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I love to make a trip into the City to shop, its one of my favourite pastimes. I like to try on shoes, even the ones that make me look like a hooker, and I like to put on some of the sexy underwear and imagine that you are there to help me.

This time I am in your local department store, hoping that you will pass by and see me through the gap in the badly fitted curtain. Today I am not disappointed. There you are looking straight at me.

I drop the last of my normal clothing to the floor, and bend down to bring the sexy black lace up to rest on my hips. It feels so good. The beautiful bra is next, it barely covers my large nipples, my breasts strain against the delicate fabric, and the resulting cleavage is enough to tempt you closer. You pretend to search a rack, but you are still looking in at me. I turn my back to you, but make sure that you can still see me in the mirrors of my cubicle.

I trace the pretty stitching on the bra, and breathe deeper as I move over, and then around each of my now stiff nipples in turn. ataşehir escort bayan The pleasure it gives me is almost painful. My hand wanders to my ample hips to tease the satin ribbons that loosely bind the lace to my body. My caresses drop further and I gently massage over that most sensitive part of me. I notice my breathing becomes more forceful, and I can feel the heat and wetness from between my legs. My flesh feels as if it is melting.

I catch your look once more in the mirror, and I can see from your eyes that now you are unbearably aroused. I can see that you want me. You want to be my fingers, moving between my legs, and over my soft breasts. I want you to be with me, moving along with me, teasing me, whispering in my ear those sexy words of encouragement, until I beg for you to finish it.

I lose sight of you, and for an instant worry that I might have got it wrong, perhaps I imagined the lust in your eyes. I was right though. You quickly and silently move the curtain aside and come to stand close escort kadıköy behind me. You say nothing, but kiss my neck, and massage my breasts, before moving to undo the bra, so that they are free. My swollen nipples ache for your touch. You twist them gently, and I moan.

The ribbons are undone, and swiftly the lace falls away, to reveal the rest of me. I am naked, in a store, in a cubicle with you. You curl your big fingers over me. Stroking the short hair that covers the entrance to heaven. Then you probe deeper, and find that I am wet for you, so wet that your fingers easily slide over me. You caress me and begin to bring me close.

I lean back into you and you whisper in my ear. I hardly hear the words before I start to come. I shudder, but manage to remain quiet, so as not to draw attention to our situation. You trace your wet hand up my body, leaving a shiny trail of my juice on my skin. I can smell sex, and I can feel you hard behind me.

I turn and drop to the floor, where I set to work unbuttoning your bostancı escort trousers. Difficult when you are so horny. Once they are off, I push you to the chair in the corner, and still kneeling I take my tongue and softly move up and down your engorged shaft. I feel you stiffen, and let out a sigh. You hold my head and move me to where you need to feel my touch. I circle you with my mouth and kiss you.

I have started to recover from my earlier pleasure, and waste no time in sitting astride your powerful thighs. I lower myself onto you, and ride you hard. You feel so good, so deep, and so strong. Your rough hands grip my hips and force me up and down on your shaft. I can feel you getting close now, your desperate attempt to wait fails and you explode deep within me. I feel you pulse the last drops of your love inside of me. You are spent.

I rise, and begin to replace my clothes. I put on my shoes, pick up my handbag and the underwear. I walk to the cash desk, and buy the goods. Knowing that you like them. The cashier is distracted, and seems not to notice that the lace is wet and smells of me. She bags them, and I leave the store.

You dress and leave the cubicle, looking flushed. We meet in the busy lift, and merely smile at each other. That is why I like shopping so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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