock and I start to pump his rigid shaft. While he places kiss after soft kiss on my neck.

“So you want to fuck your dad, do you?” he says.

“Yes, oh yes,” I say, and kneeling down, I take his cock into my mouth and oh my, I let my tongue dance around the head before plunging his shaft in as deep as I can savoring the taste of his oozing pre-cum.

He gestures me to stand up, and he scoops me up in his arms and carries me to the bed. Oh-my-God, my Knight in shining Armour is going to make me his, I hug him tightly and say, “I love you dad.”

Carefully he lets me tumble onto his big soft bed, climbing in beside me he starts to kiss me passionately working his way down my body. He slips off my bra and my nipples are already hard and erect, and he starts to lick them very slowly. God, I can tell you my pussy is on fire with desire. Dad begins to lick my body all the way down to my panties.

“My, my, you are very wet, aren’t you?” he says, and starts to slide my panties off.

“Fuck me dad, fuck me, I want you in me.” I beg.

“Now there’s no rush, is there? And I do want to taste your nice honey.”

I open my legs wide inviting him to taste my wet pussy, he begins to place baby kiss after baby kiss all around my pussy lips as his fingers dance around my inner thighs. He starts to lick my swollen clit and without warning he plunges his tongue deep into my wet nest.

I gasp, “Jesus, oooh fuck, that’s amazing.”

He continues licking and sucking my pussy and I can’t hold on any longer. “Dad! Oh Jesus, I’m cumming,” I cry out.

The dam finally bursts and my pussy unleashes a torrent of cum that even surprises me. He sucks my pussy hard swallowing every drop of cum, and I have never experienced such an intense orgasm. God! What he can do with his tongue to a girls pussy is ohhhh, soooo good.

“Now my love, are you ready for me?” he says.

“Yes, take me now.”

He escort pendik positions himself between my legs, and taking his cock in-hand he moves it slowly up and down between my pussy lips. My pussy is a raging caldron of desire, and I beg him to enter me.

“Please put it in me.”

I watch as he slowly lets his cock slide in, he takes his time, and I guess he knows this is my first cock, and he does not want to hurt his lover. God he is so big inside me, I can feel his balls caressing against me, he nuzzles into me and begins to kiss my neck.

Pulling his cock almost all the way out he plunges it back in, and oh fuck, its so good, and I pull him even closer to me.

“Sally my love,” he says, “You have a very tight pussy.”

“I saved it for you dad, and only you.” I say, as I struggle to catch my breath.

He begins to increase the pace of his thrusts and it is not long before I feel his cum filling me.

“Ohh fuck baby,” he gasps, “I’m cumming.”

My pussy instinctively starts to milk his cock, it is a wonderful feeling to have his cum in me. Finally my dad has made me his girl, and what a lover he turns out to be.

We begin a long slow kiss as our passion slowly ebbs away, I speak first and say,

“That was wonderful dad. I love you so much.”

“Sally I am glad you came to my bed.” He replies, and I can see so much love in his eyes.

I have the most wonderful warm glow in my body, my pussy is full of cum, and dad and I snuggle up and we drift off to sleep. I feel like pinching myself to make sure this is real.

In the morning I wake up first, propping myself up I lie there just looking at my lover, for so long my body hungered for my dad and now he is laying naked next to me.

Slowly I lift the covers and I get a glimpse of my first morning-wood. Dad’s cock is fully erect and I begin to slowly lick from his balls along his shaft to the head. His cock starts to ooze from the attention I lavish on it, and dad soon stirs in the bed. He pops his under the covers and says,

“Good morning my love.”

“I hope you don’t mind?” I say, “I couldn’t resist it.” and I start to giggle.

“No, it’s a wonderful way to start the day.”

Suddenly without warning I hear my mothers voice saying, “Hello you two love birds.”

I am startled and think my imagination is playing tricks, I pop my head up, and fuck, she’s standing at the foot of the bed amidst my hastily cast off lingerie.

Dad props himself up, says nothing, he just lies here with a smile on his face.

“Congratulations Sally,” she says, “You passed with flying colors.”

Jesus, I never expected this, sure we got caught. But I expected my mom to go ballistic and call me a slut or a whore, and even call dad a pervert before throwing us out, and then she’d finally divorce dad. Leaving him and me free to marry, that was my plan all along, and now she robs me of that too. I am confused, totally!

Dad finally speaks and says, “We are sorry we put you through so much Sally.”

“Please understand, we did it because we love you.” Mom says.

“Will somebody please explain what-the-fuck is going on here?” I exclaim.

Dad pendik escort bayan says, “now, now, mind the language young lady.”

“Sally you are part of a very special family,” mom says, “Tom and I are twins.”

Well holy-shit! this conversation just turned left, and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

“You and dad are brother and sister?” I say, “who are your parents then?”

“Mary our sister, and my grandfather.” Dad replies.

Both of them go on to explain to me how Mary’s dad died before he could father children with her. Her grandfather then took over his duties, as my mom put it. And Mary gave birth to twins, my mom and dad. I got to admit it takes me a minute or two to digest this, I mean for fucks-sake, I spend the night fucking my dad, and mom comes home and lays this on me. Its Mad, totally off the wall!

They explain to me that they are part of a special group, and that they were sorry they put me through so much in the last year. But they had to test my resolve, my love for my dad.

“Do you know I wanted so much to make love to you Sally during the year?” Dad asks.

“But we had to be sure,” mom says, “you had to give yourself freely to Tom.”

“I love my dad, and I want to marry him.” I reply.

They explain because of our unique blood lineage it was only a matter of time before I made a pass for my dad. We can’t help it, we are, or so it seems, biologically programmed to mate only with our own siblings, and apparently its quite common.

They say there’s a world wide network of family’s who are united in the preservation of the bloodline of Eve. They call themselves, The-Children-of-Eve.

“What now I ask of them?”

“Well do you love your dad?” mom says, “And will you marry him and bare his children?”

“Yes, Oh yes, I will,” I say, “I love him so much.”

“I love you too Sally.” Dad says, and he pulls me closer to him and kisses me. I Got to admit that feels strange with mom standing there.

“Right, you two lovers finish up, and join me for breakfast when you are ready.” Mom says, and leaves us to it!

“Well now,” dad says, “where were we?”

Yes, I know, totally weird and all that, but when in Rome!

So, sliding under the covers I get back to licking and sucking his morning-wood, its so hard and dads own scent is wonderfully overpowering. I continue to place lick after lick after lick along his cock from his balls to the tip. He begins to shift himself in the bed and I know he is close to spilling his load. I take as much of his cock into my mouth as I can and its enough to send him over the edge.

“Jesus Sally! I’m going to blow, suck me, suck me hard.” He pleads.

His delicious creamy cum fills my mouth and I swallow every sweet drop of it, I lick his cock clean and kiss the head softly. Pulling me up dad gives me another long passionate kiss and he says,

“I love you Sally, love you very much.”

“Love you too dad, I’m crazy about you.”

Pulling on a robe I join dad and mom at the table for breakfast, this is going to take a bit of getting used to. But I love dad with all my heart, and we’ll make this work, somehow. And we have our wedding to plan now too, I am so excited.

Well now, it seems we have just met some more members of our loving community, and I wonder what next for these children of love.

To be continued soon.



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