Ryan Ch. 01: Sunning

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Saturday, Ryan hiked up to The Ridge. Perched on the unpopular side of a mountain, The Ridge itself was about 40 feet of a broken stone ledge scar that dropped off about 20 feet. The Ledge was solid rock and scattered with boulders from higher elevations. There were grassy sections sloping on the sides, a tangle of paths through trees and bushes at the back and, hidden in those trees, a small creek ran down a small valley. Some guys had brilliantly dug a pool around the creek and built a dam, creating a place for a few guys to soak and the water didn’t get stagnant.

The view from The Ledge was unremarkable, aside from the expanse of trees and brush below. The more interesting sights were on the other sides of the mountain, granting this area privacy from casual hikers. The angle of the mountain, and the trees growing on the sides, stopped anyone from seeing the ridge from the upper parts of the mountain.

On hot days, the shelf of rock and slopes of grass would be peppered with sweaty naked boys enjoying the sun (and each other). But, it was past the peak of the summer and nights were cool.

Ryan was heading for was his regular spot at the end of the ridge, just past a boulder, where a smooth slice of granite was lower than the rest, both granting it a little privacy and acting as an ampitheatre when guys stood around the edges to watch any action. Ryan had seen a few shows over time, even been in a couple.

He walked across the ridge, the silence settling in, the sun in a clear sky pouring down. He seemed to be alone today, which suited him fine. He strolled to his section only to find his spot occupied.

A young guy lay just passed the Boulder wearing socks, jeans, white t-shirt, and baseball cap tipped down over his eyes. He looked too neat to be living outside. Athletic shoes were on laced beside him and were not only completely inappropriate for hiking but were also spotless and, probably, very expensive.

The kid’s in my space, thought Ryan, maybe he frightens easy. He strolled further and dropped his backpack about six feet from the sleeper. As expected, the noise startled him awake.

“Oh, sorry,” said Ryan. “Did I wake you up?”

The guy pushed his hat back and looked at Ryan. “S’okay. I didn’t mean to drop off. It’s very peaceful up here.”

“It is,” agreed Ryan. He grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and peeled it off, exposing his wide, hairy chest and solid core. He bunched the shirt up and, lifting each arm up in turn, used it to wipe his pits.

“Warm day, too. Hiking built up a sweat.” He dropped the shirt onto the pack. He sat down and untied his hiking boots. “You been here long?”

“Not really, just a few…” he glanced at his watch. “Wow. Ok, I’ve been here 45 minutes. Guess I really dropped off. “

“It’s a good spot for that.” His boots off, Ryan took off his socks and wriggled hairy toes.

“You here a lot?”

“I wouldn’t say a lot,” answered Ryan. “Enough to have a regular spot. Here. You come a lot?” Ryan quirked an eyebrow, wondering if the kid would get the entendre.

“Nah. This is my first time here. I was hiking up the mountain with my girlfriend and was taking a path and she said not to, that the other path went up the mountain. I asked where that path went and she said the back of the mountain.”

Ah, thought Ryan, straight-boy. Here by accident or by “accident”, he wondered.

“So you hadn’t heard of this place?” Ryan stood, undid his belt, and unbuttoned his shorts. He unzipped his fly enough to show off the weave of his Bike supporter basket. He always wore a smaller size to make the pouch snug on his junk. The kid was looking away, pitching stones off the ridge.

“Ah…no, never heard of it. It’s nice up here, I don’t know why she wouldn’t come up.” He turned to Ryan and flinched at the view as Ryan dropped the shorts to the ground. His full basket was prominent in the other guys view, his body muscled and coated with dark red hair. Ryan stepped out of the shorts, turned his back, and bent at the waist to retrieve them, giving the young man a view of his firm ass and hairy crack.

“What are you doing?”

Ryan stood and turned, enjoying the slight panic in the kid’s voice. His thumbs hooked onto the waistband of the jock, pulling the elastic out from his waist. “This is nude beach, as it where. Guys come here to sunbathe naked.”

“It is? Oh, that explains… I thought… Okay.” He stood. Ryan grinned at the pending flight of the straight-boy. The guy grabbed his hat and dropped it to the ground. He pulled up his T-shirt over his head. “I like sunning.” He dropped the shirt, opened his jeans, and pushed them to the ground in record time. He stood on one leg, freeing his foot, clad only in snug, white boxer briefs. His foot twisted in the pant leg and his balance wavered. Ryan let his waistband snap back and rushed over to grab the boy before he pitched himself over the side.

“Thanks! That was close, huh? Just a sec.” He freed his foot and, his arm and chest still held by Ryan, a tiny muğla escort nipple under his hand, shifted his balance and fought his other foot free. He stood on both feet, holding his jeans in front of him. His head came up to Ryan’s chin. His hair, dark and curly, was squashed close to his head by the cap. His body was lean, muscles developed and long, his chest flat and squared off. A trail of hair was between his pecs and ran down over flat abs and trailed into snug underwear. His basket was apparent, soft, and thick thighs stretched out the leg holes. A swimmer’s body, thought Ryan, bet there’s a bubble butt behind it.

“Thanks for saving my ass. I’m good now.” He smiled at Ryan, a wide grin, and stood bent-kneed, like balancing on a surfboard. Ryan nodded and stepped back. They looked at each other a moment, waiting to see who would strip off first. Ryan hooked his thumbs and pulled the jock down to his ankles. As he bent back up, he saw the other bent over, skimming his underwear to the ground. He straightened up and shrugged. His soft cock swung loose, pubes trimmed close. Ryan’s cock, heavy and hairy, swelled a bit at the view. He unconsciously started to lick his lips and stopped himself. He squatted down and took out his water bottle and took a swig. He stood and held it out.

“Water? I’m Ryan by the way.”

“Thanks.” He stepped closer and took the bottle. “I’m Billy.”

Ryan sat, legs stretched out, arms supporting a seated position. Billy sat cross-legged beside him, with space for a third person, a wide third person, between them. He handed back the water bottle. They sat, enjoying the view. From the corner of his eye, Ryan saw Billy mimick his pose.

Ryan dug into his pack, took out a small pipe, lighter, and a container of weed. He loaded the bowl and lit up, drawing the sweet smoke into his lungs. With a raised eyebrow, he offered the pipe to Billy. Billy grinned and moved closer to get the pipe. He took a hit, held it, and coughed. As he coughed out the smoke, Ryan exhaled and put the water bottle beside Billy. He took another hit as Billy drank to cool his throat.

“I’ve done this before,” Billy said. “I just drew too much.” He gestured for the pipe back and drew lightly. He held the smoke in, smiled, and handed it back to Ryan. He exhaled and laughed. They passed it until the small bowl was empty and lay back to await the buzz. Billy had stretched out where he smoked, putting him closer to Ryan. Through his sunglasses, Ryan admired the taut-skinned young man. He tucked his t-shirt under his head as he lay back.

“Uh…Billy. “

“Yeah, Ryan?”

“If you didn’t know this was a nude beach, then I’m guessing you didn’t know this is a gay nude beach.” He turned his head to catch Billy’s reaction. He saw Billy’s lips tighten.

“Yeah. No, I didn’t know that either.” Ryan watched as Billy got up and walked over to his clothes. Yes, he thought, that’s a great bubble butt. Billy squatted down, dug through the pile, and Ryan thought of that butt splitting open above his face, lowering down on his mouth. His cock moved.

Billy pulled sunglasses out of his pocket and put them on. He walked back towards Ryan, his soft dick bobbing, and sat down where he had left, closer to Ryan than not. “Can I have more water?”

“Sure.” He handed the bottle over. “So, you’re cool with that.”

“I’m cool with that. My best friend’s gay.

“Oh. You two ever…?”

“Ick. He’s my best friend. Be like doing my brother. He never mentioned this place, though.”

“He probably didn’t want you interrupting him. So since we’re sitting here together naked, just wanted you to know I’m gay.”

“Figured,” he gestured. “The hard-on gives you away.” Ryan looked down to see his cock fuller, rising up his belly.

“Oh. Mind of it’s own. ” Ryan let the silence fill the air for a moment. “It’s not hard yet, though.”.

Billy laughed. “What? Jeeziz, you got a big dick.” Ryan joined in and they both lay back quiet.

Ryan fell to the buzz, the warm stone hugging his back, butt, and legs. Sweat broke out and glistened on his broad shoulders, hairy pecs, and solid core. He stretched his arms above his head, lengthening the large muscles from being bunched at his sides. His legs straightened out and curled his toes. His heavy cock shifted flopped lazily from from one leg to the other.

He looked over at Billy. His arms were up, hands cradling his head. Dark hair swirled in his pits under rounded biceps. Small nipples rode on his, mostly, smooth chest. His torso tapered down to narrow hips, where his cock lay between, swollen larger than before, not yet hard, but nudging north. The pink head prominent, white shaft swollen, balls drooping down to his legs, all framed by a close-cropped bush. Thighs arcing out, full-muscled. Ryan’s cock throbbed and got harder.

Ryan sat up and dug his bowl out again. He partly filled and lit up bowl, taking a hit before offering it to Billy. Billy turned up on his side, his cock flopping muğla escort bayan down, and took another hit. He handed it back and put his hand out indicating that was the last hit. Billy exhaled, without coughing, and the smoke streamed over Ryan’s erection.

“Shit, it does get bigger. And…. that was my outside voice. Sorry”

Ryan laughed. “Yes, it did. Problem?”

“No. No problem. Intimidating, though.”

“You have nothin’ to worry about, Billy. What you got looks fine to me.” Billy reached down and held it out, eyes moving from his to Ryan’s.

“Hmm. I dunno, I’d trade if I could.”

“Hey, I’ve been with guys who don’t measure up to what you’ve got, and we both had a great time.”

Billy shrugged, “Still….” He stood up, his dick level with Ryan’s face. Ryan admired the weight of the tool, the hang of the balls. He wondered if it was a sign he should lean forward and take that sweet meat in his mouth when Billy turned and walked to the edge.

“I gotta pee.”. He stood, his flared back to Ryan, hands on hips. He tightened his butt and relaxed as he is piss streamed over the edge to patter on the brush below. He stretched, his arms wide, muscles tensed, the stream bobbing. He relaxed and took his dick in hand to shake off the last drops as his legs shook out the last tenseness.

Ryan watched as Billy walked to the edge, revealing a tight bubble-butt that shone in the sun. The globes were smooth and pale. The seam fell into shadow where it met his legs. He bit his lower lip and watched the butt cheeks tighten and relax. He admired as Billy stretched and flexed his back, his arms, and that butt. When his legs danced, Ryan glimpsed a scattering of hair in the crevice.

Billy turned and walked back, his cock heavier than before, nodding before him. He sat next to Ryan and turned on his stomach. He swore softly as his dick scraped on the stone. He raised his hips and adjusted himself, only to chafe again as he stretched out. He grunted in frustration.

“Wait,” said Ryan. “Lift your hips up.” Billy gave him a puzzles look but complied, Ryan took the t-shirt he was using as pillow and slid it under Billy. The back of Ryan’s hand slid against Billy’s cock as he placed the shirt and removed his hand. “now lay down.” Billy slowly lowered his hips and wriggled into the cotton pad. He sighed and rested his head on folded arms.

“Thank you. That’s comfy.”

“You’re welcome.”

Billy grinned. “Now my dick’s all over your t-shirt.”

“Wouldn’t be the first dick on my t-shirt. Not even the second.”

“You touched my dick,” Billy chuckled.

“All in the call of duty.” Ryan looked down on the spread of his back, narrowing and descending to the waist, curving up into the rounded cheeks. “You got a great ass.”

“I know.” Billy wagged his butt. “you can touch it.”

“Excuse me?”

“You can touch it.” Billy lay with his head down, eyes closed, grinning. “You gave me water, you got me high, you gave me your t-shirt. You even touched my dick.” He opened an eye and looked at Ryan. “You can touch my butt. If you want. But no poking it or nothin’.”

“Oh, I want and I won’t.”

Billy closed his eye and wriggled his butt. Ryan reached out and put his right palm on the small of Billy’s back. He slid his hand up the curve of the butt, feeling the soft skin beneath, rounding the top and down to the thigh. He heard Billy hum in appreciation. He slowly petted him again, applying more pressure and feeling the muscle beneath the velvet skin. He reached over and stroked the other cheek the same way.

He reached up and put his hand on Billy’s shoulder blade, and firmly stroked down the muscled back, into the dip, up and over the butt, down to the knee, and over the calf, squeezing the hard muscle. Billy sighed and relaxed into it as Ryan repeated on the other side of his back. Ryan used both hands and massaged Billy’s shoulders and upper back. To murmers of agreement, he dug in further, enjoying the feel of the young muscles in his hands. He twisted in and untied knots, squeezed and stretched muscle. He worked his way down, massaging into the small of the back, pressing full strokes the length of the back.

He didn’t hesitate when he moved to the butt. He worked the knots at the top of the butt and rubbed each side with both hands. As his hands slid down the cheeks to his thighs, the cheeks gapped open and gave him a glimpse of a hairy butthole, out of reach and off limits. He worked down into the calves.

He moved back up. As he reached the thighs, he shifted and straddled the calves. The view up the ass crack and spine of the back made his cock wave and leak. His hands moved up and so did his hips. He kneaded the firm butt, his actions repeatedly parting them so then butthole winked at him. As he worked up the back, Ryan’s hard cock came in contact with the part in Billy’s ass. Billy tensed, pulling the cheeks together.

“Relax, Billy, I’m not gonna fuck you. And if you say stop, I’ll stop.”

Billy escort muğla grinned and relaxed. Ryan’s cock slid along the parting the smooth skin kissing his firm cock. “Is this okay?” He humped against it again, his balls following the rigid shaft in sliding against the boy’s ass. Billy nodded and hummed in agreement. Billy’s butt rose slightly and rubbed against Ryan’s cock. Ryan looked down at his hard cock parting the top of the crack, the head nuzzling against the knot at the base of the spine. He watched as clear liquid dripped from his slit and christened the white ass.

He supported himself in a plank, and ground deeper between the cheeks, keeping the head away from the virginal butthole. His rigid cock sliding on the soft skin, warm and firm. He bent his head down and softly kissed the back of Billy’s neck. Billy smiled and pressed his hips up to meet Ryan’s frottage. Ryan dropped the full weight of his hips onto Billy, his cock nestling into the crack of his ass. He kissed Billy’s neck firmly, licking the salt in the skin while he ground his hips into the firm, velvet, muscles; his cock sliding in the crack as his precum lubed his ride.

“Damn it,” whispered Billy, “I don’t wanna cum on your shirt.” Billy squirmed against him and, as Ryan pulled back, turned himself around, hard cocks slapping to each other. Ryan humped again, his cock riding up between the balls of the tightened sack to slide against the shaft. Head met head, trading fluid from each, and his drive continued until Billy’s cock was nudging his balls. He slid back down, pressing his weight onto Billy, their cocks dueling in the sweat between their bellies.

Ryan licked at the perspiration on Billy’s neck, then licked down to the pert, sharp nipple and latched on, teasing it with teeth and tongue. He slid further, lapping at the belly, tongue twisting in the navel and following the treasure trail down. He opened his mouth wide and took the sweaty, glistening, drooling cock into his mouth, swallowing it to the root. Billy moaned above him and his hands knotted in Ryan’s hair. Ryan pulled back and latched onto the head, his tongue swirling on the sensitive skin of the swollen prick. Billy pressed him down and his hips pushed him past the swirling tongue to fuck Ryan’s mouth, to dive for his throat. Ryan grabbed the hips, stilling them on the rock, and took over the action of pumping his head around the shaft, his hand stroking and squeezing the balls, his mouth sucking, licking, fucking.

Billy’s hands pulled him off, his spit-covered cock slapping his abs. “Come up,” he gasped. Ryan slid up, nibbling his sides so Billy laughed and squirmed under him. “No! Ticklish! Stop it!” He, finally, relented and held his chest up with straight arms and rubbed his cock to Billy’s. Billy put his hand to Ryan’s chest, squeezing a hairy pec. “Tits never feel like this.”

“You don’t seem surprised by all this, Billy.”

“Not the first time a guy’s sucked my dick, Ryan. Straight but not narrow. Lay down.”

Ryan stretched out beside him. Billy leaned over him and started sucking his nipple. Gently, he teased it with his teeth and swabbed it with his tongue. He looked down and the large cock pointed at him. He reached over and wrapped his fingers around as much as he could. He slowly jerked the thick meat while he mouthed the nipple. Then he leaned down and licked up the pearl of precum.

“Hey, Billy, you don’t have to.”

“I know. I have before, but it wasn’t this big. ” He leaned down again and engulfed the head in his mouth, licking the warm cock and stroking on the shaft. He went a little further, nodding his head on it, fucking his mouth over the end of the hard cock. He took more and gagged, pulling back. Ryan stroked his hair. Billy went back to sucking the cock as Ryan guided him around to straddling in a 69 and took Billy’s cock into his throat. He felt Billy moaning as ryan buried his nose in the plump balls. Ryan ran his fingers on his ass, trailing down the crack and over his butthole. he grasped the firm butt in his hands, pulling the young man’s cock deep into his mouth, swallowing at the head. Billy squirmed in his grip. Ryan pulled him back and slid the hard prick from his mouth, licking down the shaft. He drew the balls into his mouth and juggled them with his tongue. He pulled off the sack, stretching the balls out, then letting them pop from his lips. He lapped at the taint, Billy grinding his hips as Ryan nipped at the skin. He licked up, his tongue sweeping over Billy’s asshole. Billy froze, his mouth still around Ryan’s cock. Ryan licked again, feeling the ridges with his tongue. He circled the target with the tip of his tongue and then dove in, his face pressed into Billy’s crack as he rimmed the tight hole. Billy pressed back against Ryan, whimpering around his cock. Ryan drove his head between the round cheeks and tongue-fucked the tender hole. His hand curled around the taut shaft.

Billy sat up, humped against the mouth, and plunged his dick in and out of Ryan’s hand. His ass smothered Ryan as he felt himself invaded by the squirming tongue. His moans got higher and Ryan felt the cum stutter up Billy’s shaft and spew onto his chest. His humping slowed and stopped. Ryan lapped a few more times and pushed Billy’s hips up, his face sliding from the damp crack.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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