Rose Petals on a Bed

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It is a warm summer night and we are driving home from a movie, which we both really enjoyed. While we are talking about it and how much we enjoyed it we pass a café/bar and you interrupt me and say,

“Let’s stop in for a nightcap. We never do that!” I turn into the parking lot, smiling and say, “I love doing things for the first time with you!”

There is a huge yellow moon rising in the east and even though it is partially hidden behind the urban landscape of office buildings it casts a warm, orange glow and makes the evening feel romantic. You walk ahead of me to the door of the café and I take a moment to enjoy you and what you are wearing tonight.

You have on your “French” skirt with the layered look and a sleeveless blouse that shows off your beautiful shoulders. You are carrying a lacy shawl and as you walk to the door you wrap it around yourself. When you get to the door you wait for me to catch up and as I reach to open the door you lean close to me and kiss me.

The café crowd is crowded and noisy. There is a long bar at the back and we have to weave our way among the patrons and the tables to order. You are in front leading me and looking back with a half smile and half frown, wondering if this was a good idea after all. We get to the bar and you squeeze between two people to get a place and I stand behind you and we try to catch the bartender’s attention. I press myself lightly against you and you push yourself back into me. You wiggle your bum a little and turn to smile at me. I put my hand on your shoulder and give you a gentle squeeze and enjoy the feeling of being close. We order two gin and tonics and head back to find a table.

The only one vacant is in the back corner and I go ahead of you to get it before someone else does. I carry the drinks over my head so as not to spill them. We sit down with our backs to the rest of the room and you say,

“Well I wasn’t expecting it to be this crowded! Do you like it here?”

I answer, “I like being anywhere with you sweetheart!”

You give me a smile that says, “Knock it off!”

There is a TV above us and I get distracted by what is on and sip my drink. I feel your hand on my thigh and when I look down, you are smiling at me and you say,

“I thought you liked being here with ME!”

I smile sheepishly and say, “Keep your hand right where it is and I will forget about the TV!”

You give my thigh a slap but keep your hand there and look at me, enjoying this moment of anonymity and closeness. You lean forward and kiss me and as you do your hand slides up my thigh and you give my cock a squeeze and whisper,

“Let’s finish this drink and go home. Its noisy here and I want to be alone with you.”

You lean back in your chair and I take a moment to look at you, your face in the dim lights, the way your shoulders look under your shawl, your relaxed smile and the hint of your dimples on your cheeks. I lean towards you and ask you for a kiss. As you lean forward my hands slide up your thighs under your skirt and I feel the warmth of your soft skin. We kiss for a moment and I move one hand right up to lightly touch your silk panties.

I slip my hands out and we both say at the same time, “Finish your drink!” We laugh and get up and head out to the door and into the car to drive home.

When we roll into the driveway you turn sideways in your seat and as I pull out the key you tell me to wait.

“I need a few minutes to prepare a surprise for you. So wait five minutes and then come up to our bedroom. Get ready for a night of passion, baby!!” You kiss me and then get out of the car.

While I am waiting for the time to pass, I close my eyes and anticipate what you are preparing for us. I feel my cock stir and press against my jeans. It feels warm as it gets hard and I have to reach into my jeans and adjust myself to be more comfortable. It feels hard in my hand and I cannot resist the temptation to stroke it as I think of what is ahead. I wet my fingers and rub the head of my stalk feeling its smoothness and my touch arouses me more. I imagine that my wet fingers are your lips as I anticipate the way you will gingerly begin to lick and suck me when we make love tonight. I love the way you make me feel so good with your tongue. I take my hand out and absent mindedly smell my fingers and bursa escort there is a faint whiff of sex on them. Time is up at last and I head into the house in wild anticipation.

The sound of jazz and the aroma of incense draw me up the stairs and I enter the bedroom, which you have made into a lovers den! The candles glow orange and warm, the bed is sprinkled with rose petals, the music is soft and sexy and in the midst of it all you stand in a length, silky, light blue nightgown with spaghetti straps and lace around the low cut neck line. Your shoulders are bare and look so smooth and I can see the tops of your breasts and your nipples pushing against the satin.

“So,” you say, “I am dressed to make love but you are still dressed to go to the movies. We need to change that right away! I bought you something that I want you to wear but you have to earn it.”

“You told me once that you wanted to do a strip tease for me, so go ahead and when you are naked I will give you my present.”

“Yikes!” I say, “I know I said that but, well, okay!”

You sit on the bed with your back against some pillows and wait for me to start.

The music is playing slow and easy and I close my eyes to get in the mood and feel the music. With my eyes still closed because I feel shy and a little embarrassed, I begin to dance to the rhythm of the music and unbutton my shirt, opening it and turning my back to you, I let it fall to the floor. I turn to you and keep moving to the music and hook my thumbs into the waist of my jeans and for the first time I look right at you. We hold each others eyes and in that moment I no longer feel shy but safe and wanting to make this a fun and arousing moment for both of us.

I take my right hand and cup my groin and slowly stroke my jeans where my cock has made a bulge. I turn slowly around and when I face you again I unsnap my jeans and slowly unzip myself. I slip my hand inside my pants and cup my hard cock and balls and start to stroke my cock.

You smile and I respond by turning and sliding my briefs down and then turning to face you again. I dance slowly in front of you, naked and fully aroused and I ask if I earned the present.

“What present,” you say?

“Oh, right! I was so lost in your dance that I forgot why you were doing it!”

You get up and from the night table drawer you take out a pair of silk briefs that you hold up. You come close to me and hand them and ask me to put them on. They feel very silky on my skin and a little cool to the touch but I like the idea of having some sexy underwear.

We stand together in our satiny wear and embrace and begin to dance together to the music. I kiss your neck and you kiss my chest and as the music plays we dance close or apart and continue to kiss and stroke one another and enjoy this moment of closeness and romance.

I cup your breasts, covered with the silky night gown and feel them get firm and your nipples get stiff. I know you love to have your breasts stroked and fondled and your nipples played with and I begin to do this as we continue to dance. Your eyes are closed and I feel your breathing get shallower as you become aroused.

We kiss with our tongues in each others mouths and our kisses become more passionate and wet. I lick your neck and whisper in your ear, “Baby, I so want to fuck you tonight.”

I bend down and kiss the front of your neck, your shoulders and along the line of your nightgown, while I keep squeezing your breasts in my hands. I flick my tongue over your nipples where they are making little bumps in the satin and as I do I pull the straps of your night gown off your shoulders and reveal your breasts. In the glow of the flickering candles they look so smooth and warm.

I kiss and lick them and take each nipple into my mouth and gently suck them, letting them slide out as I pull my head back. I feel your hand grab my hard cock through the silk of my underwear rand and you stroke me slowly.

You take my hands in yours and put them on your sides, kiss me and then you turn around pressing your ass against me. I love the feel of my hard cock pressing into the crack of your ass and you wiggle your hips to increase my pleasure.

You take my hands and put them over your breasts, guiding me and helping me to caress you in a way that arouses you best. bursa escort bayan I bury my face in the back of your neck, nuzzling you and taking in the scent of your perfume.

“Mmm, baby,” I murmur, “It feels so good to be with you in this way. I can feel how much you want to make love with me. Tell me what you want me to do to bring you to ecstasy?” You push your ass against me harder and squeeze my hands and say,

“I want a nice backrub with warm oil as I lay on the bed that is covered in rose petals.”

You lift your arms over your head and I slip your nightgown up and over your head and see you naked in the candle light. You lie on the bed, your arms under your head and your body stretched out. I take the bottle of oil and pour some in my hands to warm it and them I drip it over your back. I kneel astride you and begin spreading the oil over your smooth back.

I begin massaging you deeply, pushing you into the bed and working my fingers deep into your muscles. I make long strokes starting at your neck and going all the way to your hips and back and then back up, over your shoulders and down your arms. I press and knead and stroke so as to relax you and take away all the stress of the day.

As you relax more and more I lighten the pressure and let my hands lightly glide over your back, and sides. I kneel beside you and stroke down over your ass and down each leg. I take each foot in my hands and knead the soles and toes one at a time. I stroke back up your calves and thighs and over your ass, up your back, up to your neck and back again. Each time I lighten the touch and move my hands more slowly.

I kneel between your legs facing your back and my fingers slowly move up your inner thighs and gently stroke your now moist pussy. I can feel it open up as my touch becomes more direct and my finger slips in to feel the moist inside of your pussy lips. I push my finger in slowly and it slides in easily and I begin to move it in and out and after a few strokes I feel you push up against it every time I push it in. I find your clit with my finger and rub back and forth spreading your juices over it.

I lay down beside you and you kiss me deeply, pulling me close to you and sighing in my ear with pleasure. You reach down and slip your hand inside my briefs. We lie quietly for a few minutes enjoying the intimacy we have created for ourselves and the aroused state we are both in. After a few minutes you say,

“Lie on my back and put your cock up against my pussy. I love the way that feels and it always arouses me.”

I lie on your back and guide my cock between your legs and the head of my cock feels your slick pussy and your lips open up and lets me inside just a little bit. I gently move back and forth pressing my stalk against your clit and planting kisses all over your shoulders and neck. Your juices are dripping out and I feel your wetness all over the head of my cock making it slippery and warm.

We find a nice rhythm and I feel both our passions increase. I kneel up between your legs and I spread your ass open and first with my fingers and then with my tongue I play with your flowering cunt that is now open and receptive to my touch. As your passion increases you kneel up, which allows me to touch and lick you more completely.

I lay down on my back with my face looking up at your pink cavern, which is so wet and warm and I lick it with long slow strokes that start at the soft spot between your pussy and your ass and go all the way to your clit and I give your clit a few extra flicks of my tongue each time. I cup my hands over the cheeks of your ass and pull you down to me, so I can push my tongue inside and excite you all the more. You swing around and face my feet so you can lick my cock while enjoying the pleasure my tongue is giving you.

Your warm wet tongue feels so good on my dick and your fingers are gently fondling my balls as you take me deeper and deeper in your mouth. I feel your fingers move back and begin to make little circles around my asshole. You know how much I love that. You make your finger wet with your saliva and gently insert one finger into my ass while you deep throat my hard dick. I open your pussy wide with my fingers and with my tongue I lick the insides of your lotus lips and deep into your pussy. Your scent is musky and escort bursa your juices sweet and salty.

You roll over on your back and I kneel between your legs, lifting them on my shoulders and burying my face in your hot cunt. I spread your lips open so I can flick my tongue on your exposed clit and I feel your tremble as I do. I slip one finger into you and wiggle it in till I find your G spot and move my finger around it and feel your passion building higher and higher.

Your breath is coming in short pants as you moan that you are going to cum soon. I take my finger out and open you up again with my fingers and suck your clit into my mouth and then flick my tongue around it. You raise your hips off the bed and press yourself into my face as the first shudders of your orgasm over take you. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, yes, fuck yes!” you moan, as your legs clench my head and you give into the orgasm and feel its waves go through you.

As your orgasm subsides I make my licks gentler and gentler until you are lying quietly. I feel your pull me up to lie with you and I move up and hold your head in my hands and kiss your eyes and face and tell you how much I love to make love to you. You are drained by the intensity of the orgasm and can only murmur back, “Yes, I know.” I wrap my arms around you and hold you tight and safe in the aftermath of the orgasm.

We drift of to sleep in each others arms.

In a while I awaken and feel the warmth of your body next to me and the taste of your juices are still on my tongue. I feel my cock get hard in an instant. Your stir and open your eyes and feeling my hardness against your leg you smile and say,

“Okay! You’ve waited long enough.”

You tell me to roll over. You slowly caress my back and tickle my neck and plant little kisses on my ear lobes. Your touch is soft and slow and I feel my cock pressing against the bed. You slide down and lay your head on the small of my back and stroke my thighs and the back of my knees, running your finger up the line made by my legs being pressed together and up to my ass.

You kiss my back as you run your finger very gently up the crack of my ass. You lick it to make it wet and slide it down again. As you do this over and over I let my legs fall open more and your finger finds its way in deeper. You keep it wet with your saliva and tickle my balls, making little circles with your fingers over my balls and the sweet, soft spot between them and my ass.

I lift my hips off the bed and you reach around and stroke my cock that is throbbing with excitement. You kneel behind me and lean over me continuing to stroke my stalk and kiss my back and rock me forward and back. You lick the crack of my ass and spread my ass cheeks so you can lick my asshole. You do it lightly at first and then attack my hole with your hot, wet tongue. I rock my ass against you as you continue to stroke my cock faster.

You push me down onto the bed and instruct me to turn on my back. You climb over my legs and looking into my eyes you straddle me and take my cock in your hand and guide me into your juicy cunt. I watch my stalk slowly disappear inside you as you sit down on me and then reappear as you raise yourself up. I see your beautiful breasts swaying as you move up and down and I feel the tightness of your pussy as I open you up each time I move deep inside you.

At first I let you do all the moving but as my passion rises I push up into you as you lower yourself down and our movements become rougher. “Ride my cock, baby,” I say.

I feel myself nearing an orgasm and I tell you that I am going to cum soon. You lean forward and let your breasts cover my face and I kiss and suck them as you push yourself against me harder and harder. You kiss me with your tongue in my mouth and tell me to “Cum for you!”

Hearing those words puts me over the edge and I cum inside you feeling it the jism come from deep inside me. I push myself into you as far as I can each time I have a spasm feeling my hot cum fill you up and then fall back exhausted and spent.

You lay your body fully onto mine and nuzzle your head into my neck and give me little kisses and tell me how good it felt to be fucked like that, so hard, so deep.

We roll on our sides and I snuggle my head into your neck and pull you to me. The last strains of Diana Krall are playing in the background, the candles are flickering low. I turn over and you spoon your self behind me, cupping my softening cock and my balls in your hand and content, we fall asleep…the sleep of spent lovers.

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