Roberta Ch. 10

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Big Tits

Marlene awoke very slowly, at first becoming conscious of subdued voices, then carefully opening one eye…then the other… The first image to greet her was that of Peter’s smiling face. He was lying beside her on the plush carpeting, gently stroking her hair and massaging her neck and shoulders.

“Hi Peter…” she whispered, smiling at him. Peter returned her greeting with a widening grin.

“Hi, baby…” he replied, “You feeling okay?” Marlene actually had to think for a minute before answering him, her mind taking a quick inventory of her body. The wet tingling in her pussy caused her memory engines to kick in and she sighed as she recalled the last half hour of the evening in the cabin. She moved a hand over her breasts, smiling as she felt the slick mixture of sweat and semen, then she moved lower…between her thighs to feel her sopping pussy. She mewled lightly as her fingers moved over her swollen clit, barely touching it as a shiver ran through her body. She remembered telling Jeff to come inside of her pussy as Alan was shooting off in her ass and her smile grew wider as she slid her fingers over her crotch…smearing their combined juices…

Marlene’s eyes opened wide as she grinned at Peter. “I think I’m feeling fine, Peter…” She ran her tongue around the inside of her mouth and swallowed, reveling in the taste of Peter’s cum. “Mmmm….baby… came in my mouth. But I guess I must have missed some of it…”

She rolled onto her back, smiling sexily as she ran both hands over her tits. Her smile grew wider as she stretched like a satisfied cat.

“I can’t believe I did that… You must think I’m a total slut…”

Peter smiled back and shook his head. “A slut? My goodness, no… Just because you just did two guys you hardly even know? Just because you let my sister’s boyfriend fuck you in the ass…while his sister’s boyfriend fucked your pussy… and you sucked me off in your mouth? How could you imagine I’d think of you as a slut…?”

Peter stared stone-faced into Marlene’s eyes, hoping that she would relate to his off-the-wall humor. He let up only when he saw the slightest glimmer of self-doubt in her eyes and realized his acting wasn’t having the hoped for results. He grinned widely and shook his head.

“Baby…” he said comfortingly, “You were the hottest, most exciting slut I could have ever imagined. Watching you was the hottest thing in the world! I still can’t believe you took both of their cocks like you did… Look at me! I’m getting hard just thinking about it!

Marlene looked down at Peter’s crotch, and what had been a tentative smile on her face grew wider as she saw his growing hard-on. Soon she was grinning as she realized that Peter had been every bit as turned on as she’d been.

“You liked watching two guys fuck me, didn’t you?”, she teased, reaching her hand down to run a finger over his cock. Peter sighed and nodded his head, feeling the blood rushing back into his penis.

“Almost as much as you appeared to enjoy getting fucked…” he chuckled. “I think you’d have liked having two more for your hands, wouldn’t you…?”

Marlene grinned up at him and wrapped her fingers around his born again cock.

“Mmmm….how did you know?” she said with a grin. “Actually, I did have that thought… completely surrounded by hard cocks…in my ass…in my pussy…you in my mouth…jerking two more off on my tits…Mmmm…” She looked up at him, her expression growing serious.

“I think I really am a slut, Peter… I loved every bit of it. Getting so….fucked… When the three of you were coming in me at the same time…Damn! It was all I could think of! I was thinking about cocks in my hands… hard cocks pointing at my face…my tits… jerking off on me.. Damn! If there were twenty guys in the room I would have done them all… GoD! I feel so fucking good right now!”

She sat up and hugged Peter to her, sliding her cum-slick tits against his chest. “Plus…you came on my tits…I don’t remember…but it feels soooo good right now…” Peter laughed out loud, happy to share Marlene’s giddiness as he hugged her tightly.

“Well…” he chuckled, “Just make sure I’m there if you bring twenty guys over… Otherwise I might get jealous…” Marlene leaned back and looked up into Peter’s eyes. Her hand squeezed his cock as she slowly massaged him.

“Would that turn you on, baby…? Would it? Your cock is so hard… Do you want your baby to be a slut? ” She leaned forward, kissing him wetly as she slid her tongue deep inside his mouth.

“You want to watch a bunch of guys come all over me? Watch me suck them off…? Mmmm, baby…. While you fuck your cock in my ass…fuck my ass…”

Peter groaned rolled onto his back and pulled Marlene into his lap. She grinned and continued to stroke him, rubbing his hard cock against her belly as she leaned back and let him play with her tits. She had finally let her slut flag fly high and was as excited as she’d ever been to see Peter’s reaction.

Marlene’s eyes moved around the room as her consciousness bursa escort expanded. Alan and Jeff were both at the ‘bar’ pouring themselves another drink and she grinned as she remembered the looks on their faces when she’d fucked them. And her grin grew wider as she looked over towards the couch…

“Look at your sister…”, she whispered to Peter, using one hand to turn his head in the direction of the others.

“Oh…fuck…” Peter sighed as his eyes focused.

Sandy was stil in control of the video camera, panning between Marlene and Peter, then over to Alan and Jeff at the mini-bar, then slowly back again. The sight of her naked body was turn-on enough for Peter, but what knocked him over the edge was the bigger picture…

Sandy was leaning on the arm of the couch, the camera held firmly to her eye. But Peter groaned as his eyes moved over her body. Bobbi was kneeling between his sister’s legs, licking and sucking on Sandy’s pussy as she ground it against her friend’s face. One hand was holding the camera, while the other was wrapped around the back of Bobbi’s head, pulling her face in tight to her cunt as her hips squirmed on the couch arm.

“I think there might be more than one slut in this room, honey…” Marlene said as she grinned at Sandy and gave her a slight wave. She saw Sandy smile from behind the camera and begin to move her hips in a circular motion. At the same time, she lowered the camera’s lens, spreading her legs wider as she focused on Bobbi’s face between her thighs.

“I think we need to take a break…” Sandy whispered down to her friend. Bobbi looked up and, seeing the camera focused on her, smiled and ran her tongue erotically between Sandy’s pussy lips. Looking quickly over her shoulder, she saw Peter and Marlene watching them and, in particular, Marlene’s hand sliding up and down Peter’s long, engorged cock. She immediately knew why Sandy wanted to ‘take a break” as she’d said. Turning back to look up at Sandy, she continued to lick her friend’s pussy. She paused when she reached Sandy’s clit, flicking her tongue over it before tilting her head and starting another lick from Sandy’s asshole, pushing between her lips, then pausing again at her clit. Bobbi smiled as she felt a shudder run through Sandy and she looked directly into the camera.

“Are you sure you want me to stop…?” she teased, “I love eating your pussy, Sandy… I was kinda hoping you’d come in my mouth again…” She sucked lightly on Sandy’s clit, making her moan, then slid her tongue lower, sliding it deep inside Sandy’s pussy. “Your pussy should be good and wet if you’re going to fuck your brother…”

She continued to look up into the lens as she began to tongue fuck Sandy…slowly at first, then picking up speed and sucking deeply each time she thrust all the way inside. Sandy’s low moan , combined with the increasing speed of her hips, told Bobbi that she was going to be allowed another taste… She grinned and tried to match the movement of Sandy’s hips, keeping her tongue buried as she brought one hand up to gently massage Sandy’s clit.

“Come in my mouth…” Bobbi panted into the camera, “Then I’ll film you fucking your brother…Film you taking that big hard cock in your wet pussy…”

Sandy groaned and felt her orgasm spread through her body from every extremity… coursing madly through her body and focusing between her legs. Bobbi sucked even harder as she felt Sandy’s pussy begin to contract on her tongue. She began to bob her head, fucking her tongue in and out and using her nose to tease Sandy’s clit with just the right amount of pressure.

Ooohhhh.fuck…!” Sandy wailed as she felt her orgasm explode inside her pussy and pour thickly into Bobbi’s sucking mouth. “Oh…baby…you are so fucking hot… Eat me, Bobbi…drink it…yessss…”

The site of her friend kneeling between her legs, gleefully and greedily sucking and swallowing her cum only heightened the intensity. Filming her own orgasm was a new and terribly exciting thing for Sandy, and watching another woman, especially her boyfriend’s sister, creating that orgasm increased that feeling beyond measure. She tried desperately to hold the camera in position as she took her eye from the viewfinder and threw her head back, nearly shrieking as her orgasm detonated. Her eyes met those of her brother as another massive quake wracked her body. She loved having him watch her come like this. So wantonly… so completely… She closed her eyes and let the feeling overtake her, shivering as she felt Bobbi’s tongue inducing more cum from her pussy.

Even after her orgasm had begun to diminish, Sandy was still shaking. She opened her eyes, looking down to see Bobbi’s grinning face. Her friend was still sucking and swallowing the thick flow from her pussy, even though Bobbi’s lips and chin were already covered with the cum she’d missed. Thick strands dangled sexily from Bobbi’s chin, looking almost like semen and sandy groaned at the sight.

Sandy smiled and brought the camera back to her eye, hoping that her mindless ecstasy hadn’t screwed bursa escort bayan up her filming too badly. She focused on Bobbi’s grinning face as she licked and sucked for every stray drop, then she slowly panned up to Peter and Marlene, zooming in on Peter’s hard cock.

“And now…” Sandy breathed into the microphone, “I want that thick, hard cock inside me…”

Bobbi leaned back a bit, licking her lips as Sandy slowly stood in front of her on shaky legs. She smiled as Sandy tentatively made her way across the room, keeping her eye on the viewfinder and stumbling slightly until she stood over Marlene and Peter, pointing the camera downwards. She swayed a little, trying to maintain her balance as she focused again on Peter’s cock, then zoomed out until both of them were in the frame.

“So….what have you got there, Marlene?” Sandy teased, feeling her knees shake. Marlene grinned and ran her fingers up and down Peter’s shaft as she looked into the lens.

“I found this nice, big, hard cock, honey…” Marlene chuckled, playing along. “It’s very thick. And very hard right now… I’ve been trying to decide what to do with it…” Sandy grinned, loving Marlene for playing her little game. She zoomed in on Peter’s cock until the shaft filled the entire frame. She sighed as she saw his pre-come flowing from the tip and Marlene’s expert fingers spreading it over his cock.

“It’s a beautiful cock…” Sandy breathed, “And nine inches is very big…”

“Nine and a half…” Peter said, and Sandy panned the camera up to his face. He was grinning again, hoping he knew where this was leading. She grinned back at him and focused on his eyes.

“It’s always been nine, but I just grew half an inch looking at you…” Peter chuckled. Sandy smiled and zoomed out again, capturing both of them in the frame.

“But Peter… don’t tell me you’re lusting after your own sister…Is that why your cock is so big and hard?”

Peter smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“What can I say… she’s pretty hot”, he croaked, trying to keep his runaway emotions in check. His eyes moved hungrily over her naked body. “I mean, she’s got perfect tits…And the way her nipples get so hard and long… it’s like they’re begging me to suck on them…”

Sandy felt her knees begin to weaken again, but she steeled herself and continued. “And…” she panted.

“And…after watching her girlfriend eat her out and make her come…I know her pussy is very hot and wet right now…” Peter’s heart was pounding wildly again as he watched his sister swaying in front of him. He used every trick he’d ever learned to hold back his urge to come. And Marlene’s hand on his cock wasn’t helping in the least.

“Did you like watching Bobbi eat me, Peter? Did that turn you on? Did you see the way she was sucking my pussy when I came? Mmmm….damn…. And tonight is the first time for her. That’s pretty hot, don’t you think? She loves drinking cum as much as your sister does…and she sucked me off soooo good…”

Sandy felt her knees beginning to go and slowly sank down, crouching beside Peter and Marlene and holding the camera steady. “But you’re right about my pussy… it’s very hot and wet right now…”

Peter grinned and reached his hand out, sliding it slowly and torturously up Sandy’s inner thigh. He stared into the camera as he approached her pussy and sighed as he felt the moist heat emanating from it… Marlene didn’t say a word as she slowly rolled off Peter’s lap. She saw Sandy’s smile glowing from behind the camera as she moved closer, positioning herself over Peter’s hips.

“Are you going to fuck me now, Peter?” Sandy breathed, her voice beginning to shake. Peter nodded as he tried to smile. He looked down the length of his body and groaned as he watched Marlene slowly raise his hard cock straight up into the air. Sandy’s hips began to move in a slow, circular motion as Marlene gently rubbed Peter’s cockhead over her lips….

Bobbi was watching the goings-on with increasing interest. It was if the union of Peter and Sandy was the last act necessary to ensure that this night would live forever in the hearts of every participant. It was the culmination of a desire that had been flowing through their universe since they’d all discovered what sex was all about. When she looked over at Alan and saw him staring back at her, she realized that he was feeling the very same feelings as she was. The two of them had ‘come out’ on this night. They’d let their desire for each other be known to others for the very first time. And, in doing so, they’d discovered that they weren’t alone in the world. Jeff’s immediate acceptance had been a huge relief for Bobbi, and Sandy’s confessions, even if they had had to pull them out into the open, had been a huge revelation for Bobbi and Alan both.

It was as if the whole evening had been set up for them by forces unknown. Forces that fully understood the innocent, and not so innocent, desires of two people who just happened to be born of the same parents. The fact that Sandy, because of her own escort bursa secret desires, had understood only too well… The cosmic happenstance that placed Peter at the scene precisely at the time of their individual revelations…

It was a beautiful and almost other-worldly feeling that flowed into the room right then. Bobbi had never in her life felt so much at peace as she did at that moment. She watched, through half-lidded eyes as Alan approached her and took her hand. At the same time, she watched Jeff step slowly, almost reverently, over to Sandy and take the camera from her shaking hands. The entire process of movement was taking place in a matter of seconds, but Bobbi watched as if her world had suddenly become a slow motion video clip. She saw Sandy smile her thanks as Jeff took the camera from her and turned it around, standing back a bit as he began to film the proceedings…

Bobbi looked up at her brother as he slipped his arm around her waist. Then her eyes dropped lower, over his young, muscular chest and finally settling on his upthrust hard-on. She turned slightly, lowering her hand and curling her fingers around his cock.

“Your cock is so hard…” she sighed. “Does it turn you on that Sandy’s going to fuck her brother in front of all of us?” Bobbi whispered, squeezing his cock lightly as she began to stroke him. Alan grinned and turned towards his sister, moving his hips and urging her to continue manipulating his cock.

“You know…” he began, “It does turn me on. I had a feeling that she was into her brother for quite a while. Yeah…it turns me on to see her so excited…” He smiled at Bobbi and brought a hand up to cup her naked breast. “And you know what else turns me on? Even more than watching Sandy?”

Bobbi smiled and shrugged her shoulders, wondering what Alan was going to say next…

“What is turning me on even more right now is your hand on my cock.” Alan whispered. “And right now, I want to take you over there…Right next to the others… And I want to let them watch me fuck the most beautiful girl in the world…”

Bobbi’s eyes grew wide as a huge smile broke over her face. She turned towards her brother, hugging him to her as she felt his hard cock pressing against her belly. The night simply could not get any better, she thought as she moved her hips against him. She grinned as she felt his pre-come flowing out, coating her belly and making his cock slide smoothly against her skin.

“I want that more than anything, Alan…” she moaned into his shoulder. “I want you to direct me…tell me what to do… What you want… I want to feel your hard cock inside of me…in my pussy…my ass…my mouth…I don’t care. I want to feel your big, hard cock inside me… Show them how you like to fuck your little sister…” Bobbi stepped back and grinned up at Alan. Her heart was pounding as she took him by the hand and led him over to the other side of the table. The two of them stood there for a moment, watching breathlessly as Sandy slowly lowered herself onto Peter’s long, thick cock…

Sandy groaned out loud as she felt Peter’s cock sliding into her pussy. She’d dreamed of this in so many night-time fantasies, so many masturbation sessions… She stared deeply into her brother’s eyes as she felt his cock slide effortlessly into her pussy, and her low wail continued until she felt his entire length inside her and she was sitting on his hips. Her eyes were wide and glassy as she stayed in place, simply enjoying the throbbing of Peter’s cock. Her gaze locked on his, their minds connected into the kind of psychic link that only siblings can share. Then she began to move her hips. Slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, then slowly picking up speed until she established the most perfect of rhythm’s… fast and hard enough to keep him on the edge, yet slow and easy enough to keep his orgasm under control. It was sheer torture for both of them…

Bobbi sighed as she watched the two, returning her hand to Alan’s cock and stroking him gently. They were standing over Marlene and Bobbi grinned as Marlene leaned back, sighing as she watched her boyfriend’s cock slide inside his sister. Alan made a move to step back and get out of Marlene’s way, but Bobbi pushed him forward, chuckling a little as Marlene leaned back against Alan’s legs. She looked back as if to apologize, then saw Alan’s cock bobbing in front of her face. Bobbi grinned down at her as she pushed Alan’s cock lower, rubbing it against Marlene’s hair and against her cheek.

Marlene smiled up at her and moved her head slowly from side to side, letting Bobbi rub Alan’s cock over her face, running it through her hair and sliding the wet tip over her ear. She had also realized that tonight was a magical night and she was ready for absolutely anything. Her eyes moved to Jeff’s hard-on as Bobbi continued to tease her face with Alan’s cock. Finally, she turned her head, letting Alan’s cock slide over her cheek and onto her lips. She smiled up at Bobbi as she opened her mouth and took Alan’s hard-on inside. Bobbi sighed and began to stroke Alan faster, jerking his cock as Marlene began to suck on it. Her fingers smacked against Marlene’s lips as the girl took more and more of Alan’s cock into her mouth, then Bobbi groaned and relinquished her hold on her brother’s cock.

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