Rhonda’s World Ch. 02

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“Yes I can do that if you need me to.” Rhonda was on her cell phone talking to the bank she worked for. “I can fly out to Los Angeles this afternoon if you need me… hello? Hello?” She looked at her phone and saw it was dead. “Shit! Kelly!”

“Yeah Mom,” Kelly called from the bathroom.

“My phone just died and I was on a business call. Can I use your phone?”

“Sure. It’s on the dresser.” Kelly was about to step into the shower.

“Thanks baby, you’re a lifesaver.”

“Just remember, it’s a smartphone, not a flip phone, so when you hang up, don’t try and bend it in half,” he teased.

“Ha ha,” Rhonda said, rolling her eyes.

She finished her business call and was feeling a bit curious. After checking that Kelly was still in the shower, she looked through the web history to see what sites her son had been looking at on his phone.

“What the fuck?” she said to herself. “BDSM, bondage and latex fetish… holy shit.” She pulled up a website to see a dominatrix in black latex whipping a male slave. Rhonda looked again to make sure Kelly was still showering. Another site showed a young man tied down and being force fucked by an older woman.

“I didn’t know he was into this kind of crazy shit,” she said under her breath. “Hmm, I’ve got some planning to do. If he likes this hardcore kinky shit, then Momma needs to rock his fuckin’ world.” A devious smile came across her face as she closed out the websites and set his phone down.

They sat together eating breakfast. They were both dressed for work; Kelly in a nice shirt and slacks; Rhonda was wearing a dark blouse, brown blazer and matching skirt. Her makeup was just right and her hair was done up. Her diamond earrings sparkled in the light. Kelly was always awed by how gorgeous his mother was. So many times she would look up from what she was doing and catch him staring at her. She caught herself smiling; thinking about what she had seen on his phone.

“What,” Kelly asked, smiling back at her.

“Oh nothing,” she muttered as she took a sip of coffee. In her mind she was thinking, “You kinky little fucker.”

“Okay,” Kelly said, still smiling.

“What time do you get off work today, sweetie,” she asked.

“About two o’clock. What’s up?”

“I have to leave for California this afternoon.”

“Damn it,” Kelly said in frustration. Not even a hint of a smile remained on his face.

“Well, my flights not until five, so could you drive me to the airport?”

“Of course,” he said, perking up a bit. “That would be great. When are you coming back?”

“It looks like Saturday.”

“Okay, I’ll take off work if I have to and pick you up.”

“If you can’t make it, it’s okay. I can always catch a cab back to the house.”

“I’m gonna miss you,” Kelly said bursa escort as he stared into her eyes.

“I’ll miss you too, honey.” She got up and walked around the table then sat in his lap. She put her arms around his neck and they kissed deeply. He held her tight and tried to put a lot of meaning into that kiss.

“I love you Kelly,” she said tenderly.

“I love you Momma. I love you so much. I don’t want you to go.”

“Don’t make me cry,” she said. “I’ll have to redo my makeup. I’ve already got my lipstick on you. I’ll see you this afternoon.” They kissed again. Rhonda picked up her purse and left for work. Kelly finished his breakfast, wiped his mother’s lipstick off of his face and left for work as well.

When Kelly got home, he saw his mom’s car in the garage. “Mom,” he called from the living room, “Mom? Where are you?”

“Upstairs, honey,” she called back.

He walked into the bedroom to see Rhonda in bed with the covers pulled up to her neck. Her hair was still up, makeup fixed, earrings sparkling and a look of lust in her eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“Well, I got off work a little early, so I came home and packed my bags for the trip. I got a call telling me my flight was changed, so I’ve got extra time on my hands. I couldn’t stop thinking about you, so I wanted to give you a little going away present.”

“Oh really,” Kelly said smiling. “What’s my present?”

“Let’s start with this.” Rhonda threw back the covers to reveal her wearing a shiny gold bikini. “Do you like it?”

“Oh my god! You look so fuckin’ hot. Holy shit, Mom.”

She sat up and swung her legs around where she was sitting on the side of the bed. Kelly was completely in awe of his mother. He took her all in; gazing at the metallic looking material cupping his mom’s breasts; drinking in her beautiful tan legs; still falling in love every time she smiled.

“Clothes off; right now,” she said sternly. He did as he was told. “Aw, my little boy has a hard on for his mommy already. You’re a dirty little boy, aren’t you Kelly?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Yes Momma,” she corrected him.

“Yes Momma.”

“Well today I feel like being a mean mommy. Mean mommies punish their bad little boys, so tell me son, have you been thinking naughty thoughts about your own mother?”

“Yes Momma.”

“You have?” Rhonda raised her eyebrows in mock surprise. “You are a dirty little boy. Say it; tell Mommy what you are.”

“I’m a dirty little boy.” Kelly’s pulse was racing.

“Say it again Kelly,” Rhonda said more loudly.

“I’m a dirty little boy.”

A fire was raging inside of Rhonda. She felt a powerful tingle run down her body. She shouted at him. “Tell me Kelly! Say it again!”

“I’m a dirty little boy, Momma!”

She grabbed bursa escort bayan him by the arm and jerked him towards her. “Then get your ass over here, you sick fuck! I want you over Momma’s knee this instant, little boy!”

He was lying across her lap; his hard cock against her legs. She had her right hand on his legs and her left on his upper back. Rhonda could feel her pussy getting soaking wet from the sight of her son in total submission to her. She began spanking him fast and hard with her open hand.

“Bad little boys get spanked by their mother. I’ll wear your ass out, you little shit! I’ll spank your fuckin’ ass ’til its bright red. You dirty little boy. Mommy’s dirty little boy!” She wasn’t letting up as she wailed away with her open hand on his ass.

“Momma, I’m sorry,” Kelly begged.

“You haven’t begun to feel sorry yet, little boy; not by a long shot. I’m gonna teach you a fuckin’ lesson. Does it hurt? Does it hurt, Kelly?

“Yes Momma! It hurts! Please!”

“Good! That’s good! I want it to hurt. Every time you sit down this week I want you to remember this. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Momma!” Kelly’s bottom was stinging with every slap of his mother’s hand. She was perfect; from her sexy bikini to the power she was displaying over him. He had never been so turned on in his life. He could feel pre-cum oozing from the head of his hard cock onto his mother’s legs. He loved hearing the soundof her hand against his bare flesh. Her voice was filled with rage and anger. Hearing her talk filthy to him was driving him absolutely wild as the spanking continued.

“Tell me about those dirty thoughts, little boy. Were you thinking about seeing me in a sexy outfit? Was that it? Did you think about seeing me naked? Did you think about seeing Mommy’s big tits? Was that it? Huh? Were you thinking about my pussy? Does that get you off, you sick fuck! You want to see your own mother’s pussy? That’s it isn’t it? You want to see the hole you came out of.” Rhonda was gritting her teeth as she spanked and scolded her son. “Did you think about fucking me? Huh? Is that it? You want to fuck me? Oh yeah; that’s it. You want to fuck your own mother.” She was yelling at him. “You want to fuck me? Answer me, goddamn it! DO YOU WANT TO FUCK ME?”

“Yes!” Kelly exclaimed. “Yes Momma! More than anything!”

She grabbed him by the back of the hair and yanked hard; screaming at him. “Then fuck me! Fuck me little boy! Fuck your mother right now goddamn it! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

Kelly got up and shoved her onto the bed as Rhonda jerked down her gold bikini bottoms. Kelly jumped on top of her and slammed his rock hard cock into his mother’s soaking wet cunt. Rhonda let out a blood curdling scream as he pounded his dick into her. She had no problem giving escort bursa him some pain, so he returned it in kind by tearing up his mother’s aching fuck hole. The bed was rocking and the headboard was banging into the wall as he rammed his cock into her with all his might. He watched her huge tits shaking in the metallic gold bikini top.

“Fuck your mother!” Rhonda screamed at the top of her lungs. “Fuck your mother! Fuck your mother! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Goddamn it! Fuck me harder!”

Rhonda was completely lost in the moment. She had never been fucked that hard by her son. They were like two savage animals that were out of control. Every thrust of her son’s huge cock sent pleasure and pain pulsing through her body. She screamed and screamed; her body begging for more. The sound of their bodies slapping together, the headboard knocking paint off the wall and Rhonda’s endless screaming filled the entire house.

“Cum in me! Cum in Momma’s pussy,” she shrieked. “Give it to me little boy! Give me that fuckin’ load! Do it! Do it! Fuck your mother! Cum inside me right now!”

She could feel Kelly about to come inside of her. This is what she was craving the most; to feel her little boy’s creamy, hot load filling her up.

“Momma! I’m gonna cum! I’m cumming!” Kelly exploded inside of his mother; almost blacking out. His face was contorted and every muscle in his body tensed as he shot cum deep into his mom’s hungry, cum craving pussy. His balls pumped torrents of his seed over and over again inside of Rhonda’s cunt.

Rhonda’s body was convulsing as she felt her son’s cock buried balls deep in her throbbing pussy; cum gushing against her cervix. She had unknowingly dug her nails into Kelly’s arms. He groped her breasts as the last of his seed emptied into her; feeling the material of the sexy bikini top.

Finally, he collapsed on top of her. They were both panting, gasping for breath and completely spent. Neither of them could speak. In what seemed like desperation, Rhonda grabbed him and wrapped her arms and legs around her son’s body. They held each other tight, just trying to breathe.

Through her panting, Rhonda whispered, “Don’t let go.” They were both sweating; not releasing their hold on each other. At last they were beginning to compose themselves a bit, but still did not break the embrace.

“Oh Momma,” Kelly whispered. “You’re incredible.”

Rhonda whispered back to him, “Kiss me Kelly.”

They kissed passionately; her tongue in his mouth. Rhonda finally broke the embrace and cupped Kelly’s face in her hands.

“My baby,” she said softly, “my precious angel. Momma’s sweet boy. You fuck me so good, baby.”

She kissed him fiercely again; running her fingers through his hair, then moving her hands down his back. She gently touched his thoroughly spanked ass cheeks.

She spoke softly in his ear. “I’ll be taking your cum with me all the way to the west coast tonight. The whole time I’m on that plane, I’ll have you inside me.”

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