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Elena and I started out as classmates in the AI class, then became team mates on the class project. We were both super nerds, working on the Master’s program in Computer Science. I was impressed with her astonishing grasp of discrete math as she was with my skills at LISP and Prolog. I found myself thinking about her long after we had finished our class project, where we worked together over days and nights over cups of coffee and plenty of cigarettes. I constantly thought about her shoulder length red hair and how she would run her fingers through it when she was deep in thought or when she was intensely focused on something she was reading. I thought of her bluish-grey eyes, which were accentuated by the rimless glasses that were always perched precariously over the bridge of her aquiline nose.

I loved to look into her eyes and watch them reflect a myriad of emotions as we talked about a plethora of subjects under the sun: quantum theory, world affairs and globalization, the Russian Czars (I had boned up on them as quickly as humanly possible to impress her) and the Bolshevik revolution, evolution, well there was no end of the things we could talk about. I loved to hear her laugh and I loved to hear her talk; she had the honeyed voice of the Lorelei who could distract sailors on the Rhine to their doom on the rocks. When I heard her speak in Russian (a language that I have mostly forgotten now), it was all I could to sit there and not fall into a trance. To this day, I believe Russian is a language that sounds beautiful only when spoken by women. For me, all of 22 years old, it was love at first sight.

My dating experience had been very limited until that point. I was the chemistry nerd bursa escort in high school and I was part of the school debating team. I was also a huge trivia geek; my knowledge of random facts impresses many people today, but it was not so back then. I guess girls my age had very little time for a guy who always had his nose stuck in a book. But Elena was different. She was the first woman who was impressed by my nerdy chops. In one of our more open conversations over several rounds of vodka and orange juice (where she comfortably out drank me), she confessed she was strongly attracted to me. I had never summoned the courage to tell her about my feelings for her up until that point. So hearing her talk about her attraction for me opened up my emotional floodgates. Now I don’t remember how my gawky self exactly expressed my feelings for her but I remember it was a torrent.

Elena was the first woman I kissed. She also became my teacher in all things sexual. In the beginning, I only had my enthusiasm to offer her, and very little by way of skills. She led me patiently through my fumbling beginnings in the art of sexual pleasure.

When she took her clothes off for me the first time, and I came almost immediately. I was awestruck by her smooth alabaster skin, the freckles on her shoulders and arms, her small breasts with pink, perky nipples, her taut stomach, and her triangle of red, untrimmed pubic hair. She lay down on my spare mattress and played with herself. I watched as she worked her fingers over her pussy, her toned legs spread out for me to see her in her stunning nakedness.

She inserted a finger into her glistening hairy mound and fingered herself slowly. “Would you like a taste?” she asked bursa escort bayan in her lilting voice. I needed no second invitation. I fell to my knees and eagerly took her finger in my mouth. She tasted musty with a faint hint of sweetness. She grabbed my head and gently pulled me down to her. “Eat me!” she commanded and I obeyed vigorously. “No! No! Be gentle. Kiss my pussy lips gently, one at a time,” she suggested. I used my fingers to pull her lips apart and planted long, lingering kisses on them, massaging her lips with mine. “Nice! Are you sure you haven’t been with a woman before?” she asked. I replied no; she was my first. “Now see the my clitoris, the knob on top of my lips? I want you to suck on it, like you would suck on a grape” I obeyed, making sure I did it as gently as I could. “Mmm, you really seem to have a talent for this, don’t you?” I told her I was loving every second of it.

“Now spread my lips and push your tongue as far as you can into my pussy and lick the walls” she said. I did as instructed, only my tongue movements were too forceful for her. “Gently, gently! Move your tongue up and down lightly but try to use both upper and downward surfaces of your tongue to lick the walls” This was complicated for me at first and I tried to follow as best as I could. “Hmm, you’ll need a little practice. How about you try that up and down tongue motion on my clit?” she asked. This time, I did better. “Mmm, that feels very good,” she moaned as she fondled my head. “Now kiss my lips, lick my clit the way you just did, and try and tongue my pussy walls as best as you can. Do all these in no particular order.” And that was the beginning of my education in the art of oral sex.

The summer escort bursa vacation was on and Elena and I spent all our time together. Over the next few weeks, Elena enjoyed herself immensely, giving me precise instructions on how to pleasure her with my mouth and later, with my fingers. I loved it when she came on my face the first time, drenching me in her salty juices. But she wasn’t just a taker. The first time she took my cock in her mouth, I erupted immediately, in the gushing spurts that only a 22 year old can manage. It was intensely arousing for me to see my cock in her beautiful mouth, and when she turned up to fix her blue-grey eyes on me, it was just too much for me to hold on any longer.

She loved to have me fuck her in the missionary position; we would kiss deeply as she wrapped her legs around me tightly. Then she would sit on my cock and ride me. I found it much harder to hold my climax back in this position, given that she would play with her pussy as she rode me harder and harder. The good thing about being in my twenties was that I could get hard immediately after a climax. I climaxed three or four times sometimes from Elena’s skillful mouth and her tight pussy. But I always managed to make her cum with my mouth or with my cock at least once. I loved to watch her body twitch and hear her moan loudly as she climaxed; her legs would tighten around me in a vice like grip. I’d hold her head and kiss her deeply. Afterwards, we would lie coiled up in bed and smoke a cigarette together.

I remember that summer vividly to this day. Elena and I went our separate ways after we graduated; she moved back to Moscow and I remained in the US. We still talk sometimes and have remained friends. But I miss her intelligence, her mesmerizing presence, the sound of her voice, the smell and taste of her, and I miss those heady days of my initiation into the world of unabashed hedonism. Elena, this is for you!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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